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I have let myself get out of shape over the past year and need to get back in the gym. Seeing that a new gym has opened I decide that this is the day to start getting back in shape. When I walk in the new place I see you sitting at the desk and I am amazed at how beautiful you are. It is very early and I look around to see that we are the only people in the place. I come over to the desk and tell you I want to join the gym and you get out the papers I will need. You start asking me the questions that need to be answered to complete my registration and some of the questions sound a little crazy to me.

When all the questions are answered you tell me to let you lock the door and you will show me around and answer any questions I have. As we walk through the looking at the different weight machines I ask if all of the questions were really necessary. You blush and tell me that you just wanted to know everything about me. I start asking you questions as I begin to work out using the machines. I start asking you about your fantasies and what you dream of doing in them.

I keep asking you about your fantasies as I set the bar up to do bench presses. Lying down on the bench I start pressing the weights and notice that you are rubbing your pussy. Seeing you rub your pussy causes me to get excited and I get an erection. You see my erection and come over to me and rub your hand over it. Putting your hands in the waist of my shorts you start pulling them down and expose my erection. Taking my erection in your hand you slide your hand up and down it softly. You lean down and tenderly kiss the tip then put your lips around it and gently suck it into your mouth. As my erection slides in and out of your mouth it becomes harder and harder to concentrate on my weight lifting. I start to tremble and set the bar back in the rack before I drop it on myself. Shaking I tense up and erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

I pull my shorts up and walk over to the leg press to work on my legs. You come over as I am pressing the weights up with my legs and tell me that you are not finished. You pull your shorts down and sit on my face. As you rub your pussy back and forth on my face I try to press the weights with my legs. I try to rub my tongue against your clit but you keep moving around. Finally I get a hold of you and keep you still long enough to get my lips around your clit. I suck your clit into my mouth and hold it with my teeth as I rub it with my tongue. Feeling you start trembling I rub your clit harder as I bit a little harder ataşehir escort bayan on it. You start shaking and your orgasm rocks your body.

We quickly finish pulling our clothes off and lie down on a mat as we put our arms around each other and kiss tenderly. Softly I kiss your neck as you get on top of me and place my erection against your pussy. You push against my erection making it slide inside you. Your warm soft pussy sliding up and down on my erection sends my excitement into overdrive. I put my arms around you and turn us over. You wrap your legs around me and your clit rubs against me as I slide in and out of your pussy. Our passion builds and we kiss passionately as we begin to tremble. I push into you harder and faster as our excitement gets stronger. Our bodies tense as we shake and explode in a fantastic orgasm.

We lie on the mat and kiss passionately as we regain our strength. We get up and go into the shower to clean up and wash the sweat away. We are in the shower you start washing my erection. Your soapy hand slides up and down my erection as I gently wash your back. Kissing passionately we let the hot water rinse the soap away. You put your arms around my neck and I grab your butt lifting you up and press you against the wall. Placing my erection against your pussy I slowly push inside you. Your clit rubs against me as I push into you harder and harder. Your breasts press against my chest as I push into your pussy faster. Our moans are getting louder and louder as we loose control. Our minds are spinning as we start shaking and explode in a beautiful orgasm.

We finish cleaning each other and get dried off. As we put our clothes back on we kiss passionately and continue to touch each other. As we walk out of the shower and back to the front of the gym we notice that there are people waiting to get in. you tell me that you will be working every morning and I should come see you again.

I get up early and get ready to go to the gym. Hoping for another day of fun and sex on the weight benches I am getting excited as I get dressed. Getting in my car all I can think about is how amazing you are and how wonderful it was with you the day before. I get to the gym and walk in but you don’t get up and lock the door. I go onto the back and start lifting weights hoping you will lock the door and come to the back with me. A few minutes later I notice another beautiful girl walk in and go to the treadmill. When she starts walking on it you go over and lock the door. I figure escort kadıöy you have to go to the bathroom and keep on going with my workout.

I don’t notice that you have come back to where I am until you slide your hand inside my shorts and grab my erection. I almost drop the weights on myself as you slide your hand up and down my erection. I get the weight bar back in the rack and look to see what the other girl is doing. The other girl is still on the treadmill and looking to the back of the room where we are. You start pulling my shorts down and I am not sure what to do. I want to feel your mouth on my erection but I am scared about the other girl that is looking at us. You get my shorts pulled down far enough to take my erection in your hand and start kissing it. I forget about the other girl as you put your lips around my erection and suck it into your mouth. I close my eyes as your warm mouth slides up and down my erection. The excitement has made me forget about the other girl. As you gently suck my erection I feel something over my face. I open my eyes and she is standing over me with her pussy only inches from my face. Rising up I kiss her pussy softly and slide my tongue up and down it. She lowers herself and start rubbing her clit on my tongue. My excitement is soaring as your warm mouth sucks harder on my erection and she presses her clit against my tongue harder. I feel her trembling as she starts moving her pussy around on my face more and I begin to shake. We erupt in a wonderful orgasm as she drops onto my chest.

You tell us to get up because it is your turn as you pull her off of me and we get up and you lead us into the steam room. You sit down on the bench seat and I get on my knees between your feet. Softly I kiss your pussy as I slide my hands up and down your legs. She stands up on the bench and puts her pussy in your face. Softly you kiss her pussy and slide your tongue up and down it. I rub your clit with my tongue feeling it swell and getting hard. Wrapping my lips around your clit I suck it gently as I slide my fingers inside your pussy. You are sucking her clit as she holds your head and pushes it against her pussy. My fingers slide in and out of your pussy faster as I suck your clit harder. I see her shaking and you start to tremble as I bite your clit gently. Both of you shake and moan loudly as your orgasm rolls through your bodies.

Slowly I kiss my way up your body. Softly I kiss your stomach and slide my tongue around your bellybutton. Slowly I kiss on maltepe escort up to your breasts and as she is kissing one breast I kiss the other. Gently I suck your nipple into my mouth and bite it tenderly. She is sucking your other nipple with her soft lips. I lie down on the floor of the steam room and pull you down on top of me. We kiss passionately as you place my erection against your pussy. Slowly you push your pussy against it making my erection slide inside your warm wet pussy. Slowly you move around making my erection slide in and out of your pussy. As you move around on my erection she puts her knees on each side of my head and pushes her pussy onto my face. She rubs her pussy against my face as I try to get my tongue to her clit. You grab her breasts and squeeze them as she kisses you passionately. You press against me harder rubbing your clit against me as my erection is sliding in and out of you. She pinches your nipples and pulls them as she moves around rubbing her pussy and clit on my face. Our moans are getting louder as the passion between us builds. We all start to tremble and our moans turn so screams of pleasure. Shaking we tense our bodies and explode in a magical orgasm. Stars are streaking through our minds as we tremble and collapse into each other’s arms.

As we lie on the floor we regain strength and decide we need to shower. We get up and go into the shower and you turn on the cold water. When we get in it shocks me because I was expecting the water to be hot. You say it is better after the steam room to take a cold shower. As we wash each other I slide my soapy hand over the both of you. Sliding them over your breasts and feeling your hard nipples. We take turns kissing each other and both of you slide your hands up and down my erection. as the cold water rinses the soap away she gets down on her knees and starts kissing my erection. I slide my hand between your legs and softly rub your pussy. My fingers slide inside your pussy and I move them around softly rubbing your G spot. Her mouth slides up and down my erection as she gently sucks it. I press as little harder on your G spot as I move my fingers inside your pussy. My hand rubs against your clit and she slides my erection in and out of her mouth faster. I am trembling from the excitement and I feel you starting to shake. Your moans grow louder and my excitement is spinning out of control. As I erupt in a wonderful orgasm you tense up and your juices spray all over her as she is on the floor of the shower.

We finish cleaning each other and get dried off. We have fun helping each other get dressed and touching each other. When we walk out of the shower there is a line of people waiting to get in for their morning exercise. I tell you that I will see you tomorrow and you smile as I walk out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32