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My name is James, I am 18 and I live with my aunt Lina. Lina is my mom’s younger sister, she is 38.

Lina recently divorced, she has no kids. After her nasty divorce, she decided to make a change in her life and become a nurse. She is almost done with her studies.

I moved in with her so that she will have some company at her home. My mom thought it will do us both good since Lina will have someone to share her house with and I will have someone closer to my age to talk with. I was extremely shy and did not do well with girls; my mom thought Lina would help me open up a bit.

I was there for 3 months, and it was nice. I loved the idea of sharing a place with a sexy young woman. My friends always wanted to know things about my sexy aunt like what kind of panties she wore. Is it possible to peak at her naked. Or, did I hear her masturbate. I was too shy to do any of those.

One morning I woke up and felt strong pain just under my balls. I tried to ignore it, but it didn’t go away. I was so embarrassed to tell anyone; mom was out of the question. She would go crazy with worry, so I decided to ask aunt Lina. She was going to be a nurse, so she might know what to do.

Lina heard my description; her face was serious. She said that she will call one of the doctors that she worked with for advice because this is not the type of complaint to dismiss. I was relieved that she took me very seriously. Lina made a few phone calls and came to talk with me. She said we needed to go to a urologist right away. Fortunately, Dr. Alexander was available, and we went to the clinic immediately.

We were the last client for that day. When we arrived, the nurse for Dr. Alexander told me to go into the office, undress, and wait to be called. I waited naked in the room. The nurse opened the door and told me to go into the clinic and sit on the gynecologist chair, legs up on the leg rests. The door opened and the 3 ladies entered. I then discovered that Dr. Alexander was a female. My heartbeat increased. I was embarrassed, naked and exposed.

Dr. Alexander sat between my legs on a small stool. She put the gloves on and started checking my balls, “do you have sex, James?” she asked.

I was embarrassed like never in my life! My Aunt was there, and I need to admit I never have had sex. “No, doctor” I replied shamefully.

“So, you are a virgin I take it…hmmm, how many times a day do you masturbate?” Dr. Alexander asked.

I almost fainted hearing this question. “I never masturbate” I replied.

Dr. Alexander looked me straight in the eyes. “You never even masturbated? This explains everything, you are not letting the circulation work and you brought yourself to a point that it is crying for help.”

I was embarrassed and scared. Aunt Lina asked if it is serious and what can be done.

Dr. Alexander looked at me and asked, “when did you go to the toilette today, James?”

“Early morning”, I replied.

“OK, this is what we need to do. Nurse Jones will prepare an enema for you. We will clean you up, then I will release the semen from your prostate. Lina, please pay attention because this process needs to take place every 2 days for 2 weeks.” Dr. Alexander looked seriously at my aunt to see that she understands.

Nurse Jones returned with a 3liter enema bag. She replaced Dr. Alexander between my legs on the stool. She took a gel tube and squeezed out a large amount of gel on her fingers and started inserting the gel into my asshole. I resisted, and she pushed very firmly until 2 fingers were in my ass all the way. I released a moan.

“It is OK to enjoy this dear” Lina said, “I give enemas in nurses school, and most people love them.” She smiled.

Nurse Jones started to insert the 15centimeter tube into my ass. I moaned like a cat. My hips moved up and down. I was out of control. Nurse Jones slowed down to let me calm down a bit. She was only 3centimeters in, so there was yet a long way to go. Once my hips stopped moving, she started to push again. I was able to control my Amsterdam Shemale hips, but not my moans, and definitely not my cock that was hard like never before.

“Is he gay?” Lina asked suddenly… “look how hard his cock is from a bit of anal stimulation, not to mention the girly moans.”

Dr. Alexander replied – “you can never know, he might be, but most men respond to anal stimulation, he is a virgin don’t forget, it is expected.”

The tube was finally all the way in. It was an amazing sensation. I was hard and felt things I never ever felt. The pressure inside was very pleasant. Nurse Jones started the water flow. It was an amazing feeling and I loved it.

After 1 liter was in, the feeling changed from pleasure to pressure. It became hard to take, and my moans changed, and my hard-on started to go away.

Dr. Alexander said – “stop at the 2liters mark, the cock is telling us that this is the right amount.” She smiled at Lina.

Nurse Jones helped me to get to the rest room. She had me seated; then pulled the tube out of my ass. The water came out and I nearly fainted, it was so intense. Once I was empty, Nurse Jones took me back to the chair and helped me up.

Dr. Alexander sat between my legs again, put latex gloves on and said, “I am going to milk the cum out of you by massaging your prostate; it will ease the pain you are feeling. Lina will do this to you at home every 2 days for 2 weeks to get the needed result. Once we are done, I will explain how to continue from here so that this pain will not return.”

Dr. Alexander squeezed a big amount of gel on her fingers and started to insert 2 fingers into my ass. The fingers went in easily this time. I felt her fingers pressing against my prostate very gently in a round motion. With every move, my cock grew a bit harder. It was like she was pumping life into it. After about a minute, I was hard. She held my balls in her left hand, applying pressure, and pulling them a bit. It felt so good.

Nurse Jones leaned toward Lina and whispered to her ear – “my husband is going to get sex tonight… I am all wet watching this.”

Lina licked her lips in reaction and whispered to her – “so is my dildo.”

Then, without warning, a burst of cum shot out of my cock. It was intense. It felt like a blockage was removed. It was not an orgasm, but it was very pleasurable. I moaned very strongly.

Dr. Alexander smiled and said – “good boy, very good ejaculation, look at the amount of cum you released.”

Cum was all over me; on my belly, my chest, some reached my cheek and a bit landed on my hair.

“It is enough for now” said Dr. Alexander. She pulled her fingers out but kept massaging my balls a bit more before she let go.

“Go get cleaned up and dressed while I explain to Lina what to do at home”, she added.

The three ladies sat to talk while I went out. “Lina, this is very simple dear, the boy needs to cum… milk him every 2 days like I just did. And teach him how to masturbate. He needs to cum at least 4 times a week… boys his age sometimes cum 4 times a day.”

When I returned, Dr. Alexander said – “come and see me in 2 weeks, and make sure you ejaculate at least once every 2 days, if not more.”

She then looked at Lina and said – “it is your duty to make sure he is ejaculating enough cum in the next 2 weeks, please collect all the cum in an ice cubes tray, freeze it so it will keep fresh and bring it with you when you come back in 2 weeks… I expect to see a full tray of cum cubes Lina.”

We entered the car and drove back home. When we parked, Aunt Lina told me that things will need to change – “a full ice tray of cum” she said. “It will be impossible to fill a tray by milking you every 2 days. Things will need to change. You will need to cum a lot; I will make sure of that.”

My heart was racing, I didn’t know what Lina meant. I was a bit scared, to be honest.

Aunt Lina left me alone the day after the visit to the doctor; but before I went to sleep, she told me to set my Rotterdam Shemale alarm clock to 7am and come to her bedroom, naked, right when I wake up for my 1st milking.

I woke up at 5am that morning, hard like never before in my life, waiting for 7am was hard. I really wanted Aunt Lina to milk me like Dr. Alexander did.

Finally, it was 7am. I knocked on her door, naked. I was hard; my balls felt very heavy; I was so eager to be milked by my beautiful aunt.

“Come in, James” she said.

She was standing there in white panties and a white tank top. It was the sexiest vision I ever seen. There was a stool just near her bed and an ice cubes tray right underneath it.

“Come on, James, bend over the stool for your milking,” Lina said.

I bent over the stool and she sat behind me.

“I am going to give you a hand job, James, and I will make sure your balls are completely drained this morning. I am not going to allow you any orgasm, since I need you to be aroused all the time if we want to fill this ice tray with cum. I will give several ruined orgasms to see how much cum we can produce today.”

“OK, aunt Lina” I replied.

Aunt Lina started touching my cock, holding my balls firm at the same time. I never felt such sensation before in my life. I moaned strongly. She moved har hand up and down my shaft slowly, at some point my hips started to move, I felt the sensation growing and growing.

“Do you feel like you are about to explode, James?” Lina asked.

“Yes, yes” I moaned strongly.

Aunt Lina stopped. She just held my balls, tapping on them gently… the explosion feeling changed; it got weaker and weaker, then she gave me another stroke and stopped. Cum just burst out of my cock, I felt no pleasure.

“Good boy, James, this is a lovely ruined orgasm, you ejaculated a nice load,” Lina said. Her voice was happy and satisfied.

She then started stroking again, it took about 10 minutes to get to that edge point again. She knew that I am close to explode and stopped again, letting the peak pass, giving me 2 strokes and letting go, I ejaculated again.

Then she started again, to get my third load and then the fourth and fifth… I was exhausted. After the fifth cum, she stopped.

“Look, James, you filled 2 cubes in the tray. It is very good. We only have 10 more to fill.” Lina said smiling.

“We have 10 more days, so every 2 days we will do this, and we will have a full cum tray by the time we go back to Dr. Alexander,” aunt Lina said.

“Can I ask you something, aunt Lina?” I asked…

“Sure, James, ask me anything,” aunt Lina replied.

“Why do you give only ruined orgasms? Can’t I have full orgasms, instead?” I asked.

“Oh no. If you cum, you will not be able to cum again and again like you just did. We must keep you aroused all the time, like you feel now. You cannot touch yourself James; you have to promise me that you will not touch your cock.” Lina replied.

I promised, and Lina sent me to my room. My cock was still hard and very aroused. I could not stop thinking about aunt Lina in those sexy white bikini panties. Not touching my cock was hell.

When Lina returned home that evening, she came to my room to see if I am ok. Once I saw her in the nurse outfit I got hard instantly.

“Oh, my James, it seems you cannot control your cock. You saw me and got hard. I hope you did not touch it.” She said, with a serious look on her face.

“I did not touch, aunt Lina, but it is unbearable. I cannot be like this for 10 more days.” I said with complete honesty.

“Well, James, you leave me no choice but to put your cock in a chastity cage. It is the safest way to prevent any accidents.” Lina said and left the room.

She returned with a box. She told me to get naked and lie on my back. Then, she asked me to put the pillow over my face and not look at what she is doing.

I felt her gentle touch on my balls, putting lube on them. I was hard. She put something over my balls, then held my Netherlands Shemale cock firmly, trying to bend it in half. it was a bit painful, and I started getting soft from this. Once I was soft, she rammed my cock into that ring that was over my balls. Then, she lubed my cock head and I felt something pressing against it, like a small tube. She pushed firmly till my cock was completely in it. Then, she removed the pillow from my face. I then saw it… my cock was caged. Lina smiled and said that this is going to keep me from making a stupid mistake.

I was not able to get hard now. I was going crazy. I needed to cum so badly. But aunt Lina did not take it off and just reassured me that this is the best thing for me.

My 2nd milking session arrived. Lina had me bent over the stool again. She took the chastity cage off and started jerking me. I went out of my way not to moan and tried not to move my hips so that she will miss that point of no return and make me orgasm… but Lina was experienced, she stopped at the right moment ruining orgasm after orgasm until she filled 2 cubes in the tray with my cum. Once I was drained, she put the cage back on and sent me out.

I was horny and frustrated. I wanted to cum so badly and I could not do anything about it.

Lina milked me like this every 2 days, till we had a full ice tray of cum cubes. 12 cubes.

The day to go see Dr. Alexander arrived, we took the tray and drove to the clinic. I asked Lina to remove the chastity, but she refused firmly.

“I want Dr. Alexander to know what it required to get this amount of cum, James” Lina said as we went out of the house.

Nurse Jones accepted us. She told me to get undressed and go sit on the chair like in the previous visit. I was embarrassed. The chastity was on me and it made me feel strange and weak.

The 3 ladies entered the room. Aunt Lina held the cum tray.

“mmm” said Nurse Jones, “you locked him in a chastity. Smart move, Lina.”

Dr. Alexander looked at the cum tray and said – “impressive amount of cum, how did you manage to get so much?”

Lina explained the process of getting me to cum, and the reason I have a chastity cage on.

Dr. Alexander listened carefully. “So, he still never orgasmed?”

“No, never.” Aunt Lina replied.

Dr. Alexander smiled, “well young man, do you want to cum? Do you want one of us to grant you a full orgasm for the first time in your life?”

I nodded.

“Who is going to be the lucky lady to do that, James” Dr. Alexander asked.

I looked into aunt Lina’s eyes, I wanted her to make me cum so badly.

“Lina, it looks like he wants you… ” Dr. Alexander smiled.

“Are you willing to do anything I say to get this privilege James?” she added.

I nodded again.

“OK then, once you finish eating the 12 cum cubes, right here in front of us, Lina will jerk you off to orgasm… ” Dr. Alexander said with a serious expression on her face.

I almost fainted, I didn’t expect that. I need to eat so much cum to get an orgasm?

I started crying as Nurse Jones approached me and started feeding me the cum cubes. I ate them one by one, crying and begging her to stop. Nurse Jones fed me the 12 cubes. It took me 30 minutes to finish. I hated the taste, it was so salty, and the texture was not nice, but I was a good boy. I wanted the ladies to be happy, so I was obedient. I wanted to satisfy aunt Lina, she really loved watching me eat the cum.

Once I was done eating, Lina positioned herself between my legs smiling. She took the key out and removed he cage. I got hard immediately.

Slowly, she started jerking me off. I started moaning strongly, my hips moved without control; this time she didn’t stop and my orgasm kept building up. She was very experienced and kept me on the edge of orgasm for about 2 minutes… then I came, I shot 7 bursts of cum on my aunt Lina, her face, her hair and her shirt. She was covered with cum, my first orgasm was amazing.

She kept caressing my cock and balls till I was soft. And to my surprise she put the cage back on and said – “James, I am going to keep you caged as long as you live with me, and I am going to train you well.”

We went back home, me, in a chastity cage, aunt Lina still covered with my cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32