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Stepping out of the gangway into the airport – our eyes meet. My heart leaps inside my chest at our first site. He’s just as I remember, I hadn’t forgotten his face or his bearing after all. We smile, he steps up to me and pulls me into his arms. I bury my face in his neck and breath his scent. Secretly, I want to cry – this is home – a familiarity that soothes my soul. He kisses the top of my head.

Looking into his eyes I jokingly tell him, “There’s nothing better out there in the world than this, so stop looking. “

He laughs, takes my face in his hands and kisses me soft and warm. Kisses me as if he can’t get enough and at last I feel desired. “Let’s get out of here,” he whispers into my ear. I know what he has in mind… then again, maybe I don’t! A tickle shimmers in my stomach at the unexpected.

That’s always been the most exciting aspect of our sex life… the unknown, the unforeseen. Taking my hand and heaving my bag over his shoulder. A glare pierces me.

“I know, I know. I packed the “kitchen sink” again. You know how I am! I have to be prepared!” I drop my head mimicking shame (and so the game begins).

Shaking his head we set off for the car. Down the hall, I suddenly stop and pull him back a step… “Look!” with a feigned gasp, “Oh my god… it’s an empty wall! Over there!”

“Oh no you don’t. We’re not going to do that… I need more privacy. “

“Don’t want to cause a scene, eh?”

“Even though the wall is just begging for my ass to be imprinted on it?” Under my breath, “Coward. “

“Come on. ” He admonishes and pulls me into step again as we head out of the door to the parking lot. Tossing my bag into the back seat, he straightens to face me. I lean him against the side of the car, kiss his neck and stroke slowly between his nicely muscled thighs. Squeezing him gently, I wshipser in his ear, “I’m ready now, no one will see. let’s do it, quick, here. ”

He grabs my wrist stopping myhand from it’s purpose. Leaning harder against him, raising a knee, i place it on the fender next to his hip, pinning him against the car.

“Come on, be brave this one time, it doesn’t have to take long. I just need to feel you inside me now. ” With a lusty tone to my voice… “let’s show ’em how it’s done. “

Grabbing my arms he easily lifts me off of him. Holding onto me, kisses me deeply then guides me to the car door.

“Get in. We’ll be at my place in no time. “

Once settled into the car I get a taste of what’s to come. We kiss deeply, lighting our passion. His hand searches my body and finally slips under my skirt. I move my own between his legs and the apparent desire fills my hand. I’m cascading into the passion of our kiss and my mind is spiraling out of control. I only feel hot desire and the passion to be set loose. He gently pushes me back into my seat and starts the car without a word.

After a quick drive-by tour of the town, pointing out highlights along the way, we arrive at his apartment. Opening the door for me, tuzla eve gelen escort I step in and my first sense of the place is – coziness. It’s over-stuffed but that’s not surprising.

“Oh, I nearly forgot. I brought you a little house-warming present!” I reach into my bag and pull out a box. He takes it from me, glancing sidelong at me. I know he doesn’t like to receive gifts. It embarrasses him for some reason.

“It’s really nothing. ” I assure him. “I made it myself, so you know it didn’t cost much. ” We sit on the couch and he opens the box. Inside is a hand-bound suede journal. I’ve always encouraged him to write. He has much to say, to express. I feel he should write it down, if only for his sons to read one day, far into the future.

“It’s a personal journal… not a diary… but a place to write down feelings, memories of your family and your personal life. Your parents and grandparents lives. What they went through, what you went through. Anything! You don’t need to be eloquent or philosophical, as a matter of fact it’s best if it’s in your own speaking style. There are no rules when writing in a journal. ” I explain. “Fill it with what’s in your head and heart. Teach what you’ve learned the hard way. Put down your hopes and dreams for your sons and for their children. Then put it away for them to read and cherish one day. “

“They will, you know?” I continue, “They will cherish your words when they’re older, and need to know and appreciate their father. “

“Thanks. ” He stands, taking his gift and placing it on the desk. Following him, I announce, “You’re NOT going to sit at that computer while I’m here!”

“Why not?” I see that he’s grinning as he turns to face me. He knows I want to be the center of his thoughts this weekend.

“You’re paying attention to me. This will be the last precious time we spend together and I don’t want to waste a minute. “

“Not even emails?” his eyes glinting.


Mock sigh – shoulder shrug, he wanders into the kitchen. He stands against the sink, arms crossed, watching me. Slipping my arms around his waist, I raise my face to his and kiss him gently. He returns the kiss as his hands slide into my hair. My fingers press into his back then I slowly pull his T-shirt from his jeans, guiding my fingers from his waist to his chest. Closing my eyes – the sensation of touch deepens. I stop, holding very still, and savoring every sensation of joining our bodies, the portions of my body that are leaning into his. Hands in my hair and on my neck. Warm, hard, soft, strong, supple… all the sensations are blended and yet very distinct.

He takes me by the arms and pushes me against the wall. Leaning against me… I can barely breath as his hands move beneath my shirt. His skill at bra-removal is amazing… I barely notice until his warm, dry hands enclose around my breasts. I breathe slow and deep, kissing his neck slowly, parting my lips – tasting him. I had nearly forgotten tuzla yeni escort the taste of him.

Maneuvering to the side of my breast, his thumb moves up the center, brushing my nipple, lightly moving, teasing, exciting me… my breathing shallows. His other hand slides down my waist, spreading his fingers out across my skin. Searching the small of my back, his fingertips move inside my skirt waistband and into my panties.

I push my body into him, against his force which is pressing me to the wall. I feel the hair on his chest, running my fingers across and up to his shoulders. Kissing his jaw until his lips find mine. Soft pressure, lips part and tongues touch. Our kissing is warm and sweet and slow, savoring every moment. I help him pull his shirt off over his head and unfasten his jeans.

He grabs my hair, pulling my head back, his lips hot on my throat. He pulls my skirt up, fingers digging into my flesh… pulling my hips closer to his, tips of his fingers find my tender niche. Teasing around the edge before venturing in. Bites on my neck then shoulders excite and frighten.

I pull my shirt off, I feel his lips move to my breasts, kissing and sucking, I hear nothing in the room, my ears are filled only with what I feel. The world doesn’t exist to me at this moment. I feel myself getting weaker and submissive. I want to fall to my knees and soon feel myself slipping down, but I’m held tight. I want to speak, to beg to be let go, but no voice comes.

He bends to scoop me up in his arms. He drops me onto the bed, grabs my ankles to pull me to the end. My skirt is quickly removed and tossed aside and the panties follow.

Grabbing the back of my knees, he bends them up and lowers his face. His moist lips kiss my inner thigh, tempting me to move closer, but I’m ordered to hold still. I grab the sheets to help me remember not to move. I stare silently at the ceiling as he trails kisses across my thighs, spreads my lips and tickles my clit with the tip of his tongue. The breath in my chest is being pulled from me.

He releases his hold on my legs, “Grab your knees and hold them right where they are! Keep your legs spread wide!”

I do as he says, moving my hands to grab the back of my knees. I feel his hands on each of my thighs, fingers moving extremely slowly toward my pussy. His fingers move lightly over my lips, barely touching my clit. I try to move closer but his hands push my hips down on the bed.

“Don’t move… don’t you dare move!”

I hold my breath and my eyes begin to water. Warm and wet, his tongue tickles and tastes every inch of me. Slipping into me slowly, his mustache brushes against my clit with a combination of sensations that are exquisite. His fingers are digging into my thighs before moving down, cupping me and spreading me open. I feel warm oil being spread luxuriously over my flesh. A finger guides itself into my cunt as deep as it will go… another is in my ass. He sucks on my clit and it tuzla genç escort takes all the strength and control that I’m quickly losing, to hold still.

Rising, he pulls his jeans off, standing in front of me, he grabs me by the arms and pulls me up until I’m sitting in front of him.

“Put your hands behind your back. “

Again, I do as I’m told and look up at him.

“Open your mouth… take it… all the way. “

I know I won’t be able to, but try to obey. Opening my mouth and taking the head of his cock into my mouth. I lean closer to take him in as far as I can. He grabs the back of my head and pushes it hard against him. I choke as I feel his hard dick touch the back of my throat.

“Take it or you know what I’ll have to do!”

I feel a thread of fear rising, knowing I can’t do as he is ordering. Again, he pushes into my mouth. I tip my head back to allow his length to fill me, sliding over my tongue in rapid bursts. Gagging as he pushes deep… he pulls my head back and pushes me to the bed. Grasping my hips he tumbles me onto my stomach. My knees slide to the floor.

He sits on the bed beside me and presses one hand down on the middle of my back… slapping my ass sharply several times… feels like forever, and yet not enough.

“No!” my cry is muffled by the sheets.

He ignores my pleas and chastises me, “I warned you about what would happen. ” The palm of his hand hits me soundly and fingers land across my pussy. All I can think about is how badly I need him to fuck me. To feel his hard cock drive into me at this very moment.

“No, please… ” I beg.

Dismissing my cries, he repositions himself to his knees, still with a hand pressing on my back.

“Put your hands behind your back. ” I reach behind me and my wrists are captured in a single vicelike grip. He’s kneeling between my legs when I feel the head of his cock on my ass. He holds it there… just resting against my aperture. Then ever so slowly, at least at first, he pushes his head through the tight opening. He forces his way into me, all the way. I have no control I weep into the sheets. My pussy is pulsing. His free hand reaches around to stimulate my clit.

“Oh my god… fuck me… ” I feel myself delivered to the threshold of climax and he brings me to delirium. Not stopping he pumps into my ass hard and fast, working still with my clit keeping my orgasm going. Electrifying convulsions, my legs are quivering.

He releases my hands and grabs my hips with both hands, fingers gouging into my skin, pulling me close as he jams his hard dick as deep as he can, cumming, he stops for mere seconds before pushing, pulsing urging all he can from his orgasm. Biting my back at the peak of orgasm, I feel no pain, just fulfillment.

Later lying in tangled sheets, drifting in and out of sleep. He lies next to me, his hand resting on my belly in sleep. I feel soreness creeping in, but it won’t keep me from thoroughly enjoying my weekend with this sensual man. I’ll take home bruises from our all too brief encounter. I did in the past as well. Reminders of giving our all to each other.

Our kiss goodbye is brief and sensual. The flight home is lost somewhere in my mind… I mellowed on the way home… settled into my future like easing into a pair of comfortable slippers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32