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This story follows on from: The Abbeyway Prank – and is what happened next. It is a short story, but hopefully you will enjoy it!


It had been just over a month since Hilary and Caroline had been messed up by Hilary’s devious device, Caroline quivered at the thought of the mess they had both found themselves in, it was time to get messy again, perhaps she could persuade Simon to help her rebuild the trap device and use it to get Hilary messed up again properly. She smiled at the thought as she flicked through the television channels. It was her day off, she was sad that she had not been able to take the same day as HIlary, but quite glad for a quiet day. She paused the channel changing as an old western movie came on screen, Caroline smiled as an idea entered her head.

At the same time Hilary was not enjoying herself, she was being yelled at by one of the newest instructors a feisty twenty two year old called Jennifer. She was, by all accounts, a complete bitch and it seemed that Hilary was the target for her anger as she yelled and bawled at Hilary for the third time that day for neglecting to tack up her horse quickly enough. Hilary sniffed, she refused to let her see that she was upset but the constant anger was wearing her down. When she finally finished work, two hours after the other staff because Jennifer had made her clean all of the tack again, she was exhausted and tearful.

“What is wrong?” Caroline hugged her lover, wiping away her tears.


She didn’t need to say anymore, it had been the same story every night for the last two weeks. Caroline sighed, this was unacceptable, she had told Hilary that she would deal with the situation but she had not wanted Caroline to become involved. However it was too late, Jennifer needed to be taken down, and she knew exactly how to do it.


Simon looked at the plans which Caroline had put in front of him. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Caroline had giggled. “She deserves this.”

“Okay…” He sighed. “I can certainly make it happen, but you are responsible for whatever happens.”


“Bitch!” pendik escort Jennifer yelled across the yard. Hilary came running. “Too slow bitch!” She sneered. “Muck out my stables and then get my horses ready for the first lesson.”

“But I have just finished mine, I have been working since six am, if I do yours too I will miss breakfast.”

“Well you should have started earlier bitch!” Jennifer laughed. “I will be at breakfast if you need me. You are too fat anyway!”

Caroline watched from across the yard. “Hil’s” Hilary looked up. “Come on I’ll help you, two stables each we can get it done in no time.”


Jennifer’s phone bleeped, picking it up she saw a text had arrived from her boyfriend. She smiled, meet her at the barn at six o’ clock. Well she could get Hilary to finish her lessons and feed her horses. She smiled and sent a reply to the text.

Caroline smiled as the stolen phone in her pocket bleeped. The game was on.


“Why do you want me here?” Hilary smiled coyly as they approached the barn reaching for the front door.

“Ah ah… No.” Caroline took her hand off the handle. “Not this time, you get to watch for once. Come this way.” They both crept into the back of the darkened barn. Hilary gasped as she saw that her trap had been adjusted with new equipment. Caroline saw the look of longing on her face. “In good time, but it needs to be tested first and I have the prefect subject.” She picked up a control box and sat Hilary down on a bale where they could see the whole barn.

Jennifer walked towards the silent barn, pulling the door open she stepped inside into the relative darkness. “Steve! Where are you?” Before her was a wall of bales with a person sized hole in the middle, she stepped forward and saw a note. ‘Come through here…” Jennifer smiled, he had built her a love nest, how romantic. She leaned down and put her arms through the hole before slithering into the small gap, the tunnel beyond was quite long and she had to struggle to get through as she was sure the hole was getting smaller. She tried to go back but found that she was stuck and could escort pendik only struggle forwards.

Eventually there was light before her, she pushed on, her fingertips feeling something, she reached forward and suddenly hit a stretch of the bale tunnel lined with plastic which had been covered with grease, she slid forwards quickly landing in a strong net which had been attached over the end of the tunnel rather like a Christmas tree wrapper. As she fell to the floor she found that she had been captured in a net made of orange baler twine, she she struggled the net tightened until she could only make tiny movements. She slumped down exhausted.

Jennifer looked around her, she was trapped in a body forming net of strong nylon twine she was dressed in her jodhpurs and a t-shirt with worn wellington boots on her feet. She tried kicking and struggling but all she could do was to inch along on her belly like a giant caterpillar. She shouted and yelled a range of swear words as she slowly progressed.

Caroline pressed a button and part of the floor fell away, Jennifer started to roll, screaming as she hit a deep paddling pool filled with a dark substance, she rapidly sank beneath the surface before fighting to the surface covered in thick black goo. She was quieter now as it was clear the sticky black mess was preventing her from saying as much. Hilary looked across to Caroline with a questioning look.

“It’s roofing tar.” Caroline giggled. Hilary gasped.

“You can’t do that to her…”

“She hurt you Hilary, nobody does that.”

“Okay…” Hilary paused. “Thank you… I guess.”

Jennifer was struggling in the pool, there was a ramp built in so she was able to slither slowly up from the tar and onto the deck beyond. She was gasping and quivering. Caroline reached for a button and she was engulfed in a cloud of white feathers. Jennifer slumped down in defeat.

Caroline jumped up and approached the feathered woman. “That is what happens to people who mess with my girl bitch. Do you understand?”

“Caroline…” Hilary stepped up. “I am not really happy with this. She isn’t very pendik escort bayan nice but did she deserve that?”

“What?” Caroline gasped. “I did this for you…”

“I know, thank you, I just wonder if you have gone just a bit too far. I mean roofing tar?” Hilary crouched down beside Jennifer. “I am sorry about this.”

“Sorry? You are saying sorry to her!” Caroline screamed and shoved Hilary back into the pool of tar. She shrieked and sunk into the thick gloop, flailing about. She struggled to her feet and slowly waded out of the pool. Her body was coated in a thick coating of tar, her movements strictly restricted as it started to set solid. “Oh Hilary…” Caroline gasped. “I am sorry.”



“You have tarred me, you had better feather me also.”

Caroline could see a faint glint in Hilary’s eyes, she totally understood this was pretty hot, she smiled. “Hang on…”

Hilary watched as Caroline stood on the edge of the tar pool with her back to the tar. she smiled and leaned back landing in the tar with a splash, she emerged coated thickly with the heavy tar and stood beside Hilary, she hugged her the merging tar becoming one as they embraced before kicking the control panel, they both looked up as the drop box opened once more and a cloud of feathers fell sticking to every inch of their bodies.


It was morning when Simon returned to the barn, he gasped as he saw the women before him. It took him sometime to work out that Jennifer was lying on the ground and that the single mass of tar and feathers was Caroline and Hilary. The tar had set solidly.

He stepped back, unsure how the hell he was going to release them all from the sticky traps. He shrugged and went to fetch solvents.



“Yes miss…” The bald woman eagerly stepped before her.

“Do my horses now, I am going for breakfast.”

“Oh yes miss!”

Hilary watched as the bald Jennifer scampered away, it seems that the tables had been fully turned. Whether it was that they had unearthed a deeply submissive seam in the bully or just that she was so afraid of what would happen next if she was to disobey. Hilary smiled running her fingers through her long blond hair. She pulled the wig off for a moment and scratched her head, now what could they do to each other next?

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