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Disclaimer. This story is based on two of my female friends, their names have been changed, as has the business that they work for, they are good friends in reality. I am a 31 year old male, my name has also been changed.

Arion Lucas walks into the kitchen of the Accounting Solutions building, he is there for a meeting, but he doesn’t see anyone around, but he notices a message on the dry erase board that says the meeting is cancelled.

Weird, I wonder where everyone is? Arion thinks to himself.

Just as Arion is about to walk back out and go to see his friend at his apartment down the street, he hears a thud and a muffled voice from upstairs.

The hell? Arion thinks.

Arion, curiosity getting the better of him, heads over to the door leading to the stairs to go upstairs, where the meeting is usually held, and he heads up the stairs until he reaches the door leading to the hall, and he faintly hears raised voices and a few more thuds. Arion opens the door, and the voices become much more clear, and he realizes the voices belong to Brittany Ellis and Victoria Daniels, but he still can’t make out any words since they’re yelling and their voices are overlapping eachother, so Arion walks further down the hall, to the board room where they hold the Wednesday afternoon meetings, and he sees the door is wide open, so he peeks in, but he doesn’t see either of them in the meeting area, but he sees that the bedroom/office door is open, so Arion walks into the board room, and he walks over to the bedroom/office door, and he peeks in, and he gets the shock of his life, because in the middle of the room, he sees Brittany and Victoria, with their hands buried in each other’s hair, bahis siteleri their shirts are torn, and he sees Brittany’s black lace bra through a gaping rip in her shirt, and he also notices that her bra has a gaping tear in it as well, and he can see Brittany’s hard pinkish nipple, he also notices that Victoria’s right breast is hanging out of her shirt through a hole and a bra cup is also hanging out as well. Arion can make out their yelling now.

“Fucking slut, don’t you fucking interfere with my client you useless bitch!” Brittany screams at Victoria.

“Go fuck yourself and take your own advice you nosy whore, you told Angela I was working on her bank accounts, check your facts next time you dumb bitch!” Victoria screams back.

Brittany rams Victoria into the wall, making her grunt, and cause a picture to fall, leaving the glass in the frame to shatter as it hits the ground, then Victoria rams Brittany into the opposite wall, turning the tables, and making Brittany grunt. The two rivals break apart, and stumble a few steps back from each other. Arion is in complete shock, since this is the first time that he is witnessing two women fighting, as well as hearing such foul language from these normally proper and mild mannered women.

“I’ve fucking had it with you Victoria, I can’t believe I ever actually thought of you as a friend.” Brittany growls out.

“Oh please, you’re only a friend when it suits you’re selfish needs and ego, got news for you slut, the earth doesn’t revolve around some two bit whore, who can’t even hold down a relationship, let alone, please a man.” Victoria growls back.

Brittany glares at Victoria with unadulterated hatred, while Victoria is glaring canlı bahis siteleri back at Brittany with just as much hatred, then the two women tear their destroyed shirts off over their heads, and they violently throw them down onto the floor, then they take off the remains of their bras and throw them behind them, and Arion stares on in shock as both women charge and slam together, crashing each other into the wall, cracking the plaster, however, neither of the enraged women pay any mind to the damage. Brittany then reaches her hand up, and she latches onto Victoria’s hair, Victoria quickly does the same, and the two women begin yanking each other’s long tresses, and they shriek in pain, and Arion notices a hint of pleasure in their cries. Brittany and Victoria move their heads closer together, and Arion sees them lock their lips together, and he sees movement inside their mouths, indicating that the two women are fiercely kissing, and Arion sees them moving their free hands down, and they slip their hands into each other’s jeans.

Holy shit, are they doing what I think they’re doing? Arion thinks to himself.

Arion sees movement inside their jeans, which makes it clear that the two co-workers are now playing with each other’s pussies, and judging by the moans that can be heard behind their sealed lips and in their throats, he estimates that it won’t be long until they reach orgasm, and as he thinks that, he notices that their legs are beginning to shake, their chests are heaving, mashing their breasts together, and their hands have picked up speed, indicating that they are now furiously finger fucking each other, and their hair tugging is getting rougher. All of a sudden, they break canlı bahis their lip lock, and throw their heads back in a spray of spittle.

“I’m fucking cumming Vicky!” Brittany bellows out.

“Oh god, so am I Brittany, cum with me, spray your juices all over my fucking hand!” Victoria bellows in response.

With a scream of pure lust, pleasure, and pain as they keep yanking each other’s hair, the two women arch their backs as they have an intense orgasm, covering each other’s hands in their juices, and Arion can see that their foreheads and breasts are slick with sweat. Their bodies quiver for what seems like hours, but in reality is only 10 minutes before they begin coming down from their orgasm. They pull their hands out of each other’s jeans, and Arion notices that there is a wet spot on both of their jeans, around the crotch, he also notices that their hands are wet with their juices.

“That was amazing Vicky, your suggestion of this kind of sexual roleplay felt amazing, I came so fucking hard, this was the first time I’ve done this kind of roleplay.” Brittany pants out.

“I haven’t either, but after that orgasm, I want to do this again.” Victoria pants back.

“Jason is working today, we can slip over to my place and have all afternoon to ourselves, but first, we need to clean up and change.”

Arion stands and he sneaks out and begins walking back out of the room.

“What will we tell them about the wall?” Victoria asks.

“You did it.” Brittany replies.

“Fuck you, you rammed me into it bitch.” Victoria snaps.

As Arion gets back to the door leading downstairs, he hears what sounds like wet flesh slapping together, and another thud, and he realizes that Brittany and Victoria are at it again, but he’s seen enough, and he heads down out of the building, and down the street to his friend’s apartment building, leaving the two co-workers to their sexual activities.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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