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Adam? Yes, Matty.

©2019 by Gamin Paramour

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1) This is fiction, although it”s Based on a True Story! (Unless the guy was bullshitting me, but I don”t think he was.)

2) Stay safe. Don”t break the law.

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Last time:

Matty and Adam (fore)played with Jason in the condo swimming pool.

Part 11

Five minutes later the three of us stood facing each other in the bedroom, still in our wet swim suits. Jason was breathing heavily, and I think the reality of what was about to happen was sinking in. His trepidation about having a grownup in the room was somewhat offset by the prospect of finally having the object of his months of desire. I knew that Matty was who he wanted, and he would tolerate me if that was what it took. Still I had confidence that I could bring him around. After all, Jason wouldn’t be my first, or even my twenty-first. I knew how to do this.

Matty smiled warmly and reassuringly at Jason. “Do you want to take a shower with me?” he asked. “You can help me wash the chlorine off. I like to be nice and clean all over.”

Jason looked at the floor. “I don’t know,” he said, his high voice nervous.

Matty paused for a few seconds, and I could see the wheels turning behind his eyes. Then he stepped over to Jason.

“Take my swim suit off of me,” he said firmly, and after a beat Jason hesitantly took the waistband into his fingers at both sides. He began to skin the clingy suit slowly down Matty’s hips, turning it inside-out as he pulled. His eyes never left Matty’s body as the forbidden fruit came into view, and he clearly relished this first reveal, his first view of Matty’s beautiful boner. I could relate to Jason’s thrill, and found myself feeling it along with him. Jason had to pull the waistband away from Matty to let the stiffness out, and when its nearly four inches sprang into the open air I thought Jason would swoon.

“Man, you’ve got a big one!” Jason marveled.

“Wait ‘till you see Adam’s,” Matty said, but I don’t think Jason was listening, enthralled as he was by the gorgeous boy cock in front of him. Again, I could relate. If I had the choice between the most beautiful prepubescent erection in the world and the most beautiful adult one, the boy wins every time.

“Go on,” Matty urged. “Take it all the way off.”

Jason dropped to his knees and slid the suit down to Matty’s ankles, and I took Matty’s hand to steady him as he stepped out. Jason sat there on his haunches, gazing at that lovely dick from one foot away.

“OK,” Matty said. “Stand up and I’ll take yours off.”

I could feel the rising sexual energy in the room as Jason got to his feet with an embarrassed smile. Matty took hold of Jason’s waistband and confidently began to peel it down. I was surprised to find my heart thumping in anticipation. Jason’s trunks were not as clingy as Matty’s and so they came down easily, exposing first the round, fully-inflated head and then the straining shaft of Jason’s adorable three-plus inches. It was, indeed, significantly smaller than Matty’s, but it was hard as steel and angled up the soft roundness of Jason’s belly in proud readiness. His hairless ball sack was quite small, hiding up underneath, but I hoped this was due to cold pool water and that the little nuts would come out to play after a warm shower. I was happy to see that familiar, lustful look in Matty’s eyes.

Matty knelt like Jason had and finished removing the suit, he too spending an extra moment admiring the view. Then he rose and took Jason by the hand, leading the naked boy into the bathroom.

“Come and watch us, Adam,” Matty said. “That’ll make it even sexier.”

Jason only had eyes for Matty, and I knew my presence wouldn’t interfere. I followed them into the big master bathroom, enjoying every angle of view as Matty turned on the shower and readied three folded towels on the counter. Matty tested the spray, then with a smile at Jason stepped into the shower. He held out his hand and Jason took it, stepping in with him. They regarded each other happily, the moment having arrived.

“Touch my dick,” Matty instructed, and leaned his shoulders back a bit in a sort of offering gesture with his hips. “Go on,” he urged when Jason hesitated, and exhaled with satisfaction when the boy reached out and took Matty’s firm erection in his hand.

“I love how soft your hand is,” Matty said, smiling into Jason’s eyes. “Move it back and forth,” he continued, “you know, like jerking me off.”

Jason obediently began to stroke Matty’s cock, his gaze shifting back and forth between Matty’s face and the sweet stiffness in his hand. Matty sighed in contentment and reached for Jason’s dick as well. The boys fondled and squeezed each other, then Matty leaned in and kissed Jason on the mouth. Jason pulled back in surprise, but after a second under Matty’s ardent gaze he smiled and leaned in for another. The boys fondled and kissed for at least a minute, and just as Matty had predicted it was sexy as hell. I tore off my swim suit and kicked it away, unable to resist stroking myself as the boys made out in front of me. I could easily have shot in a matter of seconds, but I forced myself to keep it cool.

Matty broke the kiss and said, “Wash me for real now. Chlorine tastes yucky.”

The import of that statement dawned on Jason, that mouths would soon be on body parts, and a grin spread across his cute round face.

Jason scrupulously followed Matty’s directions for the rest of the shower, the boys soaping each other head to toe with body wash and spending a long time on each other’s dicks and balls. When it came to butt holes, Matty had Jason do him first, setting the tone and showing him that it is nothing to revile or fear. At first Jason seemed uneasy, but when it became clear that Matty genuinely enjoyed these ministrations Jason eagerly went for it, doing exactly as Matty instructed and getting his index finger deep into my boy’s craving orifice. When it was his turn, Jason had a little more trouble but gamely held himself open and allowed everything, determined, I think, to go absolutely as far as Matty wanted to take him. After a full minute of fingering to the second knuckle the pleasure on Jason’s face was genuine.

Matty disengaged and grinned at his friend. “Now we both wash Adam,” he said, and despite his unsure demeanor Jason followed Matty’s lead and made room for me in the big shower. I stepped between them, Matty immediately reaching up for a kiss. I bent down and gave him a good one, then turned to Jason expectantly but he didn’t take the hint. It’s OK, I thought. He’ll come around.

They double-teamed me with the washing, Jason taking the front and Matty the back. I did the same kneeling-for-the-top and standing-for-the-bottom procedure as King Matty had directed on the very first Matty’s Night. When two pairs of small hands converged on my naughty bits I leaned my head back and sighed in ecstasy, Jason lathering up my cock and balls with a gentle touch and Matty working two fingers up my soapy rectum with practiced precision.

I was quite surprised at the enthusiasm with which Jason went for my junk until I realized that, like me, he had fully accepted that Matty was the Ringmaster of this circus. It was only right and natural. He was an angel of perfection walking the Earth and we were mere mortals in his thrall. Jason would do whatever it took to stay in good graces with Matty, exactly as I had been doing for months. We were both lucky that Matty had such a good heart that he would never use his power for evil.

After several exciting minutes Matty abruptly turned off the water and declared shower time over. We stepped out and Matty handed me a towel, saying “Dry Jason off real nice and slow.”

Jason compliantly stepped toward me and I knelt and wrapped him in the big fluffy towel. I lovingly patted every part of him dry just the way I always did for Matty, and Jason kept smiling eye contact with me the whole time and seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

I had figured out by then what it was that Matty really wanted. He had always said he’d like to watch me making love with another boy, like in my childhood stories, but I began to suspect that he really wished he could watch himself making love with me. This was many years before everybody had a high-quality digital camcorder in their cell phone. Not being one of the few who had camcorders in those days, all he could do was approximate the experience with Jason filling in as a body double.

My mind reeled as it occurred to me that the ultimate test of Matty’s influence would be if he could convince Jason to let me fuck him while Matty watched. The thought was pretty exciting, I must admit, but I swore to myself then and there that I would not allow any manipulating or pressuring Jason toward that end. If Jason was into it, then sure, I’d play my part and give Matty his fantasy, but I drew the line at conning a young boy out of his anal virginity.

Now ain”t that fucking noble of me? I also draw the line at fire-bombing orphanages and torturing Grandma for her oatmeal cookie recipe.

But we weren’t anywhere near that point, and so I threw myself into the current, delightful task, tenderly and sweetly drying every soft, hairless inch of cute little Jason. When I was finished I did what I had recently begun doing for Matty; I dropped the towel and began to run my fingertips over Jason’s supple, unblemished skin. I touched him all over with gossamer softness, finding his small cock rock hard and his little balls satiny soft, the small sack now loose enough to be discernible as a scrotum. His miniature nipples were pinpoint erect, although touching them seemed to do nothing for him, more’s the pity. Jason seemed to especially like my soft touches on his inner thighs, perineum and ass cheeks, opening his legs wide to accommodate me and softly moaning as my fingers moved. When my ankara türbanlı escort finger traced up into his crack and barely tickled across his anus I felt him twitch and gasp.

“Boy,” he breathed, “you guys sure like butt holes.”

“Looks like you do, too,” Matty said. “C’mon, now we’re gonna go play on the bed.”

Jason made happy eye contact with me, a silent “Oh, boy, are we lucky!” look like two classmates after the teacher said the test has been canceled and we’re going to have ice cream instead. That’s when I realized that he, too, saw the two of us on the same level, a notch below Matty. We were there to do his bidding, and the fact that we would enjoy it ourselves was gravy. I knew that at some point I would need to reassert grownup authority, but this was not the time. I hoped the power relationship would naturally revert to normal when we were all dressed again and no longer immersed in Dirty World.

We arranged ourselves on the bed. Matty turned to me and said, “Kiss me, Adam. A real good one.”

I wrapped him in my arms and pressed my mouth to his. Automatically I transformed into Alpha Male again and Matty became Innocent Boy. We kissed deeply, our mouths open and our tongues gyrating, moving from his mouth to mine and back. It was a tremendous kiss, and when it ended Jason looked stunned.

“Oh, man!” he said. “I’ve never even seen that great of a kiss in the movies!”

“Want to try?” Matty asked enticingly.

“Sure!” Jason exclaimed in excitement and started scooting toward Matty, but Matty held up a hand.

“No, with Adam.”

I instantly felt Jason’s disappointment. After a moment of hesitation Jason said, “OK, I guess,” and turned to me. The look in his eyes was apologetic, which I took as, sorry, Adam, I’m just not into you.

Undaunted, I took him into my arms and gave him a deep, soulful kiss, but I didn’t use my tongue for fear of freaking him out. I gave it every ounce of sensuality in my power, and in a few seconds I felt him begin to respond despite himself, and then his soft naked body melted against me and I felt his stiffness against my side. Jason’s tongue came forward and I hungrily accepted it, and only then remembered that Matty had introduced him to French kissing in the shower. Matty had moved closer to us, and then I felt a small, very soft hand close around my cock. From Jason’s surprised reaction and Matty’s cheeky grin I knew that Matty had guided Jason’s hand there and closed it around me. To my joy Jason didn’t remove it, and I felt him begin to squeeze rhythmically.

Matty leaned close to Jason’s ear and half-whispered, “You love his big, hard dick, don’t you?”

Jason didn’t answer, but he did squeeze it harder.

“I can barely get half of it in my mouth,” Matty said, and I heard Jason’s gasp of surprise even though his mouth was quite busy wrestling with mine.

“Let’s share Adam’s big hard dick,” Matty whispered. “Both of us together. I’ll show you how.”

Jason pulled away and looked uncertainly at Matty. “I don’t know…” he said.

Matty had a backup plan. “It’s OK,” he said. “You never have to do anything you don’t want to do. That’s the rule, right Adam?”

“Right,” I said. “This is about having fun and helping each other feel good.”

“Right,” Matty said. “Hey, Jason, I’ll bet there’s something you really really want to try.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“Well,” Matty said coyly, “you think about me, don’t you? Like, when you lay in bed at night and play with your boner?”

I saw on Jason’s face the instantaneous automatic reaction to deny that he played with it, but then I guess he realized that the ship had sailed on that nonsense a long time ago, what with the three of us sprawled naked on a bed with hard-ons.

“Yeah,” he said softly.

“What do you think about?” Matty asked.

“I don’t know,” Jason said. “Just stuff.”

“No,” Matty pressed, “for real. What do you think about doing with me? You get pictures in your head, right? Like daydreams? I’ll bet there’s one thing that keeps coming back over and over again, one thing that gets you super excited and makes you rub your dick really hard. What do you pretend you’re doing with me?”

Jason hesitated only a second, then blurted, “Sucking your dick! I’ve always wanted to, ever since I met you at the start of school. I can’t stop thinking about it!”

“You can do that, Jason,” Matty said soothingly. “I think about that too, when I play with mine at night.”

Jason smiled incredulously. “Really? You think about having me suck you?”

“Yes,” Matty said, “and it’s really really fun. And then, in my daydream, we both suck Adam’s dick, and all three of us really like it. Let’s make each other’s daydreams come true, OK Jason?”

I wasn’t sure how much I liked this. It was coming pretty close to manipulation, like Matty was holding Jason’s fondest desire hostage, and he could only have it if he knuckled under. It would be my instinct to let Jason have his wish, then ask for what I want and hope he’s up for it by then. This seemed more like an ultimatum.

“It’s OK, I’ll do it,” Jason said, smiling shyly, surprising me. “I want your daydream to come true.”

“Oh boy!” Matty said. “Now we’re getting somewhere! You can suck me first, Jason, because that’s your daydream. How do you want me? Should I just lay back?”

“Yeah,” Jason said. “When I think about it I’m usually lying on my stomach in between your legs.”

“OK,” Matty chirped happily, and assumed the position.

Jason readied himself before the altar of his sacred desire with a look of anticipation, but then he licked his lips nervously and hesitated, inches from the prize. Five seconds went by.

“What’s the matter, Jason?” Matty asked with genuine concern.

“Nothing,” he said, but then another five seconds went by.

I moved into his field of view and smiled as warmly as I could. “You never did this before, did you Jason?”

Jason smiled weakly. “No,” he said. “I’ve never done anything for real. I only ever play with myself and pretend I’m doing things with boys.”

Matty looked uncomprehending, and also I think a little impatient for the fun to begin. “But we already kissed, and felt each other’s boners, and stuck our fingers in each other’s butts!”

“I know,” Jason said. “It doesn’t make any sense. It’s just that this is the really important thing, the thing I’ve been thinking about for a really long time.”

“I get it,” I said. “It feels like this will change you somehow, and you can never go back. But Jason, you know who you are inside, who you’ve already been for a long time, and it doesn’t matter whether you do this today or not. You’re still that boy.”

Matty looked at his friend with compassion. “You don’t have to, Jason,” he said. “We can all get dressed and go home right now if you want. Remember the rule, you never have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

That’s my boy, I thought, putting Jason’s feelings above his own desires.

Jason didn’t say anything for several seconds, then he leaned in, put out his tongue and gave Matty’s dick a big, sloppy lick from the base to the head. Then he smiled up at astonished Matty for a second before taking the whole four inches into his mouth.

“Oh, Jason!” Matty exclaimed. “It feels really good!”

Jason grunted and began to attack Matty’s cock with gusto. I could imagine what went on inside his head. He had been envisioning this for a long time, and now that he was past the “Oh God, I’m a fucking queer!” moment he knew what he wanted to do.

“Oh, Adam,” Matty said, “you were right! It feels different, but I like it.”

I appraised Jason’s technique and approved. “Yeah, boy,” I said. “He’s really going for it.”

Jason made a guttural sound and began pumping his mouth up and down on Matty. Matty put his hands at the back of Jason’s head and opened his own mouth in a long gasp.

“Tickle the head with your tongue,” Matty said, and Jason immediately pulled back until just the head was engulfed. Of course I couldn’t see what he was doing with his tongue, but Matty’s enraptured expression told me it was quality work. I had to stroke my cock again, being very careful not to let myself boil over.

Whatever misgivings Jason may have had appeared to be fully vanquished. He attacked Matty’s sweet dick like a boy possessed, and I knew he was born for it. I had known plenty of kids who were complete horn-dogs for boy-boy fun as preteens, when sex with the opposite gender was simply not available. Then around fourteen or so they got a taste of the girls and decided that straight sex is what they really wanted. That’s perfectly fine, since people get to like what they like and change their minds as often as they want. I still thought it was possible that Matty could be one of those, especially when his adorable looks started turning female heads the way they had turned mine. But I was now completely sure that Jason would grow up gay, or at least bi. You can’t fake obsession this all-consuming, nor could I think of a reason anybody would want to.

“His mouth is smaller than yours,” Matty said, “and his tongue is, too. That makes it feel different, but it’s really good!”

I felt like I needed to participate somehow or I would go nuts. I gazed down at Jason’s bare back, butt and legs and realized how enticing they looked. Sure, I was more attracted to Matty than Jason and I always would be, but just because you like steak better than ground beef doesn’t mean you can’t savor a delicious burger hot off the grill. I remembered the gossamer touches Jason liked, and I began to trace my fingertips down his shoulders, through the small of his back and onto his ass. Jason picked up his head and craned around to look at me.

“I’m sorry, Jason,” I said, pulling away. “I didn’t mean to ruin your daydream.”

“No, go ahead,” he said. “It feels good. It can be part of my new daydream.”

We shared a smile, then Jason turned back to Matty’s cock and I knelt next to the bed so that tuzla escort I could reach every part of Jason with both hands. I traced my feathery touches down across his butt cheeks and I heard him moan. I nudged his legs apart and he spread them compliantly, allowing my fingers access to his sweet, soft inner thighs and perineum. When I reached between his legs he lifted his hips a little so that I could get my fingers under him and fondle his diminutive nut sack, which was much more loose than ever before. I caressed his little pills, much smaller than Matty’s, and elicited more moans from Jason’s busy mouth. I touched his small, bright pink asshole which, after one involuntary clench, relaxed somewhat and tentatively allowed my tickles.

“Hey Adam,” Matty said, getting my attention. “You want to give Jason a surprise?”

“What kind of surprise?” I asked.

Matty made an OK sign with his fingers, then put it to his lips and stuck his tongue through the O.

I laughed softly as I got the reference. “All right,” I said, “I just hope he doesn’t bite you.”

“Hmm?” Jason mumbled around Matty’s cock.

“Something’s going to happen now, Jason,” Matty said. “Don’t worry, you’ll like it.”

I leaned in and spread his tender ass cheeks apart with my fingers. When my tongue touched his clean little hole he jumped.

“What the hell?” Jason cried.

“It’s called rimming,” Matty said, giggling. “Adam does it to me all the time, and I love it! Let him do it, Jason! It feels really good.”

Jason wanted to obey, and I felt him trying to will his butt to relax. It didn’t come easy, and he involuntarily clenched the next two times my tongue touched him, but finally he relaxed a little and my tongue began to circle and flick his tight anus.

“I can’t believe you’re doing that!” Jason exclaimed.

I think there’s a law requiring everyone to say that exact phrase the first time they are rimmed.

Matty laughed again and said, “Isn’t that the weirdest thing you ever felt in your whole life?”

“It’s SO weird!” Jason said, clenching again. “I’m not sure I like it.”

“Let it happen!” Matty insisted. “Let everything go loose back there. Don’t fight it and just let it feel good.”

Jason exhaled deeply and I felt his hole begin to open. It took a full minute, but finally he was mostly relaxed as my tongue swirled and circled and lapped at his most intimate spot. I felt a sigh course through him that I took for pleasure, and it must have been that because a second later the very tip of my tongue was able to poke through the rubbery ring and enter his tiny rectum. I teased him with shallow probes for several seconds.

“Oh, Matty, you’re right!” Jason cried. “It feels so good in my butt and your dick is so perfect in my mouth! This is even better than I ever imagined!”

“I knew you’d like it, Jason,” Matty said. “And your sucking feels fantastic!”

I stiffened my tongue and began to probe more deeply into Jason’s hole the way Matty liked.

“Mmmm!” Jason moaned around Matty’s cock. “M-hmm, m-hmm,” he moaned, encouraging me.

I probed deeper, and I felt him opening up. His moans continued as I probed, then swirled and tickled his sphincter with my tongue. I kept going back and forth like that, alternating between tickles and probes. It went on for so long my tongue was getting tired, and then Jason suddenly picked up his head again and said, “Matty, can we do your daydream now?”

I was astounded. Here Jason was, asking to move along to the part of the program where he had to suck my big, hairy, grownup cock. I thought he would delay as long as possible, then merely endure it because it would make Matty happy. But to ask for it! That blew my mind.

“OK!” Matty said eagerly, and we all disengaged. “Adam, prop yourself up against the headboard so you can look down on what we’re doing.”

He had this all worked out in his head, and I wanted him to have his fantasy as much as Jason did, so I did as instructed. When didn’t I do exactly as instructed? Not very damn often.

I arranged myself with my cock jutting skyward. Matty lay on his stomach on my left and Jason took a similar position on my right. Matty looked at Jason with a coy smile.

“I don’t think I need to tell you much,” Matty said. “You did mine so good I know you’ll do great on Adam.”

Matty eagerly leaned in and took my cock head into his mouth just as he had done so many times before. It felt wonderful, as always. Jason watched in fascination, like he couldn’t even believe that Matty’s sweet little mouth was on a grownup’s dick, but I could feel his excitement, too, and I knew he was thinking of this a whole other way than he had a few minutes earlier. It was such a beautiful picture I saw as I looked down, the top of my beloved Matty’s blond head as he worked my cock, and Jason’s appreciative expression as he observed.

Matty gave me a long, deep suck and then let my cock head pop out of his mouth. “You try now, Jason,” Matty said, giving me a smile. “After what Adam did for you I think you should make him feel good, too.”

Matty grinned broadly as he relinquished his position and let Jason in. Jason’s pink tongue came out and, without hesitation, he did just as he had done for Matty, gave my cock a big, wet lick all the way from the base to the tip. I guess that was something he had fantasized, something of a signature move. I must admit it turned me on a lot.

“Wow, Jason,” Matty said. “I just knew you were the right boy for us!”

Jason grinned at Matty, then opened his mouth seemingly as wide as he could to take in my sensitive cock head. Besides Matty, it had been nearly ten years since a boy had sucked me, and it was absolutely thrilling. Of course, being boys there were similarities between Matty and Jason, but every blow job feels slightly different, and that difference is part of what makes it so wonderful. The size and shape of Jason’s mouth, the strength and slickness of his tongue, the freshness he brought to this, his first-ever BJ on a grown man, and his second-ever in his life; the whole scene thrilled me to my core.

Matty took over again for a minute or so, and again I thrilled to the marvelous difference.

“See what I’m doing?” Matty said to Jason, and demonstrated his technique of flicking the tip of his tongue on the underside of my cock head. It had the usual effect of making me gasp, and Matty giggled and said, “See how much he likes it? Now you try.”

Jason giggled as well and replaced Matty’s experienced tongue with his fresh and new technique, flicking the underside much like Matty had but with that tiny, incredible difference.

“I’m getting close,” I moaned.

Matty looked up at me with a mischievous smile. “Something is going to happen soon,” Matty said as Jason worked my cock head for all he was worth. “You shouldn’t have your mouth on it when it does.”

Jason pulled off and looked up at me, steadily stroking my cock instead. “Are you going to squirt semen?” Jason asked, and I stared at him in surprise.

Matty looked at Jason, amazed. “How do you know about that?” he asked.

“My Mom gave me the talk,” Jason said. “I was only nine but I think I understood most of it.”

“Talk… later!” I gasped. “Cum… now!”

“Do it, Jason!” Matty urged. “Jerk him off and don’t stop no matter what!”

Jason tightened his grip on my cock with his small, incredibly soft hand and began an exquisite stroke job that I knew would quickly bring me over the finish line. The kid had either done it before or was some kind of a natural. In any case the pressure and speed were perfect, and in seconds I felt my orgasm flooding through me.

I groaned loudly as the jizz surged up my cock and sprayed like a fountain. In the position I was in my cock was vertical rather than angled toward my stomach, and droplets of thick fluid rained down upon all three of us. To his credit, Jason didn’t stop or duck out of the way as one might expect, just kept jerking me in the same fast cadence that got me there so effectively.

“OK, OK,” I gasped, “Slow down, slow down, Jason. Oh my God you did that so good.”

Jason slowed his motions and finally stopped, still holding my throbbing cock in his cum-covered hand.

“Whoa!” Matty said appreciatively. “That was cool!”

Jason released my dick and inspected the fluid on his hand. I don’t know if he realized he also had it on his face, on his shoulder and in his hair.

“I always wondered what the stuff would look like,” Jason mused.

“It’s called cum,” Matty said.

“Come?” Jason asked. “No, it’s called semen, and it’s the stuff that makes babies.”

“I know,” Matty said. “Adam explained it to me. Cum is like a nickname, spelled c-u-m.”

Jason scooped up some of the quickly cooling and congealing fluid and tested its consistency. “How does it get up inside of a woman to make a baby?” he asked.

Matty brimmed with the pride of knowledge. “He sticks his boner up her vergina,” he explained.

“Vagina,” I corrected between heavy gasps.

“Oh, right,” Matty said. “Vagina. And then he pumps and pumps until it squirts.”

Jason cocked his head at Matty. “I still don’t get it,” he said.

“Here,” Matty said. “You be the woman, and lay on your back with your legs in the air.”

Jason hesitated, not sure if he was being teased, but when Matty didn’t crack a smile he obediently flipped onto his back and raised his legs. Matty immediately mounted him in Missionary position, their stiff cocks pressed together.

“If you were really a girl you’d have a hole there instead of a dick,” Matty said. “And I’d put my boner right up into the hole and pump like this!” He began to thrust against Jason, who giggled, which made Matty giggle, too. Jason began to thrust as well, meeting Matty’s cock with his own and doubling the friction. After ten seconds of giggly rubbing both boys’ smiles faded and their humping grew more intense. Before my eyes their silly play turned into serious passion.

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Matty and Jason locked eyes, and even I felt their connection. Matty’s sleek ass cheeks hollowed with every thrust as he put his strength into it. I slipped behind them and ducked my head down so that I could see their coupling up close, and I marveled at the magnificent sight of their delicious young bodies engaged. I especially loved Matty’s dusky, dark pink asshole winking open and closed with every pump, his loose ball sack crushing against Jason’s tighter one as they undulated, and Jason’s lighter pink, wide open butt hole underneath. I had cum literally two minutes earlier, but I felt my cock stir as I watched.

I looked back around and the boys’ lips were pressed together in a deep kiss. Jason’s arms were wrapped so tightly around Matty’s neck he looked like he was afraid he’d fall off the bed. After a minute of this deep kissing Jason dropped his head back to the mattress, both to take a breath and let his neck rest, and Matty took the opportunity to say urgently, “Adam! Adam!”

“Yes, Matty,” I answered quickly.

“Do you have lube?”

“Yes, Matty,” I said, and reached into my bag to retrieve it.

“Get us both ready,” Matty instructed.

I hesitated. “Isn’t that kind of up to Jason?” I asked.

“Just do it!” Matty ordered, and I wasn’t entirely sure I liked his tone.

“Matty, I…”

“He wants it,” Matty cut me off. “Trust me, he wants it.”

“Just do it!” Jason piped in frantically. “Whatever it is, if Matty says so, just do it!”

I had to admit the idea turned me way the hell on, so I squeezed out some lube onto my fingers and began to slick up Jason’s little virgin asshole. The second my pinkie finger entered him Jason knew.

“Oh, Matty!” Jason cried. “Are you going to put your dick inside me?”

“Yes, Jason,” Matty said, calmly and soothingly as I applied the slippery gel to his raging cock. “That’s what you want, isn’t it? Tell me it’s what you want.”

“Yes, Matty!” Jason said urgently. “I want it inside me!”

“OK, baby,” Matty said. “Just relax and let it in, OK? You want it inside you, so just let it happen.”

Matty stabbed his cock forward a few times but the angle was all wrong and he was never going to find it that way, so I reached in and guided his dick to Jason’s hole. Astoundingly, Jason didn’t flinch a bit and his sweet little orifice began to swallow my Matty’s hot organ. It sank until the head was inside, then after a pause it began to sink further, fully half of it engulfed in twenty seconds. Matty crawled forward on his knees an inch closer and began his final drive, and pushed it in to the hilt.

“Oh my God, Matty!” Jason exclaimed. “I didn’t even know you could do this!”

“It feels fantastic, Jason!” Matty said. “Are you OK? Does it hurt you?”

“No, Matty,” Jason said. “It feels perfect, like your dick belongs inside me!”

“OK, I’m going to pump it now,” Matty said, and when Jason assented with a nod my boy began slow, shallow thrusts, just as I had done with him our very first time. Jason moaned in pleasure.

“It feels so good!” Matty exclaimed. “Can I go faster now?”

“Yes, Matty,” Jason said. “Do it how you want to.”

Matty stayed at about half-depth, but worked the pace up to a pretty good tempo. I could hardly believe my eyes, and my cock was raging hard once again.

“Deeper!” Jason shouted, and Matty responded by working his way up to full-length thrusts, his entire four inches disappearing into Jason and withdrawing back to just the head inside. Jason moaned and reached up for a kiss, and Matty engaged him with full-on face-sucking as he plowed the boy’s virgin hole.

I was jerking myself frantically now over what was by far the best sex I’d ever witnessed between boys. Matty pounded like a lithe jungle cat, his sleek body glistening with sweat as he slammed into the willing Jason. He was jack-hammering the boy now, his balls slapping audibly against Jason’s smooth ass, his own ass cheeks straining as he thrust as far forward as he could. I had thought Matty was a born bottom, but here he was topping like a porn star. I was pleased for him that he would be able to enjoy sex any way it came, and I found myself hoping that he would enjoy girls too when the time came, as long as he didn’t abandon boys.

Who was I kidding? I really feared that he would abandon me. I hoped to receive this kind of passionate fucking from Matty when he decided he was big enough, but if he had switched to girls by then I could be shit out of luck.

Matty broke the kiss with Jason and opened his mouth in a silent moan. “Oh, Jason!” he cried. “I’m gonna… gonna… cum!”

Matty’s steady rhythm began to break down, his thrusts becoming erratic. His face curled into a grotesque caricature of himself as the orgasm bloomed inside him, and he buried his cock fully one last time as his body convulsed. I saw four distinct contractions seize him and suddenly realized that my own body was getting there, too. I clambered to my knees on the bed and aimed my cock at them for the final ten strokes until my spurts began and I painted both of their lovely, sweaty bodies with my glistening pearls.

I fell back to the bed and all three of us lay unmoving, panting in exhaustion. Matty was still buried in Jason’s ass, as far as I could tell, and they gasped and moaned and nibbled kisses on each other’s lips until they had recovered their senses. Matty finally forced himself to disengage and rolled off of Jason to the side opposite me. Jason immediately rolled toward him and re-joined the fierce tongue-kissing they had enjoyed for so much of the fuck.

I awoke to the sound of the shower and the boys’ soft voices echoing off the tile. I looked at the time on my phone and realized I’d better get us moving to the pizza place or we’d get Jason home so late Barbara would worry.

Just before I stepped into the bathroom I heard Jason say, “You’re so lucky to have Adam. I wish my Mom would meet somebody just like him.”

“I just love him so much!” Matty said. “And not just because he taught me all this sex stuff. I loved him before we even started doing sex.”

“I don’t think people say ‘doing sex.’” Jason corrected. “I think they say ‘having sex.’”

“I know,” Matty said. “But that’s how I said it the very first time so now I say it that way all the time because Adam thinks it’s cute.”

I chuckled quietly. The little shit was way too smart, although he was absolutely right. I did think it was cute.

I hurried the boys through cleanup and dressing, helping Jason get the last of the lube out of his well-used hole. It wouldn’t do to have Barbara find shiny gel in his little briefs come laundry day.

Riding down in the elevator Matty nudged Jason with an elbow and asked quietly, “How’s your butt?”

“It feels weird,” Jason said, “kind of squishy, but I like it.”

“It doesn’t hurt, though, right?”

“No, Matty,” Jason said. “It feels good.”

I was gratified that Matty was as concerned about Jason’s welfare as I had been about his back in the Deflowering Disaster.

Thank God that shit blew over.

Jason was a particularly happy boy all through dinner at Gianetti’s. He was talkative and sprightly and showed absolutely no ill effects from his first-time experience, neither physical nor emotional. After that one moment of can’t-go-back, it seemed he had accepted the destiny he had known was his for several months already, and now that the die was cast it was a load off of his mind.

There was a load off of my mind, too, as the adult-child dynamic seemed to have returned to normal all by itself. Apparently the boys naturally compartmentalized sex apart from real life. As I had hoped, the minute we got our clothes back on the kids were back to being kids and I was the grownup, just in time to pay for the pizza I noted with a smile.

As our car approached Jason’s house I watched in the rear view as Jason whispered something in Matty’s ear, and then they kissed, not sexually, but lovingly. It was sweet as hell, and I felt like I was intruding on their moment, so I averted my eyes.

After a pleasant exchange with Barbara, in which she commented on how happy Jason seemed and thanked me profusely, and Jason gave me a big hug and more profuse thanks, Matty and I drove home with my boy back in his rightful place next to me in the front seat.

“What did Jason whisper to you just then?” I asked, adding quickly, “but if it’s private you don’t have to tell me.”

“Nothing’s private from you,” Matty said. “He said he loved me.”

“Oh,” I said. “And what do you think about that?”

Matty answered while looking out the opposite window at a gigantic pickup truck with flames painted on the hood. “I think he does, but not like real love, like forever love like you and me. I think it’s more like puppy love.”

“Did you say it back?” I asked, feeling something dangerously close to jealousy despite having been the one to encourage his interest in other boys.

“No,” Matty said. “I didn’t say anything, but I did kiss him back.”

I hesitated for several seconds, not sure how, or even if I should, ask the next question. “So, do you love him back?”

Matty turned to me with a look of incredulity. “No, of course not,” he said. “You’re my boyfriend and I love you.”

“Thank you, Matty,” I said. “You’re the best boyfriend a guy could ever have.”

“I sure did like fucking him, though!” Matty said. “Whew! That was amazing.”

“Oh, and baby, you fucked the shit out of him, too,” I said. “He loved it, believe me.”

“I know,” Matty said. “But even though it felt really great for me, especially when I was really slamming him hard and I felt really strong and powerful, part of me was jealous that his butt was getting this great fuck and not mine.”

I could relate to that. Someday…


“Yes, Matty.”

“When we get home can you take me to bed and fuck me just exactly like I fucked Jason? Hold me the same way and kiss me the same way and fuck me really deep and hard?”

And so I did.

Next time:

Voice from the past.

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