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Even though it happened a while ago I still get excited thinking about the event.

I had gone to San Diego on a business venture. The day was long and boring. Meetings, socializing and taking time to talk about really nothing.

When the day was through I really needed a place to relax.

I knew of a book store that had an arcade and theatre on its site…so once I cleaned up in my hotel room I was off for some fun time.

At the location I first took a brose through the store looking at items and checking the prices. I also spent a little time looking at nice sized dildos and thinking about past adventures in using them. This got me a bit excited and I went into the arcade.

I put a few bucks into the machine and scanned the different videos stopping at on where a guy was getting a nice deep blowjob. That wet mouth was doing a number on this guy’s tool.

I was wearing some exercise shorts so I pulled the pant leg aside and pulled my dick out for some hand manipulation. Soon I was stroking a nice hard-on and liking the movie…but I wanted more than watching and jerking.

When my money ran out I tucked my dick back into my shorts (which was a little difficult to do as it was hard and really wanted some air) and paid to go into the theatre. I tried to hide the extended carrot in my pants as I walked through the showroom…but I don’t really think I did that good of a job as I did get some looks from guys strolling the floor

Inside the door there were two options…go left and watch some male-female action or go right and watch some man-man action…I went right!

I found a seat in the middle of the small theatre and watched some hot action of a guy sucking another nice sized dick while getting his ass fucked by an even nicer cock.

Old glory of mine was even harder now and peeking out of my pant leg on its own.

I pulled the material aside and began stroking again as I locked on the action on the screen.

My hand was doing a nice job keeping me excited…so much so that I didn’t notice a guy take a seat next to me. I notice he was there when he reached over to grab my hand…pull it off my cock…and replace it with his.

I just put my arms on the armrest and let this man do the work of making me hard and horny.

His technique was smooth sliding and squeezing of my thickness. Every once and a while he’d grip the head of my cock and rotate around it giving me a beautiful tingling sensation before returning to stroking me again.

On one such move he noticed I had some pre-cum oozing out my hole, “We can’t have this making a mess on your shorts!” the stranger said to me and then licked the clear liquid off his hand while moving into position between my legs.

In the movie lit theatre this man got on the floor between my legs and work güvenilir bahis my shorts down exposing my nakedness below my shirt. He got my shorts off around my shoes and draped them over an armrest.

His hand returned to stroking me keeping me hard and wanting. With each stroke his face moved slowly closer and closer to the tip of my cock.

My eyes were not on the movie anymore but looking at this stranger in anticipation of his mouth coming in contact with my needs.

Then he was there…licking around my cockhead, up and down the shaft, trailing the action of his stroking hand, his warm breath on my sensitive skin, playing with my ecstasy and then I felt it!

Lips opened and slowly my cock disappeared into his mouth.

His squeezing hand was replaced by a wet squeezing mouth with a tantalizing lapping tongue working the shaft.

He descended slowly…only an inch…then up…tongue getting my hardness wet.

Then more into his mouth…inch by inch he took me in until I could no longer look at the screen by lay my head back and fully enjoy the sensation he was giving me.

His hands were not idle…they were moving up and down my hips to my chest, lightly touching and when he got to my nipples, playfully pinching them to further the excitement.

His mouth was heaven and I figured others must be watching because you can’t hide this kind of action in a small dark theatre…and I was right!

My head was laid back in my seat, eyes closed and my mind lost in the sensations that were going on between my legs.

I felt hands on the side of my head turning it to the right. When I opened my eyes there before me was a nice hard cock that beckoned my attention.

Lost in the moment I did what was expected…I opened my mouth and let this other stranger take command of my mouth.

Feeding me his cock with his hands controlling the positioning of my head.

I got a firm grip on the armrests of my seat as my cock and mouth were being attended to.

My head held firm as this cock touched to beginning of my throat. Back and forth letting me get accustomed to being used. I opened up as best I could and that cock did find the door to my throat! This caused my face fucker to really drive himself into my face.

When he pulled backI could taste the pre-cum as he allowed me to suck and lap his rod to depth.

I figured my cock sucker could see the action because between up and down action I could hear him say, “Yes! That’s it!”

The cock in my mouth was having no objections to getting what it wanted…my throat and cumming hard!

My face fucker was now telling me how close he was to cumming and pulled my face to his groin, “Yes! Yes!” and there it came. Hot gushing cum was fired into my throat. He held me to his body as he fired away into me. güvenilir bahis siteleri Some of his cum dripped out of the side of my mouth…but no one cared.

Once emptied he pumped my face a few times before pulling out.

As soon as the cock left my mouth my cock sucker grabbed my hips, got me to stand and turn around.

The seat folded up as he turned me so I was now standing in the space between the armrests and my back to the screen.

He slid between my legs, sitting on the floor facing my cock and once again took me to depth sucking with more earnest

As I was turning around I notice other men had gathered around my seat and had their cocks out. Once in the reverse position I felt another hand on the back of my head guiding me to another cock that wanted my mouth…I didn’t resist.

The cock went in and a sigh came from its owner. He too began to use my mouth as his fuck toy. This cock was not as thick as the one before but it was thin and long so going in and out of my throat was a little easier for me to handle.

I wasn’t fighting anything. In reality I just let myself go with the action around me with no care of who was watching or planning on participating.

My cock sucker was working my dick and getting it all wet. With some of the spit he was dripping off me he used to lube his finger for my asshole.

I like my ass played with (male or female) and he was magically exciting my puckered hole.

One finger…two finger…three fingers were now fucking my hole.

With my head in someone’s grip, my cock in someone’s throat and fingers working my butthole…I felt another pair of hands on my hips.

My cock sucker pulled his three fingers out of my hole and grabbed my butt cheeks pulling them apart then I felt it…someone’s hot and wet tongue finding depth in my asshole. Lapping my sensitive sphincter driving me into my cock suckers mouth and making me moan around the fucking cock in my throat.

The tongue was another magical experience and I was gripping the back of my seat to hold me up as I melted with the sensations going through me.

If you have ever seen a giraffe you know they have one of the longest tongues in the animal kingdom…I think this guy had just a tongue.

It wiggled and probed and fucked me like nothing before.

A few minutes of this before the tongue was removed from my saliva filled hole and a hard cock kissed my grasping opening…I wanted more…and I was going to get it!

The cock was just as excited as I was and lost to its own desires. This was not a time for caring but of releasing…and this cock wanted to release.

It seems to me that in an arcade or theatre like this guys just want to fuck and cum and get the hell out and that’s how it went from this point on.

As the cock iddaa siteleri touched my butt the cock in my mouth fired away. He too wanted me to suck a little bit longer after unloading. Once I did this he pulled away and another took his place.

The cock on my ass was trying to find my hole and each touch sent shivers of anticipation through me.

Just as the new cock was being aimed at my face my ass fucker found his mark and without any consideration slammed his hardness fully into my hole.

This cause me to gasp loudly and caused my mouth to open as his cock found full depth and then started jackhammering my butt

With my mouth open my face fucker didn’t hesitate to wait and drove his cock into my throat.

He too took hold of my head and face fucked me without any consideration.

I had spit and cum dripping out of my mouth…and I didn’t care!

I had a thick long cock up my ass raping me…and I didn’t care!

I had a hot mouth on my cock and taking me to depth in his throat…AND I CARED!

With my hand clawing into the back of my seat, my ass feeling this throbbing expanding hardness to orgasm of my fucker and the cock my mouth doing the same as what was in my ass I fired away in my sucker’s throat.

Once the first shot cannoned out of me my sucker pulled my hips to him and held me there as he attempted to swallow everything I had.

My ass fucker got the joy of feeling my ass orgasmically squeeze his cock fired into me as well holding me in his tight grip as he unloaded on after another shots up my canal.

My face fucking watching me cum and my ass fucker calling out as he filled me with cum only took him over the limit of holding back. Grabbing my head he screamed out and fired his load into my throat.

Holding my head after he fired his first shot his hips did that old pumping/shaking thing and he held my head tighter and fired another stream into me.

I couldn’t move…the grip on my ass…the grip on my hips and the grip on my head kept me as a slave to the needs of these fucking cocks

The cock in my ass, though it had unloaded in me, was still fucking me causing me to keep pumping my cock into my sucker’s mouth.

My sucker was lapping and sucking away at my cock keeping me hard and wanting more.

The cock in my throat pulled back and allowed me to taste his juices as well as lap clean his rod.

But I wasn’t done…

For the next hour or so I kneeled on my seat with my ass open to anyone who wanted it and facing the aisle behind me I allowed any cock to come take advantage of my sucking. I jerked off a couple of guys during some of the action and even got my cock sucked again before I left.

When I got back to my motel I parked my car in front of my room and went in. I went into the bathroom to start a shower when I heard a knock on the door. I answered and there stood this tall handsome man asking me if I still wanted to play?

I forgot that I had written my hotel room number in the video booth…we started off first with a shower!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32