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Author’s note: this contains male-male sexual acts (as well as male-female).


I remember the first time Maggie walked in on me.

The look on Maggie’s face as I quickly tried to cup my hand around my rock hard erection was something between embarrassed shock and plain old laughter. She dropped the clean towels she was holding inside the door and then covered her face with one hand while she tried to spit out a response.

“I uh. I’m so sorry!” I shouted as she backed out of the bedroom suppressing a laugh.

She and my dad married several years earlier but she didn’t have any kids of her own so I thought this must have been quite the shock for her. I guess she wasn’t used to knocking before entering rooms since it was usually just Maggie and my dad in that wide open ranch and, for some reason, I had completely forgotten to lock my bedroom door behind me.

In my defense, it was my dad’s porn video. He practically led me to his stash the previous summer while I was helping him find some old clothes in the attic to give away. There was no way he could figure out that just one DVD out of so many was missing, I figured, so I just “borrowed” them one at a time. Normally, while my dad was at work, I just hung out in my room playing video games or catching up on my summer reading list for college. Maggie spent a ton of time out of the house on various hobbies or hanging out at the pool, so I usually had a ton of time to relax while I watched my dad’s classic porn movies.

What I loved was the reckless abandon with which the actors and actresses in the scenes went after each other. I was only nineteen, having just finished my freshman year of college, but my curiosity in sex was already straying away from the mainstream. In the scene I was watching before I was suddenly interrupted, two men were plowing away at a blonde goddess with ripe breasts that bobbed as they took turns entering her holes. At the climax of the scene, she straddled one of the mustachio’d men and rode his enormous cock while facing him. At the same time, the other man pressed his thick cock inside her hair lined slit to join the first man. Her fluids leaked down her thighs as the two cocks rubbed up against each other inside her stretched opening. I had watched this scene a dozen times already and wanted to time my orgasm for the moment when the man on top pulled out of the woman and pumped his shaft until he blasted his cumshot between the woman’s firm ass cheeks and and the creamy white trail flowed onto the shaft of the man still pumping underneath.

It was more than a little embarrassing to be caught by Maggie like that. Normally, I tried to avoid any sort of compromising situation with my step-mother thanks to her banging curvy body. She had wavy blonde hair that was cropped just beneath her sharp chin line. Her cheek bones were high like a model’s and she had piercing blue eyes. When she hung out at the pool, she wore this red bikini that hugged every curve on her body and teased me with the amount of ripe cleavage it left bare. Maggie was thirty eight, six years younger than my dad, but I couldn’t imagine she was any less popular with other guys now than when she was at my age.

What did not help my embarrassment was waiting around for the “talk” I was sure my dad was going to give me about not idling around all day. To my surprise, when we sat down to talk after dinner that night, he seemed to be in a subdued mood.

On mom’s side of the family, things were always a little stuffy. I kind of preferred the way everybody hid their feelings and avoided talking about all-too intimate subjects. On my dad’s side of the family, though, nothing was sacred and nothing was secret. We talked about everything in my dad’s house growing up and his side of the family had none of the pretentious modesty like my mom’s family. On my dad’s side of the family, my sister and I grew up changing clothes in the same rooms or even trading places in the shower with cousins

That’s why I was expecting some deep and long conversation about masturbation and respecting women and their bodies, even though I was looking at his porn. Except, that wasn’t the talk I got at all.

I was sitting on my bed reading a magazine when my dad slowly press open the half-cracked door. We all avoided the elephant in the room at dinner but it was clear to me that the elephant was now charging head-on at me as my father approached in his work slacks and button-down shirt with his sleeves rolled up. His forearms were hairy but lean and muscular like me and all I could do was stare at that spot where his sleeve cuff met his forearm and how it flexed as it swung at his side.

“Hey, man. You want to hang out tomorrow?” He asked, standing halfway between the door and me.

“Sure. What’s up?” I asked trying to sound calm.

“Just thought I’d come home at lunch and we could shoot the shit. You know, have a drink between men and just relax for a change.”

And, with that, he casino şirketleri turned and headed away down the hallway. His feet clomped on the floor as he strode away. I breathed a sigh of relief, happy that we had avoided that awkward conversation for the moment.

The following day, I took my usual mid-day break from studying and hopped in the shower in the bathroom that was connected to my bedroom. After I had toweled off and headed into my room to throw on some clothes suitable for lounging around the house, I found my dad waiting on my bed with two bottles of beer in hand. Instead of his usual dress clothes, he was dressed down in a pair of basketball shorts and a grey t-shirt with a University of Florida logo on it.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?” He joked and then stretched his arm to hand me one of the bottles.

It wasn’t unusual for my dad to slip me a drink. I think the only reason he didn’t let me drink in the open in early years was because he didn’t want my sister to see it when she was in high school. It was just strange to see him day drinking, let alone join in it.

Even to my inexperienced tongue, the beer was cheap but it was cold and I could tell he was making an effort, so I tossed back a long swig and held the bottle up in a little toast. Since we had only started practicing an ounce of modesty in the few years since Maggie moved in with my dad, I went ahead and threw my towel on the bed and opened the drawer in the chest next to my bed where I kept my underwear.

“Hang that thing up,” my dad corrected without looking up from the sports magazine he had found laying around my room.

I ducked back into the bathroom and pulled the towel over a rack. When I returned to my room, my dad was staring up at me, almost like he was checking me out. He was staring at the floor when I entered but, then, his eyes climbed up over my long leg and past the long limp cock swaying between them. His eyes scanned over my abs, which are pretty fit thanks to spending my teenage years on a soccer field, and then over my broad chest. Like my dad, I’m built from lean muscle with long limbs. Unlike him, I don’t have a thin coat of dark curly hair covering my chest and stomach. At the time, I thought maybe it was just weird to see me naked since I must have looked like him at a younger age. After a moment, he finally spoke.

“Listen, sport, I brought home some sandwiches so just meet me in the kitchen when you’re dressed, ok?” And, then, he just stood up and walked away like it was nothing.

With a pair of soccer shorts and an old Nintendo t-shirt on, I headed downstairs to the kitchen where my dad had poured a couple shots on the counter to accompany our subs. We tossed the liquor back and the tequila immediately burned down my throat. My dad tossed a lime slice to me and I gave it a hard suck until the juices drowned out the flavor of the tequila.

“So, I’m guessing with that frame, you’re probably keeping the family tradition alive around campus?” My dad said with a sly smile between bites.

It felt weird to to hear a compliment about my body from my dad but I appreciated the attention and the approval.

“I’m not really into dating, you know, with how busy I am. But it’s not like I’m some nerdy virgin, you know,” I said, trying not to overstate my conquests.

“But you still found time to dig into my porn stash,” he finally blurted out.

Shredded lettuce fell from my lips as they froze in mid-bite. From his tone, it sounded like he was begging to talk about the subject.

“Yeah, alright… guilty as charged.”

My dad poured another round of tequila shots and we both knocked them back. I could really feel a warm buzz throughout my face and chest at that point. I thought he was just trying to loosen me up so I’d talk but I had no idea there were ulterior motives, yet.

“You into older women?” My dad asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Maybe. It’s just that what’s on the videos is so different from what you can pull up on the internet,” I explained. “Plus, in those older movies, they actually let you see women naked, you know… don’t rush the action.”

“Trust me, I get it. It’s just funny that we’re into the same stuff.”

“Same stuff?” My heart pounded as I tried to play coy.

“Like, I’m guessing you’re into Maggie?”

The question was so straight forward, I didn’t know where to start.

“I guess… you did well? I guess…”

My voice croaked from embarrassment at the end so I reached for a fresh beer from the pack on the counter and cracked it open.

“We used to be a lot more open around the house,” my dad said, with a far away look. “You know I don’t think Maggie would mind if we went back to some of our old habits.”

“What do you mean?”

“Take right now, for example. You know, Maggie has to wait for you to go to the library or lock yourself in your room watching porn just so she can sunbathe in the nude? I told her, just do what casino firmaları you want, Maggie. Nobody is going to complain. I mean… come with me, Boone.”

I stood frozen in the kitchen, head spinning while my dad tried to get a hold of my arm and drag me into the next room. I couldn’t believe that, all this time, I was watching porn videos while my voluptuous step-mom lie naked in our backyard.

My dad finally got a hold of my wrist and pulled me into the living room, which had a big bay window that looked out into the back deck. There was a hot tub back there with a big privacy fence built around it so the neighbors couldn’t see what was in the hot tub. From our vantage point, though, we could see everything.

Maggie was laying in a reclined chair at an angle that let my eyes gaze down her thick breasts that were sagging just to the sides of her bony sternum. My eyes continued down into the bushy patch of blonde hair between her thighs. I tried not to get hard in front of my dad while I stared up and down my step-mother’s inviting pose. Her golden hair hair fell gently behind her head and her long legs were shimmering thanks to the lotion on her skin.

“I think we could all use a little hot tub time, don’t you, son?” My dad asked as he pulled off his shirt.

Beneath the shirt was that notoriously dark hairy chest and stomach but he was surprisingly fit. His dad-bod was meaty but not blubbery and he only had a hint of a spare tire on his hips. He dropped the shorts to the floor next, revealing he hadn’t been wearing underwear. A bulbous circumcised tip like mine capped off the meaty cock between his thighs and it looked like it was more than a handful. Maybe it was just the instinctual anticipation porn had taught me or the binge drinking but I had to admit I was getting a little turned on staring at my dad’s dick.

“Hurry up, Boone, she’s waiting,” my dad urged.

My brain did a backflip in the sea of alcohol it was swimming in. All I knew was my cock yearned to be freed and I liked taking orders. I pulled my shorts and the briefs beneath them to the floor and then threw off my shirt while my dad opened the sliding glass door to the deck. As we stepped out to the wooden deck, Maggie turned her head back to us and opened her eyes.

“I wondered how long you’d take,” she told my father as he leaned over and pecked her on the lips.

“Maggie, I think Boone wants to take a dip. Care to join us?” He asked seductively.

My heart was racing. There was no way this was actually happening to me. My cock would have been standing straight up except all of the blood in my body felt trapped in my neck. My dad took Maggie’s hand and they started toward the bubbling hot tub. I followed, watching her jiggly ass shake and sway while she followed my father. The little dimples in her ass bunched up and then stretched away just as quickly as her naked visage strutted away for my viewing pleasure.

We all climbed into the tub: dad and I sat on the upper ledge on one side with our matching cocks dangling down toward the bubbling water while Maggie sunk down into the other end. She leaned back, letting her breasts float to the surface while her hair spread behind her head over the edge.

“You see, Boone, you can chase all the virgin college tail you want but finding someone who excites you is where the real fun is. Take Maggie, here: what we really like is finding ways to fulfill each other’s fantasies.”

While my father spoke, Maggie flashed a charming smile and then glanced down at her floating breasts as if to give me permission to oggle those magnificently buoyant floaters. When she sat up, her breasts lifted from the water like two tear drop shaped buoys. The round bottoms of her breasts remained perched on the surface while the water danced and teased around them. She watched him attentively while while I looked up and down her voluptuous curves.

“Do you think you could help make a fantasy come true for Maggie?” He asked while her smile grew larger.

“Whatever you’d like,” I responded.

“I want to watch your father suck your cock,” she said sweetly.

“What do you think of that?” My father asked.

I couldn’t help what came next. It was as though I was hypnotized by Maggie’s curves and all I could think about was doing whatever she wished.

“I could get my head around it. No pun intended…”

And, before I knew it, my father was leaning into my lap, his lips clasped around my sensitive shaft and Maggie was threading her thin fingers between her spread lower lips a few feet away. The entire situation felt so wrong that my cock grew even harder than I thought was possible. At times, the lips sucking on the circumsized tip of my cock were almost too much to bear but I hung in there thinking only of how much it turned me on to be part of Maggie’s fantasy..

After a couple minutes feeling that tight suction on my cock, I felt a tap on my side and noticed a hand beckoning me to spin around. güvenilir casino I rotated my legs out of the jacuzzi and did what seemed natural: I lay back onto the pool deck and my father followed my movements. Soon, his thick and experienced dad-bod was hovering over me while his thick arms and hands explored my younger, leaner frame.

That wasn’t the only shift in the action, though. Maggie slipped through the bubbling water and emerged like a nude siren. Water streamed down her large tits and off her curvy hips. She lowered herself onto her side on the deck next to my shoulders. With her legs splayed open, I was getting a close-up of the thick pink lips that were covered only by a soft patch of light blonde hair. Her fingers slipped back down between her thighs and went back to pleasuring her dripping wet folds.

“Yeah, Danny, suck him so hard he fucking erupts,” Maggie instructed.

I felt my father’s muscular hands kneading at my bare thighs as his mouth engulfed my cock. One hand pressed my legs upward until my feet were flat on the deck and my knees were bent and then the other slipped underneath my scrotum to tease the sensitive ring around my anus.

“Oh fuck, I hope this is as much fun for you as it is for me,” I told Maggie.

“My boy, you have no idea,” she moaned through her panting breaths.

I turned my attention back to my dad to see his eyes were closed and his full focus was on swallowing as much of my young cock as he could stuff into his mouth with each thrust. I crossed my arms behind my head to make it easier to watch him in action. He clearly knew what he was doing as the tip of my cock slipped into the back of his throat over and over again, sending chills up through my lower abs.

“I bet Boone would really like to watch you cum,” My dad finally told Maggie after spending a good couple minutes choking down my veiny cock.

“You’re such perverts,” Maggie laughed.

Then, just when I thought I was going to need a break if we were going to continue, Maggie’s fingers went into overdrive flicking the little bud between her wide-spread pussy lips. She flipped her hips up toward the sky and bucked her pelvis like an invisible cock was fucking her inverted body. She moaned and shrieked as her knees fell open and her thick ass dropped back to the deck. A mix of the fluids streaming from widespread folds and the remaining water from the hot tub scattered across her inner thighs.

When Maggie finally caught her breath, she turned to me with a sublime smile.

“Thank you for this, Boone.”

She rolled over until her massive breasts were resting on my chest. I could feel her erect nipples work their way up my bare chest until her lips found my lips.

“Oh God!” I moaned, pulling away from her wet lips after a moment.

My body was quivering and I knew what was about to happen.

“I’m going to cum,” I whimpered..

For a moment, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish. So many strange emotions filled my mind and body. Maggie rolled back to her side but kept her melanous left breast pressed into my cheek and wrapped her arm around my head.

“Don’t be afraid, honey,” She gently wrapped my head in her arm and her left hand circled around to caress my left cheek. “Just let it fly, honey, just let it fly.”

That was my dad’s cue to pull his lips off my cock and he started stroking me with his meaty hand. All I could see as I looked down was Maggie’s thick breasts pressing into my chest and her cute round face staring back at me. What I felt was an explosion of emotions as my cock began to spray my jiz up and onto Maggie’s soft back. I couldn’t control the grunts coming from my chest and Maggie patted me on my firm pecs when I finally felt the last of the slippery semen rolling down the head of my cock.

Maggie smiled sweetly at me but, when she sat up to look back at my father I was suddenly full of different emotions – confusion, shame, and fear – so I quickly rolled to my feet and hurried for my bedroom. Once inside, I shut the door, wiped my cock clean with some tissues I kept near my computer, and then dropped to my messy bed and passed out.


“Boone… Boone, are you alright?”

The feminine voice was coming from my open doorway. I could hear the sound of a body gently crossing my floorboards and pressed my chest up to find Maggie approaching my bed with a clear glass of water in her hand. She offered me the glass and I took a sip of the cold lifegiving fluid inside. Day drinking had sapped most of my energy but I felt it returning when I noticed Maggie was wearing only a sheer slip that hung from the slopes of her big breasts.

She sat, causing the bed to dip a little, and then twisted her body so her chest hung over my head. I rolled to my back, letting those full tits hang just inches above my head as she spoke to me.

“That was really exciting for me… earlier. Thank you for being so brave,” She sweetly stated, brushing a hand against my cheek.

“It was… interesting. I guess I got to get off, right? That’s something?”

“Yeah. Listen, your dad is asleep but I think he would be ok if I gave you a bit of a reward… you know for helping me out with my fantasy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32