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Author’s Note: This is an old gift fic I wrote for a friend. These characters are hers and mine original creations. Still, I believe it will be enjoyable because this is just a short story full of smut!


Close up went quickly, August was a pro at counting out the register and Isaiah helped Johonas with the trash while Esther and Steven cleaned up the kitchen. Johonas was invited out to eat, even Steven had agreed to go, but he had declined. He had paperwork he had to finish. He said goodbye to everyone then sat at his little desk next to the freezers and started to work.

He had been horny all day long, it was rare for him to be that way, he knew, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Eli. He had to sit most of the day; his dress slacks would do nothing to hide his erection. It had been building and he was worked up to the point of frustration and he cursed the important work he needed to get done. Really all he wanted at this point was to go home and ride his Eli hard.

He was so engrossed in the numbers that he was startled when Eli pulled up a chair behind him.

“I thought you would go with them,” when Eli didn’t answer Johonas looked back and noticed Eli was looking at the paperwork as well.

“Heh,” Eli nodded, “I didn’t realize we were bringing in that much.”

“Yes, your movie helped a lot. You gained more fans, thus, customers,” he smiled, “We’ve been in the black for quite some time. I’m absolutely not worried about the café. She’s doing fine,” he went back to work, pulling his calculator closer to him.

“Do you have to do this now?” Eli whispered in his ear and he smiled when he felt the other tense.

“Yes,” Johonas’ voice was a bit weak. He cleared it then said again, “yes, the quarter report is due this Friday.”

“So…no,” Eli kissed the side of Johonas’ neck.

“Yes,” Johonas could feel his body heat rising, “I know…um…I know Friday is two days away, but I have to-” he took in a sharp breath when Eli’s hand touched his inner thigh, “Eli…”

“Johonas,” he smirked then kissed the crook of his neck again, “you think I didn’t notice? I saw you…undressing me with your eyes all day…”

Johonas blushed, “We can’t…I really have to do this.”

“I’m not stopping you…” he rubbed his goatee on Johonas’ cheek then kissed the side of his lips, “Tell me what you’re doing.”

“Uh…” Johonas could barely think and his fingers were shaking as he picked up his pen, “This is the flowchart of the last three months.”

“Um hum,” Eli licked the shell of his ear as the hand at his lover’s thigh tugged gently, urging him to part his legs.

“So I need,” Johonas took a deep breath, “I need…”

“Go on,” Eli whispered, his hand slid over and cupped Johonas’ groin, “I’m listening.”

“So…” Johonas’ eyes fluttered when Eli began to massage him, “I need to break each…month…” Eli bit his ear lobe and he dropped his pen.

“Break each month…” Eli urged as his other hand slid over and pulled at Johonas’ other leg. Now his blonde lover was completely spread wide. Eli found he liked seeing Johonas in such a wonton position in his crisp, proper business suit.

“Down…” Johonas’ voice was shaking, “break each month down…into each day…”

“You stopped working,” he slid both hands up, under Johonas’ suit jacket and pinched his nipples. Johonas was wearing the barbells today. He moved them back and forth through the fabric, “pick up your pen Johonas.”

Johonas obeyed and tempobet yeni giriş gripped his pen. He let out a little gasp, when Eli pulled at his nipples, but he tried to focus on his work. His cock was throbbing now, almost painfully. His pent up arousal from the day almost overwhelming him.

“So, you break down each month into each day,” Eli continued to play with Johonas’ nipples, rubbing and pinching them mercilessly, “then what?”

“Then…I have,” Johonas bit his lower lip and moaned, “stop…please…” he whispered.

“Then what?” Eli’s tone was firm and it made his lover’s body tremble.

Johonas closed his eyes, “Then…oh God…then I have to break down the revenue for each day…” he let out another little moan.

“Like how much we sold that day?” One of his hands trailed down his body until he reached the zipper of his pants. He toyed with it, moving the zipper up and down a bit, but never all the way.

“No…um…what we sold…that day,” Johonas dropped his head back onto Eli’s shoulder.

“Do your work love,” Eli scolded gently and he smirked with Johonas let out a frustrated groan, “And this tells you what?” He started to drag the zipper down.

“What items…” Johonas adjusted so he could see his papers again, “are popular. I can then-” he jerked when Eli reached in his open pants and pulled him out, exposing him to the cool air around the freezers.

Eli started to stroke him slowly, “Adjust the menu?”

“Yes,” the word came out breathlessly and Eli couldn’t tell if it was an answer to his question or praise for the friction.

“From there?” He asked as he started to work on Johonas’ tie. He squeezed the tip of Johonas’ cock and watched precum pearl at the slit.

“I can…” Johonas was panting, “calculate just how much…and what…oh!” Eli was biting the top of his ear. He shuddered then whispered, “groceries…I can’t…gods.”

Eli was on to the buttons now, pulling open the shirt just enough so he could look down and see the silver barbells through the hard pink nipples, “Yes you can,” he flicked the tip of Johonas’ member and watched as Johonas’ pen slid across the page, leaving a long black mark.

“Eli!” Johonas huffed, agitated by the mistake, but was hushed quickly when Eli gripped his chin and kissed him roughly.

He pulled away slowly, leaving Johonas glassy eyed and panting, “You were telling me about the groceries,” he leaned back so he could turn Johonas’ chair around to face him. He placed both hands on Johonas’ knees to keep his legs apart.

Johonas blushed, he was so disheveled, his cock was bobbing and red, the veins straining, the precum freely leaking onto his leather chair. He cleared his throat, “Then I will know,” he whispered, “how much I need to purchase.”

“Are you not pleased with the current menu?” Eli asked before bending over and engulfing his lover’s cock whole.

Johonas closed his eyes and threw his head back with a cry. His hips bucked, but he knew not to actively thrust them himself. He placed his hand over his mouth so his sounds wouldn’t echo.

Eli took his time sucking, licking around the warm head, tracing the veins with his tongue. He lifted his hands and found Johonas’ nipples again and he rubbed his thumbs over the tight nubs. He pulled away, “Answer me.”

“Uh…” Johonas lowered his hand and his voice was shaking as he answered, “I’m…pleased…Eli…” he moaned, “thinking about…” he whimpered.

“Hmm?” Eli suckled the tempobet giriş head and swallowed a bit of precum when it squirted lewdly out of the tip and onto his tongue. He pulled off with a pop and licked his lips. He looked up at Johonas and waited for his answer.

Johonas took deep breaths so he could try to talk, “I want to…” he licked his lips, “I want to add more soups and salads, maybe some hot sandwiches.”

Eli just looked at him for a time and Johonas thought that maybe he was done sweetly torturing him. Then he saw Eli’s hands move to his jeans and he couldn’t help but watch as Eli undid the snap then pulled down the zipper. Johonas’ brows rose and his lips parted when he noticed Eli wasn’t wearing underwear. Because of this, when the zipper was low enough his cock sprang forth and Johonas actually gasped. It was so thick and hard and Johonas felt the muscles of his asshole clinch in anticipation. Johonas’ eyes flicked back up to look into Eli’s navy.

“Come here.”

Johonas had to spread his legs even more to bring his chair closer.

Eli placed his hand on the back of Johonas’ head and started to push him down. Johonas didn’t resist as his lips were guided to his lover’s glistening tip.

“Open your mouth.”

Johonas obeyed opening up wide as he was inched closer and closer. He shivered in delight. He loved when Eli asserted his authority.

“Show me your tongue.”

Jade eyes looked up but he did as he was told. He rolled his tongue out slowly, wondering what Eli had in store for him. He moaned when Eli placed the tip of his cock against the tip of his tongue. Johonas started to move it slowly, up and down, spreading the slit with the movement until his tongue was covered in thick tasty precum.

“You’re being so good,” the praise made Johonas happy. Eli pressed his lover down hard, fisting the blonde hair and moaning when he heard Johonas gag a bit on his manhood.

He didn’t allow time for Johonas to adjust; he used his hair to pump his lover’s mouth back and forth over his cock. Fucking his little lover’s mouth until they were both moaning. Johonas had to grip Eli’s massive thighs to keep his balance, but he loved the way he was being used.

Eli jerked him up and away suddenly, “You’re mine Johonas?”

“Yes Master,” came the panted reply.

Eli smirked then pushed Johonas back down over his cock. Again and again he forced the wide head of his erection into Johonas’ throat, making his lover swallow any dribbles or squirts of precum that fell from the tip. He kept at this until it was hardly bearable before he pulled Johonas off completely.

Johonas’ jaw ached and his throat was sore, but he gave Eli a pleased smile. Neither one of them had come, but the play had still been enjoyable and while it didn’t get rid of his overactive libido it helped calm it some. He would at least be able to finish his work. He looked back at his desk then whispered, “I really need to get my work done…”

Eli shook his head, amused, but he beckoned Johonas over with his hand. Johonas hesitated for a moment before he finally stood and his pants fell to his ankles. He blushed as Eli smoothed his hands over the globes of his ass before turning him around so he faced away from him. With his cock still wet from Johonas’ mouth Eli maneuvered his lover onto his lap and pushed his hard cock into his twitching entrance.

Johonas let out a long moan, gripping the chair in front of him. It stung a bit, but it wasn’t tempobet güvenilirmi painful, Eli and he have too much sex for that to happen anymore. Eli reached around him and pushed the other chair away then rolled his chair, with Johonas impaled on his cock closer to the desk.

He kissed Johonas’ neck then pointed at the desk, “Get to it.”

Johonas’ blush deepened as he picked up his pen. Eli didn’t move for a while as he actually allowed Johonas to work. Johonas couldn’t believe that Eli was making him do something so important while half dressed. His cock was leaking, rubbing against the side of the desk and leaving streaks of evidence to his arousal on the edge. He used his calculator and added up the revenue for October first. He was moving on to the second when he felt Eli roll his hips. He bit his lower lip, but continued to add. The movement quickened and he gripped his pen tighter.

Eli put his hands on Johonas’ waist, “Don’t come or you’ll make a mess on all that hard work,” he thrust up hard and heard the pen skitter away.

Johonas let out a needy whine and reached for the pen. Eli thrust up again and his fingers missed. He reached again and again there was a thrust. Eli continued, thrusting harder and faster until Johonas was scrambling for the pen.

The blonde could feel his arousal growing, the torture from before and the wonderful blow job had put him on edge. His cock slid along the desk, vulgarly wagging and dripping, wetting the papers and smearing the inked notes beneath.

He finally found a grip on his pen, but the work was long forgotten as Eli pistoned up into him strongly, nipping on his ear and neck as he did so. His fingers dug in hard and he knew he would leave bruises on Johonas’ hips and the thought thrilled him. He loved marking his lover, declaring him thoroughly owned.

Johonas screamed, the sound bouncing off the freezer doors, just as his climax came. His inner muscles clamped down hard and he heard Eli grunt before he felt Eli spill his seed deep into his bowels. Johonas’ own seed flew everywhere with the movement Eli still maintained. He coated all of his important papers and his work shirt. Some landed on his hand and his precious pen.

Both men slumped back, Eli against the seat and Johonas against his Eli. They were both panting hard. Johonas couldn’t even open his eyes. Eli’s eyes were closed as well, but he stroked up and down Johonas’ side, soothing him.

“I thought I told you not to come,” he whispered.

Johonas’ voice was hoarse, “I’m sorry.”

Eli chuckled then kissed his temple, “Is your work horribly ruined?”
“It’s backed up on the laptop. I just have to reprint it.”


“I shouldn’t have to though, if you had just let me work,” Johonas sighed, “I should punish you for this.”

Eli opened his eyes and cocked a brow, “Really? I just might have to see that…”

“Get your head out of the gutter,” Johonas stood slowly, feeling Eli’s cock sliding out of him made his body tingle with reawakening pleasure. He turned around and sat on the desk and even wet and rumbled he looked in control and adorable, “I wouldn’t punish like you do.”

Eli gave him a grin, “What do you have in mind?”
“No sex,” Johonas crossed his arms, “for at least two months.”

Eli stood and leaning over he gave Johonas a deep, passionate kiss. When it ended he whispered against his lips, “You wouldn’t last,” then he reached down and gripped Johonas’ flaccid cock. In three strokes it was hard again, “You really are feeling it today aren’t you…” he felt his own cock began to stir.

Johonas blushed, “I have work to do,” he tried again.

“So do I,” and with that Eli was lowering his head again, lips parting to accept his lover once more.

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