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Tonight in training I was frustrated. I’ve been having boyfriend problems for a while. The usual stuff. Not knowing where we stand, feeling like he’s been pulling away. Maybe he’s seeing someone else, I don’t know. Training always makes me feel better. I can release my frustration that way.

Of course, there’s always that one annoying guy in training. You know the type. Knows everything about everything. Has a story that tops anybody else’s story. A typical marine to be honest. Married, but very hot. Tall, muscular, brown hair cut high and tight, and amazingly green eyes. He had a lot of tattoos. If he wasn’t such a macho jerk, and married, I would be pretty flirty with him.

Because of our size difference, and me being a lower belt, we rarely ever rolled. I’m short and pretty light. In addition to the size he has on me, he’s a brown belt and I’m only a blue belt. In the world of BJJ, he’s nearly professional, and I’m one belt above white.

Everybody wears a rash guard under their gi kimono. Even the tough guys don’t like the irritation. I need some rash protection, but I don’t like the restriction either. My rash guard is sleeveless, and I’ve made a cut from the middle of the front of the neck about 6 inches down. Under that I wear a sports bra. 36c’s need to be held in place. Under my gi pants I wear yoga pants. Too many times they’ve come untied and slipped down my thighs while I was rolling. No more letting the guys see my baby pink panties!

Tonight my usual partner was out, and for some reason I was partnered with Mr. Devil Dog. Perfect. Tonight’s first drill was a collar choke from back mount. He was the senior belt, so he practiced the move first. I sat on the floor and he sat behind me, putting his legs around my waist to hook his feet under my thighs and pull my legs apart. He put his right hand across my neck and grabbed the left side of my collar. Step one. Next he needed to reach across my chest with his left hand to grab my right lapel to pull it down for the pressure that would cause the choke. He had his face beside my face, and was breathing right into my ear. As he reached across my chest with his left hand, instead of grabbing my right lapel, he slipped his hand under my gi kimono and into my rash guard, squeezing my right breast from outside my sport bra. Shocked, I used both hands to pull his wrist down and defend the choke instead of letting him finish, and I heard him quietly chuckling in my ear. I was furious. But without warning, he grabbed my lapel and finished the choke, and I had to tap.

I was angry that he had taken such a cheap shot at me, but I was even more disgusted with myself.I liked it. It turned me on.

I took my turn practicing the drill, finishing the choke on him. As I said behind him with my chest against his back, every time I remembered his hand slipping into my gi, my breasts felt warm with anticipation. Thank goodness I was behind him and he couldn’t see me blushing.

The next drill we practiced involved learning a new guard break. Well, new for me. As the senior belt, again he got to go first. I laid down on my back, he knelt between my thighs and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He put his hands on my hips to hold them down, but instead of going right for the guard break, he rubbed his crotch between my legs to make me feel that he had an erection. It’s against the rules to wear a cup in our school of BJJ, and I could feel the full extent of his arousal. My mouth was open in shock, and he looked me directly in the eyes to make sure I knew he meant for me to feel how hard he was. He then broke and passed my guard.

We switched positions for me to practice the drill. I knelt between his thighs, and when he wrapped his legs around my waist, he pulled me to him and grinded his hips up to me, so I could feel his very hard penis pressing into my lower abdomen. I was getting so flustered, this was turning me on. I didn’t want to finish the drill. I wanted him to keep rubbing himself against me. But I wasn’t going to give in to this guy. I broke and passed his guard, and took side control. I took care to press my breasts against his chest, and a quiet moan escaped my lips. I wanted him to know he wasn’t the only one kaçak iddaa who could get a thrill from rubbing eager body parts against an opponent. A salacious grin crossed his face.

The 3rd and final drill for the evening was working on a triangle choke. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. The drill started with him on his back, me in mount.

He made the sweep, and wrapped one leg across the back of my neck as he pulled one of my arms straight out in front of me, my face right between his legs. He hooked his other leg over the ankle of the foot that was behind my neck, and before he began to squeeze for the choke, he pushed his hips forward to rub his hardness on my cheek. He didn’t finish the choke. He held my arm forward and helpless and kept his erection pressed against my face. I tried to squirm away, but it make him more excited. I could feel him growing harder, and he pressed more firmly against me. Finally he finished the choke and I had to tap.

My turn. I laid down on my back and he got mount, then he took high mount. He was sitting on my chest and blanketed forward. He grinded his hips against my chest, and was essentially tit fucking me right there. My kimono had slipped open, so I felt his body through the thin fabric of my rash guard. I finally got my wits about me and made the sweep, hooking one of my legs behind his neck and pulling one of his arms up toward my chest. As I hooked my other leg over the foot behind his neck, I pushed his face between my legs just to show him how it felt to be put in that position. Of course he liked it. He groaned and started biting my thighs, and finally right between my legs. It was a good thing my gi pants were thick or he would have known how wet I was becoming. With his arm I had pulled up to my chest, he again reached into my rash guard, and then slipped his hand under my sport bra and pinched one of my nipples. I responded by holding his face more firmly in place with my legs, and starting grinding my hips to rub my crotch in his face. There was no doubt in his mind that he was succeeding in turning me on.

Class was ending, so I finished the choke. He pulled his hand out of my clothing to tap, letting my know I had mastered that technique. I lay on the mats panting out of breath and covered in sweat.

Class was over. All that was left was open mat time. We could free roll with anyone we wanted to and work on whatever we felt like. Just standard sparring and grappling to test the skills we had just drilled. Not every body stuck around for this. About half the class left.

Only a few of us stayed around for open mat rolling. I decided to take a few minutes to catch my breath. I went to the bathroom to try to recompose myself. I was still blushing from everything that had happened during active training.

I came back out of the bathroom and sat on the bleachers to get a drink of Gatorade and watch everyone else. 2 purple belts were rolling. They were preparing for their next tournament. It always thrilled me to watch the power and skill of those in the higher belts. And thinking back on it, it was a turn on to roll with these guys. It’s just that none of them had blatantly made it sexual, and neither had I.

Devil Dog was rolling with our instructor. 2 black belts sizing each other up, making their moves trying to outwit each other.

Nobody else was left. When the 5 minute alarm sounded the end of the round, the 2 purple belts decided they were done and started getting ready to leave. The instructor wanted to roll with me to talk me through some moves. Devil Dog started packing his things, and took off his gi. I couldn’t help taking in the sight of him in board shorts and his rash guard. Very well built.

My instructor was very good looking as well. But being my instructor, I had kept in mind to not allow myself to daydream about him. Nothing good could come of getting a crush on him. He was former army, and currently a police officer. Instructing BJJ was only his part time job and hobby.

Devil Dog decided to stick around and watch us roll. We started with the instructor telling me what take down he wanted me to use, and giving me a little resistance with it so he wasn’t just handing it kaçak bahis to me. On the way down I caught him in my guard first, then made a sweep and took mount. I blanketed forward to hold some control, but was immediately self conscious when I realized my breasts were right in his face. He used my hesitation to bump me forward and roll, and held me in side control, his chest to mine. As I worked to get to my side to try a hip escape, he posted up, went to knee on belly and finally mount. I tried to catch my breath, and he commented that I sure was worked up tonight. He took high mount and trapped my arms up, sitting on my chest with his knees in my armpits. I was keenly aware of how close his groin was to my face and my blush deepened considerably. He noticed and laughed, and asked me why I was so flustered tonight.

There was nothing I could do once he took high mount and he knew it, and just then the alarm sounded the end of the round and he stood up. As he helped me up, Devil Dog said he wanted to roll with me, no gi. I wasn’t accustomed to no gi. I relied on having the sleeves and lapels of the gi kimono for a lot of my moves. Of course I had learned a few that didn’t require those things. The bare naked choke was the first thing that came to mind, but an ezekiel could be done with no sleeves, or if I was lucky I might get a D’arce.

As I was taking off my gi, our instructor said he was going to go get dinner and he would be back later to lock up. He said to take our time and enjoy ourselves. I couldn’t believe I was being left alone with Devil Dog. Had he somehow managed to plan this?? There I stood in my yoga pants and cut up rash guard, and he eyed me up and down.

I was trembling slightly as I walked out to meet him in the middle of the mat. We slapped 5 and started circling each other, sizing each other up. He went for a take down, but I deflected well enough to catch him in my guard as he fell on top of me. He postured up and put his hands on my hips, holding them to the floor. So here we were again, my legs around his waist. The thick fabric of our gi pants no longer stifled the contact between us. Through the thin fabric of his board shorts and my yoga pants, the heat of his erection pressed between my legs was impossible to ignore. I squirmed and tried to maintain my guard. I grabbed his wrists and tried to pull them to the sides, but he was stronger than me.

He used a guard break where he spun around and it flipped me over onto my stomach, and he immediately got me in a leg lock. He let me go before I tapped. We wanted to keep rolling. I was lightly panting, and trying to keep control of my thoughts. I was still lying on my stomach and heard Devil Dog behind me start to make a move, and I turtled up just in time. He leaned over me from behind and lined his right hip up to my left one, his penis pressing into the side of my hip. My guess was that he was going to reach around the top of my shoulders to pull me over backward, and as I prepared for that, he reached with both hands under my armpits, grabbed the front of my rash guard on either side of where I’d cut it, and ripped it open all the way to the belly. I moved my arms down to try to catch his hands, but he slipped them out, grabbed around my shoulders and finally pulled me over backward. He was on his back and I was lying on my back on top of him, my shoulder blades to his chest. He had a hold of my biceps pulling my arms to my sides, arching my back and making my rash guard fall open enough to expose all of my bra, my breasts pushed forward.

He put his legs around my waist and hooked his feet behind my knees, again pulling my legs apart. From behind me, he couldn’t see the damp spot in the crotch of my yoga pants. He brought one arm across my chest above my breasts, and was able to hold both of my arms captive with his one arm. He was breathing in my ear again, and with his other hand now free, he began to massage each of my breasts in turn, pinching my nipples from the outside of my bra. As I struggled to get one arm free, or to get one of my legs unhooked, he grabbed the bottom of the front of my bra and pulled it up, completely exposing my breasts. He continued rubbing them with his free hand, stroking illegal bahis my nipples with his thumb, and the dampness between my legs spread and soaked a larger spot of my pants between my legs.

I was rocking my hips now, involuntarily. His hand wandered down my body, his finger tips touching lower and lower down my belly until they reached the top front edge of the waist of my pants. He stuck his fingers just inside my pants, but pulled away again, only touching my lower abdomen blow my navel. He reached down and with one finger traced up the very center between my legs, from the lowest edge of my vagina all the way up to my clitoris, on the outside of my pants. I groaned loudly, and he laughed. I was noticeably shaking now.

Devil Dog loosened his grip on me and without hesitating I rolled over to face him. He caught me in his guard, and before I could even attempt a guard break he recomposed and caught me in high guard. With his legs around my upper ribs, he pulled me down to him and and got one of my nipples to his mouth. He started sucking on it and leg go of me with his legs. I willingly allowed him to keep sucking first one nipple, then the other.

Without warning he swept me, and I ended up face down and flat on my stomach. The mat was cold against my still-bared breasts, and now Devil Dog was using the weight of his chest against the back of my shoulders to hold me still as he tugged my yoga pants down around my thighs. He rubbed and massaged my ass outside my panties only for a moment before pulling them down as well. He reached between my legs and pushed 2 fingertips between my labia and just inside me, finding that I was already dripping wet with anticipation.

He positioned his hips behind me, pulled his shorts down just enough to expose himself, and guided the tip of his penis between my lips. He didn’t penetrate me right away. Instead he rubbed the head up and down between my lips, spreading my own wetness with the semen he was already leaking, and teasing my clitoris in the process. I groaned again, and arched my back to angle my hips to a position to encourage him to penetrate me, and finally he did.

So slowly, he pushed the head of his penis inside me. Just the head. The anticipation was agony. With one hand he reached in front of my lower abdomen and felt his way down, his middle finger finding my clitoris and rubbing it slowly and deliberately. Bit by bit he eased himself more and more inside me. I pushed back against him in an effort to take him deeper into me, but he was totally in control.

Once he was fully inside me he held himself there, slowly rocking his hips and continuing to finger my swollen clitoris. He withdrew almost completely, and then slowly pushed in again, this time all the way in smoothly. He began slowly thrusting deep into me, matching the rhythm of his strokes to the rhythm of his middle finger massaging my clit.

His thrusting moved my whole body, making the mat cause friction against my exposed nipples. It only took moments before my muscles began to tense up, and I became wetter. Before I knew it, I was screaming as an orgasm tore through my body, causing me to convulse against him. He had started biting my neck, and before my orgasm had subsided, his own began. His erection had become swollen tight, and I felt the spasms of his ejaculation as he thrust deeper into me, pushing every last drop of it as far up into me as he could get it.

He stayed inside me only a moment longer before lying over to one side, spent and trying to catch his breath. I was gasping and moaning as I rolled onto my side and brought my knees up, almost to fetal position. His semen dripped out of me, pooling on the mat beneath me.

Devil Dog got up and went to the bathroom. As I lay there on the floor still stunned at what had just happened, my instructor came back in from dinner. He stopped in his tracks and looked at me in shock, lying on the mat with my rash guard torn open and bra pulled up, pants pulled down my thighs and semen dripping from me. My face was burning red.

I still hadn’t managed to say a word or even move from where I was laying when Devil Dog came out of the bathroom, and our instructor started laughing. He congratulated Devil Dog on finally giving me what I’d been wanting for a while, and told me to get home and get rested up. After next class, he said, we would find out how well I could handle both of them together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32