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Group Sex

The story so far:

It is 2050, and under the “Enlightenment”, Europe is ruled by Pleasure, love is eschewed, religion is frowned upon, and members of ethnic minorities are considered “Undesirable”. Alison, Claire and Eva are students at the Royal Academy of Fucking in London, and have become close friends with schoolgirl and aspiring anal slut Riley. Eva, who is black, has found love with Chad, who is desperate to escape from his place of work, the sinister Princess Asshole Hospice (run by the sadistic racist Dr Hildegard Fotzenficker), so that he can leave the European Union and find freedom in the Outside World. Is this project, they are being helped by Eva’s priest Father Ambrose Deconceicao, as well as her brother Rob, who has long been deeply in love with Alison — though Alison is not entirely sure how she feels about him.


“Okay, m’ cunt, guys, are we all ready?” It was dawn, and outside the window a drear misty late-November morning was beginning to break, as Alison and her friends gathered in her room at Fuckers’ Hall.

“Check!” they all chorused.

“Okay, let’s go through it. Riley, are you and your friends clear about what’s happening?”

“Yeah, I’m meetin’ ’em at Oxfuck Circus at eight. From there, we’ll be able to see Chad comin’. Chad will turn norf towards All Cunts Langham Place, then weave ‘is way frough the backstreets. If the minders are followin’, Teresa, Amber and Belle will intercept ’em’ere,” — Riley pointed at a map she was holding — “but if that fails, I’ll do me arse fing’ere, so Chad can escapethis way and arrive at Tott’m Cunt Road’ere. Can’t fail.”

“Great,” said Alison. “Claire and Brad?”

“We’ll be stationed on Tottenham Cunt Road, opposite the church,” replied Brad, “keeping our eyes skinned for trouble. If anything untoward happens, we’ll cross and knockfour times on the green door.”

“Good. Eva?”

“I’ll go with you straight to number 38B to wait for Chad. The service is scheduled for ten. Rob will be waiting with the hearse.”

“Right. Any questions, anyone? No? Okay, let’s fuck ass!”


Half an hour later, Teresa, Amber, Belle and Riley were standing at the corner of Oxfuck Circus, dressed in white blouses, short plaid skirts and matching ties — shivering in the damp mist. It was quiet and deserted, except for the occasional street cleaner in the distance, clearing up the debris from the street revelries of the night before: discarded anal beads, cock-rings, empty lube bottles. Riley had a pair of binoculars, and was peering through them along Oxfuck Street in the direction of Marble Arse.

“Why can’t he just fuckin’ phone us when he leaves?” grumbled Teresa, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet to keep herself warm.

“‘Coz apparently they confiscate your phone if you work as a fucker at the ‘Ospice. To stop ya escapin’.”

“Is it such a terrible place?” asked Amber, as she touched up her bright red lipstick. “Must be fun suckin’ all those dicks before watchin’ ’em croak,” she giggled. “Imagine!”

“I fink the problem is, they don’t all want ta ‘croak’,” replied Riley. “Apparently, Chad’s ‘ad ta bump off a lot of people against their will, ya know? Doin’ ‘is ‘ead in, ‘e says.”

“I guess it would,” Belle chipped in, adjusting her very large tits under her blouse. “So why are we wearin’ these on a Sunday mornin’?” she said, indicating their skirts and ties.

“‘Coz we might need to fuck these three guys, Chad’s minders: if they notice ‘im leavin’, they might follow. We’ve got to delay ’em. And guys get turned on by this sort o’ fing.”

“Fuckin’!” squealed Teresa.

“Yeah, but watch out. These guys are mean. They kill people for a livin’. They killed Eva’s dad. So be careful. Stick to fuckin’. We’re ‘ere to delay ’em, so they lose Chad — that’s all. And fuck, look, I can see ‘im comin’,” Riley said, peering through her binoculars.

“Is ‘e being followed?” asked Amber.

“Can’t tell yet — too misty… Oh yeah, oh fuck, yeah, ‘e is. Three big blokes followin’ fifty yards behind. That’s them. Right, fucktion stations, girls — let’s go!”


Five minutes later, Teresa, Amber and Belle were standing in front of All Pussies Margaret Street, a large Victorian Gothic church. The air stank slightly of rubbish from the bins awaiting collection on the pavement. Chad walked past briskly, studiously ignoring the girls. A few seconds later, three large, hunky, handsome men emerged from the mist, clad in identical black lycra, their jaws set in brainless determination as they followed their prey.

Belle was the first to move forward, unbuttoning her blouse as she stood in their path. “Hi guys,” she crooned, licking her lips, shaking her soft blonde bob seductively, and turning sideways on so that the full glory of her large breasts was on display. “You wanna ‘ave some fun?”

The three fuckers stopped, instantly mesmerised by the sight. One of them guffawed stupidly, “Nice tits, love. But you couldn’t handle all three of us! Amazon prime izle Move over.”

“Oh, but I have some friends ‘ere,” said Belle, as Amber and Teresa emerged from the shadows. “And we’re really good at suckin’ cock, aren’t we, girls?”

“Yeah, fuckin’ brilliant,” agreed Amber. “I can take ten inches all the way down me fuckin’ froat — and I like cum over all my face. Wanna try me, guys?”

“And I like DPs,” Teresa chipped in. “Come on guys, wanna fuck all me ‘oles at once?”

“We can give ya all a good time!” said the sexy threesome, turning around, hitching up their skirts, and showing the three men a gorgeous view of three hot rumps in a row, their pretty shaven cunts peeping out from below, glistening, fragrant, irresistible.

One of the men, tall and hunky with short blond hair, had his cock out already — at least eight inches long and stiff as a rod. “Suck it, then, bitch!” he ordered Amber. “But make it fucking quick — we’ve got a job to do, we have!” Amber turned round and fell immediately to her knees, wrapping her shiny red lips around the huge cock and swallowing it down to the balls in one go. “Oh fuck!” groaned the man, “she’s good, guys — you gotta try this!”

“Hang on, Baz,” said another of the men, “we’re supposed to following Chad. We can’t let him go.”

“Oh, come on, Gaz,” remonstrated Baz at his brown-haired companion, as Amber gagged noisily on his cock, releasing a flow of slimy spit which dribbled down her chin, soaking her white blouse. “What’s Chad gonna do? We’ve been following him every time he has time off: all he does is wander around and then come back to the Hospice. Hey, I said suck it, bitch!” Baz started to fuck Amber’s face hard and fast, pumping his cock mercilessly in and out of her throat and eliciting a rhythmic succession of obscene quacking noises from deep inside her gullet.

“I’m with Baz,” said the third man — as gorgeous and muscular as his companions, but with thick black hair. He too got his cock out, spanked Belle on her plump bottom, and slid his cock — slightly shorter than Baz’s, but thicker at the base — into her pussy from behind. “Oh fuck!” he too exclaimed, as he began to vigorously fuck her cunt, slapping her ass cheeks all the while so that the sound echoed between the buildings. “This slut’s amazing, Gaz. Come on, fuck her face: we can do a spitroast!”

“No, I’m going after Chad,” said Gaz. “Come on, guys, what’ll Hildy say if she finds out we’ve lost him?”

“Well, she’s not gonna fucking find out, is she?” said Baz, as he furiously fucked Amber’s face. His cock was rapidly becoming bright red from her lipstick, and her saliva glowed pink as it dangled from her chin and splashed onto her wet blouse.

“Come on, Gaz!” interrupted Teresa, spreading her ass-cheeks. “Put that cock of yours in me. Where d’ya wanna put it? What about my arse? D’ya like fuckin’ arse, Gaz?”

Gaz gazed longingly at Teresa’s young smooth buttocks, the scrumptiously damp cunt they framed, and her gently winking asshole. But then he mustered what must have been a superhuman feat of self-control, swore under his breath, turned on his heels, and ran off into the mist after Chad.

“Aw, thanks!” squealed Teresa in mock-umbrage, before turning back to the others. “Hey, Amber, can I share that cock?”


“Evie, you seem preoccupied,” said Alison. The morning was still misty, and they were walking briskly across the park in the direction of Tottenham Cunt Road.

Eva made no answer.


“Hmmm? What? Oh sorry, Al — yeah, I guess I’m just thinking about today. I just… I hope it works.”

“Are you okay about Chad now? I mean, he was a serious turd to you. What’s made you change your mind about him — again?”

Eva sighed, and smiled. “Alison, maybe it’s not about changing my mind abouthim; maybe it’s about changing my mind aboutme…”

“Uh oh, the Undesirable philosopher has returned! What’s that supposed to mean?”

Eva laughed. “Well, I first went with Chad because I thought I wasn’t worth any more than the way he was treating me. Then I left him because you taught me Iwas worth more. Now I am helping him to realise that he is worth more than he thinks. That is the lesson I should have learnt from my parents — and which Ambrose tried to teach me. It’s hard to remember that in the world we live in.”

“Will you miss him?”

Eva walked a few more steps in silence before answering, “No.”

“How come?”

“Well, Alison, what do you think?”

“What do you mean, ‘What do you think’? Will you miss him when he’s gone — when he’s left for the Outside World?”

“No, Alison, I won’t. Because I’m going with him.”

Alison screeched to a halt, her heart suddenly pounding harder than she had ever felt it. “What the fuck? You’re going with him? You’re leaving the Union? Oh my God, Eva, no! No! NO!”

Eva stopped and looked back at her horrified friend. “Why ‘no’?”

“Well,” Alison fumbled in desperation, “well, because your future is here.The future blutv izle is here, in the Enlightened world. How can you go and live with all those savages, when here you could become the greatest fucker this country has ever known?!” She paused to mutter, “Shit, I sound just like my dad, don’t I?” before continuing: “But — but remember, Evie, your ambition is to suck cocks under boardroom tables in the City! What a great future you have ahead of you!”

“Alison, I know how it must seem like that to you, a privileged white girl, born with a silver dildo in your mouth — into the ‘Bates butts’ dynasty, no less. But you’ve seen how people like me get treated here. And, in our own strange way, Chad and I care about each other — because we are both casualties of this world.”

Tears filled Alison’s eyes. “But, baby, no, please no. I’ll miss you; I’ll miss you so much. Don’t leave me here. Please.” Alison stepped forward and held Eva tight. She felt their breasts squash together, felt Eva’s nipple piercings pressing into her through their clothing, felt Eva’s wild afro hair brushing against her face, smelt the soft dawn scent of her just-washed body.

“You’ve got so many other people here, Alison,” replied Eva. “What about Claire? and Brad? and your parents? I have no family or friends here anymore. If I leave, I’ll be with my mother, and my brother. And — I know you find this hard to believe — Chad is the only person outside my family ever to really love me. I know he’s a dickhead sometimes; but he loves me.”

“I love you, Eva.” said Alison, as she pulled the black girl even tighter towards her, kissing her softly on her lips and face. “I’ll always love you. You have taught me so much.”

Alison and Eva stood in the damp chilly mist and hugged each other tight. For a long time.

And then Eva said, “Hey, we’ll be late. Come on…”

And they continued on their way — slightly slower this time, hand in hand, tears streaming down both their faces.


Gaz ran swiftly, determined to catch up with Chad. “It’s all right for you two dickheads,” he muttered to himself, “you’re not on fucking probation. If Hildy finds out I’ve lost Chad, she’ll…”

Gaz came to a junction, and stopped in indecision. “Fuck, which way did he go?” he muttered, peering in vain into the mist.

“Can I ‘elp ya?” came a voice. It belonged to yet another girl in a school uniform, who emerged from behind a skip. She had long silver-blond hair, and had unbuttoned her blouse so that her tie dangled seductively between her pert exposed tits.

“Yeah, did you see a man coming this way? Hunky guy, big cock?”

“Yeah, I did,” replied the girl in sultry tone of voice, “and it looks like ‘e’s ‘ere right now…” She moved forward, reaching out to stroke Gaz’s face with long soft fingers. “I like good-lookin’ ‘unks like you,” said the girl, “‘specially if they’ve got biiiig dicks. Ya got a big dick, boy? Wanna fuck my arse?” She pirouetted round, her short plaid skirt flaring to expose her buttocks, which she then pulled apart to display an asshole the likes of which Gaz had never seen before. It gaped and glistened; it quivered and pulsated; it opened and closed rhythmically, as if it were panting, begging, desperate to be filled. Gaz stared, enraptured and entranced. All thoughts of Chad, and his job, evaporated. Suddenly, this asshole was his whole world — and his cock wanted it.

“What’cha waitin’ for, ‘unky stud? Fink ya can fill up me arse wiv ya big cock?”

Gaz released his throbbing member from his black lycra trousers and began to stroke it. The asshole continued to pulsate and quiver in front of him. Compared to his colleague fucker-executioners in the Princess Asshole Hospice, Gaz considered himself a touch more cultured than the usual — indeed, a bit of a connoisseur. Half Italian — his full name was Garibaldi Eccles — he felt that he had inherited an artiste’s eye for beauty from his Italian pole-dancer mother, and an Englishman’s appreciation of class from his father (he even had got an ‘A’ in hisAnal ‘A’-level). And Gaz felt he had never seen anything more beautiful or classy than this asshole. Before being fucked, it needed to be properly worshipped. Gaz knelt down and, still stroking his cock, began to kiss between the girl’s pair of soft white buttocks. He inhaled the rich, pungent scent of early-morning ass, tasted the beads of natural GM lube which glistened around the rim of the perfectly round, smooth rectal cauldron. He snaked his tongue inwards and began to circle it around, revelling in the divine sensory overload which greeted his tongue. “Yeah, boy, eat that fuckin’ shithole,” Riley encouraged him. “You like the taste, stud? It ‘at a yummy breakfast? You like tastin’ me ass-porridge, ‘unky boy? What about stirrin’ it around, stud? What about stickin’ your fuckin’ white pudding in there?”

Gaz needed no further prompting. He stood up, took aim, and slid into Riley’s ass. His GM cock was huge — a good nine inches long and thick as the girl’s wrist — but it flowed beIN CONNECT izle effortlessly into her gape, his swollen balls slapping against her perineum. “Oh yeah, big boy, that’s good!” squealed the girl. “You fuck that fuckin’ shit-cunt with your big fuckin’ dick! Lemme feel ya all the fuckin’ way in. Fuck me arse so fuckin’ ‘ard it comes out me fuckin’ froat, boy!”

Gaz was powerless to do anything else. He had fucked a lot of ass in his not-very-long life — but this was something out of this world: an asshole which sucked, caressed, and slobbered over his cock. “Oh yeah, babe,” he moaned, “your asshole’s so amazing, it’s like it’s giving me a fucking blowjob!”

“Hey, you want a real blowjob then, ‘unky boy?” shouted Riley. “Let me taste that shithole-flavoured dick, let me suck all the cum out of ya. Go on, fuck my face like you’re fuckin’ my arse!”

Gaz pulled out, leaving Riley’s asshole momentarily gaping to the sky, before she spun round and knelt down in front of him. His gleaming pungent cock plunged into her throat, and she began to quack and gurgle under the assault of his stiff member. Soon, geysers of throat-slime were erupting from her face and slithering down her chin and onto her tits. And it was not long before Gaz groaned, pulled his cock out and began to jerk it over Riley’s slimy face.

Cum poured out of Gaz’s cock in great spurts, plastering Riley’s face so that her features were all but obscured in a slimy glaze of semen and spit. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah!” Riley squealed, eyes ablaze. “Ruin me fuckin’ face wiv all ya fuckin’ cum, big boy. Make me look like a fuckin’ slut, wiv all ya cock-snot all over me fuckin’ face.” Gaz gazed down at his handiwork, and marvelled. Yes, he was a connoisseur, and this bitch was one of the filthiest, most beautiful fucksluts he had ever met — and, ironically, still more beautiful now that her beauty had been completely ruined by her cum-glazing. Riley blew little raspberries with the cum which coated her lips, then grinned — threads of gloop adorning her lips and teeth.

Gaz was in ecstasy — but was suddenly brought back to reality by the voices of his two companions as they pelted, breathless, round the corner and into view: “MAKE YOURSELF SCARCE, GAZ — HILDY’S ON HER WAY!”

“OH SHIT!” Gaz swore loudly.

“Where the fuck do we hide?” they all panicked.

“‘ERE, IN THE SKIP!” shouted Riley, pointing behind her. The three men grimaced. But then they heard the sound of a sports car screeching round the corner just a block away, and terror filled their faces. In desperation, they leapt into the dumpster, burying themselves deep into the piles of stinking rubbish bags, rotten food, soiled nappies, and sanitary waste.

“Cover us up!” they shouted desperately to Riley — who obliging piled yet more refuse on top of them so that they disappeared entirely from view. Riley giggled uncontrollably as she heard the three hospice fuckers retching and gagging from their foul-smelling refuge. “Quiet! She’ll ‘ear ya!” she whispered — as a silver Maserati screeched round the corner and halted in front of her.

There was a woman in the driving seat — tall, blond, with a square jaw, full red lips, and large tits, dressed in combat fatigues. “Where are they?!” she screamed at Riley.

“Where are ‘oo?” replied Riley nonchalantly, feigning innocence, as she slowly wiped Gaz’s cum off her face and began to lick it off her fingers.

“Three men! Three stupid, bone-headed dunderheads with big cocks and no brains! Following another numbskull fucking dickhead!”

“Didn’t see the firs’ one — but I saw three men runnin’ very fast that way.” Riley pointed in the opposite direction to the way Chad had gone.

Hildegard nodded, snarled, and screeched off round the corner, just as Teresa, Amber and Belle appeared out of the mist — semen dribbling down Belle’s leg, and Teresa and Amber sporting grinning cummy faces.

“Mission accomplished, girls!” Riley called out. And, turning to the skip, she muttered in an undertone, “Watch it, guys, she migh’ be back. I’d stay in there a bit longer if I was you. Maybe dig yourselves in a bit deeper…”

There was the sound of vomiting from deep inside the skip. Riley giggled mischievously.


“Everything’s ready,” said Father Ambrose to Eva and Alison, after they arrived at number 38B. “Your friends Claire and Bradley are keeping watch on the road outside. And I’m expecting your brother any moment now, Eva — ah, here he is!” There were two loud knocks on the front door, which echoed down the corridor into the chapel. “Rina will let him in.”

As Rob Daniels entered the chapel, dutifully genuflecting towards the tabernacle, Alison could not help but feel her heart leap. Somehow, his quiet, respectful attitude drew her admiration. And he looked very handsome, dressed in a black suit, frockcoat and top hat. She smiled, and as he grinned back at her with those twinkling eyes, she felt her heart flutter. This was not the first time her heart had fluttered like this: it was a flutter of profound yearning, yearning for something greater, more important, more lasting than a mere damn good fuck. Rob’s eyes caught hers again — and behind the twinkle she felt that she discerned something mutual, something special — a common feeling, a shared hope perhaps…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32