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It had been four weeks since Raine had left on his business trip. Celeste sighed and looked around her empty house. It was in pristine condition – each of the lavishly adorned rooms sparkled. She was proud of her house, proud of how far she had come from her hard upbringing.

Celeste O’Connor nee Randall, born to two blue-collar workers in the slums of Chicago, had scrapped her way through school by studying hard and as a reward earned a full-ride scholarship to Stanford. At Stanford she had met the enchanting Raine O’Connor, and the two had married shortly after graduation – she with a degree in pre-veterinary medicine and he with a degree in electrical engineering. She had gone on to veterinary school while he worked, and after her schooling was complete they had moved into the country, to a town called Silver Dale.

Silver Dale was a quiet little town, and Raine had commissioned a house high on the bluffs overlooking the quiet town. Celeste started her own veterinary practice by working on the dozens of horses kept on the surrounding farms. Most of the residents of Silver Dale were wealthy CEO’s and lawyers, and young. Celeste herself was only 25, Raine 27. After living for two years in Silver Dale, they decided to try for a family.

Celeste remembered the day she realized she was pregnant. Not only would she birth one healthy baby but three! Two girls and a boy. Raine had been so thrilled with the news that he had started right away with plans for the nursery. Now she was seven months along and she admired her figure in the mirror. She had not gained much weight from the pregnancy besides the babies, and she had continued to exercise, leaving her body in a slim and toned state. bahis şirketleri The soft bulge of her swollen belly was crowned by her glorious breasts. They had grown significantly since the start of her pregnancy, their hard nipples pointing out from her EE cups. Her hands roamed over them and she sighed.

She moved from the mirror and sat down on the mirrored canopy bed. Sunlight streamed through the windows and she felt at peace with herself. Lying back, she looked at herself in the overhead mirror and felt a familiar warmth swell between her legs. She shook her head slightly. It had been over a week since she had experienced pleasure of any kind and her hands started to roam her body.

She cupped one breast with her hand and pulled it to her mouth, tongue swirling around an already erect nipple. A bit of milk leaked out and she moaned. It tasted sweet in her mouth, and she felt the aching need in her pussy get stronger.

Keeping her nipple between her lips, she parted her legs and let her other hand travel down her sensual body. She lingered over the bulge of the triplets, delighting in the feel of her own soft swollen flesh under her fingertips. She traced her belly around to the soft wet spot between her legs and found her clit already swollen, hard and throbbing like a miniature cock.

She groaned with pleasure as her fingers started to massage her clit in circles, her mouth never ceasing to suck on her own nipple. Her free hand wandered back over her pregnancy and up to her other breast, pulling at the already erect nipple and twirling it between her fingers. She could feel her climax building as her long fingers probed between the lips of her pussy, her index finger bahis firmaları sliding slightly into the warm hole while her thumb continued to massage her clit.

In an instant her orgasm had consumed her, her whole body shuddering with pleasure. She lay there for several minutes before getting up, showering and starting on her calls for the day.

Her pussy was still tingling as Celeste got into her Jaguar and drove to the first call of the day. Ailee and Aidan Daly owned the largest horse farm in Silver Dale, and Celeste particularly enjoyed visiting the ranch. Ailee was also Celeste’s best friend in Silver Dale. The house itself spread over an acre, and the wide, rolling hills of pasture seemed to spread over three hundred acres. They kept twenty horses in the large stables, and Celeste knew Ailee would be waiting for her there.

She parked the Jaguar in the cul-de-sac just before the stables and went over to the stable doors. As she approached, she heard the rustling of hay and paused. A cry rose from the inside and Celeste opened the stable door cautiously. Despite having recently been pleasured, her pussy tingled, sending a warm rush between her legs. She closed her eyes and entered the stables.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Ailee, five months pregnant herself, sprawled on the hay naked, one half of a double-headed dildo protruding from her warm wet pregnant pussy. Celeste gaped, her eyes transfixed on the beauty of Ailee’s swollen belly on the hay, her two massive FF breasts rising from atop it. Ailee saw Celeste in the doorway and simply moaned. Looking at the other woman, Celeste knew what her friend, as well as she herself, needed.

Setting down her veterinary kaçak bahis siteleri bag, she closed the stable door and moved over to Ailee’s side. She removed her clothing as quickly as she could, saving the unclasping of her bra for last. As she did, her heavy breasts spilled onto her belly and Ailee reached up, taking one long erect nipple into her hands.

Celeste maneuvered herself between Ailee’s legs and took the free head of the dildo in her mouth. She knew this would drive the fake cock deeper into Ailee’s wet pussy, and the cries of pleasure from her friend confirmed this. She continued to suck on the dildo until Ailee orgasmed, then leaned forward to suck on Ailee’s clit as she came.

Letting the dildo drop momentarily, she moved up to gaze at Ailee’s swollen breasts. They were truly magnificent, flushed with the heat of arousal and laden with milk. Her nipples were long and erect, and Celeste bent down to take one in her mouth. Ailee shuddered, and Celeste continued to swirl her tongue around the hard little nub until she could feel her friend shiver uncontrollably underneath her. Her own swollen belly was resting on Ailee’s, and Celeste felt the familar warm rush to her pussy at the sensation. Soft warm swollen bellies rubbing together as she suckled on Ailee’s nipples was driving Celeste wild.

Finally, she licked her way back down to the dildo. Sliding her tight ass forward, she positioned the free head of the dildo over her swollen aching pussy and slid it into her hot chasm. A cry of pleasure arose from Celeste and she began to fuck herself wildly with the fake cock, driving it deeper into her own hole as well as into Ailee’s. Finally, it was so deep that her clit was brushing against Ailee’s, their bellies brushing with each stroke and they both orgasmed hard.

They lay there in the stables, listening to the sounds of the horses and bathing in the afterglow of their own sex, neither saying a word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32