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She continued to move against him as she rode out her orgasm. She reached down between her legs and felt her juices running down his cock and coating his balls. She rubbed on him, pulling at his balls as the glow of her cum tapered off. She leaned forward and slipped his cock out of her before she turned back around to face him. She looked him in the eye while she bent her head down to his cock and slipped it into her mouth.

She didn’t mind the taste of herself on his cock, and besides, she enjoyed watching him watch her sucking his cock after he had been inside of her. She could taste his precum in her mouth as it mixed with what was left of her juices. She sucked up hard to the head and licked the underside of his cock head paying special attention to the little opening at the end. She could feel the slick precum on the tip of her tongue and she ran it around in her mouth before swallowing.

She continued to suck on his cock for a few more minutes, rubbing her hand up and down the shaft as she moved her mouth over him. She would close her lips and push his cock head into her mouth. She was really enjoying his moans when she did that part. There was just something about that first penetration that was always exciting.

He watched her suck his cock, she was very good at it, and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. It seemed naughty, her sucking on him after he had been inside of her, but he wasn’t about to complain. He was so aroused he knew he would have to be dripping precum into her mouth. He moaned as she pushed his cock back into her mouth. He could feel her teeth lightly touching his head as she pulled him into her and he couldn’t stop another moan from escaping his lips. He hoped this wasn’t the only naughty thing they would end up doing tonight.

He sat up and reached his hand down to brush her hair to the side so he could better see her lips around him. She was licking the tip of his cock again holding the base with her hand to keep it right where she wanted it. He watched her kiss the tip just before she moved up to kiss his lips. He parted his, as hers pressed against them and felt her tongue enter his mouth. He caught a slight taste of her juices during the kiss and welcomed them.

He wrapped his arms around her, putting her back on the bed and working her to the side. He stood next to the bed now and spread her legs apart and ran both hands up her inner thighs, pulling her panties to the side, and running his thumbs across her wet pussy lips. He ran his fingers over her lips again and pulled her lips apart showing her engorged clit and pink pussy. He felt his cock bob between his legs at the sight and ached to slip inside of her.

She had willingly spread her legs open for him and closed her eyes as he rubbed her thighs and pussy. She wanted him inside of her but she could wait a few more moments for that extreme pleasure. She watched as he stepped forward a little to place the head of his cock at her opening, but before he pressed into her he was tapping the head of his cock against her clit. Her juices had become a little sticky, so when he tapped against her the tip of his cock would stick just for a moment before he pulled it off and tapped again. It felt nice and was bringing blood back to her clit and arousing her again.

She felt him move is cock a little lower and start to press into her. She opened her eyes to watch him watch that entrance into her. It was one of the most erotic things he had told her. That first penetration. She moaned as he entered her, felt the head of his cock first, and then the shaft. She squeezed her pussy around his cock, and she heard him moan. The slow thrusting had begun, and she was moaning with each thrust.

He was enjoying the feeling of her pussy around his cock, she was so hot and wet. He could feel her squeezing him, milking him. He wanted this to last and was glad this wasn’t the first time escort ankara they had had sex that day. It was going to take him a little longer to climax. He started to run his hands up her body to her breasts. Her robe was fully open and was no longer covering her upper body at all. Her hands met his on her chest and encouraged him to squeeze her breasts together. He continued his slow thrusting while he enjoyed playing with her chest.

She wanted him to go a little faster and so wrapped her legs around the bottom of his butt. She started to pull him into her and he got the hint. She reached down and started to rub her clit in time with the thrusting. She was still moaning with each thrust knowing that he would be getting more and more turned on by the sound of her pleasure. She could feel an orgasm building inside of her and played with her clit to heighten the feelings of pleasure.

He so enjoyed hearing her moan during their lovemaking. She could sometimes get him over the top just by being a little louder, but he hoped that wasn’t her aim tonight. He could feel her pussy getting tighter around his cock and knew by the look on her face that she was about to climax again. He watched her fingers play with her clit, rubbing it back and forth, and then he felt her body go stiff. Her pussy was pulsing over the length of his cock and her body was shaking. Her finger moved slowly over herself as she kept the orgasm going. He didn’t stop thrusting into her during her orgasm hoping to help extend it as well.

The combination of her touching and his cock slowly thrusting inside her kept the orgasm going longer than normal. It felt so good and she let him know by calling out his name. She felt his thrusting quicken a little as she regained control of her body and felt another orgasm coming on. She didn’t usually cum so quickly back to back but tonight was going to be one of those nights of intense pleasure for both of them. His cock felt larger in her tightening pussy and she moaned again telling him how good it felt. She started cumming again. She was pulling at her nipple with one hand and touching her clit with the other. This orgasm lasted just as long as the previous.

He was feeling it tonight. He could tell when he was hitting just the right spots in her. It was such a turn on watching her cum and knowing that he was helping with it. He watched as she pulled at her nipple and tapped her clit. He kept thrusting his cock into her tight pussy, and she was really tight right now with the orgasm happening.

He ran his hands down her thighs as her orgasm faded, slowly pushing her legs out wide for a moment. She was as open to him as she could be. He thrust his cock deeply into her with long slow thrusts, nearly pulling all the way out. He could see the tip of his cock at her opening before pushing back in. He pulled out and tapped the head against her clit before slipping back into her warm pussy. He was moaning too at the pleasure of it all.

He bent down over her, her legs still spread, and started to suck and play with her nipple. He enjoyed the feeling of them in his mouth and sucked hard as he pulled away from her body, taking it with him. He heard the gasp of pleasure and did it one more time. He stopped thrusting and left his cock deep inside her while he paid attention to both her breasts.

She was enjoying the sensation of his mouth on her nipples that she didn’t mind that he had stopped thrusting his cock in and out of her. He was deep inside of her and she could still give him pleasure as he pleasured her. She started to contract her pussy around his cock and release. She continued to milk him in this way while did amazing things to her chest.

He started to kiss down her body, taking his time as he went. His cock slowly slipped out of her as he went. He knelt in front of her while she lay back on the bed with her legs spread for him. Her panties sincan escort were still pulled to the side. He reached for them and pulled them down, forcing her legs together for a moment before she opened them wide again for him. He kissed just above her clit and then on her clit. He kissed her wet lips and then licked her, enjoying her juices. He went further down and licked her ass hole, teasing it with his tongue before moving back up to her pussy.

He took his time here, taking long strokes with his tongue, pressing between her lips and against her clit. She tasted so good to him. He licked her ass hole again before moving up and concentrating on her clit. He flicked his tongue over it up and down, while he slid first one finger then another into her pussy and started to move them in and out of her. He could feel her tightness around his fingers and enjoyed the feeling of her.

It was giving her a thrill when he would lick at her ass hole and she hoped that he might do more than just lick at it later. She felt his fingers enter her while he licked at her clit. This man knew how to do things to her. She could feel the next climax building inside her and moaned with the thrusting of his fingers. She felt her pussy clamping down on his fingers and he pressed and moved against the right spot inside her. She was moaning again with this climax and she reached for his head to pull her tight against her.

He kept touching that spot inside her as she climaxed. He could feel her getting wetter and her pussy contracting with her climax. When it was over he slid his wet fingers out of her and first ran them up over her clit and then down over her ass hole. He then licked her clean with long strokes from bottom to top. He was noticing the extra moans as he touched her ass hole with his tongue.

She moaned as he rubbed his wet fingers over her and licked up her juices. She watched him stand up, pulling one of her legs up into the air with him and kissing along the length, then he rolled her onto her side with her legs pulled up on the bed. She pushed her ass out towards him exposing her pussy to him. She watched him reach for his cock and felt it press against her opening, and then press into her. This position made her feel tighter over his cock and she knew that he was going to enjoy it. He felt huge in her, and she could feel herself pulling at him with each stroke. He felt so good inside of her.

He was holding on to her leg as the thrust into her, pulling her back into him. She was so tight like this, it was a good thing she was so wet or he would have cum right then. He smiled at her as she watched him fuck her. Her breasts were bouncing in time with the thrusting, her nipples still hard from all of the attention they had been given. He pulled out and pushed back into her, just the tip, and did it over and over again before plunging all the way into her. She was so tight and wet and he was so turned on. He must have been hitting just right inside of her again because he saw her close her eyes again and her body tightened and started twitching with her orgasm.

He felt so good inside her, she was cumming to him again. She let the rush of the orgasm flow over her creating that euphoria that made it so nice. She pulled at her breasts as she came, making the orgasm that much more intense.

He let her orgasm finish before pulling out of her. He motioned for her to move up on the bed and lay on her stomach. She spread her legs a little for him to give him access to her. He lay down between her legs, reached up and rubbed her wet pussy getting his fingers wet. He then rubbed it over her ass hole, getting it wet. He pushed against the opening a little. Her ass tensed up a little, but relaxed a moment later. He spread her cheeks with his hands and bent down and started to lick at her.

She lay there on the bed and relaxed her body. He was touching demetevler escort her ass hole, probing a little. It was very exciting and if possible she was getting even more turned on than she had been all evening. He was doing a great job of moving between her open pussy and her ass, paying attention to both with his tongue. She felt him lick harder against her. She looked back as he started to reposition his body. She stuck her ass back out towards him, adjusting her hips to give him better access to her.

She watched as he found some lube on the nightstand and put some on his hard cock before dripping some onto her ass hole. She let out a moan as he started to push his finger into her, coating the opening with lube. She had to focus on relaxing the opening to make things more comfortable. She wanted his cock in her already. She reached below herself so she could touch her clit and started to rub it back and forth.

He positioned his cock at her opening and rubbed the head against her mixing the lube, his precum and her juices together. He ran his hand down the length of his shaft, getting it nice and slick for her. He held his cock as he started to press into her. She was pressing back into him a little, encouraging him. The head started to enter and then it was inside of her. He stopped for a moment to let her get used to him being inside.

OMG she thought. The head of his cock was just inside the opening. It felt so big. She knew it must be so tight for him. He was giving her a moment to accept this before moving on. She wanted him to continue, to take her in the ass. She slipped a finger lower into her pussy, getting her fingers wet and moving back to her clit. She could feel him moving further into her.

Her ass was so tight around his cock. He nearly came as he pressed into her. His cock was twitching with excitement as he went further into her. He could feel the tight opening around his shaft. He was fully in her now, and he stopped again to give her a moment to accept him. He slowly started to pull out a little before pushing back in taking small strokes. He moved his hands over her ass cheeks before leaving them on her hips.

She moaned as he started fucking her in the ass. The sensation was very different from being in her pussy but it still felt nice. His cock was pushing against different spots in her body. She continued to rub her clit as he slowly moved back and forth in her. She had the feeling that he wasn’t going to last very long.

He was moaning with each thrust now, his cock being squeezed by her tight ass. He could feel his orgasm building and knew that he was only going to last a few more strokes. He made them long slow ones, nearly taking his cock completely out of her before plunging back in. He was so close and was at the point of no return now. One last stroke and he pulled out of her ass.

She had felt his cock get a little larger and knew that he was about finished. She was running her fingers over her clit fast now teasing out the orgasm that was building within. His moaning was turning her on even more. She was so close and then he pulled out. That sensation of his cock head pushing past the opening pushed her over the edge. She cried out in pleasure as her orgasm rushed over her. Then she felt his cum squirting on her ass hole and down into her pussy. The first squirt was the strongest followed by two more that were a little less forceful.

He had pressed the head of his cock against her ass hole for the first squirt of his cum before moving back a little to squirt against her pussy. His body was twitching with the strength of the orgasm. The build up had been so intense and pleasurable and now the release was just as nice. He watched her reach down between her legs and rub his cum all around her opening before licking her fingers.

He lay down beside her, spent. He noticed that at some point she had managed to take off the robe and toss it to the floor. They lay next to each other, both enjoying the afterglow of their love making. They held hands in the bed facing each other. He whispered to her “I love you” before drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32