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I rolled over, restless. I was still mildly drunk from all the beer we had drank, celebrating the end of finals. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, glancing at the time: 3:43am. We had barely made it back to my friend Zach’s house after our end-of-exam’s party, celebrating the fact that we had finished another year of school. The party was a ten minute walk so we opted to stumble our way back here rather than catching a cab. I idly reached underneath the blanket as I realized how hard I still was and gently squeezed my cock, groaning. I had been making out with this hot brunette tease, who, unfortunately for me, was just that: a cock-tease. She disappeared at some point in the night after getting me horny as fuck, leaving me with this throbbing problem.

I glanced across the room, the dim lighting making it hard to see, but the sounds of snoring was all the re-assurance I really needed. Zach and Ryan were passed out on the pair of couches across from me, light snores come from their direction. I unlocked my phone as I slid off my boxers, gripping my shaft and stroking it. I had a few favourite dirty movies saved in my gallery, so I muted it and opened up a video of a cum-shot compilation. I loved watching girls take loads in their mouths, seeing the cum fill their mouth as they swallowed it.

I let out a quiet moan, closing my eyes as I squeezed harder and stroked faster, desperate to release the pressure that had built up all night. I had barely begun when I heard movement from beside me, my eyes flying open. In my haste and drunken stupor, I didn’t realize how much light my phone would be giving off even though I dimmed it. Ryan’s shocked face was illuminated, inches away from me, as he stood there watching me jerk off. I was so stunned I didn’t even know what to do or say, but thankfully he solved that problem for me.

He knelt down on his knees, prying my fingers off my dick and replacing them with his own hand. He slowly rubbed me, my cock pulsing in his hand as I was so close to cumming, his eyes fixed on it. I moaned, drawing his attention to my face as he continued to jerk me off. He looked me in the eyes, both of us ignoring the porn, as he stroked me hard and fast. I didn’t last long as my body was overwhelmed with pleasure from what was happening. I had never considered myself gay, or even bi, but there was no denying that I liked having him touching my cock. Not even a minute later, cum ultrabet yeni giriş erupted out of my cock as I clamped my mouth shut so as to not wake Zach up. I shot twice on to my stomach while I watched his hand slowly moving up and down, more cum pouring out onto his fingers.

After I finished, he licked his fingers then stood up and walked back to the couch before rolling over without saying a word. My heart was pounding, my thoughts were fuzzy and my whole body felt like jelly. ‘What the fuck just happened?’ I kept asking myself, pinching my skin to see if I was dreaming. ‘What… the fuck… was that?!’

Minutes passed, maybe a half hour, as I listened to my two friends snoring peacefully. Sleep wouldn’t work for me, as I couldn’t stop my brain from asking a million different questions. ‘Is he gay? Maybe he was just really drunk and horny. Maybe sleep walking? Has he done this before? What do we do in the morning?’ I couldn’t make sense of anything, but one thought kept nagging at the back of my mind.

‘This is your chance to play with another guy’s cock.’ Sure, I had thought about it once or twice as I masturbated. I was in denial and would never identify as gay or bi, but I had definitely cum thinking of sucking cock.

Taking a deep breath, I resolutely decided that a guy rubbing my cock to completion was crossing a line; that’s not something you laugh about with a group of friends. That’s something you keep to yourselves, so in the spirit of experimenting, I quietly got up and crawled over to the couch he was sleeping on. It was the middle of June, so naturally the basement was stifling hot. The thin blanket he was using had been discarded, leaving his body on display. He lay there in his boxers, legs spread as he stretched across the length of the couch.

I could sort of make out his cock, but I figured if I was going to do this, I wasn’t going to half ass it. Glancing up at him to make sure he was fast asleep, I boldly reached over his hairy leg and through the hole in the front of his boxers. His soft cock was warm in my hand, but it was also relatively small. I smirked to myself, then pulled it out. I illuminated my phone to the dimmest setting, barely bright enough to notice, and shone it on his cock. Simply put, it looked delicious; circumcised, about 4″ long while soft and not too thick. I hadn’t thought about cock much in my life, but I was definitely attracted ultrabet giriş to his.

I stroked it slowly, deliberately, encouraging it to come to life. Every so often I would glance at him, making sure he was sleeping. His quiet snoring reassured me enough to make another bold move, just as I saw him hardening. He was quickly growing, I’d say he was between 5.5″ – 6″ when fully erect, and wide enough to fit in my mouth with ease. Smirking to myself, seizing the moment before my courage failed me, I gently licked the tip. Salty, almost bitter but not quite. There was something to it, though, that made me harden almost instantly. It was like the taste of him was an aphrodisiac, I couldn’t tell you what in particular did it for me. My gentle licks quickly turned into ambitiously taking the head in my mouth and lightly sucking on it.

Hearing his snores, I continued my work, not quite wanting him to wake up yet. This was at odds with my desire to make him cum, however, so I found myself giving in way too soon. I took half of him in my mouth, my tongue lapping at his flesh, swirling around him, then turning my phone off so I could use my hand to cup his balls. I gently squeezed them, silently urging him awake, really not wanting Zach to wake up to see this happening. Ryan’s low snores continued, so I pressed on in earnest, sucking his cock into my mouth and swallowing every inch of it. I bobbed my head up and down, his throbbing member pressing against my tongue and cheeks as it slid in and out of my mouth.

I moaned, idly stroking my cock with my free hand as I urged Ryan to cum. I don’t know what really brought it on, but I guess I was returning his favour in a sense.

I sucked him hard, abandoning his balls and using my free hard to stroke his shaft. Gripping him, I jerked him off while my mouth swirled up and down, borrowing a technique from an ex-girlfriend. She always made me cum hardest when she did it; one of her hands stroking my shaft while her mouth was connected to it, her lips twisting around as she moved up and down my length in a spiralling motion.

I felt him jolt awake and we both let out low, quiet moans at the same time. I felt his hand run threw my hair, holding me onto him, silently begging me to take his cum in my mouth. I had every intention of doing it, but I kind of liked how powerful his hand felt like that.

Not more than a minute passed of the heat ultrabet güvenilirmi and pressure of my mouth, combined with my hand grasping him, before I could feel he was about to cum. His hips were gently thrusting up, his hand putting more pressure on my head as I lapped up the small bit of pre-cum. His quiet groans were like music to my ears, my cock throbbing as I felt every bit of his cock in my mouth, thrusting in and out as he bucked his hips.

He gripped my hair in his hands, holding me into him as he stopped thrusting. His delicious cock pulsed, shooting a thick rope of warm cum into the back of my throat. I moaned around his cock, quickly pulling back so that he shot his load on to my tongue. It was thicker than I anticipated, but I managed to swallow it all as he kept throbbing, filling my mouth with his hot, sticky cum. I enjoyed every throb, knowing more of his cum would pour into my mouth with it. Eventually, it slowed to just a couple drops before he finally stopped shuddering, giving me a chance to swallow the rest.

I pulled my mouth off his still hard cock, then went back to licking it, cleaning up the cum that had spilled out. There was some on his balls, so I gently sucked those clean and then made my way up, lightly sucking on the tip of his cock to get every drop off him.

I caught him staring at me as I licked my lips, having enjoyed every damn minute of whatever this was. I was savouring the look of pure bliss on his face when he leaned in close to me, breathing heavily.

“That was the best damn orgasm I’ve ever had…” he whispered, his warm breath pressing against me. He reached down to my lap, grasping my shaft confidently in his big, strong hands. “Ready for your turn?”

As he firmly stroked me, I let out a low moan, my hips bucking towards him as my body reacted to his touch. We were lost in the moment, completely forgetting where we were, for we both jolted as we heard a rustling sound beside us.

“Maybe I can help…” came Zach’s quiet voice from my right, as I felt a second hand cup my balls. Ryan jolted, then reached over to the table beside the couch, turning a lamp on and illuminating the scene.

Ryan sat on the couch, his still hard cock hanging out of his underwear, glistening from my saliva. I was on my knees in front of him, with my cock pointing towards Ryan as he stroked me, while Zach knelt to my right. He was naked, seven inches of hard, thick meat pointing forwards as he masturbated in front of us. His other hand was cupping my balls as he grinned mischievously.

“Not a word to anyone…” he whispered as he reached out and pushed Zach’s hand away, rapidly stroking the two cock’s he held.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32