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The memories always used to blend into one, the dreams becoming less coherent, but so much more passionate, more primal, more urgent.

I’d gone to lie down after my shower, resting before the evening ahead. I lay down in my bath towel, hair still wet and now smelling less of my lust, I closed my eyes for a moment and began to remember.

A sofa appeared in front of me, it was brown, and as I walked towards it, the room began to shape and swirl around me, the memory so vivid after all this time. That sofa, that night, the first time I went to see my Daddy. I remember being so nervous to go up there, just for a smoke, say hey (like that was ever the plan?!), I texted something about the rain, saying I was really wet, I don’t remember the response. I don’t know what I was wearing, but it was probably black, lacy and short. At just 18, and 5’5, him being older in his 30s, God knows what anyone would’ve thought seeing me knocking on his door that night, I felt so small. As soon as I was inside though, there was an instant onwin giriş spark, something deeply fascinating, and I had to know more. He was eyeing me up and down, and the air was thick with antici . . . . . . pation. We kissed on the sofa, hands exploring everywhere. We stopped briefly for a spliff, not wanting to waste the night, and spend time on each other, when he dropped a bombshell.

“I know who you are.”

Shocked I said “What?”

He smiled wryly at me, that gorgeous half smile I loved so much and said “You know Tim and Natalie right?”

“Yeah. . .” My mind was racing, who was this man, and how did he know my parents names? Obviously sensing the panic on my face, he started laughing, explaining that he worked with my real dad years ago before the divorce. I was more relaxed now I knew what was going on, but there was something different I was feeling, something tingly, that little sense of danger.

All of a sudden, we were on each other again, this time with an intensity that both of onwin yeni giriş us knew was because of that conversation. We were pressed hard against each other, grinding and moaning, both of us getting hotter and hotter. We began to strip each other, no airs or graces, just pure animal needs, when he pulled me down the sofa roughly by my legs, pushing them wide open, before he placed his hand between my thighs, feeling how wet he’d made me. He knew how young I was, who I knew, and it just added to the thrill. I was soaked through, pushing my chest into his, my nipples hard against his bare skin. My nails explore his back, running gently up his spine, and back lower toward his ass, urging him closer to me. I could feel how hard he was through his jeans. I needed it then and he had the same idea, our eyes glazed, knowing what was to come, the scent of my dripping pussy, his masculinity filling the air, intoxicating us both. I reached down between us, holding his straining cock in my little hands, squeezed a couple onwin güvenilirmi of times and asked him to unzip, I was too stoned, and too shaky now! We smiled, and kissed hard, only breaking apart for me to guide him inside me, I needed filling up, and I didn’t care about foreplay anymore, just sex with this man. No thoughts could stop us now, as he pulled me towards him, pushed my knees back and plunged hard into me. Fuck! It felt so good, I was moaning in ecstasy, feeling him hit my cervix and . . .

I woke to an earth shattering orgasm, gutted I didn’t get further in my dream. I brought my hand up to my face, I was soaking, and I had to have a taste. This was what Daddy did to me time and time again. I needed him far more than I could ever admit to anyone, so I will be his willing daughter for as long as he’ll have me!

I thought about messaging him again, but realised I’d never leave the house if I did, so I got myself ready for a night at Lana’s with Mark, and tried to make an effort. I got some cursory comment on how I looked nice, but after 10 years, he never noticed much about me anymore. Tonight I was going to try to push the boundaries, if Lana wanted to. Besides, I always need new stories for Daddy don’t I?

Part 3 coming soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32