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**A great deal of time had passed since their last deeply intimate encounter.

Life had gotten in the way as it has a tendency to do and they found themselves distant from one another. She took it upon herself to try and remedy the situation and attempt to get them back to enjoying what they loved most.

Immensely grateful for all the enjoyable times they had spent together and the stories shared, it was time to get back on the wagon and rekindle their love of anal.**

It had been a couple of years since their mutual separation. Nothing egregious about it, they had just drifted apart. Years of intensity was difficult to maintain and they both decided that a break was necessary. A week turned into a month, then six months quickly became a year. Before either of them knew it, a number of years had passed and they hadn’t reconciled. Each not wanting to bother the other or push too far.

Violet found herself alone in her apartment one evening enjoying a glass of red when her mind began to wander to pleasures of the past.

She fondly recalled the nights they had spent together exploring their sexual desires. Her initial training in all things anal, that night in the shower when he asked her to relieve herself on his cock and the table-turning night when she donned latex and became his Mistress. She sat there reminiscing over the good times and the immense pleasure they had shared together.

It was a warm, summer evening and she had dressed herself in a simple black strappy vest top and black lace underwear. Maximum comfort and minimal effort. Her ample chest created a deep cleavage while she sat with her shapely legs to her side, leaning on the arm of the sofa.

Her mind dreamily wandered over the nights they had shared together and she longed for a return to those feelings. She recalled vividly the piercing sensation of his cock penetrating her ass and how she battled with the combination of initial pain, followed by swathes of intense pleasure. As her thoughts strayed, she adjusted her position on the sofa to being laid on her her back, she sipped the last of her wine and set the glass down on the oak coffee table. Slumping down into a prone position on the soft furnishing her hand instinctively came up to her breast and she felt the protruding hardness of her nipple through the fabric.

Her wandering thoughts had stirred a deep arousal in her.

Closing her eyes, she pictured herself straddling his cock with the tip delicately positioned at the entrance to her tight ass. Her body reacted to the thoughts and she felt her ring clench as if it was mirroring her imaginings. A ghostly sensation washed over her body and she was right back there with him. She recalled the tension that built in her hips and vagina in the moments right before she was anally penetrated. It was one of the most intense feelings she had ever experienced and one she longed for again.

Sliding her hand down her stomach, she came to the edge of her underwear. Knowing she was wet from her thoughts she wasted no time in slipping her hand into her underwear and began exploring the delicate folds of her moist pussy.

“Mmmm” she casually moaned to herself as she played and toyed with her sensitive clit.

Her mind continued to roam and relive the deeply intimate feelings that only anal gave her.

Her digits slid further into her underwear and circled her sodden opening. Dipping a finger gingerly inside herself, she coated the tip in her moist juices and continued downwards.

Shuffling her legs on the sofa, she arched one of them upwards to allow access to her ass. She wanted to feel again what she so thoroughly enjoyed.

With a delicate touch, she applied the moist juices in a circular motion to her tight hole and began to slowly push a finger inside. She felt the muscles of her ass expand and contract as she breached her tender orifice. Her penetration was only shallow as the position she was in didn’t allow for much more. It stirred a rush of sensation through her body as her ass gave way and allowed the intrusion.

“Ahh”, she groaned to herself as she basked in the mild sensation of having her ass opened for the first time in a fair while.

She continued her gentle masturbation for a few minutes. She had no intention of bringing herself to orgasm, she merely wanted to rekindle the sensation of anal pleasure. While enjoyable, she began to grow continually frustrated as the finger alone was a poor substitute for what she really desired.

Her eyes shot open and she sat bolt upright, removing her hand from between her legs. Standing quickly she walked at pace to the bedroom in search of something a bit more fulfilling.

Opening the drawer of her bedside table, she found the arsenal of toys that they had once enjoyed together. Scanning her eyes over the colours and shapes, she rummaged through the implements. Moving aside a purple dildo and salmon pink vibrator she found what she was looking for. Her black plug that once upon a time he had used during their very first anal session. bahis firmaları

A smile beamed on her face as she recalled the intimate sensations that this plug had given her and the many pleasurable doors it had opened.

Laying herself down on the bed she dropped the plug onto the sheet and took out a bottle of lubricant.

Taking the plug in hand she squirted a generous portion of the viscous liquid onto the tip of the plug and gently massaged it down its short shaft. Raising her legs in the air she slipped off her delicate underwear and spread her legs, arching her knees up to her stomach so she had full access to her tight hole.

After applying another generous drop of liquid to the tips of her fingers, she moved her hand downwards and circled the slightly cold gel around her ass.

“Oooooo” she exhaled deeply in readiness for what she was about to do to herself.

Moving the slick, black plug down between her legs, she placed the tip at the entrance to her delicate ass hole and began to very slowly apply pressure.

“Ahhh” she exclaimed as she felt the tip of the plug breach her bottom and begin to slide into her backside.

She pushed with a little more force and she felt the unmistakable sensation of her ass stretching to allow for the intrusion.

“Fuck!” she muttered under another deep exhale of breath.

The plug slid nicely into her backside, getting wider as it came towards the flared base.

That initial moment of penetration was the sensation she enjoyed the most. She felt a ripple of pleasure surge through her groin and her already sodden pussy excreted more of her sweet juices.

Applying the last of the pressure she felt her ass go from being stretched to collapsing around the base of the plug. She reveled in the feeling of the silicone instrument snugly settling into her backside.

“Ahhhhh” she exhaled one more time as a sense of completeness once again surrounded her. She adored the sensation of her asshole being penetrated and filled and after such a long time without the joys, she was somewhat overwhelmed to experience it once again.

She lay there semi-motionless for a little while, simply savoring the feeling of having her ass filled. Her mind continued to roam to memories of their time together and the cataclysmic orgasms they had shared together whenever her ass was the focus of their intimacy. Her fingers were lightly dancing over her now engorged clit as she bathed in the feeling of having her ass plugged. Again, orgasm was not what she was chasing, she was just enjoying the intimacy that anal brings.

Another 10 minutes had passed and she was still lightly masturbating, occasionally pressing on the base of the plug to push it deeper into her behind and cause a surge of pleasure.

She shuffled upwards on the bed and reached over to the bedside table to grab her phone.

Opening the messaging app, she found his name, took a deep breath, reminded herself that she had a plug in her ass and began typing.

“Hey you xx” she wrote, exhaling deeply in anticipation of a reply. It had been a little while since they last spoke and she had little to no idea what she was going to say or even if he would reply at all.

30 seconds passed and she saw on the screen that he was typing a response.

“Hey beautiful, how you doing? Xx”

Her eyes lit up at his prompt reply and she felt her ass clench the base of the plug. Her arousal was guiding her decisions now and she knew better than to fight it.

“I’m good thanks. What you up to? Xx”

His response was almost instantaneous.

“Not a lot, just having a drink and watching some shit on TV. To what do I owe the pleasure? Xx”

She knew this was her opportunity. He rarely replied this quickly so she knew he was as eager to talk to her as she was to him.

“I was just thinking about you so I thought I would message and see how you are xx”

“You’re adorable. What were you thinking about? Xx”

She considered which way to play this. She could either play coy and beat around the bush or she could just go at him direct and tell him why she had messaged in the first place…”Fuck it!” she said to herself out loud, she was too horny and aroused to care at this point.

“Well…I was having a glass of wine and started thinking about all the good times we had together. Now I’m laid in bed with a plug in my ass xx.”

Her body shuddered with pleasure as she typed that last line, it was rare for her to be that direct with him, but she knew deep down she needed to just get it out.

A minute went by with no response.

She considered that she had maybe been a bit too direct and her mind started racing as to what he might be thinking. Was he with someone? Did he not want to engage in this kind of talk? She had no idea.

“Seriously?! Xx”

His reply wasn’t exactly what she was hoping for but there was enough there for her to continue down this road and see where it ended up.

“Yep! I was thinki…”

No, kaçak iddaa delete that, she thought.

“I was just missing th…”

“Nope”, she said aloud. Her mind was racing as to what the perfect response would be.

“Shit, shit, shit!” she exclaimed.

Then immediately, a spark went off in her head. She opened the camera app on her phone and turned on her side. She brought her knees up to her chest and pushed her backside outwards. The movements caused the plug to shuffle inside her, creating waves of pleasure.

Reaching her hand backwards behind her, she snapped a couple of pictures, hoping to catch an image of the plug nestled deeply in her ass.

She quickly checked the images and deleted the blurry ones. She knew it had to be perfect if she was to keep his attention.

Settling on one image, it showed her pert behind wonderfully rounded. The crease of her ass was dark and inviting and she had expertly captured the circular black head of the butt plug protruding from her ass like a black spot on a white background.

Feeling somewhat impressed with herself she sent him a quick response.

“Are you alone? Xx”

Immediately he began typing a reply.

“Yes xx”

She quickly shared the image from her camera to the messenger app and hit send. She knew if there was anything that would get his full and undivided attention it was an image of her plugged ass.

His reply was instant.

“FUCK! That is the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time! I’ve missed your ass so much! Xx”

“YES!” she exclaimed in her head to herself, feeling pleased with her efforts. She knew she had him hooked. Her hand traveled downwards once more and softly stroked the folds of her soaking vagina almost in victory.

“And I’ve missed you inside my ass. The toy feels great but it’s nothing compared to a rock hard cock xx”

Straight away, he replied again.

“Being inside your tight ass was the most pleasurable feeling I’ve ever had. Xx”

It was now or never and she knew it. Without realising, she had been delicately fingering herself while reading his replies. The arousal coursing through her body was palpable.

“I need to feel you inside me again. Xx”

In that one line she had disregarded all of their past and focused solely on her needs at that very moment, her hand still dancing in and out of her pussy.

“Are you sure? Xx”

His reply was courteous, as he often was, she knew he had a lot of respect for her. She knew she had him and all it would take is one more direct response and she could have what she had been craving.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything. Come over and you can do whatever you want to me. Just promise me you’ll fuck my ass xx”

That was it. She had laid all her cards out on the table and succumbed to her carnal desires. Now she just had to wait for his reply.

“I’m on my way. Keep that plug inside you until I get there. Xx”

“YES!!” she shouted loudly. Her body felt elated at the thought that he was on his way over and she was going to have her needs satisfied. Quickly she rose up and removed her hand from between her legs. She grabbed the discarded lace panties and slipped them back on. She could feel the soft material soak up her juices as they enveloped her curves. A short burst of pleasure resonated through her backside as the plug still sat delicately inside her ass.

She moved over to her dresser and sat down in front of the mirror. She could smell the sweet scent of her sex in the room and remembered vividly that he became intoxicated by the perfume of her pussy. As her bottom hit the seat, the plug pressed diligently into her ass and caused her to gasp audibly.

Skilfully and quickly, she applied a little bit of black eyeliner to her eyes and a light dash of mascara. She had been comfortable but she still wanted to look great for him. It had been a while since they last laid eyes on one another and she didn’t want to pass on the opportunity to impress. The final touch was to apply a little dark red lipstick, just enough to be alluring and sensual without going over the top.

Reaching for her phone she sent him another message.

“Do you want me to wear anything for you? Xx”

He replied within a few seconds.

“No, you’re stunning just the way you are. Just keep the plug in your ass, the rest is up to you. Won’t be long xx”

Her excitement grew even further. She went to her wardrobe and found the pair of Louboutin heels that he adored. She slipped her feet into them and her look was complete. The same strappy vest top she had started the night in, black lace underwear and his favourite heels.

“Perfect” she said to herself, impressed with her nights work.

Grabbing her phone, she sent him one final message.

“I’ll leave the door unlocked. Let yourself in, I’ll be in the bedroom. Can’t wait! Xx”

Walking to the kitchen she poured herself another glass of wine to ease the nerves. She could feel the stiff plug buried in her ass as she walked. It kaçak bahis wasn’t an unpleasant sensation to say the least. She grabbed the wine glass and the bottle off the counter and walked herself back to the bedroom.

Setting the bottle and glass down, she took another generous sip and sat on the edge of the bed to wait for him. She felt the plug press once more into her ass as she sat, knowing that it would soon be replaced by his cock.

10 minutes had passed and she had just finished the wine when she heard the unmistakable click of the front door opening. Her stomach fluttered and she felt a deep, buzzing sensation in her groin. Her pussy tingled and her ass clenched the base of the plug in anticipation.

The deep thud of his boots on the hardwood floor was nostalgic and she smiled warmly to herself, not realising she had missed the sound.

The door to the bedroom creeped open and there he was, looking just as good as ever. He scanned the room and saw her sat on the bed in her skimpy nightwear and heels.

“Wow!” he exclaimed.

“You look absolutely beautiful!”

His words carried so much sincerity it made her heart flutter and she couldn’t control the beaming smile from emblazoning across her face.

“Hi.” She replied seductively, still glowing from the compliment.

Wasting little time he walked up towards her and she rose to meet him, her arms lurched upwards and encircled the back of his neck and they kissed deeply. The passion in the kiss and embrace was palpable. In one moment, they both realised how much they had missed one another.

The kiss quickly moved from tenderness to arousal and became deeper. They darted tongues in and out of one anothers mouths with reckless abandon. His hands clasped her waist and moved down towards her hips before curling round and reaching the rounded contours of her behind. Gripping tightly with both hands he savoured the feeling of her cheeks and felt his cock grow hard inside his jeans.

Reaching down, she unbuckled his belt and unfastened the button on his jeans, not once breaking the kiss. She slid her hands up and in one swift upward motion removed his t-shirt. Her hands caressed downwards over his chest as his hands continually groped and gripped at her backside. She could feel how eager he was for her ass and she was in no mood to resist.

Somewhat taking the initiative, she moved her hands back down to the waistline of his jeans and skillfully hooked her thumbs into his underwear. She broke off the kiss and bent at the knees, pulling his clothing down with it. Still wearing his boots, his jeans crumpled into a heap at his ankles and his hard cock sprang free from its trappings, much to her delight.

Still bent at the knees, she moved a hand round behind him and grabbed at the cheek of his ass while simultaneously guiding his erect member into her mouth.

She had missed the taste of his cock more than she though and began to vigorously suck on him. His cock leaked with pre-cum at the sheer enjoyment of this beautiful woman fellating him and he let out a deep moan of pleasure.

He allowed her to suckle on his cock for a few moments before he reached down and put his finger underneath her chin, lifting her head up. Their eyes met and she knew instantly that she wasn’t going to have to wait much longer.

Rising to her feet he lightly pushed her backwards and she fell into a seated position on the bed, the plug in her ass shooting a spear of pleasure into her it hit the mattress.

He leaned down and grabbed her legs, just behind the knees and lifted them up, this caused her to fall backwards onto her back. She loved it when he took control like this and the slight feeling of helplessness caused her arousal to spike.

Hooking his thumbs into the waist of her delicate underwear her removed them in one swift motion, exposing her sodden and vagina and releasing an intoxicating aroma of her scent into the air. He basked for a moment as the scent caught his nostrils and a smile grew on his face.

“Good girl” he exclaimed, looking down at her spread legs. The dim light of the bedroom caught the wetness of her pussy and made it glimmer. Just below that he saw the protruding head of the black plug, framed perfectly against the pale complexion of her backside.

“I kept it in just as you wanted”. She replied.

He pushed her knees towards her chest, her backside barely still on the bed. As her legs went backwards her ass became far more accessible.

Reaching a hand down he lightly caressed the moist folds of her pussy and took a few moments to gently massage her clit.

“Mmmm” she pronounced, her body now completely enraptured and at his mercy.

His hand travelled lower until it gripped the flared base of the plug which he proceeded to pull backwards on.

“Ahhh!” she cried as she felt the bulbous end of the plug start to stretch her asshole once more. She had been wearing it for at least an hour which had given her muscles ample time to relax around it.

Her ass stretched further as his pressure increased, pulling on the end of the plug to emancipate it. As the largest point passed her ass contracted round the remaining length and softly returned back to its resting state.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32