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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 4 Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Chapter 4 – What develops in the dark?

On Sunday morning, Andrew was excited to learn how to develop film. They went out to the darkroom and unpacked a box that had all of the things they would need. Kent explained each of them and showed Andrew how they all worked. He grabbed an old roll of expired film that the camera store gave him. “See this roll? You need to use this opener to pop off the bottom. It has to be done in total darkness, so practice feeling for it and doing it with your eyes closed.” Kent showed him how to remove the film and wind it on the reel. “Here, hold the reel and feed the film in like this.”

“This is easy.” Andrew practiced it a few times.

Now, once it”s on the reel, you put it into this canister. See how the lid locks on?”

“Now what.”

“Once the film is inside, you can turn on the light. Then we put in the chemicals.”

Kent went through the rest of the process, with Andrew using water for chemicals and explaining how to set the timer. He stressed how critical things were, like temperature and time. How to bang the cannister to remove bubbles and how to drain it. Now it was time for Andrew to try the entire process. Kent gave him some guidance on how to lay out the things he needed and turned out the lights. Andrew worked, and when he got the film in the canister, he turned on the light. “See, I got it!”

“Great, now do the chemicals”

Andrew was a natural and was able to get everything done on time. This time they took a good roll of film that Andrew took and decided to give it a try. Kent stayed with Andrew while he did it, in case he needed help. It was a great success, and Andrew hung up his negatives to dry.

“Daddy, do you think I can do it on my own?”

“Yes son, just be sure to follow the directions and don”t mix up the chemicals. Remember, time and temperature are important.”

“Great, Kerry wants to come over Monday, and I want to show him how to do it.”

“What are all of these for, daddy?” Andrew pointed at another box.

“Those things are used to print the pictures from the negatives.” I”ll teach you how to do that some other time. ” Kent put them away in the cupboard.

The next morning, Andrew met Kerry waiting for the bus. “Kerry, I got the pictures back but forgot to bring them. Can you come over to my house after school? We can even take more and I can show you my new darkroom.” Andrew excitedly told Kerry.

“Sure, I”ll go home and ask my mom after school.”

When school was over, Kerry ran home before going to Andrew”s house.

“Those pictures are great, Andrew! Can we take some more? I know some other poses that I”ve done, um, I mean, I”ve seen that would be fun to do. You know, like the ones in magazines.” Kerry said, trying to cover his near slip to Andrew about his in front of the lens experience.

“Sure, let”s go out back.” Andrew led the way. “Kerry, take off your shirt and hold the pole on the swings like you”re sliding down it.”

“Like this?” He slid his shirt over his head. While watching, Andrew got butterflies in his stomach. “What if I climb up higher so it really looks like I”m sliding down?”

He climbed up and got into place. Andrew had a perfect view right up Kerry”s shorts. Andrew had a boner just seeing Kerry”s underwear. “Yeah, this is great, but I can see your underwear.” He took a couple of pictures and thought he would try something very daring. ankara escort This could go very wrong, but Andrew wanted to see more of his beautiful boyfriend. Andrew whispered so as not to have his mother overhear. “Take off your underwear.” Kerry just dropped his shorts and underwear right there in front of Andrew and just pulled up his shorts. Andrew was shocked and didn”t think, or he would have taken some pictures of his naked friend.

Andrew got in place, had a clear view of Kerry”s hard cocklet, and snapped a couple of pictures. “Move your dick so I can see it better,” he giggled. Kerry carefully reached out and moved his boner and Andrew took more pictures.

“That finished the roll. Let”s go develop these.” Andrew said as he led Kerry to the darkroom. Andrew turned off the lights and quickly loaded the film into the cannister. He took advantage of the situation and handed Kerry his underwear that Andrew had grabbed. “You can put these back on now.” As Kerry dropped his shorts in the darkness, he felt Andrews” hand. “Here, let me help.” Andrew was scared, shaking, and not really sure of what he was about to do. He grabbed Kerry”s dick and it was still hard and Andrew could feel it pulsing. Was that his pulse or Kerry”s? Kerry reached over and slipped his hands down Andrew”s pants and grasped his hard cock. They both giggled, felt around a bit, and stopped so Kerry could get dressed. They developed the film and hung it to dry. “Let”s ride bikes to the riverbed while the film dries.” Andrew suggested.

“Let”s go down to the quarry. It”s really cool over there.” Kerry responded.

“My mom said not to go inside, but we could go near it. We just need to be careful.” Andrew was worried about getting caught, but also didn”t want to seem like a chicken to his friend. Kerry led the way. As they rode through the opening in the fence into the quarry area, they heard it. The dreaded old man in the truck was driving right at them, shouting out the window.

“You kids need to get out of here. Can”t you read the signs?” His face was red as he slammed the brakes and skidded sideways, shooting gravel from the tires toward the boys. Some of the gravel hit Andrew, and he jumped off his bike to turn it around.

Kerry was way ahead of Andrew and was on his way out of the opening in the fence, but Andrew was too slow. Pedaling fast on loose gravel didn”t really work. He saw the old man grab his shotgun and aimed it at him. `Bam!” He felt the sting of the rock salt as it ripped through his pants, embedding itself in his skinny legs. The old man shot again but missed. Andrew was now just dragging his bike while his legs were burning from the salt pellets. As he got to the fence and was pulling his bike through, the old man gunned his truck toward where the boys were. “Get the hell out of here or I”ll shoot you again. You tell your parents on me and the next time I see you it won”t be rock salt.” He kept yelling as they went down the riverbed.

Andrew was bleeding and in a lot of pain. “Kerry, help me!” he was crying out. Kerry stopped and told Andrew to take off his pants. Andrew heeled off his shoes and dropped his pants. Kerry looked at where the rock salt was stuck in Andrew”s leg and butt.

“Dude, he got you good. Let me pick out the salt. Lay down on your pants and take off your shirt.” Kerry said. Andrew did as instructed. Kerry carefully rolled his finger over each of the bloody holes caused by the rock salt.

“Oww,” Andrew cried, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Kerry proceeded to pick out as much as he could. He pulled down Andrew”s briefs to expose his butt to pick the salt out of his butt cheeks. “Its never going to stop hurting unless you rinse it out. Let”s go down to the water.” He stripped off and helped Andrew stand up. Kerry”s body was perfect in Andrew”s opinion. Not an ounce of fat, no blemishes, and smooth skin all over.

“Come on, Andrew, time to skinny dip.” Kerry was quickly getting hard.

Andrew nearly tripped getting to the water because he was looking at Kerry”s boner. “Kerry, could you help me make sure it”s escort ankara all rinsed?” Kerry came over and rubbed Andrew”s legs and butt. The boys ended up grabbing and playing with each other”s dicks.

“Keep doing that.” Kerry was looking right at Andrew and their eyes locked. He grabbed Andrew”s dick tighter. They both started rubbing. “This feels so good!” They played for a while, and both ended up with butterfly feelings in their tummies. Andrew leaned in, wanting to kiss Kerry, but Kerry pulled away.

They dressed and returned to Andrew”s house. Andrew”s mom started asking about what happened to his pants and why they were gone for so long. Kerry told Andrew”s mom his version of what happened. “Mrs. Owens, Andrew and I were riding down toward the riverbed when he hit a patch of loose sand and gravel as he was turning. He fell down and got scraped up on the sharp gravel. It was an accident. We stopped to rest for a minute and then continued our ride.” She acted like it was fine, but deep down the boys knew it bothered her that her kid ruined yet another pair of pants.

They had forgotten about the negatives that were hanging in the darkroom, and it was getting late. Kerry took off for home, and Andrew went inside to change. For once, he wasn”t in trouble, and the night would be as normal as they got in the Owens household.

That night, when Kent got home, he was actually quite surprised that Andrew wasn”t locked away and that his wife was actually being pleasant.

Dinner was quiet since it was a rare thing that they all ate together. It may have also been that everything was overcooked and under seasoned. After dinner, as they sat in the family room, Kent asked Andrew about his day. “So son, what did you do today?”

“I took some pictures of Kerry after I showed him the ones we picked up at the photo shop. We had a lot of fun. I developed them, but we went on a bike ride when the negatives were drying, so we didn”t print them yet. You need to teach me how.”

“Nice! I hope you will show them to me.” Kent was getting suspicious since the previous pictures of Kerry were a bit suggestive. He couldn”t wait to see the new ones.

“I”ll show them to you, daddy. I”ll get them ready so you can show me how to print them tomorrow after dinner.” Andrew knew he was going to have to be careful which ones he printed.

“Great, I”ll look forward to seeing them tomorrow.” Kent said as he got up and left the room. He headed to the darkroom to see for himself. His mind kept wondering what the pictures were. He opened the darkroom and held the negatives to the light. He struck gold! Kerry was shirtless, and his boy sure knew how to take sexy pictures. He”s got talent and good taste. Kent grabbed the loupe out to inspect a bit closer. He was shocked to see Kerry”s boner up his pant leg. His boy has a secret!

Kent put things back so Andrew wouldn”t know he peeked and went in to go through the bedtime routine. “Andrew, get ready for a bath,” he told him as he went down the hall himself to undress his boxers and tee. “I”ve got the water about ready, son.” He yelled across the hall. Andrew came bouncing in with his dicklet proudly stiff and saluting his father.

“I”m ready, dad.” And he hopped in the tub. The rock salt wounds hurt a bit, but the bath was soothing. Kent carefully rinsed the sores, but he also spent a little more time on Andrew”s pucker, extending his finger in a little deeper and stroking it. Andrew was enjoying it. When it was time to get out, Andrew scampered off to bed, only to be followed by his dad.

“Son, is it OK if daddy cuddles with you again?”

“Sure, daddy. I like it when you, um, do, you know. ” Andrew quietly said.

Kent laid down, spooning his boy. Rubbing started immediately, and the prize was quickly caught. “This is what my lucky boy likes, right?”

“Um, huh.”

“Son, do you like Kerry?”

“Oh yes, daddy, he”s my only friend. We have fun together.”

Knowing his son purposely was looking at Kerry”s dick, he thought he might get to expand his play time. “Do you ever want to play ankara escort bayan with his dick? It”s OK if you do. Boys love to experiment.”

“I know daddy, and I do want to play with him, I mean, play with his, you know.”

“Remember, like at the store, be careful. Don”t get caught. You can play here as long as you tell me so I can keep your mother away.” He was thinking about letting Andrew have a sleepover so he could sample some of Kerry”s goods too. “Maybe I can get your mom to agree to having a sleepover here. Then you boys could play.”

“Oh daddy, that would be fun. I would really like that. Can you make me tingle tonight?”

“Of course, son.” With that, he went down on Andrew”s cocklet and sucked the life right out of him. Just like last time, he was close himself and shot his load on his son”s belly. Andrew wasn”t asleep this time, and as he saw the creamy ropes landing on his belly, he opened his mouth. One hit him in the mouth, and he licked it up and swallowed it. Andrew scooped some up and ate it while Kent wiped up the rest with the towel.

“Daddy I like it. What is it?”

They had the father son `what is cum” conversation. Andrew had all of the typical questions. After answering enough questions for the night, Kent got out of bed and went to take his shower.

The next day after dinner, Kent took Andrew into the darkroom to teach him how to print pictures. They spent a few hours going over all of the steps, and Andrew was catching on quickly. They cleaned up and shut everything off before having bath time.

Since they had been working in the darkroom late, there wasn”t much time for play, so it was a quick bath and a nice kiss before Andrew was tucked in for the night.

Kerry and Andrew played a few times over the next few weeks. They looked at the pictures and planned on taking some more. They enlarged the pictures up Kerry”s leg but immediately hid them so nobody would find them.

“Kerry, my dad is going to see if we can have a sleepover. Would you like that?”

“Sure, I”ll ask my parents too.”

On Thursday, while waiting for the bus, Kerry had some good news. “I talked to my parents and they wanted to know if you could sleep over at my house tomorrow?”

I”ll ask when I get home tonight. Hopefully, I”m not in trouble and can come. “

Andrew rarely got approval to go to a friend”s house, and he was really hopeful that his mom and dad would say yes.

When he got home, he quietly approached his mom. “Kerry invited me for a sleepover tomorrow. Is it okay if I go?”

“As long as you promise not to embarrass me. You always seem to get into trouble.”

“I promise mom, I won”t embarrass you.”

Andrew was so excited that he probably wasn”t going to be able to sleep without daddy”s help.

“Daddy, mom said I could sleep over at Kerry”s tomorrow. I”m so excited.”

“Remember what I told you about playing? Make sure you don”t get caught, or you will both be in a lot of trouble.”

“I know, daddy, we will be careful.” Andrew had his bath, and when he was being tucked in, he asked his daddy to give him his tingles. Kent was more than happy to suck his boy until he had his dry cum. Kent stood up after blowing Andrew and tugged on his cock, sticking it in Andrew”s mouth.

“Suck on it, son, that”s the way. I”m going to cum! Swallow it all down, son, you”re a great cock sucker!”

Andrew swallowed it all down. “Was that good, daddy?”

“Yeah, son, it was great. I”ll teach you more some other time.”

All day Friday at school, Andrew fidgeted and couldn”t concentrate. He was going to get to sleep with his sexy friend. His mind kept wandering to the things he had already done and those he wanted to try. At the bus stop after school, the boys were in a hurry. Andrew ran home as fast as he could to get his bag and then rode his bike over to Kerry”s house.

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