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Chapter 1: I Want to See

Ani was wiped out. Her red-eye back from Seattle was delayed twice, so she hadn’t touched down in Boston until 8:30 on Friday morning. She’d been gone since Sunday morning, so she had hoped to be able to see Lars, her husband of less than 3 months, before he had to go to work. No such luck.

By the time she got out of Logan and back to their little condo in the Back Bay, it was almost 10am. Luckily she did not have to go in to work today, so when she got home, she quickly slipped into her pajamas, crawled into the freshly made bed, and promptly passed out.

She woke up at 2:30pm, hungry. But the bed was so warm and comfy. She did a long sleepy stretch, and thought about what she’d do to Lars when he came home… A devious little smile formed on her lips.

She got up, had a quick snack, and went into the bathroom to draw a bath. As the hot water filled the big tub, the air filled with the scent of lavender from the bath salts, and when she lowered herself into the tub, she felt the knots from the plane ride slowly start to dissipate. “Those airplane seats are like torture instruments” she thought.

She turned on the hot air bubbles in the tub, and the loud humming of the motor slowly lulled her into a doze. She woke up 30 minutes later, very relaxed, and very excited at the same time. Her muscles were like rubber, but her clit was electric.

She hadn’t masturbated for 3 whole days. Work had been crazy while she was in Seattle, and she was just wiped out almost every day, so she simply passed out when she got to her room. On several occasions, she had been talking on the phone to Lars in her bed, and fallen asleep in the middle of the conversation.

She did manage to rub one out in the shower on Tuesday night, but that was not very satisfying… No one to share it with. Now, however, she was at home, she was completely relaxed, and really horny.

She turned off the bubbles and looked down at her body in the tub. She had been lucky in the genetics lottery: 5’8″, 130lbs, long trim legs ending in an ass that betrayed her obsession with Volleyball and squats, firm round 30-D breasts, and skin the color of ‘golden chocolate’ (according to Lars).

Her mom was of Vietnamese/African-American descent, and her dad was a tall blond Minnesota boy, and she’d inherited her mom’s exotic skin color, and her dad’s piercing blue eyes. Ani’s face was classic: A small straight nose, big blue eyes, a cute mouth with soft pillowy lips, framed by dark brown hair, that tended to have big soft waves.

Ani controlled the urge to masturbate in the tub. She wanted to use all this pent up sexual energy on Lars when he got home. She got out of the tub, washed her hair in the shower, taking extra long with the lather in her hair, massaging her scalp, and letting the suds flow down her body, occasionally touching herself, stoking the fire, riding the edge of orgasm. She had a complete one-track mind now.

Nothing other than sex was on her mind. Every second, she was thinking of Lars’s strong arms holding her, her hanging on to his strong, muscular shoulders, his big cock sliding inside her… “Stop, stop, stop!” she told herself… “Don’t cum yet.”

She got out of the shower, quickly dried off, and pulled her damp hair into a ponytail. She put on her short white silk robe, and simple white cotton panties. Lars really liked contrasting colors, and the contrast of the white panties against her dark skin drove him mad with desire.

By this time, it was 4:30, and Lars could be home at any time. Ani was still in this meditative state, where all she could think about was her pleasure, Lars’s big cock going in and out of her, slowly, methodically driving her higher and higher.

And then, all of a sudden he was there. She had been looking out the window for him, when she heard the front door open. He walked into the living room, and dropped his bags on the floor. Ani was standing in the middle of the room, wearing just the white silk robe and her white cotton panties. Lars took off his coat, and slowly walked over to her. She turned to face him, and he slowly undid the sash of the robe, and slipped it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

He turned her sideways, so her right shoulder was against his chest, and slipped his middle finger inside the front of her panties, and slowly moved his hand back and forth across her flat belly, with that one finger tantalizingly close to where she wanted it.

He now moved down, his middle finger still the only finger inside the panty, sliding down over her smooth-shaven pubic bone toward her clit, dragging the front of the panties down, and exposing more of that ‘golden chocolate’ skin.

She now felt his other hand sliding down her back and inside the panties, this time the whole hand was inside, and she felt his middle finger in the crack of her ass, slowly sliding down, down, down.

The hand in front had now reached its goal, and he was gently rubbing her clit, all the while starting to nibble bahis firmaları her ear-lobe, and kissing her neck. His ‘back’ hand had now made it to her wet pussy, and he quickly slipped his middle finger in there, making Ani gasp.

He moved in and out while rubbing her clit, and kissing the sensitive parts of her neck. Now there were two fingers in her pussy, just making the yearning for the real thing stronger. They didn’t speak.

Their breathing was getting heavier, and also somehow in sync. He removed his fingers from her pussy, and moved backwards to her back door. His now very slick fingers rubbed the outside of her asshole, and slowly started to push more insistently.

When his middle finger pushed past the opening, she whimpered a little. She had dreamed of this all week while she was on the other side of the country.

His middle finger was now well past the second knuckle, and he moved slowly in and out. The feeling of anal penetration, combined with the steady working of the ‘front’ hand was getting her really close.

She had other plans, though, so she whispered “not yet, I’m really close, but I want to wait”.

She turned her back on him, and demonstratively, slowly, slid those white bikini panties, down her long brown legs, bending at the hip as she did so, showing off her perfect round ass-cheeks. Finally, she arched her back, pushing her butt back, opening the cheeks, giving him a view of her pussy and ass.

She lingered there a little, then stood up, strode over to the white sectional sofa and sat down, legs crossed.

“You have way to many clothes on,” she said. “You need to get undressed. Now.”

Lars started working on getting undressed, but he was rushing it. He fumbled with buttons, hopped around to get his socks off, and just threw his clothes everywhere. Finally, he was naked in front of her.

She looked him over. 6’2″, 180lbs, broad, muscular shoulders, a great ass, and 6-pack abs. Short blond hair, blue eyes, a slightly crooked nose, a strong jaw, and a wide mouth that smiled a lot. His cock, which was very hard to ignore right now, stuck out thick and straight in all its 8 1/2 inch glory.

“I want to see,” he said huskily, his eyes piercing into hers. “Please.” He had grabbed his cock, and was slowly stroking himself.

She scooted back on the sofa, and pulled her knees up to her chest. The tops of her thighs brushed against her nipples, that were already standing to full attention. She gave a little gasp at the touch, but kept her cool.

She now started spreading her knees, so her feet were together in front of her, but her knees were to the sides, exposing her wet sex to him. She knew what he wanted. Her hands slowly moved down over her round breasts, once more brushing the nipples, briefly circling her index fingers around them, again stirring her, this time a little moan escaped her.

Her hands started moving down again, over her belly, down to her pussy, where she tantalizingly started spreading herself open. The hot pink of her now fully open pussy against her smooth dark skin drove Lars crazy.

He was stroking his hard cock faster now. She used one hand to keep herself spread wide, and ran her other hand under her leg and started finger-fucking herself, all the while looking at him mischievously. After 2 minutes of this, Lars couldn’t contain himself anymore.

He got on his knees in front of her, wrapped one arm around her back, and pulled her onto his cock in one smooth movement. This tease with her pussy always drove him wild, and he had a hard time containing himself; but it seemed that he had also had some pent up sexual frustrations, and also didn’t want to end prematurely.

So he slowed down his strokes, laid Ani back on the sofa, and moved into missionary. Her knees were back towards her face, and her back was curved, giving Lars full access to her tight little fuckhole. Every time he bottomed out in her pussy, his pubic bone mashed her clit, sending pleasure through her body.

A week without sex was only possible if they were not in the same state, so when it happened, the return was very intense.

Lars kept pounding her until his back ached, and he fell down beside her.

“You on top now,” he said.

She was already halfway there, before he’d completed the sentence. She quickly slipped his cock into her again, and she started grinding against him, all 8 1/2 inches inside her.

His hands grabbed her face and pulled it down to meet his. They kissed hungrily, tongues swirling, moans stifled by the kiss, so they came out as primal grunts. Ani was grinding furiously, still kissing Lars with abandon. Lars’s hands were now on Ani’s breasts, alternately kneading her perfect round tits, and pinching her hard nipples.

This raised her excitement even more, and she sat up straight again, to get better traction as her clit ground into his pubic bone. He knew she wanted to grind harder, so he grabbed her ass, and helped push her harder against him. It only took 10 seconds, and Ani screamed, and kaçak iddaa started shaking. The orgasm lasted almost a full minute, and she fell onto his chest, his cock still hard and inside her.

After a couple of minutes, he stirred, whispered “my turn”, and gently rolled her next to him.

She ended up on her stomach, which was his plan. She was still cum-drunk, and was pliable, but slow to move, until he fished the bottle of lube out of the secret drawer in the coffee table. She heard the ‘click’ of the cap opening, and she woke out of her slumber.

She was excited for this as well. She grabbed a large throw pillow from the sofa, got up on all fours, put the pillow under her stomach, and put her face back on the couch. Her golden brown skin against the white fabric of the sofa; her perfect ass sticking up in the air, both her openings exposed and ready.

Lars was clearly very excited. She could feel his rock-hard cock slapping against her pussy, while he was rolling the lube bottle in his hands to warm it up just a little, before applying it. He drizzled a good amount right above her sphincter, and as it ran down, he used his finger to get the lube into the right places. He did that twice, then lubed his cock, clicked the cap of the lube bottle back on, and dropped it onto the coffee table.

He now placed his fat, hard erection against her anal opening, and slowly pressed into her. The initial penetration was always a shock. His cock was thick, and her asshole had to stretch a lot to accommodate it. Lars slowly pushed deeper into her, and the shock subsided, and the feeling of being filled took over.

Her hand automatically found her clit as he started to move in and out of her tight asshole, his cock sliding in and out, increasing the pleasure. Her fingers worked on her clit, still a little sensitive from her orgasm just a few minutes ago.

Lars’s pace slowly increased, and his strokes were now all the way to the hilt of his cock. He was deep inside her ass, and it was clearly driving him wild. He was grabbing her hips and pulling her onto his cock as he thrust, increasing the power of the penetration. He slowed down a few times, to extend the pleasure, but after about 10 minutes of pounding buttfucking, Ani came again, causing her sphincter to spasm.

This brought Lars over the edge, so he pulled out, and spurted rope after rope of fat white jizz onto Ani’s ass and back. The white cum against her chocolate skin drove Lars even more wild, and he came harder than he ever thought possible. He collapsed next to Ani. “Welcome home,” he grinned.

After about 15 minutes of lounging on the sofa, Lars wanted to go for a quick run, so they both put on their running gear, cum still all over Ani’s back, and did a quick loop across the Charles and back.

They showered, put on sweats, ordered a pizza and watched a movie. They both fell asleep snuggled together on the sofa. Ani woke up at 11:30pm, rustled Lars out of his deep slumber, and they brushed their teeth, took their sweats off (pajamas are for sleeping alone), and crawled into bed.

Lars woke up with a beam of sunlight hitting his face. As he came to, he realized that what had really awoken him was Ani, burrowing backwards into a spooning position against his stomach.

He stretched his legs a bit so she could get closer. She burrowed into his stomach and crotch, so his sleeping member came to rest between her butt-cheeks. This woke the monster, and his slowly hardening cock was now pushing against her ass-crack.

Pretending to be asleep, she did a little wiggle of her butt, causing the hardening of his cock to go into overdrive. He slowly slipped down her back, to get in position for a quick counter-attack of her pussy.

She followed him down, so he couldn’t get past her cheeks. This kept on happening 3 or 4 more times: he’d shimmy down, and try to position his cock at her opening, but before he’d made it there, she’d shimmy down too.

Breaking the stalemate, he grabbed her hips, pushed her up, so he was where he wanted to be, and pushed in. Ani gasped, and Lars grunted with relief.

Giggling, Ani said “Good morning, lover. Lots to do today”, and she quickly slid off his cock, jumped out of bed, and ran into the bathroom. “Meet me in the shower,” she said in her perkiest voice.

She didn’t have to say that twice.

Lars was out of bed, before the shower was on, and they got into the roomy shower together. The shower was the only thing they had remodeled when they bought the condo. They liked showering together, but the existing shower really didn’t accommodate 2 people. The shower they built was very large for a shower, with several shower heads, and wooden seats at various levels, allowing for all kinds of fun.

Ani wanted to have Lars in her mouth, and the shower had the perfect place for it. A comfortable seat, under one of the shower heads, just at the perfect height for her mouth and his cock. As the steam started to build up, she sat down, leaned her head back against the wall, so she wasn’t going kaçak bahis to get waterboarded while he fucked her mouth.

She beckoned him closer, opened her mouth, made her tongue extra wet with saliva, and stuck it out like a soft wet pillow. She felt the dense weight of his big member on her tongue, and then the slow movement into her mouth. She had to open wide to fit his thick pole in her warm, wet mouth. She wanted him all the way down her throat.

She had spent a lot of time learning to control her gag-reflex, and by now she could swallow all of him without a problem. She loved the feeling of him throbbing and moving in and out of her throat.

He started to move more forcefully, and she could feel his cock getting harder in her throat. He wasn’t all the way in yet, so she grabbed his ass with both hands and slammed her head forward, driving the last 3 inches into her mouth and down her throat.

She stayed right there, nose jammed into his pubic bone, cock halfway down her gullet. Lars grunted with pleasure, as she looked up at him. Those big blue eyes, fully enveloped in her desire, made him ravenous with lust.

He grabbed her head, and pulled almost all the way out. Just the head of his cock was in her mouth. They locked eyes again, and he started fucking her throat. Slowly, at first, but gradually he sped up. She let go of his ass, and her fingers went to her sex, one hand rubbing her clit, and the other splitting the duty; two fingers in her pussy, and two in the asshole, moving in and out in sync with Lars’s thrusts.

He was rock hard now, making it harder to go down her throat. He pulled all the way out and said, “I want to see. Please.”

Just as when he asked last night, she knew what he wanted, and she wanted it too.

They moved to a bench, she laid down on her back, her head over the edge, stretching her neck, and opening up her throat for Lars’s attack. This gave him much easier access, and less resistance. He stood right over her, his purple head touching her lips.

She opened wide, and he slid down her throat again. He started fucking her, all the while watching his cock move in and out of her mouth, and creating a bulge in her throat when he bottomed out.

That bulge was a real turn-on for him. Seeing his cock physically move within her body, and stretching her esophagus made him feel a strong, rising lust, making him speed up his assault. As Lars slowly increased his pace, she felt herself rise in a slow, rolling orgasm that seemed to last forever. Her hips flexed as she climaxed, and her body relaxed as she came down from the high.

Lars was ready to blow as well, his pace now furious and deep. He pulled out briefly, to let Ani catch her breath, and quickly slid back in.

This was it: he was going to shoot his fat load all the way down her throat, she could feel him starting to throb; he stopped moving, his cock pushed in her throat to the hilt, her throat bulging, as she felt the throbbing grow stronger, and then she could feel it: long thick spurts of his delicious cum.

After the first two spurts, he pulled halfway out, and delivered four more thick jets of cum into her waiting mouth. She loved feeling him blow his load in her mouth; she loved his cum, salty, sweet, thick and plentiful.

She turned over on the bench, his cock still in her mouth, and started to suck on him. It was like an electric shock to him, and she was rewarded with two more jets of cum. She took him out of her mouth, and made a big deal of swallowing his load, while looking at him with those playful sexy blue eyes.

He looked down at her, and went to the other end of the bench. She turned back onto her back and slid down towards him, so her ass was right on the edge of the bench. He got down on his knees, and draped her legs over his shoulders, so he had full access to her.

He immediately started fingering her, and started lightly kissing her inner thighs, starting on one side, and working his way up her leg, across her stomach, staying away from her aching pussy, and back down the other thigh. He worked this arc, back and forth, slowly moving closer to her buzzing clit, all the while fingering her with middle and ring-finger, massaging her G-Spot relentlessly.

The steam in the shower, and his torturous treatment made her glisten with sweat. As his sweeps with his mouth got closer and closer, she involuntarily bucked her pelvis up to meet his mouth. She missed, but two seconds later his warm mouth and firm tongue was covering her by now positively electric clit.

His tongue slowly made circles right on her clit. Ani lifted her head up, and leaned her upper body up on her elbows, so she could see Lars’s mouth on her mound. He looked straight into her eyes, and started strong, methodical strokes with his tongue, right on her clit.

The buildup had been long, and Ani could feel the orgasm coming from everywhere in her body, and centering in her clit and pussy. She put her feet against the wall, so she could rock a little bit back and forth, increasing and decreasing the pressure of Lars’s tongue against her to make it just right. The fingers in her pussy started pushing harder against her G-spot, and she could feel the double build-up of G-spot and clit come to a crescendo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32