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Jack Mitchell stood behind his beautiful naked Anna Mitchell at the bathroom mirror, lovingly brushing her hair, his half-hard manhood pressed against her, still wet from their recent lovemaking. Their eyes met in the mirror. He’d noticed how she’d been reacting lately when they were around children, especially babies, her attention, the glow in her eyes. She loved how good he was with his darling little niece, Anna’s only competition for his heart. Without ever having talked about it, they knew it was time.

She took the little round pill container from its place in the medicine cabinet and casually tossed it in the trash, arcing an eyebrow at Jack. He put the hairbrush down and gently caressed her EE-cup breasts, the gold chain that she’d never once removed, and her tummy, his hands coming to rest over her womb. She put her hands over his, lacing their fingers together, their wedding rings touching.

“Take me to bed, Jack, and make me a mom.” She felt his erection growing against her backside, and giggled. ‘My husband, Jack Mitchell, never can get enough of me, Anna Mitchell, his lover, his wife, and soon the mother of our child. I want his seed; I want him to impregnate me. I want to give him our child. It’s time.’


As was their custom, Jack got out of the pool first from their morning swim, striding up the steps, naked, his hard manhood perabet bouncing before him, and turned to face Anna. They smiled at each other, remembering the first times they did this.

She admired his naked form and reflected. ‘Coming up on three years, and he still treats me like our first days. Wonder if we’re the only couple that has sex more often the longer they are married? Look at him — he’s such beautiful man — and all mine. Now that my body has changed, he loves on me even more. And we’ve written the book on making love while pregnant!’ While she claimed Jack had impregnated her on the very day she’d stopped taking the pill, she couldn’t say which of his four copious ejaculations into her that day did the deed!

Back when they confirmed her pregnancy, he gave her his biggest grin ever. (They were both relieved to find out there was only one baby in her.) She pinched his ear and whispered into it. “Somebody’s mighty proud of himself, Mr. Mitchell. Such a bad, bad boy, Jack, knocking up your poor, innocent little blonde wife with your huge, hard manhood, pushing it deep, deep into my innocent little kitty every chance you get, taking my sex, making me scream, filling my womanhood, pumping me full of all that warm, potent man stuff of yours, over and over till I’m just overflowing, overwhelming my defenseless little egg with an army of your sperm — you’ll need to be punished.” And she proceeded to ‘punish’ her impregnator, repeatedly, for the perabet giriş next few hours. Although there wasn’t much room for improvement, her pregnancy hormones made her even more amorous.

She slowly rose out of the water, her magnificent nude body glistening in the sunlight, water streaming off her curves. And there were even more curves than before. Pregnancy had swollen her EE-cups to Fs, huge and firm with her milk. He already-large nipples grew even bigger and more sensitive. She joked that she probably had enough milk to feed ‘a litter’ of babies. Jack was wise enough to not agree (at least out loud), but to tell her motherhood made her even more beautiful. He made sure she had a good wardrobe of custom-made bras and clothes for when she went out, and, by unspoken agreement, since the start of her pregnancy she never left the house or beach cabin without him. (Her favorite preggo top, a gift from her best friend Carrie Lynn, was emblazoned in large type: “He Did This To Me.”)

Her gold chain glistened in the valley of her breasts, which rested on the swell of her nine-month pregnant tummy — to Jack the most beautiful of all her curves. To no one’s surprise, she had only gained 23 pounds, all of it in her belly and breasts. Jack had told her someone seeing her from behind might not know she was pregnant until she turned to the side. She fretted about the extra weight. “18 pounds in my baby bulge and five in my tits!” To Jack she was, and would perabet güvenilir mi always be, the most beautiful, radiant woman in the world. He’d bought her an extension to her waist chain when she grew too big, so it still rested across her baby-ball.

It was rare for her to ever be home alone, usually only happening when Jack was dispatched to buy whatever food her pregnancy craved at that moment. She rarely wore anything around the house or at their beach cabin, which suited him just fine! He took thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of her pregnancy.

He doted on her and her baby-bulge, always touching, caressing and regularly applying cream to help her skin stretch and rubbing her back, sore from carrying the extra weight all up front. He was a totally attentive partner, sensitive to her every need, sometimes before she was. He had read more about pregnancy that she had. Every woman in her pregnancy class was envious of how wonderfully Anna’s husband treated her. The men, well, not so much.

He grinned and held her hand as she stepped out of the pool. “Look at her — she’s just radiant. I love her so much!’

“God, he still just melts me with that smile!’

They kissed, for the billionth time.


“Yes, baby?”

“I think it’s time to head for the hospital. I think our Jennifer is ready to make her entrance.” He caressed her swollen belly and looked back up into her sparkling blue eyes.

She nodded.

They kissed, sweetly. “Let’s get dressed then. I love you, baby. I love both my girls.”

She touched his face and her belly. “I love you too, big boy, and so will our daughter.”

They walked, hand in hand, into the house.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32