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I woke up, wondering why I was awake and then I felt it. You had your fingers buried deep inside me and were slowly moving them. I couldn’t tell how many fingers you were using but I felt so full. You noticed I was awake and grabbed the back of my head by my hair and pulled it back sharply saying “You were moaning in your sleep.”

I mumbled out something like good dream. I started to move a little to get you to move a little faster and whimpered a little.

You pulled my hair a little harder “Don’t move and no noise.” I was surprised normally you like my noises and want me to be louder. I could feel you so deep inside. I felt so full. I wanted to scream out, instead biting my bottom lip to stay quiet. I was so close to cumming. I wanted to tell you but I didn’t want you to stop.

I was going to rollover and show you what I wanted with my hands and mouth when I realize my hands were tied over my head. Suddenly you stopped, I wanted to whimper my protest but didn’t. You told me to completely turn over onto my tummy and lift a little, you put a pillow under my tummy to lift me up a little.

“Close your casino şirketleri eyes, no talking, no moving or I will stop and go back to sleep” you told me. I wanted to protest, I didn’t think I could control not making any noise or even wiggling but I was ready to cum and wanted to please you. I said nothing and closed my eyes.

I heard you get up from the bed and rummage around. Suddenly I felt your hands on my ass, rubbing it. You were moving so slowly I wanted to cry out “Hurry.” I could feel you very gently run a finger over my clit and back up to my ass. I wanted to whimper for you to do more, it was getting harder to control making no noise.

“Oh yes, more” I wanted to scream when you stuck one of your fingers slow into my pussy. So nice but then you withdrew it and started rubbing it slowly onto my asshole working a finger gently into it. With your other hand I could feel you rub your thumb across my clit. Not moaning or wiggling was very hard to control. You slowly pulled your finger out and completely stopped touching me.

I started to open my eyes when I heard you whisper “Remember what I said.” casino firmaları I tightly closed them fast. Then I felt you wipe lube onto my asshole and felt the tip of something that was not your finger rubbing across it. My eyes almost sprang open right then, but I wanted to cum so badly.

You slowly inserted anal beads into my ass murmuring how much I was going to enjoy myself tonight as long as I did everything I was told. Your fingers slipped down and you start to gently pinch my clit. Normally I would start to squirm and moan when you did this and I almost did then. When your hand came down hard and smacked my ass.

“Remember no moving” you said. You bent down and ran your tongue over my wet pussy, you said just to make sure I was wet. I wanted to scream so badly. You finally slipped a finger in my pussy to feel how wet I was. I was completely struggling not to move or say anything. I knew you slipped another inside, I was getting closer to cumming. I felt even fuller.

You whisper “No moving.” I was so full and I couldn’t see what or why. I wanted to cum but I wanted it to go on it felt so good. güvenilir casino I felt your teeth scrape over my back as you slowly moved your fingers in and out of me.

I wanted you in me right then. I wanted you to be buried in me when I finally let go. I didn’t know how to show you without you stopping. I was struggling so hard I felt like I was going to cum and pass out at the same time. I think you knew this because you suddenly were pulling your fingers out of me slowly and replacing them with your hard cock.

As you were filling me your hardness, you were pulling the beads out of my ass one at a time. I couldn’t take it anymore and I moaned loudly.

“Finally! You give in. I didn’t know how much more I could take of your suffering” you say, ramming your hard cock into me pulling the last bead out. I scream out my orgasm and felt you coming right along with me, pulling my hair with one hand and the other hand on my hip.

“Going to untie me now” I whisper.

“Not just yet” you answer, “I want you to taste how good we are together, and remember it always.” You slide your cock into my mouth for me to taste and clean off our mix of wetness. I moan out from the pleasure of tasting us together. You pull your half hard cock from my mouth and kiss me deeply, as you untie my hands.

We snuggle up together and finally fall back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32