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I was sitting at work not able to concentrate on anything. My mind kept wandering to Anthony. It was Friday and he asked if he could take me out tonight. I couldn’t say no. I was imagining all the dirty things I wanted to do to him when my boss appeared at my desk.

“Kitty are you okay? You look at little out of it,” he said.

“Um yes, I’m fine thank you. Just a little scatterbrained today,” I replied.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? I know you’ve been busting your ass around here and it’s only a few hours. Don’t worry about the projects you’re working on. They’ll still be here on Monday.”

I tried to object saying I had way too much to do before leaving but he insisted, and he walked me down to the parking garage since he had to go to a meeting on the other side of campus. My boss and I get along very well and we often talk about life outside of work.

“So boss, you doing anything fun this weekend?”

“Yeah I’m taking the wife and kids to the baseball game this weekend. I love the post-season and my daughter loves it just as much as I do. How about you?

“Ooh that sounds like fun. I remember going to games with my dad when I was little and it was the best thing ever. I actually have a date tonight, so we’ll see how that goes.”

A wide grin spread across his face and he raised his right eyebrow.

“Oh a date huh? Who is the lucky guy? Where are you going?”

My boss knew I had been attacked in the park as I had requested a few weeks leave of absence after it happened. What he didn’t know is that I ended up fucking the guy who saved me shortly after the attack. It’s not really professional to talk about stuff like that at work with your leader.

“Well, remember when I was assaulted at the park a while ago? The date is with the guy who stopped the attack. He is a very nice man and I’ve seen him a few times. I’m not sure what he has planned for us though.”

My boss’s eyes narrowed and I could tell he was concerned about me.

“Kitty, please just be careful. I know you’re a grown woman and can do what you want, but I just want to make sure you’re safe. If you happen to need help or anything, please call or text me.”

My boss and I had each other’s numbers because we often had to be in touch outside of office hours depending on the project at hand. I nodded in agreement.

“I appreciate that. I really, really do. I hope I never have to take you up on that offer, but I will always keep that in mind. Thank you for caring about me.”

We reached the exit for the parking garage and wished each other a fun weekend. I thanked him again for being such a great boss and mentor. I got in my car and went home to get ready for the evening.

Anthony arrived at 7pm sharp, just as he said he would. He was as cute as ever dressed in a pair of jeans and a green button down shirt under his jacket. He gave me a quick kiss and asked if I needed anymore time. I was actually ready on time so off we went.

We hopped in his car and he began driving. I had no idea where we were going and he had declined to tell me even though I asked multiple times in the days leading up to today. We pulled up at a movie theater and he got out to help me out of the car. I was confused why he would keep this a surprise and my face must have shown it.

“Kitty! I know it’s just a movie, but I wanted to sit in the dark and eat popcorn with my arm around you.”

“Oh that’s completely fine. I love movies, but you know, we could almanbahis yeni giriş have done the same at my place or yours,” I said with a grin.

“I know that Kitty, but I wanted to take you out. If you’d like to leave we can do that.”

“No, not at all. As long as you’re with me, I don’t care what we do. Let’s go pick a show!”

Anthony insisted I decide on what movie to see, but nothing piqued my interest. He sent me to the concessions counter to get popcorn and snacks while he got the tickets. He came over to me and led me by the hand to the theater. I had never heard of the movie which didn’t matter to me. I just wanted to be next to Anthony.

There weren’t many people in the theater and we sat down towards the back with me on the left and him on the right. He drew my hand into his while he sat with the popcorn bucket on his lap. I kept sneaking glances at him and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the movie. God he was so fucking hot.

I let go of his hand and used mine to rub his crotch. He slid back in his chair a little to get more comfortable and let out a little groan. I moved the popcorn to the floor so it wouldn’t spill and unzipped his pants. I took his cock out and slowly jacked him up and down. He looked a little worried, but we weren’t really sitting next to other people and there was no one behind us.

His dick felt huge in my hand and I could only see it when there was a bright scene on the screen. By now he had reached over and was groping my tits while he tried to focus on the movie. I pushed his hand out of the way and lowered my lips to take in that gorgeous head. It slipped in my mouth and I greedily took it all the way down my throat. His knees flew upwards and he sharply drew in his breath as I began to suck on his cock with long, slow strokes.

I rubbed his leg and gently pushed it down and tried to get him to relax. I moved his left hand to the back of my head and encouraged him to run his fingers through my hair. He did just that while pushing his hips up to meet my strokes. He was trying to stifle his moans which turned me on like crazy. He desperately wanted to let it all out, but he couldn’t.

I increased my pace and sucked him as hard as I could. I heard his rhythmic breathing which was getting shorter and shorter.

“Kitty, you’re gonna make me cum soon. You’d better stop or I’ll make a mess all over the place,” he whispered to me in a hoarse tone.

This caused me to blow him even faster and I reached to tickle his balls. I felt his cock well up in my mouth and soon he was pumping his seed on my tongue. There was so much cum I couldn’t take it all and I ended up stroking the rest of his load onto the floor. Shit! How were we gonna clean it up?!?

Anthony sunk back into his chair trying to catch his breath while being quiet. I continued to stroke his now softening cock until he put his hand up as if to say no more. He leaned over and gave me the sexiest kiss I’ve ever had before. I was breathless.

He grabbed some napkins we had for popcorn to wipe up the floor and we returned to watching the movie. He slung his left arm around me for the rest of the time and had a content look on his face. I was buzzing from making this man cum again and I couldn’t concentrate on the movie. All I could think about was how nice it felt with his arm around me. I could get used to this.

The movie ended and we walked hand in hand out to his car. We went on our way, but when we got close almanbahis giriş to my place he turned to go a different way. Soon we pulled up to a different apartment building and he drove into the underground parking garage. I realized we were at his place and suddenly I felt self-conscious and a bit guarded.

We pulled into his assigned parking space and I tried to put myself at ease by hooking my arm in his while we walked inside. New places can sometimes overwhelm me, and the attack at the park just exacerbated the issue. I felt myself grabbing at his arm, as if I was looking for something.

“You okay Kitty? You haven’t said much since we left the movie and I can feel how tense you are now.”

“Yes, I’m fine,” I replied. I didn’t want him to think I was uneasy because of him. “I’m assuming this is your place? I’m excited to see what it looks like.”

He smiled and we took the elevator to his floor. When we walked in his place I was met with an amazing smell of fresh baked something. I love to bake and it was a welcome scent. It was also nice to see that this man could bake. Not something you come across every day.

His place was small, but tidy. A kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space. In the kitchen I spotted a giant loaf of banana bread on the counter. Mmmm, that’s probably what smelled so good. He saw me looking at it and offered me a piece. I can’t say no to banana bread and eagerly accepted.

Anthony cut some bread and brought a piece up to my mouth to try. I took a bite and it was heavenly. How did he get it so good? I opened my mouth to ask for the recipe but he filled it with more banana bread as well as one of his fingers. I groaned and sucked on his finger like it was his dick while he stared at me wide eyed.

I looked around and moved to part of the kitchen where the counter comes together at a corner. I hopped up on the counter and he was over by me in a flash. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed his groin in between my now spread legs. I felt his hard dick poking at my pussy and I grabbed his ass to pull him in. He kissed me and his mouth parted allowing me to suck his tongue onto mine.

Anthony pulled away and knelt down in front of me. My pussy was at the perfect height sitting on the counter to match his mouth. He stuck his face in my crotch and then stood up to take my pants off. He then lifted me back onto the counter and buried his face in my snatch. I had been wet since I sucked him off in the theater. It was so risky, but so unbelievably hot.

He moaned when he found my wetness and began to expertly eat my pussy. I couldn’t believe how much he seemed to enjoy doing it, but I wasn’t going to complain. He grabbed my thighs and tried to pull me closer to his mouth even though he was pushing his face into me as hard as he could. When he finally came up for air he looked like he was half drunk.

I pushed his head back down and he had no complaints. I leaned back on the counter and he pushed my legs as wide as they would go. He suckled on my clit until I felt that familiar feeling starting to build. He somehow felt it too and slid a finger in my pussy. I let out a cry, needing something more substantial to fill me up.

He removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue all while still sucking on my clit. My head was all over the place and my body was tingling so much it felt like it was asleep. I felt his lubed finger massaging my ass and that sent me over the edge. I sat up as much almanbahis güvenilirmi as I could and held his face on my pussy while I began to shriek. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and was gasping for air. I had never felt such pleasure before.

Anthony continued to lick my pussy until my breathing returned to somewhat normal. Then he stood up and kissed me and pulled me off the counter. He led me to his bedroom. We both took off our clothes and began kissing again. I could taste myself on him and it turned me on even more.

I laid down on the bed and he went to eat me out again, but I needed his big dick in me. I pulled him up onto my body and reached down to grab his hard as steel cock. He gasped at my touch and the moaned as I guided him into my wet tunnel.

I started pushing my hips upwards to take him in. I looked up to find him looking right back back me. I paused for a moment before pulling his head to mine for a tender kiss. Then I pushed him off me a little and put my left hand on his right wrist. I moved his hand to my throat and pushed down a little.

Anthony looked at me with surprise and started to back away a little, but I locked my legs around him forced him to stay put. A grin broke out on his face so I again placed his hand on my neck.

He wrapped his fingers around my neck but his touch was extremely light as if he didn’t want to hurt me. I took his fingers and increased the pressure so he had a firm grip, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. He began thrusting his hard dick in and out which felt great, but I wanted more pressure on my throat.

I grabbed his wrist and pushed it down a bit and I felt him back off a little. I pushed my neck up into his hand to show him how much force I would like and then retreated my neck into the bed. He was a quick learner and pushed down with the right amount of pressure.

“Fuck me Anthony. I want you to hold me down and fuck. Show me you’re in control. Please I need you to fuck me.”

He responded by moaning loudly and fucking me hard. His hand was still holding my head down but the rest of my body was getting banged around as he drove into me wildly. I was crying out with pleasure which caused him to grip my neck and lean down over me to look at my face while he fucked me.

I was in absolute heaven with this stud and I needed him to drill me from behind. I pushed up at his chest a little and he immediately released my neck and sat up. I pulled my pussy off his rod and got up on all fours.

I felt a smack on my right ass cheek and then his cock slipping into me. I threw my head back with delight and gasped as the sensation as he slowly sank all the way to the hilt. He took my hair in one hand and my throat with the other and started fucking me with fast, short strokes.

“Oh baby you’re so hot I’m gonna cum for you. Where do you want me to shoot?”

“I want you to cum inside my pussy baby. I wanna feel it hitting me on the inside. Please cum for me.”

He still had one hand on my neck and released my hair with the other to bring his fingers to my mouth. He stuck his index and middle fingers in the side of my mouth which I sucked on like they were his dick. Two more strokes and he was over the edge.

“Oh baby you’re making me cum! Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

I pushed back as hard as I could and continued to suck on his fingers. He grabbed my ass as he plunged into me and shot rope after rope of cum in my pussy. He fell onto my back gasping for air while still moaning about how good it felt.

We fell onto our sides with his cock still inside me. It slipped out after about 5 minutes when it softened. He got up and said he was going to fix us a snack, and gave me a peck on the lips before stumbling out of his room.

Is this man a unicorn?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32