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Big Tits

I wouldn’t mind walking up behind you and grabbing around your waste and slamming you into a wall. NO, Not to beat you… I don’t beat women!

I want to press my hard cock into the small of your back, as I breathe in the warm sweet essence of your arousal. I feel your heart racing at 100 miles a minute. Your breathing is erratic as you wonder what I’m about to do next.

I lick the sweet skin of your neck and then sink my teeth into your flesh and you gasp from the slight pressure you feel. With the weight of my body against you, I forcefully pull your arms and out stretch them on the walls, and whisper in your ear, “Don’t move them. No matter what!”

I trail my fingertips down the length of your arms and down your sides. A gasp escapes your lips as my fingertips make contact with your skin where your shirt has risen and exposed your naked flesh. I hook my index fingers into the waist band of your skirt and forcefully rip it over your firm round ass, to expose your black boy-shorts.

I kneel behind you and start peppering kisses all over the small of your back and on top of your panties and all over your little ass. I pull your panties down and let them pool at your feet. Your tiny ass is SO irresistible, and as my fingertips trace lines up the backs of your calves and thighs, I let my one hand travel into the inside of your legs to the center of the V.

I can already feel the dewy güvenilir bahis moisture that has started to form from your ever present arousal and my fingers have no trouble at all finding their destination and slipping up inside of you.

Another moan comes from your soft lips as you spread your legs wider, giving me easier access to your honey pot. I slowly curl my fingers and extend them, driving you insane with wanton fever, only to pull them out and trace wet lines back over your skin again to grab the puffy cheeks of your ass, and pull them apart.

“No,” you breathe sharply as your body tenses up.

“Shhh! Don’t speak again!” I quip back.

I lean in closer to your tight rosebud as I breathe hot breath into your cheeks and extend my tongue to lick your tight hole. I lay my flat tongue across the entire hole and your knees buckle and go weak as if you’re going to fall.

A loud moan escapes your lips this time, and you can’t help but to speak again. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

I pull your sweet cheeks apart as far as they will go and I start tongue fucking that tasty rose bud. Your body collapses against the wall and your knees go weak. I can faintly smell the arousal and heat emanating from your wet warm hot box, and I can see the wetness traveling down the inside of your thighs in streams.

You can’t help but to gasp and moan as the intense shocks electrify your türkçe bahis body. “oh my God. Oh my. My… my…” you murmur. “You’ve got to stop that, it feels so good though.” I pay you no mind as I keep forcing my thick tongue into your tiny hole.

My fingers that are still inside of you are now probing gently, with your sweet nectar softly sloshing around, and running down my wrist and forearm.

With all of your might, and your best effort, you push your body from the wall and turn around. My licking and finger probing were disrupted, and now I’m on my knees, looking up into your sparkling eyes.

Although no words are exchanged, I know exactly what you want to say. With only your index finger, you place it firmly under my chin, and stand me up with little force. You close your eyes, and bring my lips to yours and our soft lips meet for the first time. Your tongue breaks the plain of my lips and finds mine as it squirms around my mouth almost if you lost something and were trying to find it.

“You taste like soap, and sex.” you whisper once you break the kiss. “I want to feel your cock inside of me.”

But almost as if you are going against what you just said, you slide down the wall to kneel down between my legs. The sound of the zipper is so loud and crisp against the deafening silence in the room. Your tiny fingers reach in the top of my boxers and fish out an ever hardening piece of hot güvenilir bahis siteleri meat, and you wrap your precious lips around it’s thick mass and it’s bulbous head.

All the way to the hilt, it slides in your mouth and half way down your throat with ease. In and out of your hot, wet mouth it slides with such ease, as saliva forms at the corners of your mouth.

The sound of your sucking reaches my tender ear drums and only goes right through me.

“Much more of this darling, and I’m going to explode all down your throat.” I whisper.

“Don’t you DARE!” you quickly quip back. “I want it to fill my hole and drip out slowly.”

You stand up and pull me into your body and I slide inside you and just hold it there. I can feel your muscles contracting around me and my knees start to weaken.

In and out I start to slide of your slick tunnel. You pull me into you, and your hot breath is brushing past my ear as I push into you over and over.

You pepper kisses all over my chin and face, and I extend my neck as you start sucking and biting my vulnerable flesh.

I can feel my orgasm building, and I can hear yours building deeply inside of you. “Cum with me” you say as I throw all caution to the wind and start mercilessly pounding my body into yours, and thrusting my cock deeper into your tunnel.

My throbbing cock is about to explode and the orgasm is painfully present inside of my bowels.

“I’m gonna cum.” you moan into my ear. “Oh my god, I’m… ah, ahh,…Fuck!” as I shoot endless ropes of cum inside of you and our bodies are racked with orgasm!…

(To be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32