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Age Differences

Once she had had her intense orgasm, she tightened her fingers around his hair and pulled him out of her. Smiling, she looked down at him. He didn’t deserve a thanks, she decided. Pushing him away with her foot, she let him out of her grip.

“Did you enjoy that, baby?”

His tongue was too sore for him to respond, just as she had thought. She smiled at his slippery failure.

“Now, since we have the place to ourselves for the week, I will be staying here. And you, my little toy, will be my slave. Nod if you understand.” There was an authority in her voice.

His eyes widened, and quickly lowered. He nodded.

“Do you know why you haven’t had the chance to release your juices yet, honey?” She paused for a second to make it look like an offer for him to respond. Without waiting for it though, she continued. “It is so that you don’t blame me for your next embarrassment!” A smirk appeared on her face.

He looked up at her, puzzled, completely unaware of what she was talking about.

“I’ll give you one chance to redeem your sorry little ass.” She waited for his face to light up at the sight of opportunity. And it did. She smiled before she continued. “I’m going to give you half an hour to recover from this, and after that, we’re going to wrestle… If you win, I’ll go home and never bother you again.”

She saw his face light up, while his mind began to work on how he would achieve it.

“…However.. If I win, which bahis siteleri clearly I will, you will serve me for the rest of the year. As I please!”

She allowed him a few moments to understand the risk, and then looked right into his eyes.

“DO you accept?”

Joe was more than elated at a chance of escape. He knew he had no choice. He was at her mercy anyway. After a brief pause, he nodded in agreement.

“Good boy! Strip down to your briefs, and meet me on the bed in 30 minutes.”

And there they were, on either side of his bed, looking at each other with anticipation. He was in his briefs as commanded, and she had stripped down to her bra and panties.

“Oh and one more thing. This is a submission match. 3 falls. The first one to get two submissions out of the other wins. You know what’s at stake, of course!” She winked.

He gulped, but took it on without a flinch. They closed in on each other, on their knees…watching each other carefully. He decided to surprise her with a lunge.

Smiling, she leaned back, opened her legs, trapped his body between her thighs, and gave a tight squeeze. Midair, he fell sideways, wincing and twisting in her grip, both his hands trying to pry her legs apart. Without breaking a sweat, she smiled at him.

“Didn’t you realize how strong I am yet? Why are you even trying babe?” She giggled and squeezed just a little more. “How long do you want to be trapped?” She gave him a flying canlı bahis siteleri kiss.

“Ughh…” he groaned and moaned, twisted and tried. But he only lost his breath in the process. He could smell defeat already.

“The longer you struggle, the more breath you’ll lose. Be wise, just stop this right here and try harder the next time! Try ‘smarter’!” She smirked.

He tapped her thighs thrice. Giving him a final squeeze, she let him go.

“Ooh. That’s 1 for me. And zero for you!” She beamed at him.

Embarrassed, he retreated back to his side, and grabbed his body, gasping for breath, easing his pain.

“Round 2 begins in one minute.” She cooed.

He never recovered from the loss though. Completely stripped of his confidence, he made frail and stupid attempts to contain her, but soon found himself on his back, with her sitting atop his chest, her thighs hugging his face from either side, and his wrists pinned under her legs.

“Now now now… Look what we have here! A little boy beaten senseless by a girl!” She played with his nose as she spoke to him. “I’ll admit, you DID try your best!” She teased him.

“Round 3 in 1 minute. I’ll give you an opportunity to get your pride back before you lose it to me forever!”

He waited this time, for her to make the first move.

“What happened sweet, scared to make a move?” And with that, she lunged over him, pushed his face into her breasts and rolled over, canlı bahis making sure he was sunk in deep. Next moment, she had him on his back again, her legs entwining his and spreading them wide. She had gotten him in her favorite – the breast smother & grapevine combo!

Once she had him firmly under control, she lifted herself off his face, looking down at him panting and gasping. “Oooooh sweety! Was that too fast for you?” She fake-pouted.

He looked up at her, still in shock.

“Oh don’t worry! It’s over now. You’ll be mine soon!” She smiled and hugged his face again, her arms wrapping around his neck, her breasts suffocating him, and her legs making his completely immobile! It was only a matter of time before he tapped out vigorously.

She got up slightly, slid down a little and smashed her lips onto his, grinding her crotch onto his in a circular motion.

“I’ll admit, this round was only for my pleasure!” She said against his lips. Soon, she slid down both their underwear and grabbed his hard member, sliding it into her.

“And now, time for a ride!” And with that, she started riding him slowly. His hands were pinned under hers. She was kissing him all over his face and neck.

“Beg me!” She commanded.

He obliged. And she rode him like she had always wanted. Wild, reckless, without mercy.

He cummed within a minute, as she had expected. She kicked him off the bed.

“We’ll discuss the rest of the deal tomorrow. Breakfast tomorrow at 7, sharp! Go, now!”

She watched him hang his head and close the door.

She turned to the ceiling and fingered herself to her last orgasm of the night. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32