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Chapter 4: George

I Become The Aggressor

I was out running some errands and decided to stop at the local Bennigan’s for a beer. I was surprised to see there was only one other person in the bar; he was probably my age; I nodded a greeting then sat on a stool where the video poker game is and ordered my drink. As I was sipping the cold brew I put a dollar in the poker machine and dealt a hand. I was deal 4 sevens so I won more games. As I played I kept winning. The other guy came over to watch; he sat on the stool next to me and asked how I managed to win so consistently: I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders and told him I had no idea. It was then I noticed he was wearing shorts and about an inch and a half of his pecker was exposed below the hem on the left leg. I tried to avoid looking but I just had to see this again; I got caught. I introduced myself and apologized for staring; and said I couldn’t help it. He told me his name was George and accepted my apology although he was flattered that I was checking him out.

I offered to buy George a beer as I had won several on the poker machine and he accepted. We talked and drank all the beer I had won when George asked if I would like to go to his place as he had a refrigerator full of beer, I accepted his offer. Five minuets later we were sitting on George’s couch with a beer; George put a tape in the VCR and turned it on. It wasn’t surprising that it was a gay porno movie; it started with a white guy blowing a black guy. George was watching for my reaction to the movie; I shocked him when I said I’ve done that myself. He was speechless for a minuet then asked if I was kidding. I replied; no I am not kidding and I would like to suck your cock also.

At this George told me that he had never had sex with a man but that lately he had fantasized about it. I looked him in the eye and asked if he wanted to realize his fantasy. George nodded his head and muttered yes. At this I reached over and put my hand on his now stiffening cock; it felt even larger than I thought it was. I asked George to take his cloths off so I could get a better look.

George stood up and removed his shirt then dropped his shorts, he wasn’t wearing shorts so there artemisbet yeni giriş it was; a well formed eight inch cock with a huge head and he was not circumcised. George also had no pubic hair which I appreciated. This was a dream come true for me a big uncut hairless cock; I slid the foreskin away from the big purple head and ran my tongue over and around it. I got my first taste of the pre-cum that was oozing from his now fully erect cock. George let out a moan and pushed a little more of his cock into my mouth. I put my hands on the cheeks of his ass and pulled him toward me and took all of his cock that would fit in my mouth. I got about six inches before I started to gag. Since this was George’s first time to have his cock sucked by another man he soon filled my mouth with his cum. I managed to swallow all he gave me; I kept his cock in my mouth until he became soft.

As I let his cock slip from my mouth I looked up at George; he had his eyes closed and a well satisfied look on his face. I leaned back on the couch and took a long drink of my beer. George opened his eyes and looked at me; he said that he had never experienced anything that good before. He sat next to me and put his hand on my thigh. He then asked if he could suck my cock; it was obvious that he was unsure of himself. I told him that he didn’t have to but if he really wanted too I would like it. I stood and removed my cloths; then sat back down. George reached over and started playing with my cock; in a short time I could tell he was getting more relaxed. After I became fully erect George got on his knees and started licking the head of my cock; soon he took me into his mouth and started sucking and licking the full length of my cock. For his first time he was doing a very good job. He would tease me with his teeth then suck me really hard. I was beginning to think he was more experienced at cocksucking than he admitted to. With his technique he soon had me on the verge of cumming; I told him that I was about to cum and instead of stopping he sucked harder. With this new pressure I couldn’t hold back any longer and filled his mouth with a large load of cum. George took it like a pro and didn’t spill a drop; after he artemisbet giriş swallowed my load he started licking the underside of my shaft and my balls. George even licked my asshole; which I love.

Soon George was on the couch next to me; I said for the first time you really did a professional job. George said that he had been taught by the best cocksucker he had ever known; his wife. He said she always gave him a blowjob before they had sex because she got so turned on sucking his cock and licking his ass; so he did me the way she did him.

We drank another beer and watched more of the video; when the white guy fucked the black guy George asked if I had ever been ass fucked. I admitted that I had and that I had fucked other guys. He asked if I liked it; I told him that the first time wasn’t that good but that it got better the more you experienced it. He said that he would like to fuck me; I agreed and told him to get some lubricant.

George returned with a pillow for my knees and a tube of KY jelly; I applied the jelly to his stiff cock and got on my hands and knees so George could lube my asshole.

I felt George’s cock against my ass and he gently started pushing the head in. I could feel my asshole being stretched more than it had ever been before; soon the head and about three inches were inside me. George stopped at this point and asked if I could take more; I pushed back on him until I felt his balls hitting mine and his belly was touching my ass. George started fucking me slowly and would pull almost all the way out before plunging his cock back in me. This was the best I have ever been fucked; I had been fucked by this sized cock before so it wasn’t the size but the method that made it so good. Of coarse the head of Georges cock was the biggest I have ever been exposed too. Too soon George said that he was cumming and I could feel his cock get harder then start jerking as he filled my bowels with his sperm. George leaned forward and kissed me several times on my back as his cock softened and slipped from my ass.

I could feel the cum running from my ass when I felt George’s tongue licking it from my balls and ass. This was a first for me and it was amazingly stimulating. artemisbet güvenilirmi

George got up and collapsed on the couch. I turned over and sat on the pillow and looked at George; he said that every time he fucked his wife he cleaned her pussy or ass afterward and he wanted to do me the same way. I told him that this was the only time that I was licked clean but it felt great and that I really enjoyed it and he had my o. k. to lick my ass any time he felt like it.

I asked him if he had ever been butt fucked and if so did he like it. George said that his wife had used a dildo on him several times and that he had enjoyed it. Since I had another erection I asked if he would like to try the real thing. By way of an answer he started putting KY jelly on my cock;

George lay on his back on the couch and asked me to do him so we would be face to face. I greased his ass and got on my knees and slipped my cock in him with ease. I started humping him slowly as he gently rubbed my nipples; another first and it felt good. George’s ass was tight but nice and slippery so I was able to work at a fast of slow speed. I could also play with his cock which I found exciting; as I mentioned earlier he is uncut and since I had never had the chance to play with foreskin I was having fun with this also. I guess I was massaging his prostate because George started cumming as I masturbated him. He tightened his ass around my cock so that it felt like I was fucking a vice; with this kind of pressure I was soon shooting my load deep in his ass. As I was cumming I leaned forward and sucked his nipples; he went wild from that. I sucked and licked his nipples until my cock slipped from his ass. I rocked back until I was over his cock which I took in my mouth and sucked out the rest of his cum; I then licked the cum from his belly.

We both went to the bathroom and showered together; of coarse our cocks got washed more that was really necessary. I really enjoyed playing with George’s uncut cock and I was building a major resentment for the people that decided that circumcision should be preformed at birth.

George then confessed that this was the first sex he had since his wife died a year before; he asked if we could continue seeing each other. I got his phone number and gave him mine and agreed that we should see each other as often as we could. We embraced; I got dressed and as I was leaving I turned around and took his cock in my hand and leaned over and kissed it good-bye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32