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If you have read my other stories, you will know that my recent sexual activities have been ordered by, shared with and made so much more pleasurable by, my master – Mr Butt.

You will also know that I like him to be in control but that I enjoy some control over men too and that was how it began with us. So it seemed only reasonable that I explain the story of our first meeting so let me tell you how it all began 15 years ago…

I guess I’ve always been a bit of a cock-teaser – I mean I knew my legs were good and I’ve always been into keeping in good shape, dancing etc.

I’ve also known since I was 16 that my butthole was my most erogenous zone – so naturally I wore really short skirts with what passed for sexy undies and shoes in girls of my age; there were some quite nice younger teachers at my high school, but I always enjoyed cock-teasing the older men the most… you know, stretching the short lycra skirt tight over my bottom when I bent down and letting my legs “accidentally” fall open in class to show my knickers; licking my lips when they looked at me and that sort of thing…

Anyway, all the guys in the final year used to ogle my legs and whistle at me but it took an older man to turn me on to the power of my ass and how to make the most of high heels.

I was hanging out in our local CD store, just browsing and killing time, showing off a bit with a tight crop top, short tight miniskirt, bare legs and shiny lace up knee boots with platform high heels, when I noticed an attractive older man about 45 sort of looking over at me from the other side of the store.

Every time I caught his eye, I could tell he was looking at the rear view of my legs & ass and boots and when I caught him looking he didn’t quite look away like all the young guys do but sort of glanced up at me and looked me full in the eye. It was very sexy teasing this guy and was getting me kinda hot!

I “casually” walked round to his side of the browsers and he came up and asked me , quite shyly in a nice way, if I did any modelling(!) as he was a professional glamour photographer on holiday but was always on the bahis siteleri lookout for promising girls.

Of course I said I didn’t but to keep the conversation going I said I’d be interested to find out what was involved. He tolm his name was Mr Butt and I introduced myself as Chantelle. He invited me to join him for a coffee back at his hotel where he explained that what he specialised in was leg glamour modelling and would I like to see some of the lingerie items I’d be expected to model?

I agreed, feeling myself getting wetter in my knickers all the time, and we were soon back in his room where he unpacked from his drawers an enormous collection of corsets, seamed nylons, sheer pantyhose and high heeled shoes and boots! [Back then, I didn’t really appreciate how involved a fetish can be, but the stuff looked really sexy and I wanted to play along to see if I could get this older guy really drooling for me!]

So I gasped with delight and sexual arousal at the sight but he mistook this for concern and was very kind to me which made me all the more horny for him! I asked him if I could try some things on and although he offered to look some things out for me I pretended to be shy and asked if he would leave me for a few minutes to let me choose something myself.

He went back downstairs and I looked out the horniest gear I could find – I chose a black tight corset with 12 suspender straps(I’d never seen anything like it!) long black gloves and a choker, long black seamed nylons, tiny black high cut briefs and finished off with a stunning pair of shiny stiletto heeled black zipup knee boots – these had a 4 inch platform sole with an eight or nine inch stilletto heel and I could barely walk in them at first, but knowing how good my ass looked in the mirror I had to master a good bending pose before he returned.

I had just managed to bend forward with my legs straight and my hands holding the ankles of my boots (my ass was right up in the air) when he walked in!

He let out a low groan when he saw me and said

“Fuck me! Are you sure you’ve not modelled before?”

I replied “Oooh! I’m sorry, canlı bahis siteleri I seem to be stuck; I was trying to bend over. Can you help me?”

Although he was almost panting with lust like an animal (I later discovered that he wanted to bury his face between my cutely spread bumcheeks there and then), he did come and help me up to my feet.

When I saw myself fully dressed like that in the mirror I thought I’d give him a few hints so I squealed with delight and said

“Oooh! I look just like a little whore and it makes me feel so horny!”

At the same I pretended to be losing my balance and sort of fell into his arms, accidentally placing my hand on his crotch where I found to my genuine astonishment an enormous fat very hard bulge. My expression and my sharp intake of breath must have given me away for he started to apologise for being so hard and said it was because of the position he’d found me in when he came into the room.

I of course was hoping he was into my butt, told him I was flattered and asked him what had made him so hard. He confessed to being an assman! Yeess! Shyly I asked him if he’d ever kissed a girls asshole and would he do it for me.

He groaned again and fell to his knees asking me in a sort of whisper to turn round. He started by licking the tops of my legs and my cheeks very gently and wetly so to encourage him I moaned and started to remove the tiny (and wet!) knickers I was wearing. To get them off I had to repeat my slow bend forward and by the time I reached my ankles he had a full view right between my cheeks.

“Fuck me” he breathed again and then he grabbed the firm flesh of my ass cheeks, spread them really wide and buried his face between them, licking as hard as he could right into my asshole – I was in ecstasy and squealed with delight.

When he stopped to come up for air he asked me to spread my own cheeks for him and I did, glad I remembered to put on my long red false nails because he nearly came when he saw me tickle my little rosebud with the ends of the red nails! Then he spat into my ass crack and after running his finger gently up canlı bahis and down to lubricate my hole he soon had first one, then two fingers in my ass up to the top knuckle, with three fingers of his other hand deep in my soaking pussy.

I was totally fucking out of it – this was all my dreams come true; a cute girly little slut, dressed like a fucking street whore and getting my ass professionally rimmed by a guy old enough to be my Dad!

“Yes, get your fingers right up my asshole, you bastard!” I said.

Then he said he was close to coming so he lifted me gently and lay me on my back on the leather topped table he had in the room; he pulled my bottom to the edge and encouraged me to swing my legs up and over so my feet were by my ears exposing my saliva wet asshole to him, still stretching it as wide as I could with my long red nails.

He was now stroking his enormous cock – not long but the thickest I’d ever seen – and gently nudged the tip between my slimy asscheeks and slapped it up and down on the entrance to my asshole.

“You are fucking outrageous” he said as he stiffened, pulled his skin tight back over his dome and aiming his angry monster carefully at my darkest hole, yelled out and squirted pints and pints of the thickest flood of jism I had ever seen into my wide spread brown-eye. It felt lovely and warm up there and as some squirted onto my nails, I lifted them up and sucked all that spunk off them into my mouth.

Could sex be any better? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained so I sat up and slid to the edge of the table so I could get his spent boner in my hands and looked him in the eyes. Then I spat full in his face and laughed.

“You’re a dirty fucking old pervert, aren’t you?”

“Ha!” he laughed back “You don’t know the half of it”

And he grabbed my face in his hands, forced my mouth open and spat forcefully back into my open mouth.

Fuck, I nearly came again, I had really the hots for this sort of humiliation and I couldn’t believe how horny the spitting made me.

“So, if I don’t know the half, how am I going to find out?” I asked.

And so began a stunning relationship that I only imagined could exist in my fantasies. Now I am 32 and we are still living out our horny dreams together and there are lots more tales to tell so watch out for some more from me in future…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32