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A beautiful Sunday beckoned for riding on two wheels, leading my wife and our married friend across the street go bicycle riding. She had just received a new bicycle for her birthday, and was eager to break it in, with my wife along for its first long distance outing.

On my part, sitting on a motorcycle for hours is a fine way to pass time, but riding 15 or 20 miles and pedaling leaves an unpleasant reminder for days whenever I sit. Something I do too much of anyways, reflected in one of the side effects of getting older – I might have fantasized about getting fucked in the ass by a hard cock, but the reality is uncomfortably different these days.

The two women left around 1pm, ideal timing not only for the afternoon sunshine, but for the opportunity it gave me to enjoy some of the fine smoking supplies my bi-friend had come across, followed by a very leisurely shower, and cleaning up a bit around the house before making my own, much shorter, journey. This time, able to restrain myself enough to leave the house comfortably after 2pm.

Sitting at the bar, drinking my customary glass of beer, the Internet PC was free. I brought my glass over, sat down, and began surfing. The PC is against the glass wall which faces the outside lounging area, and an older man opened the door to my left to enter it. Leading to thoughts that led to some of the sites that make me horny. The wrapped towel covered my lap, but as my legs spread while reading the last couple of week’s comments at one bathhouse forum site, the feeling of being exposed increased – again, the feeling of just how sexy wearing a skirt without underwear must be occurred to me in a more than theoretical sense.

He sat down on a wooden bench against the outer wall, just a couple of yards away, directly across from me. The idea of exposing myself, assuming he was interested at all, made my cock stir more strongly, since it was already more than an idea. I was naked from his perspective, adding an element of naughtiness. An interesting sensation, partially because of its general rarity – I either don’t do something that feels merely naughty, or else what I’m doing is far beyond the somewhat pale feeling of being naughty. Teasing, a related area, is much the same – well, when clothed. Naked teasing is something else, especially when making someone beg for more.

Drinking a bit more of the pale golden liquid, sparkling in the fall light, it was obvious he wasn’t interested in a middle-aged man’s crotch, unsurprisingly. Possibly because he seemed to be more than a bit hungover- There exists a distinct group of people who feel a sauna is the best place to deal with the after effects of a long night, or weekend, of drinking. A belief which has nothing to do with sexual tastes, more widespread among Scandinavians or Russians than others, two groups that have a lot of experience with hard drinking.

This male only bathhouse, the only one of my experience, costs no more than a straight sauna, and it is quite possible to simply ignore the sexual byplay, though there is no question that it caters to men who enjoy sex with other men. On the other hand, when dealing with naked adults, there is always at least a background element of sexual byplay. My wife has certainly rubbed her ass and breasts against my hard cock in the common pool of a couple of public saunas, and spread her legs and fingered her pussy in an empty steambath while I watched.

And one time in winter, snow falling, with older and now newly covered snow all around, going barefoot from the very hot and dry sauna in an outdoor hut to the good sized heated pool next to it, she made me hard and then stroked me while I looked at another, somewhat older naked women a couple of yards away. She had roundly heavy breasts, nicely hard nipples obvious in the cold air, and a full black bush. My head was a bit turned, my attention becoming more fixed on her, making it a bit of surprise when my wife slid against me, asking what I was looking at, and whether I wanted to fuck her.

Her tongue tracing my ear as her breasts slid against my chest, I was barely able to ask ‘fuck who?,’ making her giggle before sliding her thighs against mine, her body almost weightless as she held on to the tile at the edge. My cock between her legs, she began to bob a bit, even as I kept looking at another women, her dark nipples almost as large as those of my bi-friend, who has very noticeable and very large aerolas. Till that point, this was by far the closest I had ever come to enjoying group sex, even if reality, a straight sauna isn’t really a place to have sex, and the other woman was simply a naked person without any contact to my wife or I.

Though maybe, straight sauna is not quite correct – I did once see two naked women kissing, but at a mixed public sauna, it feels impolite to stare. And from reading at a couple of male cruising sites (yes, these days, it makes sense to try to keep broadly informed), at that particular sauna, the attendants pay much closer canlı bahis attention to the bubble filled jacuzzi, even if then, during that same visit with my wife, the four men in it seemed to be enjoying more than just the bubbles, as she noted with a bit of slightly offended curiosity.

Back in the present, I finished the beer, closed the browser tabs, returning the empty and pearled glass before heading upstairs. It wasn’t empty, but the dark area was – continuing a long running pattern. What was interesting was that the feel of the air reminded me of my earlier visits – a rising column of warmth where the spiral staircase divided the 3 levels. It made me think that having experienced four seasons, maybe fall was the best time to get rimmed – and that fall had seemingly arrived.

Going to the other side, the video theater was showing a threesome in slightly larger than life quality, with a well recorded sound track of people not needing to act. Looking at the screen, my hand slid between the ends of the wrapped towel, reaching my dangling cock, and with my hand touching it, I then looked around to see a couple of men on the broad benches, both jacking off. Confident that the porn scene would run a while, I moved to the middle level, sitting on my towel, conveniently easy to open as my cock hardened, leaving me almost completely exposed.

The man on the lower level was less exposed, the white towel still covering his thighs, if not the cock he was stroking. The other man, on the upper tier was uncovered, with a harder and larger cock. The highest tier was considerably wider than the other two, creating a somewhat set back area to enjoy the porn quite privately, with a more bed like feel – a very large bed.

Compared to most other times when in this part of the bath house, the porn selection was starting to make me really hot. After a few minutes of very enjoyable stroking, especially when looking at the man above me, I shifted to the top level. Watching the threesome enjoy many of the same things I had over the past couple of years, I finally turned my head, becoming captivated by the sight of another man jacking himself off to porn we were both enjoying.

Not that this was a surprise – some of my deepest erotic memories involve jacking off to Playboys and Penthouses with a friend, until we couldn’t stop ourselves from watching each other cum. Even in my later 40s, the attraction to seeing a hard cock is irresistible. It was this desire that had first led to my exploring gloryholes, as stroking myself while getting turned on by porn is what led to my watching another man do the same, until we both came in creamy liquid bliss.

His cock was about the same size as mine, but his motions were much slower, focused more on gliding over his cockhead. My fist was sliding quickly, torn between the man next to me and the action on the screen – and wherever I turned my eyes, the sensation of pure lust just increased. But just like in the long ago past, neither of us made any move to the other. He wet his fingers, and returned them to his cockhead, This made me unable to suppress my response to what he was doing to his hot cock, arching my back while watching him play, my breathing growing louder and my stroking harder.

He didn’t seem to mind my watching, but remained completely focused on the porn, and after a while, the threesome was replaced by a pair, and the attraction faded. Particularly as in my horny mood, and knowing by now that downstairs likely had at least a few visitors, this was a good time to do a hit of poppers, and go down into the steamy darkness.

Downstairs, there were a couple of people in the steambath, but no activity. Sitting down in one of my favored spots, I felt dripping from ceiling, a different experience from the last time, where the steambath had just been heating up. I left the basically empty dampness after a while, showered briefly, and went into the bubbling whirlpool, knowing that its next cycle would be basically off until returning to the over the top fountaining.

There were several men already in the water, all stiff and uninvolved with one another. This has been my general experience of the whirlpool, and only once have I seen two men enjoying the water filled space, each floating and lightly stroking along feet and legs and erect cocks – interrupted when the central fountain effect had started. Now, with the whirlpool in its quiet phase, I realized that quiet wasn’t the right adjective – the sounds of suction from the drains was almost comically loud at times. As the central fountain effect started, I left, dried off, and went back upstairs.

I did two deep hits from the larger jungle juice bottle, the first hit being so strong that doing another as my cock swelled that the second one was almost impossible to avoid, as it had been impossible to focus on closing the cap as my hand start touching my desiring cock. I was getting really horny, and knew that just a few steps away, naked strangers were bahis siteleri wanting cock as much as I. Going down the spiral staircase, the column of warm rising humid air played along my sensitive skin, a beckoning invitation to enter what would definitely feel like its source.

Putting my glasses and towel in the smaller sectioned alcove to the left of the glass doors, I took a couple of condoms out of my black bag, opening the door to enter the steam bath. Inside, several men were standing about, one with hand on his cock, with the clear sounds of sucking coming from the hidden back. I sat down on the front bench, taking the time to adapt to the darkness and temperature.

My desires soon made me stand, moving to the narrowest part of the wall opposite the door, at the intersection of the entranceway to both the shower and the rear area. This was a good place to watch and listen, if a bit uncomfortable when someone squeezed by too clumsily, in any of several senses.

More men circulated around, and coming from the back, another man reached for my flaccid but horny cock, then stopped as I gasped, too obviously it seemed. My wife has also noticed this almost unavoidable reaction, including telling me at another sauna that if I couldn’t be quiet, she would have to stop rubbing her breasts against my cock. Considering the staff circulating around, not an idle threat – but it remains a real challenge to not express my pleasure obviously, even when required.

His hand started explore my cock and sack, making me respond, in several ways, including reaching for his chest, wanting to slide a finger or palm along his nipple, but the edge of the condom wrappers in my left hand reached his skin first. This didn’t seem to bother him, even as I wondered briefly whether he had actually been scratched, regretting my clumsiness. Condoms have their flaws, but my wife certainly expects them to be used, even if she doesn’t know anything about my visits here. Her expectations of a responsible partner are certainly the same as my own – using condoms may slightly interrupt the enjoyment of the moment, but that is much better than dealing with the diseases they basically prevent, much less passing them along to others.

He wasn’t hard, clearly filled with a much greater interest in making me hard, forcing my hand to slacken its efforts, until becoming unable to continue its efforts on him while he made my so hot. My cock was feeling really horny, his stroking resulting in my leaning back against the damp wall in complete surrender to the pleasure.

We were not quite blocking the passage to the rear area, and our moving a bit more into the darkness also opened up the free space, as the shower area curved away to form a section of the darker area in the back. No one was in our immediate area, but I have generally considered such passages as being public, not private space, used for moving between different sections of the steamroom. Not that my thinking was particularly sharp by now, his stroking beginning to make me really hot.

When he turned and slid his ass against me, my first reaction was hesitant, to put it mildly. In part, because of a certain confusion, having been fairly convinced that he had wanted to go down on me, considering the way he had made me so hard. In part, because I was just too horny to completely follow what was going on, and being presented an ass to fuck was something to be reflexively refused, especially without a condom. Which were in my hand, true, but at the time, that fact didn’t really register.

Moving away a bit, he followed, his available ass keeping contact with my cock. Of course, my own hand had not stopped stroking him, my movement nothing but a way to create a bit of space. Having now partially moved into the lit area, it was obvious that a few men were hanging around, though separately. A couple were hard, a couple weren’t, but my own erection must have been obvious as another man’s hand slid along it. Not to mention my reaction, my moans starting to get louder.

Replying to his own interests, my left leg moved between his thighs, my cock rubbing on the outside of his hip. His hand kept stroking me as my leg moved against him, pressing against his spread cheeks to feel his hanging balls, leading to the temptation to wonder about fucking a man in public. I have never actually fucked a man at the bathhouse, though the opportunity has arisen more than once. However, his cock still wasn’t getting harder, putting a certain damper on my desire – in most cases, an assurance of mutual interest being a basic requirement of my own satisfaction.

Not always – like the time I had been helplessly tempted into having my ass rimmed upstairs, the pleasure of it so complete that after a bit, I was unable to do anything but sit my ass on his face, letting his tongue control me with its skill.

Here in the steam, a horny stranger’s desire to have my cock inside him kept getting harder to ignore, as he moved to place my cock bahis şirketleri between his legs. Even with condoms in my left hand, this situation was just too much for me to handle, a forbidden temptation so available that the only response in my mind was to keep it distant. However, my mind also recognized that my body was taking charge, with a last conscious reminder of how closely condoms were at hand. Pretty much my last complete thought was that I should really move away, even as my leg moved between his thighs again, his own motions in return just making plain what my cock could enjoy.

His hand remained on my erect cock, as I turned a bit to kiss his ear, my tongue sliding down to his neck, continuing lower until reaching his nipple, which became erect quickly. His other hand began playing with my nipple, and again, I couldn’t keep from moaning helplessly in response. By now, he had pretty much left me in a state where not fucking him would be almost impossible. He knew it, as I moved away a last time to be able to shakily put on a condom. Almost ironically, one originally bought more with the idea of fucking my wife in mind, being a variety with extra lube.

In the past, I have preferred lambskin condoms when fucking women, but they are only suitable for preventing pregnancy, not stopping viruses – but at least the latex condoms I had bought just a week before share one feature of those older style condoms, which is plenty of lube. Something that also recalled my past when jacking off with a male friend, the Trojan condoms he and I had used a couple of times back then also being full of wonderfully slippery liquid that was magically intoxicating when it spread along on our cockheads down our shafts.

Now, in the damp and minimally lit space of the steambath, it wasn’t difficult to determine the proper orientation to roll the condom down my rigid shaft, quickly covering 2/3 of it before placing my horny cock back between his legs. He moved a bit, then a bit more, my cock questing for its goal, with a distinct lack of patience or experience becoming apparent. I gasped when I found it, his hand having taken told of my motions, guiding me in, the sensation of sliding into his smooth tightness almost making me cum, a fantastic sensation impossible to resist in the past.

Though this time, unlike my last visit to a gloryhole or the other time I had fucked a man’s willing ass at an older but recently expanded adult video/bookstore/gloryhole establishment, Rush wasn’t directly involved, allowing enough restraint to keep me from orgasming in sheer ecstasy, even as the very kinky sensation of actually fucking a man’s ass enveloped me.

The idea of fucking someone in the ass is one of my somewhat hidden turn-ons, as the only other times I have really done it was with my first girl friend, quite drunk. Both times, it was a bit of an effort, satisfying enough to both of us, but too much work compared to the easy satisfaction of fucking. My wife also enjoys the idea of anal games, but with a couple of notable exceptions, she doesn’t want a cock even near her sexy ass, though a finger playing in her butthole as she enjoys her toy is fine, especially after drinking a bit. And the exceptions hadn’t involved anything beyond my sliding my cockhead past her squeezing, unbelievably tight asshole as she came.

But here, with half my body in the dark and the other half in the light, his arms stretched out to reach the opposite wall, my safely covered horny cock kept sliding deeper into a stranger’s welcoming ass, the sensation impossible to resist. The awareness that it wasn’t hidden from the other men around me added to a certain kinkiness, increasing the thrill. After my cock was maybe half way in, safely beyond temptation of cumming, another man started kissing the man my cock was fucking. My hand was still on the first man’s cock, which hadn’t really stiffened as my cock entered him, though I was no longer worried about his needs. He had started to move in delightfully entrancing ways, making my stiff cock want nothing but to drive itself deeper.

A situation leading to the predictable result of a stream of words pouring from my mouth – ‘ah .. oh yeah .. ahhhhh .. ah’ – sounds impossible to stop while expressing publicly the pleasure my cock was feeling in his ass. He certainly didn’t seem to mind, moving so perfectly against me, making me louder in turn. By now, I was quite deep inside his sexy hole, having moved my hand to finish unrolling the condom to its full length, fulfilling the final condition for losing myself in fucking. His own hand rapidly reached back, taking over this final task, making it easier to keep fucking him deeper.

The almost forgotten third man reached for my nipples, creating a feeling little more than a distraction from the pure fulfillment of pushing deeper into a tunnel that seemed to grow larger even as it tightened around my hot length, a delightful mixture of contradictions that reversed when drawing my cock back. At least far enough back to again slide deeper, wanting to again fill him with my aroused cock. We settled into a mutual rhythm, without any urgency to cum on my part, concentrating on our completely shared interest in ass fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32