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Big Dicks

I had always had a romantic notion of what it was like to be an airline stewardess (or “flight attendant”), and a couple of years after graduating from high school, I applied and was accepted to become a stewardess for an international airline, flying mostly national routes and regional puddle-jumpers. It was OK, but it had nowhere near the panache I had imagined it would before I applied. After about 4 years, as I was approaching my 29th birthday, I was growing a little restless with the status quo. As the flight I was working that day prepared to land in Seattle, I found myself wondering if there was another adventure out there for me somewhere.

The crew had a layover scheduled, so as we started walking toward the pick-up spot for the hotel shuttle, I hung back and waited for the pilot, Alan, to leave the cockpit. As he joined me, we changed course and headed to the taxi stand together. Since I started working with Alan about three years ago, we’ve always paired up during our layovers, unless one of us had other arrangements, or unless Alan’s wife was flying with us.

On that particular day we were both flying solo, so we grabbed a taxi together and headed to the layover hotel that had been arranged for by the airline. Almost as soon as the taxi pulled away from the curb, Alan had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was a great dick – about 7.5” long, with a nice sized bulbous head – and I loved stroking it, so….as usual….I gave him a nice “warm-up” handjob in the taxi on our way to the hotel. Alan was sitting directly behind the taxi driver, so he couldn’t really see anything, but I’m sure my arm motion and wry smile was leaving no doubt as to what we were up to in his back seat. Alan didn’t always cum during these warm up handjobs, but on that day he was clearly headed toward an eruption, so I leaned over and covered the tip of his shaft with my mouth as he blasted a load of cum down my throat. I swallowed it all, then stroked out the last drop – licking that away with my tongue – before tucking his softening prick back into his slacks and zipping him up.

When we got to the hotel, Alan and I both headed to his designated room. I had my own room, but if we didn’t have partners with us, we usually just stayed in Alan’s. We both needed a shower, so we quickly tossed off our clothes and climbed into the shower stall together. It was a good sized stall, with tile walls on two sides and clear glass walls on the other two sides. As we stepped under the water streaming from the shower head, I grabbed a bar of soap and lathered up Alan’s dangling shaft, which was already semi-hard again, even after getting a handjob in the taxi.

Alan loved fondling my tits – they were natural 36E cups, with large areolas and ¼” nipples that seemed to be perpetually stiff. As we began our shower, I had Alan’s shaft in my hand….stroking the length of it with soapy fingers, evoking low moans from Alan in response….and he had both of my boobs in his hands….lifting and squeezing them while he used his thumbs to flick each nipple, evoking my own low moans in response.

By now my pussy was dripping in anticipation, and kocaeli escort Alan’s prick was standing fully erect in my hand. He spun me around so that I was facing one of the glass walls and pulled my hips toward him, so that my ass and pussy were fully exposed, giving him perfect access for entry. He stroked my pussy lips with one hand while he jerked his own cock a few times with his other. Then he lined up the tip of his shaft with my vagina opening and shoved himself deep inside me with one thrust of his hips.

I grunted from the force of his entry, and my big tits slapped against the glass wall of the shower as he began pounding his stiff rod deep into my cunt. He kicked my feet even farther apart to gain better leverage between my legs, then grabbed both hips and slammed his dick into and out of my pussy with gusto, pressing my boobs and flattening my nipples against the shower wall with every stroke.

I closed my eyes and let out a low, lingering moan as an orgasm ripped through me, causing my body to tremble and my knees to wobble. Fortunately Alan’s hands on my hips kept me upright as a warm tingly sensation washed over me from nipple to clit. Alan kept hammering his cock into me from behind, picking up the pace as he neared his own climax. With a loud groan he threw his hips forward and blasted a huge load of cum deep inside my cunt. He began to slow his thrusts slightly, but kept pounding his prick into and out of my pussy as he enjoyed the throes of his orgasm….his creamy spunk dripping out of my cunt from around his shaft, and onto the shower floor between our legs. After we both caught our breath, we finished our shower…..he washed my pussy and tits, and I washed his cock and nut sack….then we dried each other off before ordering room service for dinner.

When our room service meal was over, Alan said he was bushed and needed to sleep before his next flight, but I was amped up and really needed to do something active. I called one of the other flight attendants and we decided to meet up and go to a nearby night club for some night time fun.

I dressed in a form fitting tube dress made mostly of spandex, with spaghetti straps and no bra, so my big tits wobbled and bounced as I moved about the room. With 5” fuck-me heels on, I was pretty sure I would be getting plenty of attention tonight. I was feeling a bit daring, so I didn’t wear any panties, either. Who knew where this night might lead? My girlfriend and I arrived at the club and – as expected – had no trouble getting in. We positioned ourselves on bar stools along one side of the bar, where we could watch the dance floor and check out the guys…..and other girls, of course.…in the entire room.

After about 20 minutes, a handsome guy – maybe 30 or so – came up next to my left side and introduced himself.

“Hi…my name is Wayne. I noticed you and your friend over here by yourselves,” He said.

Without taking my eyes off the dance floor, I said, “Yeah, we like to people-watch and check out the room, and this is a good out-of-the-way spot to do that.” I reached out for a handshake…”I’m Lexy.”

Just then, my girlfriend accepted an invitation darıca escort to dance, so I watched her head out to the dance floor, leaving Wayne and me on the side of the bar by ourselves.

“I’ll bet you two are flight attendants,” he said.

I turned to look at him over my shoulder and asked, “How in the world did you know that?”

“Believe it or not, you’re easy to spot. I work for a private airline corporation, and we’re always looking for experienced flight attendants to become stewardesses for our company. This is a popular layover city, and this is a popular night club, so it’s pretty common to find flight attendants here when they’re on layovers.”

As he spoke, he was sliding up closer to me, and even leaning into me a bit, such that I could feel the bulge in the front of his pants against my side, causing my eyebrows to raise slightly.

“Oh, yeah?” I said. “And what’s so special about this private airline you represent? Why would I want to work for them?”

As we talked, Wayne was almost enveloping me in his presence. One of his legs was up on the foot rail of my bar stool, and he was leaning an elbow on the bar as he stood behind me, almost speaking directly into my ear. I could feel the warmth of his breath, the strength of his chest and arms, and the size of his package through his slacks that he was covertly rubbing against the thin material of my dress.

“We provide specialized services to executives, celebrities and politicians who can afford private air travel, and who expect special treatment as a result of the price they’re willing to pay,” he said in a practiced voice.

I felt his hands and the inside of his legs start to surreptitiously “massage” my body wherever they made contact. His left arm was resting on the bar and was now pressing against my side, while his left hand was gently stroking and tweaking the side of my boob, while his right hand still held his drink. Meanwhile his right leg was rubbing up against the hem of my short, tight dress, and was managing to push it up my thighs toward my hips, without appearing too obvious. I was a bit mesmerized as he continued his pitch.

“Our stewardesses typically get paid about 4 times what you get at a public airline company, and you’d be flying to international cities all over the world on a fairly regular basis.”

This definitely caught my attention, and I raised my eyebrows at these comments, even though I was only half-listening to what he was saying. In a bit of a haze, I could feel his left hand now grab a full handful of my left breast, squeezing it gently, and occasionally tweaking the nipple with his fingers. Meanwhile, his right knee had pushed the bottom of my dress up past my ass cheeks until it was sitting just about at my hips, leaving my naked ass completely exposed over the edge of bar stool I was sitting on. In the darkened club, it probably wasn’t obvious, but it felt ‘naughty’ and a bit taboo, which had my juices flowing.

He was still standing behind my bar stool, and in a somewhat dreamy state I said to him over my shoulder, “that sounds fascinating and I think I’m interested. gölcük escort I definitely want to hear more….”

As I was telling him this, I saw him put his drink on the bar, then reach down with his right hand and unzip his fly….allowing his erect cock to spring out of his slacks. I could feel it through the thin material of my dress against my back, and I was immediately impressed with its size. I reached behind me with my right hand and found his shaft, gently rubbing it up and down as I felt its rigid firmness. Wayne took it from my hand and lubed it up with some of his saliva, before lining it up with my anus and – with a gentle push – shoving it into my asshole.

My eyebrows shot up, but I was surprisingly receptive, as he began slowly rocking his hips behind me, moving his shaft deeper and deeper into my butt. I glanced out to the dance floor and saw that my girlfriend was still dancing, then I closed my eyes and moaned as Wayne’s cock slid further and further up my ass. He finally got his entire prick inside me, then – with his right hand on my hip – he started pushing his hips back and forth at an even pace, while continuing to fondle my tit and pinch my nipple with his left hand.

Perhaps it was due to the secrecy of what we were doing in a public place, or maybe because I was just in the mood for a new experience, but somewhat surprisingly I felt an orgasm building inside me. In no time, I exploded into a massive climax, causing my entire body to shake as an electrifying orgasm washed over me. When he felt me cumming, Wayne picked up the pace and before long shot several streams of cum deep inside my anus, pumping his rod in and out of my ass until his nut sack was completely empty. After he was finished, he stood behind me with his dick still in my ass, gently pushing it in an out of me, while we both caught our breath. When he finally stopped thrusting and pulled his softening staff from my butt hole, I could feel his jizzm dripping out of my ass, and onto the floor underneath my bar stool.

We stayed like that for a few moments….me, with my eyes closed and Wayne’s cum dripping from my asshole; and him with his softening prick dangling between his legs, dripping its last few drops of spunk onto the floor. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that my girlfriend had finished dancing, and was making her way back to our side of the bar. So, I adjusted the bottom of my dress to cover my ass again, and Wayne slipped his dick back into his slacks and pulled up his zipper. By the time my girlfriend reached us, we were both put back together, and she didn’t suspect a thing.

After a little more small talk, Wayne said he had to leave. He handed me a card and said, “Call this number if you’re interested. Honestly, I’m absolutely certain you’d be perfect for the job. Like I said, the pay is fantastic, you get to see the world on the arms of wealthy people, and I think the services we provide are right up your alley.”

Still in somewhat of a post-coital fog, I watched Wayne saunter away, then glanced down at the card he’d given me and tucked it away in my purse. After another drink and a few more dances, my girlfriend and I headed back to the hotel we were staying at. I was definitely going to make that call first thing the next day….right after I gave Alan his morning blow job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32