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Author’s note: This is a continuation of ‘Before It’s Too Late’. You’ll have a better understanding of this if you read that one first.


A couple of months after our evening with Mike and Elaine, Jen was out shopping and I’d gone into our bedroom to change my shirt. I don’t know why but I checked on Jen’s vibrator and sure enough it had been moved to a different position in her bedside table drawer.

Well so what I thought, Jen is using her vibrator during the day and why not? She’s a very sexual lady which I know to my eternal gratitude. I picked it up and unscrewed the battery cover. Had the battery been changed? I couldn’t remember but I switched it on and it buzzed away fine.

It was a small vibrator, maybe only two or three inches long and, as Jen had said when she chose it from an adult on-line store we were looking at together, “Why would I need one of those huge rabbit things when I have what you’ve got hon.” Not only is she a very sexy lady but flattering as well! I touched it to my lips. This little shaft of plastic had definitely been in my Jen’s sweet pussy and on her clitoris fairly recently and I could feel my penis stiffening at the thought as I ran my tongue over its smooth plastic form.

Was she just having a little fun on her own or was she thinking about that evening a month or so ago with Mike and Elaine? Maybe she was interested in swinging again. The thought completed the stiffening of my penis into a massive erection.

Visions of that evening swam before my eyes: the four of us here in this bed, me lying spoons with Elaine, my cock slipping in and out of her, holding her hips to pull her onto me, the heat and wetness of her while Mike pounded into Jen on the other side of the bed, my Jen with her legs raised to receive him and her knuckles white from gripping the sheets. I lay back on the bed and started to stroke my cock. Was it Mike she was thinking about? Elaine had been good; she was different, exciting and I remembered well the sensation of that first time of slipping my penis into another woman, that delicious illicit heat, the wetness of her, a woman who wasn’t Jen. Was Jen thinking of Mike in the same way?

Again though, I was faced with the same problem and perhaps Jen was in the same difficulty. What if she wanted to try again; how could she raise the subject; I knew that I’d like to try again but how could I risk telling Jen without knowing that she was keen as well.

For a while after the evening with Mike and Elaine we had both been a little subdued and very clingy towards each other as if we needed to reassure each other that no damage had been done but that mood had passed and soon it was as if nothing had happened, except that it had and I knew we were both thinking about it.

We had opened our own Pandora’s Box.

Jen came home from shopping and we showered and changed into some easy clothes before opening a bottle of wine and starting dinner. By ten o’clock we’d seen all we wanted on TV and finished the wine. We usually read for a while in bed and tonight was no different; Jen had her nightie on as usual and a copy of the local newspaper that she’d bought while shopping and I had my collection of magazines. After around twenty minutes Jen got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I could hear her peeing and then the taps running so I turned out my light and settled back into my pillows. The bathroom light clicked as Jen switched it off and I turned to watch her come back to bed. I always liked to watch her; I knew exactly how her breasts would push out the fabric of her nightie and the way her nipples would show; then there was the delicious curve of her hips stretching the fabric tight across her belly and the hidden void between her thighs. My penis stirred in anticipation of our goodnight cuddle and then stiffened almost immediately. Jen had come back from the bathroom without her nightie. It was her way of saying “I’m feeling horny.”

There was no way of knowing when she’d feel like this. Usually we’d be in bed, Jen wearing her nightie and about two or three times a week our goodnight cuddle would turn into something more and Jen would sit up and pull her nightie over her head, sometimes pausing as if in tableau with her breasts stretched high by her arms holding the nightie just above her head. On nights like that our lovemaking would be slow and gentle, usually culminating in us falling asleep still coupled, my flaccid penis resting snugly in Jen’s warm and wet vagina.

But every now and then, something would stir inside Jen and she’d come to bed naked as she was doing now. Jen never knew when or why, it just happened and I thanked my lucky stars that I was the guy who was the recipient of this desire. Sometimes she’d be in a giving mood and I’d get the best attention and blowjobs possible with Jen savouring my semen in her mouth and on her tongue as if it were nectar; and at other times she’d be demanding, wanting to be filled and satisfied. Tonight was one of those nights.

She climbed into bed and ankara ucuz escortlar came straight to me, pressing her breasts against me as she kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth whilst her hand found my shaft, stroking me up and down. She broke from our kiss and rolled onto her back, stretching as she did so that her breasts were pulled tight with her nipples hard and erect.

“I want you to lick me hon, make me cum, I want to cum in your mouth.” and saying so she pulled me to her, pushing me down across her belly, lifting her hips and mound towards my mouth. Her pussy was shaved silky smooth and I ran my lips down across her mound and onto her labia. All the while Jen was stretching and writhing, her legs open in invitation of my attention and I knew that she’d be running her fingers over her breasts and nipples. She was already wet, her pussy lips glistening in the soft light and as I found her slot with my tongue she let out a series of little mewing noises, letting her breath go in a rush. “Oh yes hon, mmm, that’s it, lick me hon, lick me.” and I did as she demanded, running my tongue the length of her slot, savouring the sweet muskiness of her and then higher, probing with the tip of my tongue until I found her clitoris and gently drew it into my mouth. Jen’s labia were soaked with her juices and for a moment I left off her bud and followed her wetness with my tongue, past her vagina towards her perineum. I could feel Jen tense as my tongue approached her rosebud and I lingered there briefly teasing her with the tip of my tongue before moving back up the length of her slot towards her clit. As I did I slipped a finger into her, pressing up onto her g-spot.

Jen’s reactions let me know that she was close to cumming, holding her breath, her body taught and then releasing before tensing again. Her little mewing sounds were lost in her throat as she tensed again, this time holding for what seemed an eternity before releasing in a rush as her orgasm raced through her, pulling my mouth hard onto her mound as she came, grinding against me. “Yes, yes…yes.”

I lay with my lips nuzzled against her labia tasting her sweetness as Jen came down, listening as her breathing slowed and became more regular. At last she settled, quivering as little aftershocks of her orgasm raced through her. Finally she lifted my head from her.

“Oh that was just so good. I want you in me now; I want to feel your cock in me. Make love to me.”

I moved up, placing the tip of my penis against her opening but Jen was there before me, grabbing my shaft and pulling me into her. This wasn’t going to be subtle slow love making, this was going to be fucking and as Jen started to move under me I pushed into her, in and out, hard and rhythmic, pausing occasionally with my tip only just in her and then again plunging deep into her. There was a sheen of sweat covering us, making us slide and I took my weight on my arms allowing me to thrust harder. Jen had her legs raised now to receive me and I glanced down; her knuckles were white as she gripped the sheets tight.

Just as she had done with Mike.

For a moment I lost my rhythm. Was this a replay for Jen with me in the role of Mike? Whatever it was it was me she was with tonight and I redoubled my efforts, wanting her to know that it was this man, me, Bob her husband who was making love to her. Even as I did visions of Elaine drifted in and out of my mind, Elaine who had shouted “Fuck me Bob, fuck me, fuck me.” as I had pounded into her from behind.

Jen was moving under me, rolling her hips as the contractions that preceded her orgasm rippled through the walls of her Vagina.

“Oh yes hon, yes. Fuck me Bob, fuck me, fuck me…cumming…cumming.” I came with her, shooting my seed deep into her in a series of deep hard thrusts, our juices mingling as our motion slowed and then subsided to a gentle rocking, my penis still deep in her vagina, pressed against her cervix.

Jen released her grip on the sheets and wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling me tight against her. “Oh yes hon, oh yes; I needed that, oh god how I needed that.” She put her hands to my head and kissed me and then smiled broadly at me. “Do you know how good you are for this lady? I do so love you.”

“And I love you too darling, more than anything. I must be the luckiest guy around to be with a lady who demands what you’ve just asked for. You are so hot.”

I rolled off her, pulling her with me and gave her butt a playful smack as I did.

“Hey, I could get to like that!” she joked.

Jen seemed to be blossoming, becoming more adventurous. I lay alongside her for a moment, holding her hand, still coming down from our lovemaking. I took a deep breath. I had to know.

“Do you ever think about the evening with Mike and Elaine?”

“Yes, sometimes, well quite a lot. Do you?”

“Yeah, me too, quite a lot. Do you think it was the right thing…a good thing for us to do?”

“Yes it was.” She paused. “Why, do you have any regrets, do you think we shouldn’t have done it?”

“No, I’m right with you. It was something ankara üniversiteli escortlar we had to find out about and it was good fun too wasn’t it?”

“Yes it was, lot’s of fun.”

I took another deep breath; this was the real question. “Would you do it again?”

Jen paused again. “With Mike and Elaine? No. They were fine; nice people but it wouldn’t be the same another time.” She paused again searching for the right words. “It’s like going on vacation. There are some places that are special, that you want to go back to, year after year come rain or shine and then there are places that you go to once and then it’s ‘been there, got the t-shirt’. Know what I mean? You and I are the special place; Mike and Elaine are the t-shirt.”

“Wow, I thought that you…that we’d closed it down, y’know, throwing the sheets in the bin and all that. Are you still interested?”

“Yes we did close it down… for here. This is our bed, our home, our place but I am still interested or perhaps intrigued is a better word and it was good fun and very, very funny.” She reached over to me and clasped her hand around my penis which was rapidly stiffening again. “And I think that you’re at least a little interested as well, aren’t you?”

I laughed. “It shows does it? Well it’s no good denying it, it is interesting and exciting but what was funny that night?”

“It was after supper when Mike and I were on the cushions by the CD racks and you were with Elaine on the sofa and she said: ‘You want to suck momma’s titty?’. It just struck me as so funny. I had visions of you sucking away at her like one of those guys who go with wet nurses.”

“Wet nurses? Where did you hear about that?”

Jen turned to me. “There’s a lot I know that you don’t know that I know. You’re not the only one in this house who’s interested in this stuff.” She reached over and smacked my butt. “We’re as naughty as each other.”

I winced; she’d smacked me quite hard. “So what else did you hear? What did you and Mike get up to?”

“I don’t think we heard anything. You’ve got to remember, Mike and I were on the cushions right by the stereo but I did hear you when you came in here to the bedroom. I heard Elaine shout ‘Fuck me Bob, fuck me.’ and I thought ‘My god, that’s my Bob having sex with another woman’. It was weird.”

“That’s what you yelled just now.”

“What? Fuck me Bob?” Jen sat up and put her hand over her mouth. “Oh my god, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean anything by it, I mean saying the same thing. I really meant it, needed you to f…” Her voice trailed off.

“No, no, it’s ok. I keep having flashbacks as well. The whole thing was weird for me too. I could see Mike stiffen up as he came and I thought ‘He’s cumming in my wife!'”

“Oh hon.” Jen pulled me to her and cuddled me close. “You know, whatever happened that night it was good fun and very exciting but the most important thing is we’re ok.”

“I know we are, very ok.” I cuddled her back.

She leaned over to turn off her light and then, in the darkness, whispered in my ear as if to reduce the impact of what she was saying. “But it was just so much fun, so exciting wasn’t it? You know, that incredible excitement of the first time, the buzz, having someone else’s hands on my body and yet having no guilt, no fear and knowing it was the same for you. You felt like that too didn’t you?”

Despite our recent lovemaking my penis was rapidly hardening into an erection. It had been very exciting, kissing and petting with Elaine and knowing all the while that I was going to have sex with her, to have my penis in her.

“Yes I felt it too. You know when I was outside at the bbq and Elaine came out? Suddenly it all became possible; I was kissing her, had my hands on her breasts and she wanted me to do that, wanted me to make love to her. What happened with you and Mike?”

“It was surreal. I was fixing the baked potatoes and so I had my oven mitts on and I couldn’t do anything, as if my hands were tied. Mike came up behind me and put his arms around me, well, one arm around me and the other on my breast and I thought well ‘Wow, that’s a little fast.’ and yet it felt good, exciting; my nipples almost stood to attention straight away and so I turned round and we kissed and, well, you know how it goes.”

I pulled Jen to me and pressed my now fully erect penis against her; whether it was from our recent lovemaking or whether Jen was aroused again she was wet and my penis slipped easily over her smoothly shaved mound and against her labia. Jen adjusted her position a little, making herself more comfortable and taking me fully into her. We’d often do this, lay coupled, talking, enjoying the feel of each other but not moving. Now though there was a whole new dimension to it.

Jen continued.

“I’ll admit I was frightened, frightened about what we… what I’d done; I’d had sex with another man, let another man into my body, broken my marriage vows to you. I was really scared, felt so guilty but as the week went by and you and I continued just as normal and then it was two weeks and then ankara vip escortlar three and we’d made love a few times and the sky hadn’t fallen in, the world hadn’t come to an end and it just disappeared from my mind. Then about three weeks ago I was up here changing the sheets and I suddenly stopped and just looked at the bed remembering ‘that’s where I had sex with Mike and that’s where Bob and Elaine were,’ and I felt so turned on, so horny I just lay down here with my vibrator and made myself cum but I was remembering it all and saying to myself: ‘Fuck me Mike, fuck me’.

Jen looked at me, a worried look on her face as if she were terrified of my reaction. “Oh god that must sound awful, but wasn’t it like that for you?”

From the way my erection had grown inside her Jen must have known that she had nothing to worry about but I had to reassure her. “Yes it was, just the same for me. I was so worried that when we tried to make love somehow it wouldn’t work, that you might say no, knowing that I’d had sex with Elaine but I guess like you I realised that we were ok and then I started re-living it, trying to remember in detail each moment, each contact, each sensation.” I laughed. “My secretary must think I have a bladder problem I spend so much time in the washroom jacking off!”

“Ha! You naughty boy!” Jen smacked me again. “If that carries on I’m going to put you over my knee and give you a good spanking.”

“Is that a promise or a threat?”

“Both I think!” and she smacked me again.

“Ouch! That hurt!”

“Well it’s meant to isn’t it? Anyway that’s enough for now.”

We always kiss goodnight but tonight Jen kissed me as if she couldn’t get enough, her mouth open against mine with her tongue swirling deep in my mouth, her breasts pressed hard against my chest and her mound grinding against me.

“Goodnight lover; we’re having fun aren’t we?”


I had busy day at work and didn’t really give our conversation much thought but as I walked through the door on that Friday evening Jen came dashing out of the kitchen waving the local newspaper at me.

“Look, I found this,” she said, indicating an ad in the personals column. Tucked in between the ads for men seeking women and women seeking men was a simple one line ad:

“Good friends meet to have fun together”. There was a mobile phone number to call.

Jen sounded excited. “What do you think? Is it worth giving the number a call? Is it what I think it is? Come on, let’s give it a call, it might be fun.”

“What now? Well ok.” I said and I dialled as she called out the number. The number rang for a while and then answered with a message.

“After the tone, please key your mobile phone number followed by the hash key to receive important information”.

I placed my hand over the phone and whispered to Jen. “They want my number.”

“Well go on, give it to them. Go on.” She seemed almost impatient with me so I keyed the number as instructed and then ended the call.

“What now?” She asked.

“I don’t know, just wait I suppose.”


In the morning I checked my phone; there was a txt message with a web address so I opened it in Explorer. It was a pretty slick site but there was no way of knowing exactly what it was.

“Come and join us. Good food, good company, very good fun.” The graphics were drawn in soft focus but it was easy to see that they were of couples and groups at dinner tables or bbqs, smiling and laughing, drinking wine – having fun, people like us — the Baby Boomer generation. It could have been a website for an upmarket housing development.

I yelled up to Jen. “Hon, I have a response from that ad.”

She came down the stairs two at a time, a robe thrown around her shoulders and her hair still wet from the shower. She leaned over me to see the screen and I could feel the weight and warmth of her breasts on my shoulders.

“My gosh,” her voice was breathy with excitement. “Is it a swinger’s site?” She paused as she read the text. “I’m sure it is; look at the way ‘very’ is underlined. That must mean something. Scroll down, scroll down.”

At the bottom of the page was a diary of upcoming events and another number to call to get on the guest list.

Jen stabbed at the screen with a finger. “Look, there’s one tonight. Let’s go, it sounds fun and naughty.” She ran her hands down inside the front of my bathrobe, grazing my nipples with her fingernails as she did so. Her head was right next to mine and she kissed my ear wetly and breathily.

“This is making me feel so horny. Let’s go, just see what happens and maybe stay to watch. Ok?”

How could I say no? I was as excited as Jen but knew I wanted more than watching and I was sure Jen did as well. I just didn’t want it to go wrong for us.

“Ok, we’ll go.” I turned and kissed her. “Jesus Jen, you are one sexy woman and I do love you so much.”

“I love you too hon,” She spun the desk chair round until it was facing into the room “And I’m going to show you right now.” Jen straddled me and pulled my robe open to reveal my erection. Her robe was already on the floor and she took hold of my shaft and guided it into her, sitting down on me as she did. Her slot was wet and slippery from her excitement and my cock slipped easily all the way into her. As her pussy made contact with the base of my cock Jen gave a little gasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32