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Andre was a very successful restaurant owner., a chef in his own right , he calls his place ‘Andre’s Pantry.’

Stefan is a rent boy. (Correction was until he met Andre read on>>>)

Andre was one of Stefan’s many regular clients – but not exactly for just one the sexual element. That is why basically Stefan has dropped his other clients. Andre’s rich reward in hard cash is enough for him to live a life of luxury now, to choose whoever he wants to bed and to do things because he wants to and not just for the money.

But really Andre seems to keep him well happy…

Stefan has unwittingly become an integral part of Andre’s success but in the most unlikely way.

I shall take up the story from this weeks appointment, always on a Sunday before the weeks menu’s are resolved.

Most important.


You will see ..

You may probably be in for a few surprises. I was because I am Stefan – , but I do like to consider I have raised my stature basically much more than a mere rent boy.

“Good morning my boy!” Andre always greeted me the same way. “You know I owe so much to you, I put down the success of my business down to you, the customers just keep returning, eager to sample the latest Chef’s speciality. The Magic Mushroom soufflé we did last week was a real winner by the way and you know what, I have had feedback galore, my boy – like the two regulars, one a woman and the other a guy – who have both complimented me on the meal which added real sparkle to their sex life – and did I know the mushrooms were an aphrodisiac?. I simply returned that it is the content that counts, not necessarily the main ingredient but that which garnished it. Like our special cockaleaky

the other week, I did so enjoy doing that – and the look on your face when I stirred you enough to relish the sauce.

“Asked if I could render the secret of my recipe I replied it was Chef’s secret ingredient. Wonderful Huh Stefan?”

“I think maybe you over estimate my part in all this, you are a great chef Andre, simply that,” I replied humbly.

I loved the way a little bit of his Italian accent came through when he got exited. Mama Mia! My boy, you are priceless. You add the flavour and the richness.”

“If only they knew though, what then Andre?”

“They no need to know, it is our secret, and every chef is entitled to hold his recipes. ccockaleaky

lose to his heart, as you are to mine, Stefan.”

“But what about the health inspectors when they come around to visit, what then, Andre?”

“It is of no consequence, the restaurant itself is always spotless and so are the ingredients in my specialities, and your additions also, all aptly cooked and sterilised, but without releasing the flavour, that is the real secret is it not my boy?”

“You are the chef, I am simply the rent boy.”

“You are much more than that and well you know it – and now I can see how what you provide has an aphrodisiac quality. Come to me, Stefan, let me feel your magic, you know how I love that.”

I stepped over to him, always enjoying his touch, the way he handled me – and now, with Andre, it was a pleasure and not work. I just stood there, opening my legs as he liked me to and relished the touch of his fingers canlı bahis şirketleri like he was preparing a meat speciality, roiling it with both hands though my chino’s..

“I do love you in chino’s and well you know it Huh? You are all I need my boy and now I have a bonus too, you enhance my business as well as my physical needs and wants, you are perfecto!” he said with

that certain hand gesture that turned me on no end.

“So what is this weeks dish,” I asked before he unzipped me.

“Besides you?” he grinned seductively.

I smiled saying that was always there when he wanted.

“Shall I taste you first, Stefan my baby, that will give me the inspiration I need, the flavour of you, as it always does, and I have something with rice in mind for this weeks special;”

It was always so fresh, so new and thrilling with Andre, and the thought then of what he had in mind with rice as he started to lavish me through my unzipped chino’s, cupping my balls so beautifully to enrapture a very sensual uprising, then the feel of his warm mouth gulping me, his tongue doing things, so wonderful things that only Andre could do to me, those wonderful sensual feelings one can never Explain but so real and so good. Andre knew exactly how to get the best out of me.

When he was finished and taken my cream he saved every drop in a small container with a top and placed it in the freezer, for later use. Now the reader will begin to understand that which compliments Andre’s dishes. “That certain indescribable flavour , just a little salty, a wonderfully creamy texture with the body of an egg white” he always said.

Although I was shocked with the idea when he first told me – it did seem most bazaar and uncouth – I have to admit with the best intent I would add, that the idea of my body juices combined with other ingredients giving someone a real tasty meal was quite a turn on. When I first questioned Andre’s intention he said ” why not, we partake in all manner of animal juices every day, yours is simply a new addition, a speciality – pork has its own excusive taste, like beef and lamb, so why not you?”

“But, Andre, I am no animal, I am human!”

“So? Does it matter? We are all animals, didn’t you know we are related to chimpanzees?” he laughed

“Yes but do people eat chimpanzees” I replied cockily.

“Well perhaps they tried and they didn’t like, but they like you my lad I can assure you, just look at the bookings for the week, full every night, and that’s your doing!”

“So have you decided on the dish, you said something with rice Andre yes?”

“Tasting you this morning, it has all come through, chef’s Special Andre Felino’s smoked haddock, duck egg, black cardamom and cumin wild rice with crispy shallots, quite apt really using cumin wild rice huh Stefan, get my drift?”

“That’s the name of a certain rice then or something you have made up?”

“Mama Mia! Andre roared, cumin rice is known the world over, but not mine, not the way I will concoct it, with the help of you my baby”

When Andre called me that I knew something immediate was to hand, he was already in the mood that was so apparent, I had grown to read his moods and with Andre, (his words,) killing two birds with one stone canlı kaçak iddaa in preparing his special concoction and ingredient and enjoying the sexual connection at the same time.

“I see you have come in you very tight fitting boxer shorts yes?”

I loosened my belt, dropped my trousers, anticipating Andres next move. Then I felt his hand cupping me there again, then feeling the rims of my boxers over my thighs. He was happy they were a nice tight fitting which, besides showing off my stature in a very sexual way, would also prevent the main ingredient from seeping through.

I guess by this time I had a good idea what he was intending, similar had happened before and sure enough he collected a jug full of cooled boiled rice from the kitchen which I guess was the cumin rice because he laughed when he said ” you will need to cumin the rice some more to add the rich flavour I require and which the customers will expect okay?”

He said for me just to stand loosely as he stretched out the waist band of my boxers and poured the rice in.

“It is just the right body temperature not to shock, “Andre advised obviously enjoying the action, pouring it all into my boxers until empty, then squelching it around, his hand moving in circles over my boxers.

“It will need to still awhile to ferment, then the full flavour will emulate. Belissimo!, we shall enjoy a nice strong masturbate to expel the final ingredient yes?”

It all seemed so crazy at the time but the fruits, the wonderful sensual feelings brought about was delicious. There was I laid out on a bench which resembles a surgical affair, something that Andre had even gone to great lengths to ensure preparation – it was the ultimate to produce the end product, his very special dish of the week.

He left me there, leaving the radio on as he disappeared into the kitchen saying he would be back in about a quarter of an hour, in the meantime I gently savoured the feel of rice, smothering my self down there, over and between, the feeling was superb, intense, another new experience to add to the many I had enjoyed with Andre – and cumin rice – pronounced ‘koomeen’ said Andre – was new.

I just relished the experience knowing that soon Andre would come and do something really nice to me and afterwards, always afterwards – after the ingredient had been prepared, his wonderfully warm and long ‘rewarding jig-a-jig- as he called it – something which in Italian means a fuck presumably.

True to his word Andre returned, this time in just his white shorts and. Although like most chefs, being a little podgy – he was still desirable in a strange sort of way, he had an attractive breakfast basket which always served me well but first I knew I would enjoy his very special form of pampering.

“Just close your eyes and relax now,” said Andre – his voice quiet and subdued as always it was when he was in that sort of mood. “Let me enjoy you and give the rice your full flavour” he continued as his fingers gently started to move around my being, he prompted me to open wide as he worked the rice between my crutch and between my cheeks, it felt so nice as it sort of squeaked making me tingle and soon I was in full erection. “That’s my boy, delicious, just what the chef ordered. canlı kaçak bahis If only my customers knew just how much we put into preparation -the secret is always in the preparation I have no doubts of that, feel it encapsulate you, Stefan and just let it all happen nice and slow until you are ready to cum – let me stretch you right back nice and tight, to expose that beautiful crimson head, that’ll give maximum flavour Mmm!”

He started to massage me firmly with that certain magic jerking movement I loved so much, me laying there feeling his joy give me joy too as he really mulched the rice into me, his hand sliding behind my boxers now to stretch my cock back and forward in definite rhythm tic jerks – then letting his small finger enter me behind, that so wonderful feeling again as a prelim to his deep sensual fuck. I just so much enjoyed being all ass, everything for him and felt the surge starting to rise within, that wonderful feeling when you know the waterloo is nigh and you are at a point of no return. Andre new it too, the look on his face said everything, soon his mission, his preparation would be complete and he would place the content in the fridge until later when he needed it -and it was soon ‘Belissimo’ again as I so strongly shot my load, hearing the yell within myself and the rice moisten with my delivery.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” said Andre carefully removing my boxer shorts in a way to contain the rice inside, down and over my knees and feet so very carefully – hardly dropping a grain of the completed ingredient for his very special weeks dish.

Then after delivering it into a basin and into the fridge he returned, minus his underwear, his lovely surging cock ready to serve me, for the next half hour I would be the dish of which he would consume of me, sweet Andre sucking the residue of rice from my being, his tongue and fingers doing those so wonderful things that stimulate and want you to scream out for that hard throbbing fuck, the language blue to suit the action, his hard cock entering me from the back, me perched and sprawled wide on the edge of his bed, receiving his vital statistic, deep and resolute sliding right up inside me, feeling so good as he gives me his Chef’s all, his breath racing and panting as he increases the motion, feeling his hot cock inside me – stretching and fucking me in different directions, then me perched on top of his roving monster, watching his eyes so lusting and wanting, that certain exchange when you both know just how much you need each other, when the climax is near and complete. It cums, I feel his grunt with his powerful surge right up inside me as he finally takes me in a scissor mooring, my legs spread aimlessly over the back of his shoulders as he gets full penetration of me, his heavy balls slapping the sinews of my being.

Later, inviting me to sample his Chef’s special, he pointed out just how much his customers were enjoying it, the look on their faces said all.

“You have helped me no end to produce something I have wanted for years, my boy,”

It did mean something to me, gave me a real spark inside to feel all those customers out there were enjoying something of me. Kinky or what? It is André’s doing. I wonder what he has lined up for next week’s special.

He was talking about squirty cream. I said with what? – he laughed and returned “with cock, not a recipe this time I promise, just the sheer pleasure of enjoying your flavour with the complimentary coupling of squirty cream,

“Now that is Belissimo!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32