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“No. No.” Luke cried, as he woke up.

Waking to find his hand on his cock, cream up his belly, and that he was lying on sweat damp sheets. It had been another one of those dreams; no nightmares, he thought. He was having nightmares.

This dream/nightmare generally started out the same way each time. He was walking through a park, or anyway through somewhere with lots of grass and trees, away from people.

In the distance he would notice a man, This man occasionally changed, sometimes he was older and balding and had a small beer gut, but most times he was no more than 40 and big and muscular and not bad looking in a heavy way. Luke was sure he knew him but couldn’t ever place him, but he worried what he wanted. He was always worried about that man.

Then as Luke walked on he saw another man, nearer to him, and standing by a tree. He walked closer to the man by the tree. That man was always thin and in his late fifties and Luke knew him and knew that his name was George.

Anyway as Luke got closer, the man called George pulled out a skinny cock and called out to him, “Hey Luke, come over here. I’ve got what you want.”

Luke usually ignored George, pretending he hadn’t seen or heard anything, and walked on. But then the trees got closer until he suddenly found himself walking in a forest. It was dark and quiet there, and a bit scary. Then George would suddenly be right next to him, pulling at him and feeling his package.

“Get off,” Luke always cried, slapping at George’s hand and pulling away. “Leave me alone,” he’d yell, and he’d get free and start running though the forest.

In the dream/nightmare Luke always knew that somewhere up ahead was a way to escape from George and the dream.

But once Luke began to run and felt he was going somewhere, well, that was when he would see the other man again. Whatever bedava bahis he looked like Luke always knew that this man was the other man from earlier in the dream; and he’d yell out to him that George was chasing him. Then before Luke could run any further away George would catch up with him and grab his shirt, and he would go crashing to the ground. Luke would be scrabbling with his bare hands in the dirt and dead leaves on the forest floor trying to get away, and yelling out, hoping the other guy would come and help him. But instead, the other guy, who was usually big and muscular at this point in the dream/nightmare would walk up to them and look down at Luke with a big smile on his face.

Even though George was only thin he somehow always managed to stop Luke from getting up and escaping. And Luke always found himself getting stripped off by George at that point, his clothes seeming to just jump off him as thin older man pulled at them. So Luke’d give up yelling, and give in to the inevitable. And the other big muscular man would just smile and take out his rod and start stroking it as George stripped Luke naked.

And Luke would just be unable to take his eyes from the strangers rod, because it had to be 12 inches long, maybe more. And thick. Luke was always shocked at the huge size of it, and always wondered how the man got his fist wrapped right round it. The way he gripped it as he worked himself.

Then George would start doing things to Luke. He would have him pinned to the ground somehow so that his arms were stretched up in a V and Luke couldn’t free them. And his legs would be sort of caught up somehow too.

It always happened that then George would suddenly have hold of Luke’s cock and balls in a big squeezing grip. It wasn’t physically possible, George’s hands weren’t that big, but in the dream George did it. bedava bonus Just squeezed them lightly but firmly. Even when Luke started growing, George still held them and just kept squeezing; well that was what it felt like. And the other man kept watching and stroking, his huge rod seeming to get even bigger and thicker.

George would rub his skinny cock on Luke’s chest and belly and then somehow feed it into his mouth. And Luke would cough, and shake his head, not wanting it, until George grabbed his head and stopped it moving and just pushed his skinny cock to the back of Luke’s mouth.

He’d choke on it then, as it sunk into his throat, making him gag. He’d gag, and gag, but George would just keep fucking his face regardless.

But about then in the dream/nightmare Luke could suddenly feel his nipples getting tormented too. And that was too much, he would feel he was getting hard and be wanting it to stop, and he’d suddenly give a huge heave and manage to sit up. Then Luke would be running through the trees of the forest again. He’d be panting hard, his hips for some reason working as much as his legs, but going back and forth. Because Luke’s prick would be throbbing. And he would stagger, having trouble running, and finally he’d catch his foot on something and go tumbling, his hard cock getting rubbed by the ground as he fell.

Luke always landed on his back and the stranger would be there, bending over him, but instead of trying to escape Luke’d be lifting his legs to expose his arsehole to the big muscular man. He would be panting and throbbing wanting to escape but trapped there somehow because the big muscular stranger with his huge thick pole fascianted him. He knew that. In the dream/nightmare he knew that he was mesmerised by that master cock and the big balls swinging below it.

Then Luke would feel the deneme bonusu strangers huge cock head at his hole and he’d be yelling at the man to stop as the stranger laughed and fed his huge rod into him. And Luke would come right then, in big jerking streams. And George would be there squeezing his package again and running his skinny hands all over his body as the stranger filled his channel stretching and filling it, higher and higher. Till Luke felt himself being flooded with the man’s hot cream and came again.

Then the stranger would start to fuck his arse properly and he’d cry out, “No. No,” and wake up, to find his hand on his cock, cream up his belly, and he’d be lying on sweat damp sheets.

He’d had the dream/nightmare often lately and it left him weak, but all he could do was to roll over and push up against the safety and comfort of his wife’s back.

Luke started getting the dreams when he discovered the big boss was getting a new vice. Sharon in recruitment had described the two most likely candidates, one big and muscular the other thin with a bit of a gut and thinning hair. She’d also said she’d heard some story about the muscular one, about him having a reputation in the East Coast office. She had arched her eyebrows letting Luke know it was a colourful reputation.

He was starting tomorrow and Luke knew it was nerves that were causing the dream. The big boss had hinted the new guy was horse hung, and yesterday he had asked Luke to stay back late the following day to meet the new vice.

Luke was nervous as hell, knowing it was only going to be him with the new vice and the big boss George. It was a real worry. And his wife hated him working back late, even if the extra money came in handy and he was only doing it to get ahead of the pack.

But Luke knew that what was really worrying him was that George, the first and only man who had ever fucked him, was already doing him regularly on overtime,. And Luke had no idea if he could cope with the boss and his vice both fucking him on a regular basis.

But Christ, he couldn’t get the image of that huge dick out of his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32