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The Day I Took Black Dick

I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I love the idea of people watching me while I play with myself. I love the idea of men jerking their fat cocks to the sight of my naked body. I’m pretty proud of my body. I have nice rippling muscles, a big round bubble butt, and a nice fat nine-inch dick. I won’t brag, but I think I look pretty damn good, but this story isn’t about me, it’s about the four mature black men that found me in the woods one day and took me for everything I had. I happened to be butt ass naked, so all I really had to give were my holes, but they took their fair share and then some. It was the hottest fucking sex I’ve ever had.

This all happened in the woods behind my house. I own a decent plot of land, and as an exhibitionist I like to take my toys out in the woods and fuck around. I lay a blanket down and just have my fun. The vast majority of the time nobody is really out there, but being outside in the open while I sit on my dildos is enough of a rush. This particular day I got very lucky.

The night before a breaking news story interrupted my show alerting the area that four men — big, black, and dangerous — had escaped from the local prison. My property happens to be close to that prison, and the woods in the area have cliffs, caves, and all sorts of places to hide. Well, those four men had found a place to hide, and it happened to be just inside the cave at the back of the property line. Franklin, Deyron, William and Trey were there names. I’ll never forget them.

I had been toying with myself for a while on the blanket, but I was mostly using smaller toys. I like to take my time when I warm myself up. I’m an expert at insertion, but going slow gives me more time, and eventually means I can go bigger by the time I’m done. I had three sets of small anal beads stuffed up inside me. All three are two-foot chains of one-inch beads, a small endeavor for me. I had them hanging out with just a few beads on each chain left. They rattled back and forth as I shook my bubble butt. I reached back and grabbed all three chains, pulling them out at once. The sound of my asshole expanding and contracting so rapidly is so hot to me. Just like the sound of a soaking wet pussy getting fucked hard and fast.

As I pulled them out and dangled them over my mouth, I heard a snap behind me in the woods. I never had to worry much about big animals out in the woods, so I shrugged it off. ‘It could have been anything.’ I began reinserting each chain one by one when another snap was followed by a shuffle.

“Who’s there?” I asked. Silence. My asshole tightened up quick. I looked around and saw nothing. Then, after a short moment that seemed like a good hour, the four escaped prisoners showed themselves. They had abandoned their orange jumpsuits and showed up in nothing but underwear and white t-shirts. Oh shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an exhibitionist, but the most dick I’ve ever taken was that of a busty transsexual escort that I meet regularly. She was certainly hung, but hung and hung times four are two very different things. The men stared me down, and I could feel the tension rising.

“What the fuck are you doing out here?” said the first dark man, William. He was handsome, no doubt. He was nearly busting out of his shirt with those muscles, and his shorts certainly weren’t containing his anaconda very well, either.

“Uh,” I stammered. I had nothing to say, really. What was I supposed to say? They could obviously see that I was out here putting things up my ass. What more of an explanation could I have offered?

“Do you know who we are?” asked the second man, Franklin. He was also handsome, but a little shorter than the first. He may not have been as muscular, either, but that dong of his seemed par for the course.

I nodded my head at them, but my mouth stayed closed. I don’t know why I didn’t lie. Panic arrests the reflexes, I suppose.

“What are we gonna do? He’s seen us,” said convict number three, known as Trey. He wasn’t quite as handsome as the other two, and he was actually kind of scrawny, but he was obviously blessed below the waist. His dick almost looked like a third leg with how it was proportioned to his body.

“I won’t say anything.” Finally my dumb mouth opened. “If you don’t say anything.” By this time I realized that I was on my knees with three chains of anal beads hanging out of my ass, surrounded by four hung black men. I won’t lie, it was a fantasy of mine, but one I’ve always figured would just stay a fantasy. A thousand images flashed through my head. There I was, being spit roasted by these black men, held up and fucked, used as a cumdumpster. I was brought back to reality when the fourth man spoke. I had no idea he was even there, but once I heard him I remembered: Four escaped prisoners.

“You like putting things up your ass? You a faggot or something?” His voice boomed. Deyron was his name; the fourth and final escapee. I thought William was big, holy shit this guy was casino şirketleri huge. 6’8″, three hundred pounds of muscle under an inch or two of fat, and the biggest fucking dick I had ever seen in my life. I almost felt bad for the guy. There’s no way any woman could accommodate that forearm of a cock. I wouldn’t be feeling bad for him in a few hours, though, I’d be longing for him.

“Not a faggot, no. Well, it depends on how freaky I feel like getting. I like pussy too. Why, you like what you see?” I have no idea why I said that. Actually, I do, but at the time I was so blown away by my nerve that I nearly dropped the beads out of my ass.

“I haven’t had pussy in a long time, and I don’t rape, so it’s been a while since my cock has been inside anything wet and warm. But, shit, if you’re willing, I’ll take that round ass right here on that blanket.” My jaw dropped, and my cock, which had fallen flaccid pretty quickly, began to bounce with excitement. Every fresh pump of blood made it dance, and all four of them laughed at it a little.

I sat and thought for what seemed like a while, but it was really only a second or two. I knew what I wanted, and I wasn’t going to fight it. I wanted this, and if this happenstance meeting with the cocks of my dreams wasn’t a sign from God that he wanted me to give my asshole and throat to these men and their cum, then I don’t know what is.

“Alright I’ll make you guys a deal. You all take turns fucking me. Gangbang me. Give me all four of your cocks at once if we can fit them, and cum on me hard, I’ll keep all of this a secret. I want it hard, rough, and sloppy. I have lots of lube, and my spit should cover the rest of that issue. You four are going to fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked a woman. I also have two cameras in my bag. One of them I will put on a tripod, the other I will give to you four to pass around and get better angles. At the end, I want you to piss on me, all four at once. Call me names, spank my ass, and treat me bad. Do all of this and I’ll never say a word. This is really a win-win for all four of you, and it’s certainly a win for me. So, what do you say?”

Apparently I had been thinking about this for a while. That whole big plan came spilling out of me pretty quickly. The four men talked briefly and came back to speak. The big guy piped in.

“We could just kill you and leave you out here, but to be honest, everything you described seems pretty fucking hot. Everything except the piss thing, but seeing as how we’ll be done with you by then, that’s on you, literally. One condition, you buy us some clothing and bring them out to us. Then we do this.”

I said yes. I couldn’t turn it down now. They would kill me, for sure. I got up, ran home, put clothing on, went out and got them clothes, got some bottles of water, brought it all back, set up the cameras, and prepared myself. My hole had shrunk considerably, but I wasn’t worried about it. I knew I would be fine. I was eagerly puckering it the whole way.

I plopped down on the blanket with my bubble butt popping nicely. The feast of cock and cum stood before me in a row. Big King Dong Deyron stepped forward as I eyed his throbbing member. It throbbed even when it was flaccid. He shook it a little as he walked forward. A chill went up my spine as I reached out and grabbed it. It was hot, and I could feel blood pumping through it. It must have been thirteen inches long. My hands aren’t small by any means, and I still couldn’t reach all the way around it. I reached out my other hand and took it in both. A couple tugs on his pecker and he quickened his pace to my waiting mouth. I looked at it one last time, marveling at what a fucking work of art this thing was. Cursed and blessed at the same time. I would make sure he got his fill today, no matter the struggle. I put my lips to his head and stretched my mouth wide. I could barely fit it past them, but my jaw would loosen up in no time. With both hands I stroked his big dick while I sucked on his head, slowly getting past his mushroom cap.

I took his cock out of my mouth, shoved a few fingers down my throat, and gagged three or four times. With a handful of spit and slobber, I coated his whole big dick with a bright sheen. I stroked and stroked as I returned my mouth to his head, the sloppy noises making every cock around a little harder. Three other cocks just like this! Don’t forget!

Both of my arms stretched out around his hips and beckoned the next two, my eager head bobbing up and down on Deyron’s ever-hardening cock. I was getting a good four inches down his shaft now, too. Trey had begun filming before I started my service. William and Franklin slid their cocks into my hands and I stroked with all three appendages. They stepped around to get a closer look, and I relinquished my mouth to move on to the next one.

I went to William’s beautiful member to showcase some of my deepthroating skills. William was packing a good ten-inches, but I was pro at this. I had deepthroated casino firmaları some big dildos in my day. I pushed his cock down my throat to the hilt in just two tries. He moaned and squirmed with his pubes in my nose while I stroked his friends. As I stayed down on him, I gagged over and over. I finally slid him out of my throat; a full cup of spit and mucus stuck to his now much harder cock. I blew a big bubble as I gasped for air, caught all of the slobber from his cock and my mouth, and gave it to Deyron and Franklin’s members. The two of them moaned with agreement as I plunged my throat down on him again and began to fuck him with my mouth. All three of them groaned out in ecstasy.

Trey was working the camera, getting great footage, and raging hard. He stroked himself a bit, but I couldn’t let him go dry. I looked at him through the camera, grabbed another handful of slobber, reached out to his cock, and gave him a few good pumps.

“You know, Trey, I do have another hole.” You’re more than welcome to make yourself feel better.” I poked my butt out a bit, arched my back, gave my cheek a wet slap, and went back to sucking and stroking. Trey got on his knees behind me; camera still filming, and I slapped a handful of slobber on my asshole. A few more pumps on his cock and I was back to my three musketeers, but now I had Franklin in my mouth. He was twitching with pleasure from the work I was doing on him.

Trey put the head of his dick to my hole, rubbed it back and forth for a few seconds, and began the insertion. I figured I might as well start with the smallest cock, even though “smallest” in this situation was a nine-inch red bull can. His cock head went in easy, and after that he began his assault. Big, long, slow strokes in my soaking wet asshole made my cock jump with each thrust as it oozed a decent glob of precum that dribbled down my balls. My head began to rush, and my asshole slowly relaxed and egged his cock on. The slobber made a sloppy sound with each thrust, and mixed with the sound of my mouth and hands and the men moaning, it was one big hot testosterone driven fuck fest. I began to get a spit roast going with Trey and Franklin’s cocks. In and out, back and forth, deep in both ends. My hands eagerly stroked Deyron and William as I occasionally popped either one of them in my mouth and gave them a suck. Franklin patiently let his cock dangle and shine in front of me while I took care of his friends.

By now my asshole was fucked well, and I felt it was time to go up in size. I had Trey slide his dick out and told Franklin to trade him places. Trey’s dick slopped out of my hole with a plop and he brought it to my face while Franklin immediately went to fucking. I took Trey’s sausage, now covered in my ass juices, dripping, smelling like my insides, and I swallowed it to the hilt. I love the way my insides taste. Musky and metallic; the smell and taste make me so hot, like I’m some sick faggot who can’t control himself. The only thing that makes that smell better is a hot load of cum to go with it, and I was about to get lots of that.

Franklin was doing a number on my asshole. He was going in at the wrong angle and hitting a wall, and it was painful to say the least. I shifted my ass a little and he found my colon with his head and slid inside me. The pleasure was back, and he seemed to enjoy the new arrangement more.

By now my favorite man was back in my mouth. His dick had gotten even bigger since it was now fully erect. I couldn’t believe it. He had one of those dicks so big that it never gets fully hard, but it’s rigid enough to stuff inside an asshole. Those are my favorite kind, and I was falling in love with his. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was. The thing stretched from my elbow to the palm of my hand, and it was thicker than my wrist. Bulky, pulsing veins ran along the sides and bottom of it, with that big cum dispensing vein on the bottom sitting almost an inch wide. I remembered him saying he hadn’t fucked in a long time. Hopefully that means he’s got a quart of cum for me to gargle.

While Franklin pumped away I bobbed my head on Deyron’s dick. I was getting a good six inches down my throat now, and he was enjoying himself more and more. I looked up at him with a cock in my mouth, one in each hand, and another in my asshole, and I winked at him. He smiled a little before grabbing my head and holding me down on his asshole. As I gagged my asshole tightened and I heard Franklin let out a nice loud grunt. I gagged some more and showed him what a trained asshole was capable of, latching on to every inch of his dick. Big Daddy Deyron loved my effort and treated me with a few heavy smacks of this dick on my lips. I laughed like a little slut and fought with him, trying to get his horsecock back in my mouth. Finally he gave it to me and fucked my throat some more.

“I want someone below me. We need to try a DP,” I said to them. “William, if you would.”

William listened immediately. I think he had been güvenilir casino growing envious of Franklin’s moans and groans. We shifted quickly, and William lay below me. It was so hot having such a big bulky black man lying underneath me. I straddled him well, and his cock slid in with ease.

“Holy fuck, that is better than any pussy I’ve ever had,” he exclaimed.

“Just you wait until King Dong here chokes me again,” I said. Before Franklin could get inside me I grabbed Deyron’s cock and shoved it in my mouth. He fucked my throat, like he knew what I wanted, and I tightened around William as I bounced my bubble booty up and down on him. He threw his head back in ecstasy as Trey stood behind us getting a wonderful image for the camera. My bubble booty clapping on William’s cock was definitely a sight to see.

Finally Franklin positioned himself behind me. His cock head came to my anus and rubbed on William’s shaft. I told him to slow down and take it slow, and he did. He pushed slowly as my anus fought him for moment. He broke through the barrier in seconds, and my asshole was acclimated. I moaned on Deyron’s dick and squealed like a little girl. I was in heaven being stretched apart by real cocks; real cocks with real cum to feed me at the end of it all.

William and Franklin didn’t waste any time. They started fucking my asshole like a couple of bucking broncos in no time. In and out they slammed their dicks, long strokes, slopping with slobber and ass juice. I shouted and Deyron thrust his dick into my throat to silence me. I was practically being fisted on one end, and absolutely destroyed on the other. They took no mercy on me at all. A relentless pulverizing force stretched my asshole out like it had never been done before. Occasionally they pulled all the way out of my asshole, and Trey put his fist inside of me, catching it all on camera. Two dicks, a man’s fist, two dicks, a man’s fist. It was the most abuse I’d ever endured, but through the pain I found pleasure. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I lost air, faded into unconsciousness, and gasped for a breath when Deyron pulled out, when I spiraled back into focus to once again have full sensation in my asshole’s reaming. Two dicks, a fist.

When I came to for the third time I used both hands and my throat to edge Deyron’s horse cock. His balls were practically the size of a grapefruit, which was good news for me, but I was gonna edge all of these boys to make sure I get as much of that hot black semen I could. I picked Deyron’s cock up and laid it across my face while I stroked his head and tried to fit his balls in my mouth. My tongue swiped across his rough pubes as my hand expertly circled his mushroom cap. I peered up at him from under his massive meat. He called me his little bitch, to which I nodded in agreement. I would worship this cock forever if he let me. He could hide from the police in my luxurious basement, eating and living for free as long as he wanted, and as long as he was giving me this gift from God that he’d received. I’d suck his cock and let him fuck me every day, any time of day.

Will and Frank were still having fun in my asshole, and I certainly hadn’t forgotten. Those two were absolutely relentless with their dicks. They fucked and fucked, and never seemed to tire. I was grateful, to say the least.

Trey smacked me in the face a few times with his cock so I deepthroated him over and over, letting him fuck my throat with some serious force. I looked directly into the camera for effect. My eyes red and bulged, Will and Frank groaned together with each ass-tightening gag I gave them. I was so turned on by how vocal and animalistic these men were. You could smell cock and balls and ass lingering in a hot sticky cloud around us.

“This white boy’s ass is fucking unbelievable, dog,” Will said.

“I almost came, like, ten times. It’s impossible not to want to bust up in that hole,” Frank replied.

That’s right, boys. Give me every hot, sticky drop. I want at least eight ounces of that black man spunk that I can slurp up and gargle.

“Okay, I want Deyron inside my ass. Come around front, boys. I’ll finish you off up here,” I said to all of them as they continued to fuck. After about ten more big, forceful thrusts, Will and Frank pulled their dicks out with a sloppy pop. Some air escaped my gaping asshole in a wispy fart as it closed itself. I gave a tight squeeze to help it along and reset myself a little so I could really feel Deyron enter me.

Will and Frank walked around front, their cocks dripping with spit, snot, ass juice and precum. I went to work and cleaned each of their dicks off with lots of slurping and scraping with my teeth, gently of course. Then I went to work on the three musketeers in front of me, working my hands and mouth as expertly as ever. I always prided myself on how well I can swallow a hot cock.

Deyron positioned himself behind me. I had the three men in front of me sit down on the blanket so I could lean more forward. My bubble ass poked up in the air at him, beckoning him inside. By now my hole had somewhat taken its original shape. There was definitely a difference there still, but I was squeezing my asshole as tightly as I could so Deyron could enjoy himself fully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32