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Here’s our story.

Tom, my best friend from college purchased a new RV with recent inheritance money. It is beautiful, and has all the luxuries you could imagine. Tom and I planned on trying out his new RV on a camping trip along the California coast the next chance we got.

Since spring break was coming up, we agreed that would be our best time to get away and do some camping. We both took some time off work and decided to go for it. I needed a change of scenery for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. We made tentative plans and Tom called me to confirm.

“Hey Steven, you ready to try out my new RV and do some camping?”

“Yes, that sounds great. I’m all set to go.” I eagerly responded.

“Awesome, the RV is ready and fully stocked.”

“Excellent, you still want to meet down there tomorrow morning around 9:00?” I asked.

“Tomorrow morning at 9:00 bro! It’s a date.” He said.

“OK, I’ll see you down there in the morning.” I said as I hung up the phone.

I got myself ready for the trip that afternoon. I packed up clean clothes, sunscreen, munchies, food and drinks for a five day adventure. I figured two good looking guys like us would meet some babes and possibly get lucky so I packed a bunch of condoms and KY jelly. I was excited to get away and have some adult fun with my best buddy.

Tom is a great guy, his wife left him for a co-worker and I had just broke up with my girlfriend. We were both ready to party and blow off some steam, that’s for sure. All I wanted to do was hang around the beach, party and have fun.

Tom and I met in college and became great friends. He is now 33 years old like me and keeps in good shape by biking and doing yoga. Tom is a computer genius and works for a big company in the IT department. He makes good money and had been doing fine till he divorced. His wife got the house and cleaned him out pretty good. As luck would have it, his uncle left him a nice chunk of money after the divorce was final so the money was all his. Tom seemed like a new man after his inheritance and it brought him out of his funk.

I never married, I lived with a few woman over the years but never felt that close to test marriage and what it had to offer. It seemed after 2 years, most of my relationships fizzled out. A lot of my friends were divorced and I was always cautious about taking that big step. So here I am, still single in need of some new loving.

I graduated college and began working as a accountant and never looked back. It was something I was good at and I do enjoy. I also took a few classes in massage therapy but never pursued that career, I only used my skills on girlfriends. It almost always led to hot sex, so it was worth the effort to learn how to do it right.

The next morning I was up and eager to head to the coast. I loaded up my car and made the hour long trip to the beach. Tom was there as I pulled up, he must have just arrived because he was setting up the awning as I pulled up. I parked behind him and jumped out to greet him.

“Hi Tom, good morning. Your looking quite well.” I said to him. I hadn’t seen him in a few months.

“Thanks Steven, great to see you buddy!’

I gave him a big hug and he squeezed me back even harder.

“Nice to see you also, how are you doing?” I said.

“Doing much better these days. Come on in and check out our living quarters for the next few days.”

I followed behind Tom to his new RV, he had on black skin tight yoga shorts that hugged right up his ass crack really tight. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at his buns as he walked up the steps. I don’t know if was a recent lack of sex or curiosity but I loved what I saw. I’ve never seen Tom dressed like this, he really had a nice ass. Tom showed me around the RV, I couldn’t help but notice a nice big bulge in the front of his tight shorts. For some reason my heart began to speed up and I began to feel strangely nervous and horny. It was actually the first time any guy had me this bothered and horny. I knew Tom was completely straight and I’m sure he had no idea he was turning me on like this.

“Over here is the kitchen and refrigerator, back there is the bathroom. There is a queen size bed over the driving compartment and this sofa folds out to a full size bed. As you can see there is plenty of room and it’s great for two bachelors on spring break. You can use this closet for your stuff.”

“This is awesome Thomas, I really like your set up.” I kept stealing glances at his shorts, his ass had my attention and his big cock was quite visible in front. Tom has never been gay as far as I know. I’ve been a little bi-curious now and then but never did anything sexual with a guy. Now I was feeling a new attraction to Tom and open for anything that might happen.

“This thing is gorgeous, I love it!” He smiled at me as he caught me looking at his manhood. I nervously smiled back but the vision of his big cock stuck in my mind. His cock head looked way bigger than mine and I was hoping I’d get a chance to see it or even touch it.

“Steven, grab your stuff and casino şirketleri get set up in here. I’ll finish setting up, then we can start our vacation!”

“Sounds good, I mean great. I’ll grab my stuff and give you a hand in a minute.” I gathered my stuff from my car and began to get set up. I kept thinking about Tom’s big cockhead and what it would be like to suck on that big fat mushroom head. Since the RV is quite tight, I slid by Tom as he was bending over doing something and my cock slowly slid across his spandex covered ass. What a rush. It felt so smooth and sexy, this was making my cock harder and me hornier. Tom seemed oblivious to my actions and new attraction for him. My bi-curiosity was growing fast. I felt a strange nervousness building up inside me. Soon I was set up and offered my help to Tom.

“Tom I’m all done, can I help you with anything?”

“Sure Steven, can you help me unload some firewood?”

“You bet!”

Tom brushed past me as he exited the RV, I swear I could feel his big cock slide across my ass as he did. Maybe Tom was open to new ideas and adventures like I was. No, no chance, this was not going to be easy. Tom is a stud, If anything was going to happen, I would have to make a move at the right time. Maybe I could get him drunk and offer a massage to get things started. I wasn’t sure yet, but I had to try something on him.

I exited the RV and saw Tom bending over into the rear compartment pulling out the firewood. Man his ass looked as nice and sexy as any chicks I’ve ever seen bent over. He started handing me firewood without looking back. I took my time helping him and enjoyed the view. A few times I purposely bumped his ass gently as he handed me the wood. Again he seemed oblivious to my actions. Once we had a considerable amount of wood unloaded we set it all by the fire pit and started the fire. We sat down on the camp picnic table and gazed into the flames for a while.

“Great to be down here isn’t it Steven, I love the sound of the waves and the sweet smell of salty air.”

“This is the best Tom, thanks for inviting me down. I really needed to clear my head for a few days.” I looked at Tom, into his eyes and he gave me a very nice warm smile.

“Steven, would you like some coffee or anything?” He asked sincerely.

“Right now Thomas, I’m completely fine.” I did want something but it wasn’t coffee, it was his big cock.

“Hey, you wanna take a walk and check this place out?” He asked eagerly.

“Sounds good, let me change into some shorts and we’ll go in a minute.”

“OK buddy, I’m just going to stretch out before we go and put the fire out.”

I went in the RV and changed into some running shorts, mine were nice but not as sexy as Tom’s. As I changed I looked out the window and saw Tom stretching his hot body out. He pulled off his shirt and looked very masculine and sexy. As he bent over I grabbed my cock and squeezed it. My cock was getting hard and aching for his body. I exited the RV and walked up next to Tom and started my stretching. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it next to his on the picnic table. I stretched out for a few minutes and felt better, my mind was racing with all kinds of sexual thoughts as I looked him over.

“I’m ready Tom, are you?” I asked.

“Sure thing, let’s go.” He replied with that handsome smile.

We walked down by the shore and headed south along the water’s edge. The sights and sounds of the shoreline were heavenly. The waves were splashing at our feet and I was feeling great in everyway. Tom was obviously enjoying himself also. His handsome smile and sexy body gave me chills. He picked up a few rocks along the way and skimmed them across the top of the water. His ass was driving me wild with lust. I wanted to grind my cock into his spandex covered ass crack and feel what it was like. I was sure it would be a lot of fun to try.

We talked about our recent woman troubles and frustrations as we made our way through the sand and rocks. Soon we were laughing at ourselves and our mistakes in life. I felt a new special kind of freedom I never felt before. It seemed that everything we talked about turned out to be funny. We had the best time talking and laughing. We must of walked for almost an hour before we decided to turn and head back to our campsite. On the way back we talked about family and our careers. It was a great way to clear our heads and start our vacation.

One thing I did notice was the lack of hot woman around. It was more of a family setting than spring break in Palm Springs. A few kids building castles and playing along the shoreline. Mom’s and Dad’s sitting around eating and barbequing. We were not out of place or anything but it wasn’t exactly a place to meet chicks as far as I could see. This was fine with me now because it was just us and the RV. As we neared our campsite, I teased Tom a little.

“Hey Thomas, where’s all the girls? I thought we’d hook up with some beach babes, there doesn’t seem to be any around.”

“I know, this is all families. It’s fine, maybe some will show up later. We got five days.”

We casino firmaları walked up to our campsite and made our way to the RV.

“Steven you up for some coffee?”

“Sounds great!”

“Come on in while I get it ready.”

I picked up our shirts as we walked past our picnic table and we made our way inside the RV. Tom walked ahead of me up the steps, my face was inches away from his sexy ass as he stepped in. I sat down at the small kitchen table as Tom got the coffee brewing. Then he excused himself and had to reach up for some cups above where I was sitting. His cock was right in front of my face for a few seconds as he retrieved some cups, I could make out the shape pretty well and again I was aroused by his big cock head and shaft. Man it looked so fucking hot! I wanted to slide my mouth up and down that monster right then. If he stayed like that any longer I would have. Tom set us up with coffee and sat across from me. We gazed out the window at the beautiful view and sipped our coffee.

“This is great coffee Tom, thank you.”

“I went all out and purchased the best of everything. Were going eat like kings and drink only the best beers and booze. This is on me so don’t worry about anything.”

“I appreciate that bro. You da man!”

After we finished our coffee’s and small talk, we decided to play some Frisbee. I needed to get out of the RV, I was feeling hot and bothered by him. We went outside and started tossing the Frisbee back and forth. We were having a great time jumping diving and tossing the Frisbee around. A few guys approached us from a nearby campsite and I tossed one of them the Frisbee.

“How’s it going guys?” One of them kindly asked.

“Great how are you guys doing?” I asked in a friendly manner

“Doing great, you guys up for a little volleyball?” One of them said as he tossed the Frisbee over to Tom.

“Why not. You up for a game Steven?” Tom asked me.

“Sure, I’m game.” I said with encouragement.

One of the guys came up to me and shook my hand and the other shook Tom’s.

“Hi I’m Mike and this is my friend Tim.” He said to me.

We all exchanged greetings and made our way to their volleyball net. Both of these guys were younger than us, must be early 20’s or so. They were both handsome guys and tattooed up pretty good. They seemed very cool and friendly. They were also taller than us and looked like they could play a good game of volleyball.

We stuck together, Tom and me against Mike and Tim. We played a few games with them and they worked us over pretty good. They beat us every game, but we all had a great time. A few times me and Tom got tangled up and I got to touch his ass. We also helped each other up anytime we fell. I felt close to Tom as we played them. It was a lot of fun.

“Great game you guys, thanks for letting us join you.” Tom said to them as we ended the game.

“No problem, you guys up for a beer?” Tim asked.

“Hell yes!” I replied

“Come over and join us, we are well stocked.” Tim said with a big smile.

We all walked over by their camper for a beer and a few laughs. Mike came out with beers for us all and we toasted to the winners. These guys were big volleyball players from San Diego and were on spring break from college. Mike was 21 and Tim was 22 years old. We talked about the games we just played and made small talk. Then they surprised us by mentioning they had been together for almost 2 years now. They were gay and I was almost as surprised as Tom was. They didn’t look or act gay at first but as they sat close together it was now obvious they were.

“How long have you guys been together” Mike asked us.

I took a second to respond and searched my brain for a good answer.

“Uh, almost a year I replied.” Tom looked at me funny and I nudged him and gave him a stern look.

“Has it been that long Steven.” Tom said in a cute tone. I was pleasantly surprised Tom went along with me.

“You guys look like a hot couple.” Mike said with a big smile.

“For sure, this guy drives me wild with lust.” I said as I reached over and held Tom’s hand.

Tom squeezed my hand back kind of hard but kept playing along. I wasn’t sure if I pissed him off or not, but I was having fun pretending to be his lover.

“Steven is the best, most considerate lover I ever had. We’ve become so close.” Tom said in a cute way.

“Where did you guys meet?’ Asked Tim

“We met at the gym.” I replied “Tom asked me to spot him on the bench press and I just had to have him. His ass looked so cute and sexy, I was overcome with lust. We started meeting at the gym regularly after that and soon became very close.”

“How did you guys meet?” Tom asked them.

“We met a party and ended up hooking up that night.” Mike said with a big grin.

“When did you guys first hook up?” Mike asked, looking at me for the answer.

“Tom came over one night to help me set up my new TV and we started drinking and partying. One thing led to another and before I knew what happened I was blowing Tommy’s big cock.” I replied.

“Steven güvenilir casino is a master cock sucker, I was instantly smitten with him after that.” Tom said to my surprise, squeezing my hand again.

“That’s so nice, you guys look great together!” Tim stated.

“Thank you.” Tom said cheerfully.

“Hey Tom, you ready to go make some lunch? I asked.

“Yeah sure. I’m ready. Hey guys were going to go but stop by later if you feel like it.” Tom said to the guys.

“We will.” Mike replied with a nice friendly smile.

“Catch ya later guys.” I said to them as we left.

We walked off and Tom grabbed my hand and held on tightly. Squeezing my hand extra hard, like he was mad at me.

“Oh my god that was awkward.” Tom said in my ear.

“I know, that was kind of crazy. Thanks for playing along that we are a couple, I thought it was funny.” I said quietly.

“I enjoy role playing but that was a whole new game?” Tom said.

“I hope your not pissed at me, we might have to keep this up when they are around.” I said.

“I’m not pissed at you, it was fun pretending to be gay. They really believed us, thanks to our quick thinking.” Tom said, which surprised me.

“Yeah, when I saw your cute ass in the gym I just had to have you sexy boy.” I teased.

I let go of his hand and slapped his sexy ass and ran ahead of Tom. He caught up to me and slapped my ass and we walked back to the RV hand in hand.

We settled in and got the barbeque fired up in no time. We kept up our act and had fun pretending to be gay as we prepared lunch.. We called each other lover and sweetheart and were very touchy feely. We cooked some burgers and corn and ate our lunch. We had a great meal and relaxed. We decided to lay out for a while and listen to music. There wasn’t many people around where we were, near the end of the campground. There were some older couples around, Tim and Mike were up the beach four campsites away and still visible. They were checking us out periodically and Tom noticed also.

“Hey Tom, now that Tim and Mike think we are gay we can’t stop playing along. It would be very disrespectful to them. All I ask is that you keep this between us.” I pleaded.

“Sure buddy, no problem” Tom said.

“Don’t look now but here they come.” I grabbed Tom’s hand as we laid side by side in the sand.

“Dude you are going to owe me big time for playing along with this mess you got us into.” Tom said with a big smile.

“Oh come on it won’t be that bad. You said it was fun playing along…” I stated.

Tim and Mike walked up and greeted us again.

“Hey guys, how was lunch?” Mike asked.

“The burgers came out perfect.” Tom replied.

You guys wanna take a walk down the beach with us?” Mike asked.

“Oh man, I’m so full I can’t walk ten yards right now. Maybe later…” I said.

“Suit yourself guys, we’ll catch up with you later.” Tim replied.

“See ya Steven.” Mike said to me.

Tim and Mike walked off towards the water and down the beach, we watched them until they disappeared from sight. We enjoyed the afternoon together, then the sun dropped into the sea, leaving us alone in the moonlight. There were a million stars to enjoy overhead as the waves constantly pounded the shoreline.

We barbequed some chicken for dinner and broke out the drinks. Soon we were partying and having a great time. Tom was getting drunk on bourbon and I was sipping beers to keep my edge. Tom was a lot worse off than me and was acting very goofy. He began flirting with me more and more in a joking manner. I enjoyed this quite a bit and kept played along with his antic’s.

“Steven dear, did you remember to feed the cats?’ He joked.

“Of course darling, the cats are fine.” I did my best to encourage his role playing.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous out here tonight, are you having a nice time sweetheart?” He asked.

“Oh yes lover, it’s so romantic. I’m having such a fabulous time with YOU!” I teased back.

“Stevie, would you like to get a blanket and snuggle up with me?” He asked.

“That sounds wonderful Tommy, let me go get a nice thick warm blanket inside, I’ll be right back sexy.” I said sweetly.

I went inside the RV used the bathroom and grabbed a blanket out of the closet. I came out of the closet too in a sense, as I approached Tom, I felt like trying to make a move on him soon. If he shuts me down I will play it off as a drunken joke and hope he buys it.

I sat next to Tom on his big beach towel and draped the blanket over us. I snuggled up next to him and put my arm around his back and pulled him in close to me. He played on with his antic’s, which is exactly what I wanted him to do. He snuggled up to me also.

“Honey your so good to me.” He said kindly into my ear, slightly slurring his words.

The bourbon was taking it’s effect and I could tell he was enjoying this almost as much as I was. I was feeling nervous and excited about what to try next. I slowly slid my hand down his back and rested it on his ass. He followed suit and slid his hand down and grabbed my ass. I began to massage his upper ass a little and he did the same back to me. The more than I did his, the more he did but it wasn’t feeling like a joke anymore. It seemed to be getting more real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32