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To think, none of this story would have ever happened if I hadn’t ran out of milk. That was the sole reason I’d left the house; I needed a cup of tea, and it just isn’t the same without a nice splash of blue top. I slung some joggers and a white shirt on and headed to the corner shop; it was only a five minute walk. I’d completed the journey countless times without any notable incident. You’ve probably guessed, simply by the fact you’re reading this on an erotica site, that this particular journey was different, though.

I’d just turned out of my street when I saw him, camera in hand, walk towards me. I tried to walk past him but he blocked my path, and forced the camera into my face.

“Alright mate!” he said, in a cheery manner. His accent didn’t seem to be local. “You haven’t got a minute spare have you?”

“Err, what for?” I answered, too awkward to dismiss the stranger straight away. I looked up and noticed he was slightly older then me, maybe mid-twenties, with a buzzed haircut and tanned skin. His muscular frame was evident through his tight hoodie and joggers, and the camera he was holding looked an expensive one.

“Just doing a project for uni, interviewing people in the area. Won’t take a minute!”

I figured it couldn’t hurt. “Erm, okay,” I said, still slightly apprehensive.

“Brilliant,” he replied. “So first question, do you live alone?”

“I do,” I said to him. I’d lived alone for the past year, since splitting with my ex-girlfriend.

“Aha, okay,” he said. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and began reading questions from it. “And are you sexually active?”

“Excuse me?” I answered, slightly taken aback. This was a strange uni project.

“It’s a study on sexual health,” he said, reassuringly. “If you don’t want to be identified we’ll blur out your face, it’s fine.”

“Uhh, well in that case, yes, I am,” I answered. I probably should have just walked away, but as previously mentioned, I was awkward.

“Good man!” the man said, jokingly. “With lads, lasses, both?”

“Girls,” came my immediate reply. I hoped I hadn’t come across as too quick to confirm my heterosexuality.

“Ookaaayyy…” the man with the camera said, looking through the questions he’d written down. “No experience with guys then? None at all? Never thought casino oyna about it?”

“Uhhh, no. Never.”

“Fair enough.”

Neither of us spoke for a few seconds, but the man wasn’t reading. Instead he was simply looking at me through the camera, filming down my chest and stomach to my legs and back up. He then cleared his throat, as if he was preparing for something.

“That’s a shame, you’re wasted on just women…”

Whoa, what the fuck? I mean, it was a nice compliment, but this was getting ever so slightly creepy. “I really should go…” I said, but he quickly replied.

“No no wait!” he said. “I’ll come clean. This isn’t for uni.”

I didn’t reply.

“The truth is, I like finding straight lads. I’ve got a thing for them. I like getting them to do things for money. I have plenty money.”

I was astounded. Was this really happening? Was it some sort of prank?

“Sorry mate,” I began, “I’m not inter-“

“100 quid to see your cock!” he interrupted sharply. He can’t be serious.

I thought about it for a few seconds. That was a lot of money. “Give me the money first.” I demanded, surprising myself. He dually obliged.

I scrunched the money up and stuffed it into my pocket, before walking down a nearby alley for some privacy. It isn’t gay, I reassured myself, I’m only doing it for money. When I was absolutely certain noone else could see, I fished my limp cock out of my joggers and exposed it to this man with the camera. Man with the camera. Fuck, I completely forgot he was filming!

I hurriedly bundled my cock back into my boxers. “Ahh fuck, the camera…” I muttered, ashamedly.

“Don’t worry,” he responded, “it’s just for personal use. You have my word.”

His word meant nothing to me, I’d just met the man. So why I got my cock back out, I’ll never know. We stood in silence for around a minute, as he filmed my cock, before he piped up again.

“Can I touch it?”

Hmm, now it was getting dodgy.

“Come on mate,” he continued. “I’ve gave you 100 quid…”

I guess he was right, it was a generous offer. And it still wouldn’t make me gay or anything. I nodded quietly, as his hand reached and grabbed my dick. It was the first hand to touch it in a while, and as such I felt blood immediately rush to it, ashamedly slot oyna hardening it while this man slowly wanked it off. He moaned as it hardened in his hand, obviously enjoying it.

“I’m horny now,” he said, breathlessly, letting go of my dick. “Tell you what, there’s another hundred here for you if you wank me off.” He showed me the money, before stuffing it into my pocket. “Please man, you won’t get an offer like this again.”

I didn’t take as long to contemplate it as I probably would have liked. It was a lot of money, and obviously there was nothing gay about it. It was fine. Like a job.

“Fine,” I said, nervously.

“Not here,” he said. “Let’s go back to yours.”

We walked back to my house in silence. I’d just about given up on the cup of tea. I opened my front door and let him in, and we bith went and sat in my living room.

“That’s better,” he said, as he pulled down his pants and exposed his cock to me for the first time. It was big. Even flaccid, it was big. Really big. “Go on then.”

I took a deep breath, and took his dick in my hand. I slowly jerked it as it began to harden in my grasp, slowly rubbing him up and down as I would do to myself. His breathing got heavier and he let out a couple of little moans, but I tried to concentrate on the task in hand (no pun intended). I jerked him for a couple more minutes, until his hand began to squeeze my thigh.

“Take your shirt off for me,” he whispered. I let go of his cock and peeled my top off, before he did the same. We were both shirtless now as I took his cock in my hand again, and continued to pleasure him.

He was hard now, and I admit it was hard to take my eyes off it. It was about 7 inches long all in all, and thick to boot. Quite a nice cock, I thought to myself.

His hand found its way to the waistband of my joggers, and began to pull them down. Almost without thinking, I lifted my arse from the couch to allow him to do so, and in one fell swoop both my joggers and boxers came off, leaving me naked. I briefly stopped jerking to look at myself, and to my absolute shame I was rock hard. The man laughed.

“You enjoying this?” he asked, as I continued to jerk him. I didn’t answer though, electing not even look at his face. “I am,” he said. He brought his own hand around my stiff prick and began canlı casino siteleri to wank me, and I couldn’t help but let out a little moan. He knew what he was doing. We continued on like this for what felt like ages. And do you know what? I was enjoying it.

The man’s hand grabbed mine, and took it away from his cock. It was slightly wet from his precum, so I wiped it on my stomach and looked at him. “Suck me.” he said. “I’ll give you ano-“

Before he had time to quote a figure, I found myself licking his lengthy, hard shaft. I was as surprised as he was, as I parted my lips and allowed his cock head into my mouth. The salty bitterness of his precum is the first thing I noticed, followed quickly by his deeply musky, masculine aroma. The scent filled my nostrils and drove me crazy, as I massaged his bellend with my tongue and took more and more of his length inside me.

“Fuuuck, you didn’t even wait for a number! You must be enjoying this!” the man said breathlessly as he grabbed the back of my head, and gently pushed me further down.

“mmmhmmm,” came my muffled, but positive, reply.

I looked up at the man and was hugely turned on by the ecstasy evident on his face. “Oh yeah, look at me, look me in the eye,” he said, as I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat. His moans got louder and louder as I sucked, licked and gagged on his magnificent dick. Then, suddenly, he pulled it from my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum!” he said breathlessly, through gritted teeth. “Fuuuuuck!”

I dropped to my knees and got between his legs, almost on auto pilot at this point. “Fuck yeah,” I said as he jerked himself off furiously, with me between his kegs tonguing at his full balls.

“Tell me you want it!” he shouted, grabbing my hair and pulling me to within an inch of his cock.

“I want your cum! Let me taste your cum!” I moaned, and my wishes didn’t take long to be granted. A huge wave of hot, sticky jizz shot out and coated my face, hitting my eye and cheek. I opened my mouth instinctively just in time to catch another rope in my mouth, which was followed by four or five more or equal volume. I kept my mouth open as his cum covered my face amd tongue, before tsking his softening shaft in my mouth once more to mop up any excess jizz.

Exhausted, but fulfilled, I collapsed into his crotch, my face mere centimetres away from his now soft cock.

“Thought you said you were straight,” he said, catching his breath.

“I am,” I said back. He laughed.

“Was,” he replied. I laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32