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I’ll Eat Anything, The Jogger

I am a mid-thirties divorced guy living in a small city in mid America. I am the owner or a security business specializing in home and businesses. I am in good shape for a guy that doesn’t get to the gym often enough. I work all kinds of hours depending on the type of job.

I had just finished a late night and was enjoying a coffee and donut in the shade of a tree in back of a Duncan parking lot. Looking down the street I see a woman jogging my way. She looks pretty good from a couple of blocks. Slender in yoga pants and sports bra showing a nice mid-drift. Nice stride too. I see a pickup truck following her and it looks like a couple of guys hollering something. Annoyed she speeds up.

As she gets closer I can see that the crotch of her grey pants and very dark and expect the back side to be the same and one of the reasons the ass holes are bothering her. She speeds up and I recognize her! Judy J from high school. She and I had dated for our last two years and had been pretty intense. We were each other’s first. She wanted to save her cherry and was the one who suggested oral for release. Needless to say we almost licked, sucked and ate each other to death.

As she got closer she recognized me and flipping off the truck came up to my door out of breath.

“Hey sexpot, still getting the boys all hot and bothered I see.” I say to her.

“Give me a break Buddy; let me get into this truck.” She says as she walks around to the passenger side of my truck.

As she sits I can smell the aroma of a recently fucked cunt and she can see my nostrils flare.

“You haven’t changed have you?” She says sarcastically.

“Oh, come on, it’s hard to miss Jude. How long were those horney guys following you? Miles, blocks, days, weeks? Been in town long?”

Give me a break, I just wasn’t thinking when I left the apartment, cut me some slack.” She says a little lighter.

As I reach over to stroke her sweaty arm she turns a little towards me and I can really appreciate her sent now.

“Jude, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked and a lot more, why should this embarrass you?” I tease.

“Now I remember why I broke up with you, you can be such an ass hole!” She snaps.

“Now Jude, you know I would lick that too! We had some really hot times too”

She finally has to smile as she remembers something from our past. Turning almost sideways she has to lift one of her legs onto the seat and I glance down to savor the sight of her wet crotch.

She cannot help herself now remembering our hot times and says: “I have often wondered what your back seat would have looked like if it wasn’t halkalı escort white vinyl.”

I reach down now to caress her upper thigh and say: “We did have some torrid times didn’t we Tasty One.” That was my pet name for her when I wanted her. I push my hand down to her pussy and feel just hot wet she is. The cotton is like a second skin on her and she is even wetter than I had expected. Is it her juice, sweat or some man’s cum?

“You are shameless aren’t you?” She says looking closer at me and I can smell that familiar scent on her breath.

“Doesn’t it matter that someone else has been where you want to be only minutes ago?” She asks pushing my hand tighter onto her cunt.

“Jude after we split up and I got to fuck for the first time I was so trained by you to think of oral pleasures as only a natural end to sex that I always ate my partner. Tell me you never sucked another cock after we split?”

She was really enjoying my rubbing her so it was hard for her to act very indignant about my language.

“Gawd, you are awful!” She says in mock horror.

“Let me eat your pussy one more time for old times’ sake Tasty One.” I ask as convincingly as possible. I lean over to kiss her searching out her tongue with mine. I can taste the other man and we both know it.

“I can’t do this Buddy; as much as I want your lips and tongue on me I am in a relationship and won’t leave him.’ She says sadly.

“Jude, we both know we won’t work, but we both do know how good it is with us. I have been with a lot of women since you and nobody has ever gotten me off as well as you. Can’t we take this for what it is, just two people who can touch each other like no one else. Tell me this guy, any guy has ever made you cum like I used to make you.” I say.

“Oh my Licker, even when they eat me they never get me off like you did. And half of them cum so fast when I do…well…you know, when I do that special thing for them they cum so fast it’s no fun for me.”

“You still can’t say that you suck cock can you Tasty, can you?” I ask teasing her.

“Oh, fuck you, I sucked your cock! I’ve sucked a LOT of cock! OK?” She says.

I am trying to work my hand into the front of her pants and she grabs it and says: “Here?! Now?!”

“Of course when would be better. Let’s get into the back seat; with the dark glass no one will be able to see us.” I say leading her between the front bucket seats.

She has lost all fight and has given in to her desires and easily slides back there with me. I turn her to sit on the edge of the seat and quickly pull off her shoes. She lifts her fine little ass off the seat and I try to pull her başakşehir escort yoga pants down.

“Fuck, how do you get these things off?” I laugh.

“Here, let me.” She says as she struggles to peel them off. As soon as they clear her crotch the fragrance overwhelms me and I help her pull them down her legs and off. As soon as she kicks the pants free she spreads her legs and shows me her cunt. She is shaved and I have never seen her like that. Her body glistens with her sweat and I see that her lovers cum has been leaking out of her and for some perverse reason it excites me knowing she has another lover but wants me now. I have eaten many a woman with my cum inside of her cunt why should this be any different I think as I spread her legs and lean into her and kiss her cunt. She moves forward making it easier for me to cover her with my mouth. She has the perfect sized cunt and I can stick my tongue into her and caress her clit with my upper lip.

I lean in to do just that. Eating her is so different from I remembered. First was the taste of man cum inside her. We had never fucked so any time I had ever eaten her I hadn’t tasted man cum in her. And then there was the fact that she was cleanly shaved or waxed. There was the scent too. She was always wet when we made love but now the mix of her sweat, her lovers cum and the natural change in her woman scent as she was now 15 years or so older. It was still exciting but it wasn’t as I remembered her to be. She was not as innocent and more aggressive in satisfying her needs. She wraps her legs around my head and holds it into her cunt. Ha! like she would need too!

I have loved eating a woman’s pussy since the first time Judy got me to try it. I have eaten all ages and races. Before and after I have fucked and cum in them and today Judy has taken me somewhere I have never been. I can never get enough of the taste of a woman and have often had to be pulled free from what I love doing. Just the thought of how taboo this act is with Judy now really excites me and it must be working for Judy too as she says: ” Oh my Licker how I have missed your tongue. I thought it was all a figment of my imagination. After so many half assed pussy lickers I have been with I thought I was wrong about just how good our love making was. Eat me, eat me, eat me baby! I just fucking love your tongue.”

As I savor the taste, smell and feel of her hot well fucked cunt I want to make her cum better than I or anyone else ever has and now concentrate on her clit. It sticks out proudly seeking my lips and tongue. Knowing her and any woman for that matter I lick around her little love bud ever kadıköy escort bayan getting closer and closer to it. She is ready before I expected and moves her ass so that my tongue finds her clit.

“Oh, that’s it my Licker, right there get your Tasty One off like you used too.” She almost screams and I remember where we are and really don’t want to get arrested, privacy glass or not. So I am more aggressive in pleasuring her and easily push my social finger into her.

“More, give me another!” She cries and I push another finger into her hot quim and as I let my little finger tip enter her ass hole she cums. And she cums like I never saw her before. Her juices while not a squirt are copious and fill my mouth and mixed with her lovers cum and her sweat I cum in my pants! This has never happened to me. I have had an almost instant orgasm after eating pussy and with only a few strokes or sucks on my shaft easily and quickly came, but never without any direct stimulation.

As her orgasm subsides she lowers her legs from my head and pushes my forehead back to look into my eyes and says: “Why did we break up exactly?”

As I have cum and feel nervous about what and where we are doing this say callously: “Well Tasty, you were a bitch and I was never going to amount to shit!”

She slaps my face, hard but she could have done much better and says: “Still getting right down to it why don’t you.”

“Jude, this was great fun, but we both know that it was once for old times’ sake and I would gladly do it again, but we both know we would never work. Let’s just be friends and maybe fwb, but… well you know babe..

Not finishing my thought I can see that she knows better than I, that is true. And says: “Well, let me at least return the favor. I might even have a few new tricks to show you.”

Glad that the van is filled with the fragrance of her cunt she doesn’t smell the cum cooling in my shorts.

“Next time, Jude, if you want one, next time.” I say leaning forward to take her chin into my hand and kiss her. I stick my tongue into her mouth to share the myriad of flavors I am savoring.

As she pulls up her pants I slip into the front seat and picking up a business card hand it to her saying: “Buddies Security Service, at your service good lookin’, any time any place.”

As she settles into the seat next to me she asks: “You know, as an old friend, how would you feel if I turned some of my friends on to your more personal service? Some have been married a while and their husbands have slipped into the old “Wham, bam, thank you mam,’ thing and all bitch about never being eaten properly, if at all and usually don’t even get off without resorting to a finger wave when their old man falls asleep.”

“I can’t believe you are saying this! But, sure I would be glad to help your friends out.”

And so begins my adventures of Buddies Special Services for Ladies…..

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32