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As Sandra slid into her little black dress, she couldn’t help but admire herself in the mirror. Sure, she knew she was more than a little bit vain, but it had served her well so far in life. After all, if it wasn’t for her vanity, her twin sister Cassie would’ve never gotten to finally fuck her longtime crush, Dean McCann. Cassie also wouldn’t be in her own room right now, getting ready for the night of her life. It might’ve taken more than a decade, but her dreams were about to come true. And so were Dean’s.

Sandra never told Cassie that she and Dean had fucked quite a bit back in college. Although he had gone to a different school than the twins did, she’d run into him at a party on his campus, and he began inviting her to visit for a while after that. Now that Cassie had witnessed them hooking up, it seemed pointless to hide the truth any longer. She just hoped that everything she’d done for Cassie over the last few days would make up for it.

Last weekend, her old sorority sister Ally Simmons had texted her that Dean was back in town. She’d seen him at a local club a few times, and he remembered her as one of the girls who Sandra would bring with her occasionally during her visits. After chatting with him for a bit, she learned he’d recently returned after getting a new job. She also added that he looked as hot as ever, still maintaining his slim, toned swimmer’s body. Sandra was a little jealous to hear that Ally had fucked him, but it sounded like it was a one time thing.

While she had always enjoyed being with Dean, it was marred by the guilt she felt afterwards for betraying her sister. Now, however, she had a plan to make things right, and finally give Cassie the thing she most desired. Knowing exactly how to entice Dean, she made sure to wear knee-high boots and fishnet stockings with a short, tight skirt and a low-cut top. As she expected, it worked like a charm.

Unfortunately, it ended up working a bit too well–while it had been Sandra’s intention to draw Dean in, initiate a conversation between him and Cassie, and then subtly depart so they could be alone, the alcohol she imbibed during the process severely hindered her judgment. Instead of following through with her grand plan of setting Dean up with Cassie, she found herself being led by him to the dance floor, grinding up against him, and getting lost in her lust while her sister looked on from the sidelines. It was like Cassie fell right back into the way she was in high school.

The rest of the night felt like a blur of ups and downs for Sandra. She had invited Dean back to their apartment, and when the Uber came to pick them up, she hurried past her sister to get in first, letting Cassie sit beside Dean. He was clearly very intoxicated, and was dumbly staring out the window, so Sandra tried to get Cassie to make a move. She leaned over and rubbed Dean’s bulge, hoping it would entice her to do the same. In her mind, if she could just get Cassie to push through the walls she’d erected around herself, she would be able to cut loose and have fun.

Despite her outwardly shy demeanor, Sandra knew her sister was just as horny as she was all the time. Cassie had no idea that güvenilir bahis Sandra enjoyed secretly watching her masturbate, and Sandra always got a chuckle from Cassie’s peculiar tendency to give her dildo a blow job before going to town on herself. Initially, she assumed Cassie sucked on it for lubrication, but it soon became clear that she was taking far more time blowing the fake dick than was necessary. Even if Cassie didn’t recognize it, she was subconsciously fantasizing about sucking off Dean. There was one time where Sandra heard her moan his name while her lips were wrapped around her dildo, making this fact obvious.

The moment Dean pulled his cock out in the back of the Uber, Sandra thought the sight of it would overpower any reservations that were holding Cassie back. To her chagrin, her sister didn’t jump at this gift-wrapped opportunity. Dean’s massive, throbbing cock was just standing there, begging to be sucked, so she ended up leaning over her sister to take that hunk of man-meat into her mouth. Once it slid past her lips, she couldn’t stop what was going to happen next.

It had been so long since Sandra had felt that big, thick rod inside her, and she ached to experience that feeling again. By her drunken logic, she’d given her sister ample time and plenty of chances to have Dean herself. If Cassie was going to insist on continuing to be too afraid to fulfill her biggest desire, she couldn’t get mad at Sandra for not wanting to waste a perfectly good cock that was ready to be used.

That night, Sandra and Dean had some truly mind-blowing sex, and she nearly forgot all about her sister until near the end of their last session. Suddenly, they began to hear what sounded like moaning coming from elsewhere in the apartment, and as it got louder, they realized it was coming from Cassie’s bedroom. It was apparent that she had overheard Sandra and Dean fucking over and over again throughout the night, and it finally become too much for her to handle. She took to plowing herself with her dildo while listening to them to sate her lust.

Even after they’d finished, they could hear Cassie nearing an ear-shattering climax. They laid there listening to her cum, and Dean mentioned that it was really turning him on. This only served to remind Sandra that she’d once again taken the thing her sister wanted more than anything in the world, and she felt so guilty, she just turned over and went to sleep.

Sandra was resigned to telling Dean in the morning that this was the last time they could do this, as she couldn’t handle hurting Cassie again. But then something unexpected happened–a little after 3 AM, Dean nudged Sandra awake and handed her a box of tissues, claiming that she’d asked him to get them for her. At the time, she was still drunk, confused, and half-asleep, so she just thanked him and tossed them aside, but everything became clear in the morning.

She woke up, half-remembering the incident in the middle of the night, and started to piece together something else that she’d brushed off as a dream. At one point, she swore she heard moaning and panting and skin slapping together like two people fucking, followed by the barely-contained güvenilir bahis siteleri whispering of Dean and someone that sounded an awful lot like her. Initially, she wrote it off as her guilty conscious causing her to dream about fucking Dean while Cassie was forced to listen to them. Then there was that odd moment with Dean acting like she’d asked for tissues, and it caused a lightbulb to go off in her head.

The seconds seemed to take forever to tick by as Sandra waited in nervous excitement for Dean to wake up so she could confirm her theory. She was almost giddy when he finally stirred and greeted her, nearly pouncing on him and forgetting to finish playing detective. However, when Dean saw her eagerness to fuck again, he ended up doing the work for her, stating how hot he found their intense their middle of the night fuck out in the kitchen.

Sandra almost slipped up and revealed that he’d actually fucked her sister, but caught herself before she did, realizing her plan would work better if he didn’t find out the truth. Instead, she set to work teasing a confession out of him, enticing him to admit that he’d always fantasized about having a threesome with the twins. When he finally did, she ended her cruel game and gave in to her passion, impaling herself on Dean’s pulsating member, riding it with unbridled glee. Now that she knew for certain that her sister had finally experienced getting pounded by Dean’s enormous cock, she was able to truly enjoy fucking him for the first time.

After he left the apartment, Sandra began making breakfast, waiting patiently for Cassie to get up. She saw her twin groggily stumble into the kitchen, and even noticed a faint look of pleasure mixed with guilt on her face. Cassie was remembering what she had done the night before, and was struggling to find a way to confess. It struck Sandra as ironic–after years of fucking Dean and never telling Cassie, it was now her sister who had fucked Dean and hesitated to say anything.

Sandra couldn’t help herself, and toyed with Cassie a bit. She wanted to see if her sister would catch on that she already knew about her fucking Dean, but as usual, Cassie was Cassie. Even having achieved her deepest desire, she couldn’t admit that it actually happened. Taking pity on the poor girl, Sandra revealed that she knew the truth, and that rather than being upset about it, she was thrilled. This shocked Cassie, but then Sandra hit her sister with the coup d’etat: Dean’s fantasy to fuck both of them at the same time. All that was needed now for it to become a reality was for Cassie to say yes.

While it hadn’t taken long for Sandra to get her sister to agree to a threesome with her and Dean, she decided it would be fun to leave him dangling for a few days before telling him the good news. They kept texting back and forth, but she made sure not to say anything about his fantasy, or even mention talking to Cassie about it yet. Although he didn’t bring it up, she could tell it was killing him not to know. Finally, she put him out of his misery and invited him to come over tonight, adding that her sister was willing to fulfill his fantasy.

Dean didn’t waste any time iddaa siteleri responding to that text, and made it clear that he was free. Sandra told him to come by for dinner around 7 PM. She then let Cassie know that the plan was a go, and they began preparing for the main event. Sandra was both nervous and excited–even though she knew how taboo it was, there was a part of her that had always been curious about her sister in this way. As twins, they were connected on such a deep level, it only seemed natural that they would share this as well.

When Sandra got out of the shower, she passed Cassie in the hallway and “innocently” mentioned that she would often get herself off before a big date, getting out any nervous energy so she would be calm, cool, and collected when the guy showed up. Just as she’d hoped, Cassie took her advice to heart, making a beeline for her bedroom. When a minute or so had passed, Sandra snuck to the door and carefully cracked it open so she could peer inside.

She saw that Cassie was already busy choking down her dildo, getting it nice and slobbered up. Cassie then moved it down between her legs, pushing it inside her plump mound. Sandra felt the heat rising within her, and she licked her lips while greedily feasting on her sister’s quivering form with her eyes. Cassie’s body spasmed periodically as she pumped the saliva-soaked dildo in and out of her pussy. There was a certain perverse thrill Sandra got from secretly watching her twin sister fuck herself, and it got her so hot that she could feel her own juices dripping down her inner thighs.

When Cassie threw back her head and began mewling, Sandra knew her sister had made herself orgasm. Now, she needed to hurry up if she wanted to do the same. Rushing back to her own bedroom, she grabbed the wine bottle she kept on her dresser, spit in her hand, and rubbed the saliva up and down its long neck. Flopping down onto her bed, Sandra pulled open her bathrobe, spread her legs, and drove the bottle into her hungry cunt.

She fucked herself hard while picturing Cassie doing the same thing with her dildo. It didn’t take long for Sandra to bring herself to the edge, and she clawed at the mattress, letting out a cry as she came. Once she had finished, she sucked the wine bottle clean, savoring the taste of her own juices. With that taken care of, she could finally start getting ready for the evening.

Sandra slipped into her dress, and then pulled on a pair of fishnet stockings, followed by her knee-high boots. They’d served her well thus far, and she saw no reason to abandon them now. Looking herself up and down in the mirror one more time, she was satisfied with her outfit choice. Glancing at the clock and seeing that it was already a bit past 6 PM, she headed across the apartment to check on Cassie. She knocked tersely at the door, and it swung open immediately. Sandra sighed and shook her head upon seeing the state that her sister was in.

“I don’t know what to wear,” Cassie said meekly, almost in tears.

Sandra pulled her into a tight, comforting hug and told her, “Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ve got you covered.” She inhaled the scent of her sister’s hair and realized just how excited she was for tonight. It took all her effort not to lift Cassie’s chin towards her face and press her lips to the matching set right in front of her. For now, she simply took a deep breath and said, “Okay, Cass. I have an idea…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32