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At the age of ten, I left my home and friends to live in an Ashram. From child hood, I loved God. My parents were also religious. They accepted my decision with delight. They felt good because their child was going to sacrifice her life’s pleasure for self realization. I never had thought about marriage at that young age. After reaching eighteen it was difficult for me to live without a sex partner. I often took help from my spiritual Guru to conquer my lust. I tried my best to follow it but one day I couldn’t control it. Yes, I was defeated.

Once, our ashram organized a spiritual retreat in the nearby town of Rushikesh. I was given charge to take care of my Guru. He was the main speaker of the retreat. I was serving him as if it were a chance to serve God. On the second day of it, my Guru called me.

“Mataji, I need your help.”

“Just tell me. I am your obedient servant.”

“Go to our Ashram and bring me some important books which I will need in this function”, he calmly told me.

“Okay, I depart from here at evening time, Guru!”

“Very good, Mataji”

I left the room. The Ashram was nearly three kilometers from there. I left at 9 p.m. at night. I knew that India was not safe for women in night time, but the Ashram was not too far. I walked to the bus station and asked, “Sir, can you tell me the time of next bus to Haridwar.”

“At ten thirty”, came a voice after a pause.

I had to pass an hour at the bus stand. I chose a safe place to sit. Suddenly rain started falling severely. Half an hour passed and the rand did not stop. In a short time, the road flooded with water as usual. There was not proper drainage system. The water level increased speedily. Later the announcement was heard from a kartal sarışın escort half functioning speaker,

“All the buses departed form this station is cancelled, so we request travelers to…”

I was shocked. What I shall I do without a bus? I could return but no, my mind decided something different. I came out from the bus stop and started searching for a private vehicle. After the hard downpour, the light was gone. I couldn’t see anything except some head lights of vehicles. I was completely soaked and my white clothes became some what transparent. Murmuring God’s name, I watched for a vehicle. I could see a rickshaw and I walked toward it. A man, who I thought was the driver, was repairing it.

“O Mr! I want to go Haridwar, can you take me there?”

“Yes, but it’s broken down, so it can take it at least an hour.”

“No problem. I can wait.”

He again started his repairing. I saw that a tyre was punctured and he tried to replace it. Water was dripping from his whole body. He was a very fat man, about forty years old. Frequently he knelt down for some work. His pants were white, so I could see his scarlet coloured briefs. I did not want to see there, but I couldn’t control my self. Sometimes his brief’s elastic peeped out of his pants and oh! My body felt inching. His ripe watermelon like buttocks attracted me. I was going in to the pit of lust. He noticed my staring. He smiled and without any reason, slowly removed his shirt! After this, he continued to work.

Now his chest was bare, with full of curly dark hair. I couldn’t restrain and started breathing speedily. He heard it and came near me. My god! His fleshy chest was making me crazy. He might know my intention kartal anal escort and so stared at my breast. My blouse was wet, so it glued with my skin. My untouched breasts became stiff like they wanted to come out from bra! After long time he said,

“I need you?”


I couldn’t answer properly but saliva was dripping from my mouth. I removed my sari and ghaghra to seduce him. Now I had only my white bra and white panties. He grabbed me and put me inside rickshaw. First time in my life, a man touched me and it heated my whole body. He put his lips on mine and he became a wild horse! He licked my whole face. Then he proceeded down to my breasts. He revealed them gently and dropped my} bra. He hid his face between my globes. He sucked and played with my tits for ten minutes. My groaning was unstoppable. Then he turned to my belly and groin. My panty became an obstacle. He removed them and started sucking my little tight pussy. I was excited by his caresses and hesitantly touched his swollen cock through his briefs.

“Darling! Put off my briefs,” his intoxicated voice came from near my pussy.

I followed his instruction. It was a really black reddish cock, moving to and fro speedily. He thrust his tongue inside my pussy and it started pouring juice. He sucked all like a ‘divine drink’. Time came when I wanted his cock inside me.

“Thrust your cock inside,” I said excitedly.

“Baby! I want to enjoy more sucking and licking. Your pink pussy has crazed me sssccchhh……your pussy really tastes nice. This chance does not come often. Do you need rubbing any special place?”

“I need you to touch inside my pussy’s wall gently.” He put his finger deeply, but kartal sınırsız escort I wanted more.

“Go deep, very deep, sssss….stop, pinch there.”

My juice came again and spread on his whole face. I thought, if his fat finger was giving me such a tremendous orgasm, then what could his cock would do?

“Please, put your cock inside. My pussy is trembling, see…” I screamed.

He nodded and laid on my naked body and spread my legs. Now he could see my ‘hole’ properly. He gently pushed his cock inside me. My cunt was sticky and silky, so it went inside smoothly. His cock was so thick and it fit tightly inside me. It was so warm. He started thrusting and his public hair touched my cunt. Oh! How sexy! The pleasure made me speechless. His bushy chest hair scratched my big ‘footballs’.

Gradually he increased his speed. My cunt’s fire increased heavily. He wanted to arouse me more and pressed his finger against me. Now the pleasure doubled. As he came, I felt his cum like a warm fountain sprinkled inside me. His orgasm was finished, but his finger was still touching me. I was still hungry. Soon my juice came , again I felt peace, because my long waiting thirst was satisfied today. His fingers crept over my uncovered body.

“I know you are nun by your clothing, but after experiencing this, do you think about marriage?”

“Yes, now I never sleep without man in bed.”

“So, marry with me, Sweety!”

“Are you still unmarried?”

“No, I am married, but, you know it is impossible to enjoy all night with single woman. I need change. Your tight pussy, firm breasts…”

“I can understand you.”

“Now, what do you decide about marry me?”

“Take me you home, nothing else,” I laughed.

He helped me put on my bra and knickers. How helpful he was! We dressed and he drove rickshaw to his home. He made me his second wife. I was no longer a nun. Now I am sexy Anita who can’t pass night without enjoying sex!


I’m always thankful to Bronzege. I’ve never come across such a nice editor on lit.

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