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I couldn’t stop thinking of Katie. Since our encounter in the bathroom last weekend, I’d gone crazy over her.

We called each other daily but we weren’t allowed to see one another. Finally, on Wednesday, my partner, Amy, said that the club would like to have the second part of the initiation at my house! I was surprised until I learned what the second part of the initiation demanded. Katie and I were to live together for the weekend. I was to treat her like my “special” daughter.

I went ballistic at such an indecent thought. Amy respected my feelings and didn’t say anything until that evening when we went to bed. The night before Amy had satisfied my wishes so this night was my turn to satisfy hers. Amy was feeling quite horny so I agreed to a “tie-up” session. I trusted Amy with my body and she’d always been responsible. At a certain hour she told me it was time to go to bed. All she wore was a dark blue satin bra and matching panties.

She dressed me in a black shelf-bra, stockings and a frilly garter belt. No panties. After I fixed my make-up and put on some jewelry, Amy gently fastened my wrists and ankles to the bed. We kissed for a few moments before she took ice cubes and hardened my nipples. Once they were fat and standing straight up, she applied a heavy clamp on each tit. The clamps were not tight and added a pleasant pressure to each nipple.

I hadn’t had an orgasm since the evening before and I was anxious to cum. Amy knew my nipples would be sensitive and purposely started with them. She slapped each breast on the side, watching the nipples quiver under the pressure of each clamp. Playing with my nipples until I moaned, all she had to do was flutter her fingers and gently insert one finger in my slit before my orgasm burst. Aroused by my body’s reaction, Amy kept her finger in my pussy as she played with herself in side her panties.

The idea of fingering an older woman like me always appealed to her fantasizes. She liked the way my body squirmed and my breasts flopped from side to side given the weight of the clamps. In the meantime, I enjoyed watching her hand inside her panties as she stroked herself into pleasure.

When her orgasm subsided, Amy released the tit clamps and kissed each nipple and then kissed my neck and face. Her kissing continued down my body until she began to lick my vulva. Her mouth was slow and precise as she sucked both my inner and outer labial lips and licked my pubic hair until it was matted.

This second round of foreplay easily aroused me as her mouth found my clitoris and licked it into a nice red numb. At some point she took the clit between her fingers and sucked it. My loins were on fire with lust and I could feel the coming orgasm in the tips of my toes. This second orgasm came quickly and boldly as my body shook and shuddered.

At the peak of my climax, Amy inserted three fingers into my pussy and began to ream me. I hardly had time to catch my breath. My juices flowed freely and onto the sheets. Amy’s thrusts continued and no sooner had my last orgasm finished than I felt a new one coming. Amy had only done this to me once before. She was going to make me cum as many times as she could. I moaned and my body rolled in spasms. I liked the way Amy worked on my sexual responses, making each orgasm more intense than the one before.

After an hour, and using the clamps as she desired, Amy had made me cum seven times. When she released the restraints and we fell into each other’s arms, I was in bliss but exhausted. Afterwards we talked and I admitted that I thought about Katie a lot when Amy was fingering me. Eventually, before we nodded off to sleep in each other’s arms, I agreed to the second part of the initiation.

The next evening, I told Amy that I’d changed my mind, that I couldn’t go through with the initiation. After more discussion, Amy had me watch the tape showing Kate and I in the washroom the weekend before. I became more aroused and knew that the only way I would see Katie was to agree to the initiation. I agreed again to the initiation and Amy helped me to plan the weekend that wouldn’t come soon enough.

On Friday evening, I went through my daughter’s drawers. My stomach had butterflies in it as I rummaged around the panties and bras looking for something for Katie to wear. At the age of forty-five, I hadn’t been infatuated like this for a long time. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like. Every time I think of the things Katie did to me last weekend, I got tingles between my legs and in my nipples.

I finally found a set of underwear for Katie. It was a white high-cut set of briefs with a matching demi-bra. Both were white with pink flowers bordered in red lace. I imagined how my daughter might look in the garments and then I thought of Katie. I felt an immediate sexual arousal.

Soon the doorbell rang and I ran to the door like a teenager waiting for their first date to arrive. Katie and her older lover, Julie stepped in. Amy warned me not show any affection toward her until I was casino şirketleri told so I held myself back from hugging Katie. I could see the younger woman was having the same conflict. She was dressed in a grey business suit with a skirt, jacket and a while shell without buttons. She looked older than her age but very attractive.

Amy and I invited everyone into the living room for a glass of wine and we chatted on various things before Julia brought up the topic of the initiation. She reminded Katie and me that we were to act as mother and daughter and to follow the directions given to us.

Telling us what to do next, all four of us went upstairs to my daughter’s room. Julie and Amy found chairs while Katie stood beside the bed. I was told to strip Katie and to dress her in my daughter’s clothes. I took off Katie’s jacket and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor before I had her raise her arms and take off her blouse. She wore a blue lace bra, white bikini panties and pantyhose. Katie moved nervously as I peeled off her pantyhose and got my first whiff of her womanly scent. Her crotch was visibly moist.

I pulled down her panties and saw her clean-shaven pussy once again. Unfastening her bra, she stood there completely naked, looking embarrassed and awkward. To add to her embarrassment, I was still dressed in my formal work clothes. The contrast between Katie and me left both Amy and Julie watering at the mouth.

To help her, I quickly put on the panties I’d chosen and the bra. My daughter was larger than Katie so nothing fit perfectly but the panties hugged her ass and the bra fitted loosely over her breasts. Next I helped her put on a pair of white jeans and a light v-neck sweater. Then, I took her to the vanity table and arranged Katie’s hair to look like my daughter. I also applied some makeup, mascara, lipstick and perfume. In the drawers, I found some earrings and a necklace for Katie to wear. To my surprise, there was a striking resemblance to my daughter by the time I was finished. My arousal only increased as I finished combing Katie’s hair.

“Rub her between the legs, Mrs. C” Amy ordered. “She’d probably enjoy the attention, but don’t let her cum.”

With Katie still sitting and with one hand on her shoulder, I began to rub Katie’s crotch. It felt strange to sexually excite someone who looked so much like my daughter. Katie had closed her eyes and opened her legs, enjoying the friction of the panties against her pussy. My touch was gentle and I could see Katie becoming aroused as the palm of my hand caressed her between her legs. The idea of so openly stimulating someone aroused me. When Katie let out her first whimper, Amy told me to stop.

When we finished, Amy had us go into my bed room and Katie was asked to take off my business suit. She did so slowly, unbuttoning my blouse and pulling down my long skirt. Soon I stood there in my panties, bra and stockings. Feeling self-conscious, I could see Katie staring at my body with lust.

That morning Amy had me dress extra fine in a burgundy coquette bra that was under wired with mesh cups. That meant my bosom had become a very predominant part of body hidden only by blouse and jacket I wore. My sheer panties matched my bra. They were a slim bikini style. I didn’t like these panties because they fitted me too tightly and I could never pull them up around my ass to feel comfortable. Not having shaven my pussy, hairy was visible along my bikini line. Happily, the panties did rub against my slit giving me a nice stimulated sensation throughout the entire day.

“Does she look like a sexy mom, Katie?” Julie asked

“Oh yea,” Katie replied as she ran her warm hand over my shoulders, down my back and along my buttocks.

My body shivered with lust as her hand squeezed my ass. I was glad Katie did that because the panties made my ass look big and I was self-conscious with everyone looking at me. Katie seemed to like what she saw.

Katie was asked to pick a dress for me from the closet. She chose a light flowery print that buttoned over the chest with a hemline that fell to my knees. She drew the dress over my head and arranged the shoulders. Because of the support in the bra, the buttons wouldn’t easily close. I suppose I’d gained a few pounds since I’d worn the dress last. Amy told Katie to leave the buttons open. My large breasts and dark bra would be clearly visible to everyone.

As the other guests were arriving soon, Katie was told to help me and finish preparing dinner. When we disappeared into the kitchen, we had time to hug and kiss. We giggled about our situation and the funny way the clamps made us look. It felt so good to hold her again only this time I smelt the perfume of my own daughter.

Because time was short, we quickly set out dishes and I finished preparing the food. Katie was a good helper and host, doing all the things a daughter normally did and making it seem so natural.

The other guests arrived shortly. We hugged each other and exchanged small kisses. casino firmaları They’d all brought their short white housecoats and changed in my bedroom. Like last week, I was attracted to the butch women, the ones with the close-cropped air and the pierced ears. Only one butch this week wore a black dildo that stuck out boldly from under her housecoat.

We gathered in the living room and chattered for an hour over wine. There was some discussion that since Katie and I weren’t fully initiated into the club that we shouldn’t be wearing our outer clothes.

To satisfy everyone, we were both outfitted with thick black leather collars. Nipple clamps and chains were fastened to a neck ring. For Katie, the clamps were attached with short chains to her sweater, at the crest of each breast. This way she looked erotic but did not suffer the discomfort. For me, I was asked to pull the top of my dress open exposing my bosom. Attached by short chains again, the clamps were attached to my bra cups. Katie was also told to unzip her white jeans so that her panties were clearly visible. Out erotic dress seemed to satisfy everyone.

Next, dinner was served. Several times Katie and I met in the kitchen and kissed. I craved to suck her tongue and I wanted to be close to her again. We hugged, laughed and embraced, happy to be together once again. At my age, it was certainly entertaining to have such a puppy-love experience.

After dinner more drinks were being served. The same older woman from last week called the meeting to order. The dreaded next set of instructions came. Both Katie and I were to masturbate in front of the group, each helping one another but not directly stimulating each other’s clit. Katie happily volunteered to go first.

Deciding to do it standing, I took her by the hand and placed her in the middle of the circle where everyone would be able to see her. Unzipping her jeans, I pulled down her white pants to her knees. Julie, her lover, uncapped her breasts and attached the clamps that dangled from her collar to each nipple. She told me to stand behind Katie and to put my arms under hers and to keep each breast pushed up. I lifted her sweater so her clamped breasts were visible to everyone. Because of the perfume, I couldn’t help but think of my daughter.

Katie eased her fingers into her panties and began to rub the line of her slit.

“Whenever I masturbate,” she said confidently, “I first rub along my slit to stimulate the lips and then I wet for some wetness before I find my clit. As it grows and I rub it, I use two fingers with my other hand and work up a lather.”

I was shocked at Katie’s abrupt remarks but she was very much of another generation.

Being twenty-two, masturbation came easy to Katie and in no time she was fingering herself with a sure rhythm. I nibbled on her ear and she rolled her head back so we could kiss. Finally, we could kiss. Like I remembered, her tongue was long and powerful and entered my mouth searching for my touch. It was a long kiss that we couldn’t easily stop.

My guests in the small audience were satisfied with what they saw. Some reached between their legs and began to rub themselves while others began to kiss their partner or the breasts of their partner.

Katie spread your legs wider and her hips began to move into mine. Her orgasm was growing. I whispered into her ear how beautiful she looked as my fingers tweaked her clamped nipples. I had never held a woman who was masturbating, never mind one as young as my daughter. I was aroused by what I was doing and how much I enjoyed helping Katie amuse the others. I was discovering the exhibitionist side of my sexuality that up until that point, I didn’t know even existed.

I whispered to Katie that she was doing a good job and that I was getting excited just feeling her finger herself. She liked my remarks and her fingers worked harder. My daughter’s panties were wet and filled with Katie’s juices.

“I wish you were my mother,” was all she replied in a voice choked with growing lust.

“Surly, you don’t mean …” I tried to say but it was too late.

Katie yelled that she was cumming. Leaning against me heavily, her orgasm exploded in her womanly body. Her body stiffened and her hips bucked some more. We kept kissing and I enjoyed her hot breath entering my mouth as she moaned and shuddered in my arms.

There was a loud applause for Katie’s performance.

After Katie came, she turned and we hugged one another for a long time. Knocking her jeans away for her legs and taking her sweater off, she stood huddle in my arms with only her bra and panties on.

After more drinks were served, I was told to “do it.” I knew I couldn’t stand like Katie so I took my dress off and lay in the middle of the floor with the help of a few pillows. I was really nervous since I hadn’t masturbated in a long time. Amy was an able lover and I never felt the need to masturbate.

Amy came up and uncupped each breast from my bra and attached the clamps güvenilir casino to each nipple. Katie sat beside me on her knees watching me put my hand into my panties and finger my clit. I was certainly wet from all the excitement but I was too self-conscious to get really hot. Katie glided her hand over my stomach and she raked in the inside of thighs with her fingernails. That helped.

I had been lying on the floor for almost ten minutes. I was hot in my stockings and bra with little hope of cumming soon. Worse, I felt silly, a woman of my age. Only hours before I was acting like a responsible administrator and here I was on the floor masturbating for a women’s club!

Julie saw I was in trouble and asked Katie to help me. I didn’t know what she would do until she knelt down and brought her face to my behind. Brushing her blonde hair aside and pulling my panties aside, I felt her tongue lick the inside of my ass cheeks and then deeper toward my anus.

Amy and I never practiced anal sex so this was entirely new to me. Katie’s tongue licked my anus. The new sensation made me rub myself harder.

Amy came and lay beside me, kissing me gently, telling to me to be open to the new experience. She said she was aroused by Katie’s trick.

Katie’s tongue soon pushed itself into my anus. There was some resistance as my asshole puckered up. Then, her tongue found its way in. Oh, what a feeling. The silky feeling of Katie’s tongue drove me wild. Amy could see I liked it because I began to rub my clit furiously.

Katie’s tongue and its gentle intrusion into my ass set my lust on fire. I began to breathe hard. Amy pulled gently on the chain and clamps attached to my nipples. The little pain and rising pleasure drove me crazy. Katie’s tongue slid in and out of anus with ease. Soon my orgasm couldn’t be stopped. I rubbed myself hard until I shouted and raised my hips off the floor.

It was a good orgasm and I felt it in each corner of my body. I was sweaty and hot but the release of sexual energy had been my body at ease.

Lying exhausted, Katie straddled my body and kissed me and put her tongue into my mouth. I was so happy to kiss her again that I forgot her tongue had only moments ago been in my anus.

Seeing a woman Katie’s age kiss me and help me masturbate turned the women silent as they either masturbated themselves or helped their neighbor. We were just what they wanted to see that evening.

I felt guilty as my orgasmic bliss wore off. Here I was, forty-five, making love to a woman my daughter’s age who was wearing my daughter’s clothes; even more it was all happening in my own house!

Katie and I lay on the floor a long time kissing. She soothed my guilt by telling me how horny I’d made her and that she thought I was a great mother. I blushed at the remark.

After everyone had finished playing with themselves or another, we all became chatty again and someone suggested we play dance music. In a few moments the room was alive with dancing bodies.

I started a dance with Katie but we were interrupted by one of the more dominant women. She asked if she could dance with me for a while.

Allison was thirty-two and very masculine looking. She had sharp angular features on her face and strong arms. As we began to dance, she put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. Congratulating me on my performance, she also complimented me on my looks and how attracted she felt to me. As we danced, her robe opened exposing her lithe body. All she wore was a small leather g-string with studs. Her small breasts were nicely pierced with large rings.

Allison pressed me closer to her, telling me how aroused she was being so close to me. I enjoyed her comments as her hands explored my body. We were dancing very slowly when she put her face to my breast and began to kiss my nipple. Eventually, she moved me up against a wall and kissed me on my lips. She was gentle but certain. I enjoyed her directness.

In moments, she had her hands in my panties, feeling my sweaty wetness between my legs. I spread my legs so her hands could easily play with me. My hand easily caressed her thong and I could see she liked my prodding touches. We kissed some more as she pressed her mouth into mine. Her fingers entered my pussy, feeling my warmth and wetness. When she saw that I going to permit her to bring me off, she pulled her fingers out. It was a momentary passion on her part, her desire for a woman my age. I learned later that Allison always had a weakness for motherly women.

As our gathering broke up Katie and I were given our last instructions. We were to spend the night together, alone, as long as we slept in my daughter’s bed. The two of us were excited that we’d get to spend this time together.

After the others left, we hurried upstairs. In the bathroom we both stripped quickly and walked into the shower stall, embracing each other, we didn’t need to talk. We madly kissed one another as Katie raised her leg around my waist and began to pee. I hesitated but soon I shot a stream of urine that flowed down both our legs. The warm liquid bonded us like a secret ritual that didn’t need words. We each groped at each other’s breasts and felt the wetness of our pee stream down our legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32