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Reading Notes:

1. This is the ninth chapter written in collaboration with Sissy Simon(e), who was owned by my late friend, Nicola. It is published in her memory.

2. As this saga continues, aspects of sadism, slavery, cuckoldry, lesbianism, denial and general bdsm are explored.

3. All characters are figments of both of the authors’ imaginations, and all characters consent to every aspect of the activities described. As always, all characters are aged over 18.

Saturday morning dawned, and Sara slipped from that deep and restful sleep into a stage where she was almost awake. Her brain told her it was time to open her eyes, and she did, reluctantly.

The guest bedroom where she and her cuckold Paul had been sleeping was bathed in glorious sunlight. Sara looked at the prone still sleeping figure next to her. She loved him dearly, and she knew that he too worshipped the ground that she walked on. They indulged one another’s fetishes, which meant that Sara was free to fuck other men whilst Paul was able to become Paula and serve her cruel Mistress during play times. Today was going to be a good day, Sara decided and, reaching under the duvet, she pinched Paul’s nipple with her nails, waking him up instantly.

“Good morning, my love,” he said sleepily. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes thank you,” she replied, “but I’m awake now and I need two things. My early morning pleasuring is the second one!”

“And the first?” enquired Paul, although he had a very good idea what it was that Sara required. He scooted down in the bed, making room for Sara to adjust her position.

“I need a pee,” Sara smiled, straddling her husband and lifting herself up onto her knees, so that Paul could shuffle down the bed and place his mouth under Sara’s beautiful smooth cunt. When he was in position, she lowered herself onto his face.

“For fuck’s sake, don’t spill any,” she warned Paul sternly. “I don’t want to have to explain piss stains to John and Denise!”

Paul was in no position to answer verbally so he used his tongue to signal that he was ready. He waited patiently.

An initial trickle flooded his mouth. Sara’s first pee of the day was always stronger than at any other time. He swallowed, savouring the taste and the aroma in his nostrils.

He was aware that Sara was holding her stream back somewhat, managing the flow so that he could swallow everything without spilling any. He drank gratefully, and as the flow lessened, then ceased altogether, he remained in position for the last drops, squeezed out by Sara. Her thighs put pressure on his head, signalling that she had finished. Paul began to lick her cunt lips dry.

Then he began his early morning worship. His tongue delved back into the sweet moist depths of Sara’s cunt. It sought out her clit, which was still in hibernation below her protective hood. Paul found the sleepy bud and licked her gently. She stirred.

He adjusted his position slightly and sucked Sara’s clit gently. She began to wake up, interested now in the attention she was receiving. She peeked out from under the hood. That was all the encouragement Paul needed. He greedily sucked the clit into his mouth and began to suck and nibble her. Above him, he felt Sara begin to enjoy the sensation. She started to ride his face and use his nose to provide extra stimulation.

Sara bucked wildly as the first indications of her orgasm built. Her breathing became ragged, she lifted herself off Paul’s face and dropped back down onto it. Paul extended his tongue to allow Sara to use it to penetrate herself a few times before she settled back onto his face and allowed him to resume his clit pleasuring. She moaned softly.

“Do it!” she hissed, “fucking hell! Hurry up Get me off, you fucking biiitttchhhh! Aargh! Fuck, yes! Keep it there! Aargh. Oh fuck, that’s good!”

She humped Paul’s face and he was rewarded with a squirt of thick, hot cunt juice as she reached her orgasm. Frantically, he tried to swallow it all, but Sara’s cunt was spraying cum like an unattended hose pipe. Her juices went everywhere, as she laid back and continued to thrust herself against Paul’s nose and tongue.

When she’d finished, Paul’s face resembled an over ripe tomato, red and shiny, but both he and his Mistress were delighted with how Saturday morning had begun. They both had all day to prepare for the party to which they had been invited, and in their own, very different ways, both were looking forward to the evening’s events very much indeed.

Sara took Paul down to breakfast. She was dressed in a fitted T shirt that not only moulded to her body, but also emphasised the swell of her tits. She had slipped on a pair of cotton trousers too. Paul, as befitted his status, was naked, wearing only his cock lock. They walked hand in hand into the dining room.

The long table was set at one end with three places, but it wasn’t the seating plan that caught their attention. At the other end of the table, John was lying on his back, his feet in the air, his legs resting on Denise’s shoulders. kaçak iddaa She was positioned between his open legs and was pegging him with what looked like a horse-cock dildo.

“Good morning, my darling,” she smiled at Sara, not breaking her rhythm.

“Sit yourself down, and ring the bell. C C will bring our breakfast in a minute. I’m just giving John his early morning pegging”, she added rather unnecessarily.

Sara grinned. John was obviously enjoying his early morning ritual. His little cock was sticking up to the ceiling proudly. Sara pointed at it.

“Does that need any attention?” she asked.

“Paul isn’t dressed yet, but he can adopt Paula mode whilst naked and suck that to completion if required.”

“That’s terribly sweet of you to offer,” panted John, who seemed to be on the brink of shooting his bolt, if the amount of leaking pre-cum was anything to go by “but what’s the point of us keeping C C if not to be a cum dump?”

“Mind you, ” he continued somewhat breathlessly, “I would be obliged if you’d ring the bell for C C. I’m right on the edge here!”

Sara obliged her host, picking up the tiny bell and shaking it. No sooner had it started to tinkle when the door opened and a flustered CC hobbled in. His nipples were clamped flat by two clamps held on by a heavy chain, and he also wore a humbler, which caused him great discomfort as he walked.

Sara burst out laughing.

Denise explained that he had been tawdry getting to her in the night when she needed a piss, and she had almost wet the bed. She’d fitted the humbler and nipple clamps as soon as she’d emptied her bladder into her toilet slave, and they were all going to remain attached until C C had taken his 10 o’clock punishment.

“It isn’t my place to interfere,” Sara said with a smile, “but Paula will be dressed tonight, and will probably need to use her mouth several times, be it to suck cock, worship cunt, do clean up or just to kiss. I think some practice might be in order.”

“And,” she continued, “not to deprive C C of his morning protein, Paul could practice his snowballing technique after John has cum in his mouth. Does that sound feasible?”

Denise continued to peg John vigorously. She considered Sara’s proposal, whilst her husband struggled not to cum as the massive horse-cock dildo stimulated his prostate.

“Get over here, Paula,” she eventually instructed, “Master John needs his cock sucking.”

“Don’t swallow,” she continued, pulling her massive horse-cock dildo out of her husband’s arse, with a sound that resembled a wellington boot being extracted from a muddy puddle.

“You, C C, get over here and be ready to accept your Master’s cum from Mistress Sara’s slut,” she instructed.

C C hobbled over and sank to his knees at Paul’s side. Paul had by now taken John’s pitifully small cock in his mouth and was sucking him hard. John bucked upwards, his eyes screwed up in ecstasy.

“Ugh! ugh! ugh!” he grunted as Paul’s experienced technique began to draw the cum out of his ball sac and down his cock shaft.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Yes, yes, yes!” he gasped and shot his cum into Paul’s mouth.

Paul, mindful of his instructions took John’s load and retained it in his mouth. He pulled back, and John’s shrivelled cock slipped from between his lips. He turned to face Denise and opened his mouth to display an impressive amount of cum from such a small cock. Denise nodded in approval.

“Just stay there like that till this one has cleaned his Master’s cock,” she instructed, nudging C C’s thigh with her foot, and indicating with a nod of her head what was expected of the house slave.

C C got to his feet gingerly and took John’s flaccid cock between his lips. It flopped about like a fish out of water. C C peeled back the foreskin and slipped the spunky helmet into his mouth.

He swirled it around, cleaning it of all the remains of cum. Then he sank his head lower and cleaned the shaft. Finally, he licked some overspill from John’s ball sac. Then he turned to face Denise.

“You know what you have to do,” she barked, flicking her head at Paul, who stood with his mouth still open, and full of cum.

C C hobbled over to Paul. The two locked eyes and Paul dribbled John’s cum into C C’s open mouth. Sara cuffed him hard on the back of his head.

“You’re supposed to fucking snowball!” she growled. “Now kiss him and let him show you how it’s done!”

The two submissives kissed and C C transferred the cum back into Paul’s mouth. They broke apart and Paul opened his mouth to show that it was once again full of cum.

“That’s better,” approved Sara, moving to the other end of the table, and sitting down. “Now give that cum back to C C so that he can swallow it and get on with serving breakfast. I’m sure Mistress Denise and Master John are starving after their exertions. I know I am!”

Paul obeyed, kissing C C open mouthed and snowballing cum into his mouth. When his own mouth was empty, he broke off the kiss and went to kneel down beside Sara.

John shuffled gingerly kaçak bahis off the table and came and sat next to Sara. Both watched as Denise unbuckled the harness that held the massive horse-cock dildo. She left it on the table and came to join her husband and their guest.

C C shuffled off and soon re-appeared with a tray of tea and coffee. He served everyone and asked if more toast was required.

Denise looked at John and Sara, both of whom shook their heads.

“What’s required is that you show us all how clean you can get my dildo,” she said, indicating with an imperious wave of her arm the still glistening horse-cock dildo that lay on the far side of the table.

C C retrieved the dildo and brought it closer to the three diners. It was too big to fit into his mouth, so he began to lick the tip in earnest. Denise nodded approvingly.

“You make sure that you get all that lube and arse juice off my dildo,” she instructed. She sipped her tea.

“And don’t you have a reminder for me?”

C C paused his dildo licking.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied. “I have a scheduled punishment at ten o’clock this morning. You decided on thirty strokes of the crop.”

“Yes, but that was before you nearly caused me to piss myself last night,” replied Denise. “There will be an extra twenty strokes with the carpet beater for being so slow.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” C C’s tone was one of absolute abjection.

“You may well thank me, you fucking sluggard. The only reason I didn’t make it an extra twenty with the dragon cane is that I know that that would probably split your arse skin, and with our guests coming tonight, the last thing I want would be a house slave with a bleeding arse.”

“Now fuck off back to the kitchen to wash up these dishes.” She indicated the empty tea cups and plates showing signs of toast crumbs.

“Take my dildo with you, and report to the drawing room at ten for your punishment Bring that dildo for my inspection. It had better be in pristine condition.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

Everyone watched in silence as C C gathered up the dirty breakfast dishes on his tray. He tucked the dildo under his arm and hobbled off to the kitchen. Sara felt the heat from between her thighs. She had enjoyed seeing John being so thoroughly pegged and the subsequent snowballing. She had particularly liked the way that Denise humiliated her house slave.

Standing up, she smiled at her hosts.

“Just enough time for me to brush my teeth and come down for the punishment show, I think,” she smiled, clicking her fingers at Paul, who shuffled to her side. She put her hand on his head.

“That pre-breakfast show was quite stimulating,” she told him. “You have some cunt worship to perform before we return. Come on, don’t dawdle. I can feel my juice starting to run down my thigh!”

She stalked off, waving at her hosts, who smiled delightedly. When she had gone, Denise turned to John.

“I like the sound of that cunt worship,” she purred. “Pegging you has got me wet as usual. I think I deserve a good licking, don’t you?”

“Absolutely, my darling,” replied John, standing up and offering his arm to his wife. As they made their way upstairs, Denise was gratified to see that John’s tiny cock was already showing signs of recovery. It was twitching in anticipation of what John was about to do.

As the clock in the hallway struck ten, C C shuffled into the drawing room, carrying his Mistress’s crop and her carpet beater. John and Sara were seated on a two seater settee, whilst Denise stood by the side of a whipping bench. Paul was kneeling at Sara’s side.

C C spoke, his voice trembling with emotion.

House slave reporting for his scheduled punishment, Mistress,” he said quietly.

Denise motioned to him to position himself across the whipping bench, and as he shuffled into position, the watchers could see the effect the humbler was having on his balls. They were swollen and so blue as to be almost purple. Denise set about shackling her slave into position, making sure that his legs were stretched wide, thus exposing his tortured balls completely.

Satisfied that his arse was in a good position to accept her punishment, Denise proceeded to pull the chain between his nipple clamps tight, and secured it to a hook eye in the wall in front of the whipping bench. C C howled in agony.

Denise picked up her crop and swung it through the air a few times, creating a whistling sound. C C fell silent, clenched his buttocks and waited.


The first stroke landed, not on his arse as C C had been expecting, but smack in the centre of his exposed, swollen balls. C C gave a scream of agony, and stammered,

“One. Th..thank you, Mistress.”

No sooner had he finished counting than the second stroke landed, laid expertly over the site of the first stroke.

“Aaarrgh!” screamed C C, his strapped thighs shaking with agony. “T…two. Thank you, Mistress.”

Denise decided that this was taking too long. She addressed her illegal bahis slave.

“Forget counting and thanking me until the last punishment stroke has been administered ” she said.

“I intend giving you the next eight one after the other, with no pause in between. If you take them well, the next twenty will be given across your arse, and then I’ll remove the humbler before you get the carpet beater. Make too much fuss and you’ll get all thirty across your balls, and the humbler will remain in place until I’ve given you the carpet beater. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly clear, Mistress,” whimpered C C.

Denise lined up her crop and Sara noticed C C biting down on the inside of his cheeks, presumably in an effort to remain quiet.

And remain quiet he did during the eleven or so seconds it took Denise to land eight cruel strokes all on his balls. He might not have made a sound, but the pain he experienced caused his legs to jiggle as if they had been wired into the National Electricity Grid.

Denise paused to examine her handiwork, caressing and then squeezing C C’s swollen and extremely hot balls. She grinned at her audience, and nodded approvingly as John took his cock out. It had swollen to its maximum of about four inches, and he stroked it gently.

True to her promise, Denise removed the humbler and then picked up the carpet beater.

“I’m not going to ruin you for tonight,” she informed her slave, “so you’ll accept all twenty strokes of this in total silence. If you do so, your punishment will end. Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you,” replied C C, already tensing his buttocks in anticipation of receiving his first stroke.

Sara was a fascinated spectator. The carpet beater was a throwback to times before fitted carpets, and so was not a common sight these days. She’d seen pictures of them, and watched porn when one was being used, but she’d never been present when one was used on a slave before. She was looking forward to seeing it being used and the effect it had on C C.

Denise placed the large oval paddle against C C’s buttocks, drew back, and with all her might brought it down on his arse.

It made a soft whirring sound as it descended, and there was a soft crackling sound as it landed. C C’s head jerked up, but not a sound did he make.

Denise delivered the second stroke with similar sound effects, and an identical reaction from C C.

Both Sara and John noticed that Denise was enjoying administering this savage punishment. Her nipples were visible beneath her T shirt, and they were as stiff as two pokers. Also, Denise was fingering herself between every stroke. Her eyes were beginning to glaze over and her face was flushed. Sara judged that she needed to cum, so she stood up.

“May I finish that punishment for you?” she enquired sweetly.

“I’ve never used a carpet beater before, and it looks as if both you and John could do with some time to get yourselves off!”

Denise beamed at Sara, handed her the carpet beater and pulled her skirt up.

“Be my guest,” she smiled, adding, “don’t hold back with it. A carpet beater stings but won’t break the skin. Enjoy yourself!”

She sat down next to her husband, and put her head in his lap. John slipped his hard cock into her eager mouth, and Denise began to finger herself again. Both had their eyes glued to the scene of punishment in front of them. Sara decided that it would be impolite to disappoint her hosts. She lined up the carpet beater and swung it with all her might.

It crashed into C C’s tender arse with a sound like a crackling fire. He snorted in agony, his head jerked up, but other than that he remained silent. Sara lined up her next stroke.

She found the carpet beater beautifully balanced and easy to use. It swung through the air smoothly and made a wonderful sound when it met soft flesh. Sara got into a steady rhythm, which she reinforced by chanting silently to herself.

“Line up; breathe, steady back stroke; breathe; pause at the height of your back stroke; look at your target; swing… and CRASH!! Remove the paddle and survey the result of your stroke. Repeat.”

C C remained silent throughout, although his breathing became louder as his punishment progressed. Sara judged that he was not a pain slut like Paul, a realisation that stimulated her inner sadist, and caused her to use all her strength to deliver each stroke with as much force as she could muster.

As the last stroke landed, Sara realised that she was a bath of sweat. Her own nipples were hard and rubbed deliciously against her tight T shirt. She was aware that she had neglected to wear knickers under her cotton trousers, and that if she didn’t get them off soon, there would be a tell-tale wet patch between her legs.

Turning to face her hosts, she grinned to see them fully engrossed in a very passionate sixty nine mutual sucking position. She put the carpet beater down quietly, motioned to Paul to follow her, and went upstairs to her bedroom.

Twenty minutes later, freshly showered and dressed in clean clothes, Sara brought Paul back downstairs to find Denise sitting on the settee, red faced from her recent exertions, and watching John release C C from the whipping bench.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32