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Asian Anal

Part 1B

New characters

Kathy — A co worker on Dr youngs team who assists with the feeding of James, she is in charge of meal prep and recording results.

Jane — James ex-girlfriend who Doctor young invites to help feed James.

Chapter 3 – 1 week later

My initial plan was for James to stay at home, eating a regimented diet of my shit so I record his intake and out take in person. To be honest, I had dreamt of cooking him many meals laced with my shit, decedent cakes topped with shit, cupcakes with my dirt as filling, salads with shit as their side, pasta, with poop. However, James pointed out to me that we didn’t know of any possible side effects for taking this drug and that if it worked, we had a life time to explore what this might mean for us and our relationship. In Alabama several years ago the FLact had passed, maybe we could move there after testing was complete.

James had fit right in to the program, working with my team to explore how the drug effected his appetite and metabolism. Kathy became his main assistant, she helped keep his shit intake to three proper meals a day, each breakfast was purely one team members poop, This was always to be Kathy’s. For lunch he would have a healthy snack with poop mixed in, and for dinner, I made him a special meal and we would eat together. escort bursa I made sure everything in and out was recorded, and we took note of any sickness shown (none) any muscle growth (plenty) and any neurological changes (none)

Of course, James wasn’t our only test subject, Mike was a more than willing test subject we found from the online forums, however for his we fed him only male poop (not that he knew it of course) to observe if there was any difference between male and female. Then for the final participant we had Sarah, a small blonde woman in her 30’s who dressed like a classic housewife. She was always hitting on us, and rumour was Kathy had a soft spot a mile wide for her. I think it made us all a bit wet seeing her smile with our shit in her mouth. Sarah had been given a mixture of men and women’s shit.

What was interesting was noting how all three changed, getting slimmer, more toned, and athletic, however James was definitely making progress the fastest. At the end of the 3rd week, I had my final meal with James, but this time was a bit different, I took a tablet myself this time too (just as a once off, at least for now.) I brought in several cupcakes for James for dinner, I swear he looked taller nowadays, and definitely had more muscle on him. “James, this is our last meal for a few months, I am görükle escort your mother and I cant feed you my shit any more, just in case its effecting the results, I am sure you understand”

He looked a bit annoyed, but responded “Yeah mum, I get it, this is my favourite part of the day though, you know” I smiled, stroking the stubble on his face, “I know, come on lets dig in hey” I took a cupcake and bit in, tasting my own shit for the first time. It had a slightly greasy, slimy texture to it, probably as it was still warm in the cupcake, but it tasted like pure extasy. I swear James mouth dropped out of his Jaw “mom?” he asked, I pouted “What, I slipped in a pill for myself, I want to share this even if its only once.” He leaned over and kissed me on the lips, I blushed so hard I think I went red.

Chapter 4

After my withdrawal to remove any conflicts, I had to find a replacement, as it turns out finding girls to shit for you isn’t always as easy as it seemed. However, I knew one who would probably od it for free. Jane, James ex. I flipped through my phone, finding her number. She and I had been very friendly when James was dating her, but it ended quickly and mysteriously, and I think I knew why.

I invited Jane down to my laboratory to see what I had been working on, and have some bursa escort bayan lunch. As she came in she made a striking figure, almost six feet tall, she was athletic, and blonde, she was a beautiful figure, but very intimidating, I saw why James was attracted to her.

As we say down, I turned on the one-way mirror so she could see James in her room, I passed her a small pot of noodles. In these scarce times noodles were a small delicacy and cradled them. “If you agree to become a part of my program, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to have noodles on a more regular basis, you know Jane” I said.

I had organised a special lunch for James today, knowing that Jane would be there. Kathy entered his room in just a hoodie, and her underwear carrying James lunch, two pieces of plane white bread. Jane looked confused as Kathy knelt over the bread, grunting as a rip-roaring fart was let out, followed by a small trail of yellowy brown poop. James looked ecstatic seeing the lunch Kathy provided, and took the now shit smeared bread, and a small butter knife, spreading it into the bread, he made a sandwich and dug in. “WTF….” Said Jane.

I explained what our program did, and how we aimed to try and solve the worlds food shortage, by re-using some of it, but I needed volunteers. I figured Jane was… aware, of James disposition to scat, and had had some time to think it over. I could offer her some decent food in return for her helping to… ‘Feed’ James. “If you can give me more noodles, and I don’t have to directly feed him, I will do it” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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