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Ameri Ichinose

Part One

Kimberly found herself sitting across from a Mr. Kessler. Mr. Kessler was a local bookstore owner and was interviewing her for a position as a sales associate. He seemed like a nice enough man, and she was tired of being dependent of her parents for money. At 22, it was time she started bringing in her own money, something that would help cover her bills and help her buy the car she so desperately needed.

“Well, Kimberly, your job application is most interesting and impressive. I think we could make room for you here. How does that sound?”

Kimberly grinned enthusiastically. “That sounds great, Mr. Kessler, thank you!”

“Don’t mention it. I’m sure you will bring plenty of assets to our little place here.”

They shook hands and it was agreed she would report for her first day tomorrow at 9 a.m. True, she was aiming to work in education when the fall season arrived, but this was summertime and she really needed a summer job. She left Mr. Kessler’s office that day with a bounce in her step, happy that the interview had gone so successfully and that she would be earning her own money from now on.

She had been seeing quite a bit of her much older lover, Joe, in the past two weeks and it seemed they couldn’t get enough of each other. More than three times her age at age 68, he was as horny as he was sweet and endearing. She couldn’t wait to tell him of the good news.

She waited for the bus and hopped on when it arrived. Very few people were on board today and that was quite alright with her; she preferred not to mess with crowds. Leafing through a fashion magazine, she waited for the bus to stop near her neighborhood. Though it was a hot June day, she was appropriately dressed for the interview: conservative slacks and a tame blouse. She had just the right touches of make-up and the sides of her long red hair were pulled back behind her face.

After about forty-five minutes, the bus screeched to a halt at its normal stop about a block from her house. The lurch forward threw her body a bit, but she was as sturdy as she was small, and welcomed the challenge after her success with the job interview. Stepping off the bus, she slung her purse over her shoulder and walked home. It was a beautiful day out, not a hint of a cloud or rain in the sky, and she came home to find that her parents were gone (much to her delight!)

She changed out of her conservative outfit and crawled into something sexier: those short shorts that Joe was such a fan of and a midriff-baring top. Taking the clip out of her hair and shaking her tresses loose, she went next door to Joe’s house. He opened the door and smiled when he saw her beaming face.

“I take it you got the position!” he said, allowing her room to walk into the house. He quietly shut the door behind her. Oh, this air-conditioned house felt wonderful. And being near Joe felt wonderful, too.

“I did! I got it!” she exclaimed.

“I knew you’d get it,” he said confidently. “I have a present for you.”

“Oh, I’ve had that present,” she said, grinning playfully.

He chuckled. “I know. And you loved every minute of it. But I’m talking about something else. Follow me.” She followed him up the stairs to his bedroom that she knew so well by this time. Sitting on the bed patiently, she eyed him while he searched around in his dresser drawer for something. “Ah, here it is. I wanted to hide it from you in case you went snooping.” He sat next to her on the bed and handed her a jewelry box.

Smiling mischievously, she opened the box. It was a beautiful necklace with a small diamond heart at the end of it. “Oh my!” she was breathless. She took it out of the box and handled it, gazing at it gently, almost afraid to wreck the delicate aura that it projected. “Joe, help me put it on, will you?”

She went over to the mirror with the piece of jewelry. He stood behind her and, with his big, clumsy fingers, help her clasp the latch in the back.

“You look beautiful, baby,” he said to her.

They eyed one another in the mirror. She fingered the diamond and they smiled at one another suggestively. His hand wrapped around her and started to caress her bared, tight tummy. She turned around and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him. He couldn’t get enough of her kisses. Where she learned to do such naughty things at such a young age, he couldn’t guess. Nor did he need to know.

He gently took her hand and led her to the bed. He sat down on the edge of it and she agreed most eagerly when he began to slowly undress her. The older man slipped off her top, exposing her round, full tits that seemed to stand on their own, the pretty necklace dangling in her cleavage. Her breasts were so firm, so young, so suggestive that he couldn’t stop himself when he reached out to touch them.

Not paying him any mind and quite used to his caresses and wandering hands, she slipped off her shorts and panties, standing naked before him. Her sweet, hairless bahis firmaları pussy was almost eye level with him, and its moist desire glistened with the sunbeams filtering in through the curtains. He knew what he had to do. He knew what he wanted to do.

He got up from his seat and quietly laid her back on the bed, separating her smooth thighs. She was a petite woman, about 5’3″, with a body that just wouldn’t stop teasing him. He spread her legs further still and began to touch her pussy, caressing it in all its softness and femininity. The young lady was so wet for him that she began to squirm under his touch. Her young body wiggled, the delicate jewelry displayed on her breast. She absolutely loved it when he ate her out.

She was so wet and heavenly. Joe could feel his big dick getting even bigger as he breathed in her aroma. Gently slipping a finger inside her, she sighed in ecstasy and spread her legs further. He kissed her clit, teasing her hard little button and withdrew his finger all together, now petting the exposed pussy. The young lady purred for him like a sex kitten, responding to his touches and kisses. She was so sensitive to touch that it was no wonder she was so orgasmic when she was with him.

He licked at her pussy, teasing her clit and slipped a finger inside her again. Oh God, she was so sweet, so young. He knew she’d do anything for him. And this little bundle of desire was all his. He slipped in a second finger, filling up her tightness with his index and middle finger. As her body opened up more, he started to finger fuck her. It was at first slow and meticulous, then faster and faster.

She normally had a routine of sitting up on her elbows as he ate her out, but this time her little body was such in a state that she didn’t have the energy to do anything but cum. Joe nuzzled his face into her tight little snatch, masturbating her, looking up at her face. Her eyes were not looking into his; her head moved from side to side, eager little sighs escaping from her lips. Her small hands looked even smaller as she molested her giant tits. Her nipples were hard, and she fondled them most gladly.

With much urgency and frenzy, the young lady bucked her hips more and more, humping his mouth. He greedily lapped up her juices, hoping to swallow each morsel of desire, not wanting to miss a drop. She froze for a moment and he knew she was about to cum. A moment of standstill gave way to a flood of juices into his waiting mouth. He wanted to devour every bead of sweat, every drop of cum, everything about her he desired and did not want to miss out on. Her release was intense.

She grabbed his hands and most forcefully guided him onto the bed with her. She was spent and exhausted and most grateful for his unselfish and passionate lovemaking. They cuddled together, giggling in each other’s arms, playfully talking dirty, and teasing one another about their fetishes and kinks.

Part Two

It was about three days later when Kimberly was home alone doing the laundry. Fun, fun, fun! She thought about things. It wasn’t long ago that she found out that her mother, Pauline, had been having extramarital affairs. She had been away from home more and more these days, and while the two women had never been particularly close, her absence devastated her father, Bobby, knowing that she was most likely out screwing other men. Kimberly knew that it was the fact that almost nothing was known to him that haunted him the most.

Bobby was very much the loner type and had loved his wife dearly. Kimberly knew he still did. It was her affairs that furthered his isolation, and on this day, as Bobby was out at work and Pauline was off doing her thing, the responsible daughter took care of the house. That day she had vacuumed, did the dishes, and was now finishing up the towels, folding them neatly and then storing them in the hallway closet.

The telephone rang. Shutting the closet door, she went to the phone and picked up the receiver. It was Joe. She grinned. She could tell by the sound of his voice that he was lusting after her and he explained, in no tame terms, that he needed her badly and would she please come over immediately? Please? Without much hesitation, she relented and left the house.

She arrived at Joe’s place, excited and anxious, knowing very well what he wanted. She knocked on his door. Barely stepping in the hallway, he muttered a “hi baby,” and started to fondle her, shutting the door behind them. Kimberly was game.

They quickly started undressing each other. His hands ran over her protruding ass (one of his favorite parts of her), and helped her step out of her tight pants. He slipped his shirt off his body and she fiddled with his belt, buckling and unbuckling it, teasing him.

“Oh baby,” he spoke to her. “Don’t tease me like that. I can’t hold it today. I just can’t. I want you so bad.”

She continued to tease him, playing with his belt. “I can do whatever kaçak iddaa I want to you,” she whispered to him. “And you’ll take it. Won’t you?”

He groaned at her words. “Yes baby, you know I will.”

She peeled off her top, now naked before him. Frustrated with her torment, he tore off his pants and his erection sprung free. The two lovers kissed passionately, clawing at one another’s nude bodies, wanting more for every second they were in each other’s presence. Their kisses were only interrupted by deep breaths and sighs and giggles. A hot sweat broke across Joe’s brow. He couldn’t get enough of this young girl and she couldn’t get enough of this old man.

They tried to make their way to the couch without breaking the kiss, but they constantly had to be kissing, touching, making love to each other with their mouths, kisses going from lips to cheeks to neck to collarbone and back up again.

Joe simply couldn’t take it anymore and Kimberly knew this. She felt down his body and ended up on the floor, on her knees. She stroked his cock, the precum leaking out from the head, kissing it and smearing her pink-painted and glossy lips. The young lady lied down before him on the carpet, positioned on her back as her fingers crawled to her pussy. She slipped one finger inside and began to finger fuck herself in front of him, encouraging him to fuck her without mercy.

“Please Joe,” she moaned for him. “Please fuck me, Joe. Please baby. I need it so bad.”

“Oh God,” he groaned, kneeling down between her legs and readying his cock. “God, I need it too, baby. I need to fuck you, sweetheart.”

He shoved his cock deep into her pussy, and, with a calm that surprised even him, she did not squeal or let out a cry. Oh, she was so dirty. And so soaking wet for him. His seven inches were a raging hormonal instrument. Their cries echoed through the room. Though Joe was pushing 70, he could still screw like crazy. Their thighs slapped together in lust, filling the room with fleshy sounds.

Joe looked down at his young lover and still couldn’t believe his luck to get such a marvelous beauty underneath him this way. She was nude in front of him and he was fucking her. He was fucking her sweet little pussy and she was allowing it and it was just as good for her as it was for him. He could tell that this was so by the way she was writhing and wriggling beneath like an eager little tramp.

“Oh Joe, oh I’m going to cum,” she whispered to him.

He looked deeply into her green eyes. “Cum baby, cum all over my cock. Oh fuck.”

He pounded her deeper and deeper, his hips bucking wildly, her tits jiggling and making her body move with each inward thrust. There was no way he could hold this in, and his cock exploded into her tightness. He could feel her little pussy clenching and holding onto his cock, never wanting it out of the mouth of her sex.

“Oh Joe, I’m cumming,” she whimpered, her fingers alternating from her breasts to her clit, desperate for a release. Her hair was fanned out beneath her on the carpet, like some profane innocent.

Her pussy clenched his softening cock once more and she came all over him in furious flood of a river. They let out a moan in unison. The young lady finally made eye contact with him and he smiled at her, slipping his cock out of her hole, covered with both of their juices. He lied down beside her on the carpet, stroking her hair, and soon the two of them fell asleep and did not stir till two hours later at around 11 p.m.

Joe woke up and wrapped his arm around Kimberly’s shoulders. The room was completely dark except for the movement and glistening of his eyeballs. He could feel her move in his arms. He couldn’t see her, but he could feel her body squirming.

“Are you up?” she whispered, not wanting to wake him if he was still asleep.

“I’m up,” he said. “You know, I was just thinking about what a lucky man I am. You’re a wonderful girl. You did so well in college, you’re working hard at your job, and you’re a great lover.” He knew she’d laugh at this last comment and she did.

“Well, you’re not too bad yourself,” she said, feeling for his chest and covering it with her soft, slim arm. He rested his hand on her forearm and stroked it with his thumb. “Do you think it’s love?” she asked him. He could hear the smile in her voice.

He grinned. “Honestly, I don’t know. I know I have not felt this way about anyone in a long time. But one thing I do know…”

“What’s that?”

“I know I’m getting too damn old to fuck on the floor. My back is killing me.” She laughed and cuddled closer to him. He paused for a moment and then spoke: “I was thinking of going back to work.”

He could feel her soft head nodding on his chest. “What would you like to do?” she asked. She didn’t seem surprised at his revelation and this somehow comforted him.

“I don’t know, but I know I’m sick of being of being retired. Remember, I was a business owner for over four kaçak bahis decades.”

He felt her nod her head again against the coarse hair on his chest. “I know. And a damn good one too from what I hear. I think you could do it. You’ve only been retired for two years — you can do anything you want to. You’re a very capable man — in many ways,” she teased him and nudged him with her fist.

“You’re very sweet to be so encouraging,” he chuckled and gently kissed her forehead.

He was indeed grateful to have such an amazing woman in his life. She was talented, smart, funny, sexy, beautiful, loving, very open-minded in many ways and, in many ways, she had the qualities of a woman he had been looking for in his younger years. When he was younger, he had hoped to get married to such a woman, but it never materialized. Those days were well behind him. He groaned at his age and held her closer to him.

Part Three

Bobby was pacing the floor in his bedroom. Should he confront Kimberly? Should he let on that he knew about her relationship with Joe? Kimberly had tried to hide the relationship, but she hadn’t covered her tracks well. Over the past several weeks, he had seen a change in her: she had been going out with “friends” more — much more than she had previously.

One day he watched her leave the house to visit a “friend.” Almost shoving the fact in front of her father’s face, she had crossed the lawn and driveway to Joe’s house. There she had stood at the door, shifting her weight from foot to foot. When he opened the door, she very easily fell into his arms and they began to kiss.

Joe — his good friend, his confidante, his neighbor — was screwing his daughter. Bobby couldn’t believe she had fallen so easily for his charms. The age difference, also, was disturbing to him. Joe was sixteen years his senior and more than three times the age of his daughter. They were both physically attractive people, but he couldn’t understand how such opposites managed to find each other desirable. Bobby decided to confront his daughter.

He went downstairs to the living room where Kimberly was flipping through the channels of the TV. He stood there uncomfortably.

She looked up at him from the couch and smiled. “Hi, Dad. How’s it going?”

He couldn’t help but smile back. She really was a very charming young lady. “Hi sweetheart. Can we talk for a minute?”

Kimberly turned the TV off and paid careful attention to him as he sat down beside her. “Sure. What’s up?”

“Well,” he said rubbing his large, sweaty palms together. “I, uh, I know. I just know.”

“About what? Oh. You mean…”

He nodded. “Yes, sweetheart. I know all about him.”

“But how did you figure it out?”

He couldn’t help but grin. “I wasn’t born yesterday. And besides, you’re not exactly the best of liars.”

Kimberly nodded. “Have I…Have I disappointed you?”

“I’m not disappointed, I’m just…I’m just a little surprised about you and a man that age.”

“Dad,” she broached, reaching out for his forearm. “I’m not abandoning you. I’ll always be there for you. It’s just, I’m a grown woman and I need my own life now.”

“I know,” he looked at the floor, somewhat perplexed. “I just can’t believe your childhood has gone by so fast. It seemed like only yesterday you were throwing rocks in people’s yards.”

The two of them had to laugh at this memory. “Dad, I always want to be honest with you. But this thing with Joe…I felt like I had to hide it because you and he are so close and because he’s so much older.”

“Well, Kimberly,” he spoke, stroking his chin and sighing. “I do disapprove, but I can’t stop you from living your own life. Of course, I feel like punching his lights out, but I’m willing to bet that that feeling will pass.”

“Dad, you may not approve of anyone I date.”

He chuckled and agreed with her wholeheartedly. He patted her hand that still rested on his arm. Yes, the father and daughter would be alright, of that much he was certain. They had been close since she came out of the womb. Bobby had had a connection with her since her first squeal into this world; that connection would last for another hundred years. This he knew.

Part Four

Joe sat beside the phone, waiting for Mr. Kessler to call him. Much like Kimberly in the beginning of this segment, he had been interviewed at the local bookstore. He had been interviewed for the position of assistant manager; the two men had had a natural rapport and Joe had a good feeling about this.

The phone rang and he jumped about a foot straight out of his seat. He felt a little foolish being nervous at his age, but nerves don’t just abandon people because they get older.

The two men talked in a polite, jovial manner, and finally, without further ado, Mr. Kessler spoke about the issue he had been calling about: Would Joe like to come and work at the bookstore? The older man eagerly agreed, trying to contain his enthusiasm. That Thursday would be his first day on the job.

This also meant he would be one of Kimberly’s supervisors.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for “Cream Dream: Chapter Three”!

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