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This is based on a story my co-worker told me. It was a slow night and the manager was hiding up front in his office. So we talked for a good two hours. Of course conversation turned towards sex. We joked over a few things, explained what we liked and didn’t like, then got onto the subject of cuckolding. He’d never heard of the term, so I explained it to him, adding in that I didn’t understand it. We joked a little more, me telling him maybe I did understand it, because I would cuckold my girlfriend out with another woman any day of the week. I just couldn’t see her with another man, too jealous or insecure or whatever else Freud might come up with, then he got this grin. Like he just associated the newly learned term with a memory.

“What?” I asked him.

“I did that once!” I laughed at him, almost excited, here seemed my chance to pick the brain of a guy who liked to see his partner get passed around. Then he clarified, “Not giving my girl away, but… I don’t know the other side of it. I fucked my friends girl.”

“What did he think about that?” I was thinking Dave was just going to tell me of seducing his friends wife.


(For the sake of making a good story I’ll expand and flesh out what he told me. I tried to write the exact accounting of what he told me but my imagination took over. Was this exactly like it happened? No, but as close as any “Based on a True Story” could be.)

Dave looked at his beer, trying to think if it was his sixth or eighth, either way he was feeling a good buzz. Drinking the last of the beer he rose, just then realizing how long he’d been alone, his friends having been gone for several minutes. There was no sign of life from his vantage point, but he could see all parts of the small apartment, the couple was unseen. Shrugging, assuming Melanie had gone to bed and Vince was in the bathroom, or vice-versa, he got another beer. It was Vince’s thirty pack, about half were missing, of Melanie’s wine coolers there was only one left.

Melanie had been pretty buzzed, giggling at the guys comments on the movie or at the movie itself, stumbling a little bit too. She was a lightweight, even if she wasn’t at all scrawny, who rarely drank more than one or two, so never really over imbibed. Alone, Dave stopped at the picture that hung at this end of the hall, it showed Vince and Mel at some water-park. Melanie was in swimwear. He’d noticed the picture earlier, a new addition, but hadn’t been able to properly inspect it with the couple around.

Now he looked, Melanie was a cute girl, with a shy little smile and timid blue yes. Sure, she was chubby but Dave could see nothing wrong with her in her tight one piece suit, her hands on her stomach as if to cover it. Of course it wasn’t her stomach or adorable face he was looking at, but the flesh of her big tits, hips, and legs that were on display. The flesh was a creamy white, silky smooth with a shine of wetness from her dip, Dave mentally congratulated his friend. Melanie might not be every man’s definition of hot, but Dave thought she was. Looking down the hall he stepped away from the picture, mentally storing it to his spank bank, before Vince stumbled out into the hall.

“Dave, dude, look at this.” Vince called, taking the last swig from his beer, looking at it like it betrayed him. Then motioning the hesitant Dave down, Vince’s shirt and fly were undone, which scared Dave. Still he moved forward, Vince getting more excited with each step, he pointed into the room. “Look at her go!”

“Shit! Jeez! Vince!” His first instinct was to turn away, when he looked in to see Melanie half naked, not wanting to piss his friend off.

“No look at her dude!” Vince laughed, pointing insistently, keeping an eye out for a thrown punch, Dave looked. Melanie was on her back, not quite turned towards them, one big breast out and her jeans on the floor. She was masturbating, small fingers stroking her clit, the other hand pulling her leg so she was spread. “She’s SO horny! I kind of blew my load to soon. Look at her go at herself!”

“Stop! Vince, don’t let your friend look at me.” Melanie called from the bed, but if she was really embarrassed she would have stopped herself, or tried to cover up.

No punch coming, Vince all happy nods and smiles, Dave got lost in the sight. Melanie was an adorable chubby little brunette, her straight shoulder length hair in a pony tail, it seemed that was her only hair. The meaty pussy she was diddling was shaved to perfection, the wet pinkness deeply captivating, her clit as thick as Dave’s thumb. There was a white mess of cum on her blouse, which she was carefully avoiding with her arms. Up from there was one singular freed breast, he didn’t think both his hands would be enough, a pale pink areola with a hard nipple at the center.

“Shit,” he swore under his breath, feeling a stir in his loins, turning before it could become obvious. “You better go in there and finish off your girl.”

“No man, I’m spent, she has to do this a lot.” He always got overly honest when he was drunk, normally a bragger who claimed to have a twelve bahis siteleri inch cock that he banged half a hundred women with, booze laden his testimony changed. Dave had already heard him admit to being quick on the trigger, several times over the few years he knew him, this was the first it was in evidence. “I barely got it in her before I was done. But she has such a hot box, dude.”

“Vince! Why are you making Dave watch me? I’m so fat! I’m so ugly! He doesn’t want to watch me!” Still she kept right on, her fingers drove from clit to cave, curling up inside herself. Pushing up off the bed at her penetrating digits, eyes darting from one audience member to the other, Dave just couldn’t believe this. “Dave I know I’m not good looking! You don’t have to look.”

“Tell her she’s sexy,” Vince whispered barely loud enough for Dave to hear, making it a command with a firm nudge.

“Are you kidding me? Melanie! Shit, I want to watch! You’ve got an incredibly hot body.” Vince nodded, motioning Dave to say more, Melanie brought her second hand into play, one for her rubbing and one for insertion. Her eyes locked on Dave, he fought eye contact, but eventually lost, locking eyes with her. “Vince is a fucking lucky bastard to have you. You’ve got beautiful big breasts, I mean they are massive, as big as my fucking head!”

“See babe! I told you! You stare at her all the time don’t you Dave? Sneak peeks of her ass and cleavage.” Dave hesitated, he tried not to do that, sometimes he couldn’t help himself. There was Vince again, nodding and signalling him to agree, to ogling his girlfriend. “She doesn’t ever believe me that you do.”

“How could I not? When you got a tight pair of jeans on? Oh man your ass looks so juicy.” The words fumbled around but Vince was ecstatic, Melanie moaned aloud, it seemed Dave was on a roll. So he went on, “When you wear a skirt! Holy shit! I wish for a nice wind to blow it up. Even if it doesn’t, your legs are so hot, it’s hard not to reach out and touch them.”

“Oh Dude! That would be great! You just grabbing her. I bet she wouldn’t stop you.” Melanie stopped masturbating, sitting up with her mouth dropped open, obviously surprised.

“Is that what you want? All your friends to just use me as their play thing? Touch me whenever the mood strikes them?” The tone was condemnation but her eyes were shining, she shivered at the thought, as if the hands were on her now. Vince closed his eyes, unable to make eye contact with his girlfriend, gave a pathetic shrug. Melanie jaw dropped, tossed her head, in disbelief. “What if they wanted to fuck me? Would you let them do that too?”

“Only… if you wanted it too.” Almost thirty Vince’s voice cracked like a twelve year old going through puberty.

“I only want you,” She seemed sincere, but there was a flash of guilt, her eyes dropping to the cum now soaking into her shirt.

“You deserve to get fucked good and hard… I can’t do that.” Slowly he drew his eyes to his girlfriends, they looked at each other for a moment, Vince went on. “Don’t you want that too? Don’t you need that? To get fucked good and hard, once and while? You deserve it!”

“Dave would never, none of your friends would, you’re the only one who wants to. You’re all I… I don’t mind.” She could tell herself one lie, most women weren’t very good in the self esteem department, but she couldn’t say the other. That Vince was all she needed or wanted sexually. Dave’s friend stiffened at the hesitation, she didn’t cover herself at all well, Vince looked to Dave pleadingly. “So it doesn’t matter.”

“I’d fuck you, I will fuck you, if you want me too.” The cuckold in Vince blossomed, relief and bliss shone on his face, he nodded eagerly. Dave turned, looking at Melanie who was dumbstruck, but she nodded before she could help herself. “I’d be all to glad to get a chance at you and your beautiful body.”

“Vince, you’re going to let him?” Dave felt this was his cue, neither was saying no, he stepped into the room. Melanie’s eyes snapped to him, subconsciously her legs spread a little, she looked back to her boyfriend. “He’s going to do it! Are you going to stop him?”

The guy behind him shook his head, Dave finished crossing the room, he could smell Melanie’s sex now. It was husky and sweet, like the woman herself, his cock rose in his pants. The woman let out a small whimper, there was no arguing with a boner, it showed he did want to fuck her. One last time he looked to Vince, he’d followed Dave into the room, taken up residence on their dresser. At some point Dave had given Vin his beer, the other guy was drinking it, their eyes met. Vince nodded, it was all Dave needed, turning back to the bared beauty on the bed. He motioned at the shirt she was wearing, the one covered in Vince’s mess, that was the only roadblock at the moment.

“Take that off,” He said with a firm voice.

She hesitated, still nervous over the reveal, but gave in. Her fingers worked down the buttons, she had a tank top on underneath, one shoulder at a time the shirt fell. Without a command, only a deep breath, she reached around canlı bahis siteleri behind herself to undo the bra. Dave gulped when the other large breast came out, tan lines from the suit he’d been admiring earlier, her gray eyes peeked up at him. It was firmly his move again, he pulled off his shirt, then his pants. The creepiness of doing this in front of Vince, with another guy in the room, hit him as his pants dropped around his ankles. Robotically he kicked them off, battling the urge to call this all off, Melanie’s whimper decided him.

“You like that?” Dave asked, his cock had sprung to hardness through the front of his undershorts, it was half visible now with his pants gone.

“Yes,” Her eyes jumped to her boyfriend and back, before she nodded and repeated herself, louder. “Yes!”

“Why don’t you unwrap the rest of it,” Another check on Vince, then she snapped up to the task, her eagerness showing through.

She didn’t go right for the boxers, instead let her soft hands brush over his sides and flat stomach, he wasn’t six packing but there was considerably less on him than Vince. He could feel her hot breath on him, she leaned closer, eyes fluttering shut as she inhaled. The corner of her mouth rising, before she quashed the sign of desire, her trembling hands sort of gave that way though. She slide them down his body, finally finding his shorts, he was glad they were plain black ones, not any of the goofier ones he had in his drawers drawer.

“Vince! You really want me to have this it’s… it’s bigger than yours.” Fingers were still on Dave’s flesh, but like hungry creatures they twitched, ready to leap to take hold of the meat they starved for.

“Jeez, Melanie, yes! I want him to be bigger and better! I want you to get the brains fucked out of you.” Dave could not understand the logic, but then again it was Vince’s girlfriend, not Dave’s.

“Oh my gawd!” Those itching fingers took hold, Dave still had some popping out of the double grip, but she didn’t have very big hands. Churning him as she moved left and right, getting the view from all the angles, before aiming at her mouth. “I’m going to suck it Vince. I’m going suck another man’s cock! You can tell me to stop!”

“Do it!” Vince encouraged rather than ended.

“Oh fuck,” Dave cursed as Melanie’s lips wrapped around his penis, taking everything her fingers were not holding, her gray eyes going all glassy. For a minute or so she just held it there, enjoying the feeling, probably sure this would be what would cause David to end it. Vince certainly would be done, when it didn’t happen she slowly slipped into motion. “That’s SO good!”

“Are you going to cum?” She asked, excited as hell, but her prediction was way off.

“No, just loving your beautiful mouth.” She blinked, both compliment and concept throwing her off, Vince must really have a short fuse.

As if he might be lying she slowed, just using her hands, pulling him with her mouth ready to be filled. He let her come to the realization in her own time. After all he really didn’t want to get done quick, plus he was enjoying the sight, his buddies girl jacking him off with lips rubbing at his tip. When she did get it, she really got into it, groaning and enveloping him. His penis was suddenly halfway into her mouth, tongue working against the underside, one hand going to his flat stomach again. Then a moment later the other did as well, she had no nails, but still they dug at his flesh. Rocking more and more quickly, her eyes growing wider, as if she was remembering how well she liked this.

“You like getting your mouth fucked?” Vince asked, Dave getting a sense of vertigo, it was the very question he was about to ask.

“She sure as shit does,” Dave answered, bless Melanie because she tried, her words lost sense with his dick hitting the back of her throat.

“Then throat fuck her Dave,” He really didn’t need Vince’s permission anymore, he was into this, taking the brown hair into his hands. Melanie looked at him as if she was in heaven, he started rocking into her movements, getting the limits. She didn’t seem to have much, he was tickling her nose with his pubes, getting deep throated for the first time in his life. “Shit dude! Wow! She really likes that! Listen to her! Baby, you like him taking your mouth like that? It looks so hot.”

“Yes! Oh yes!” Melanie pushed away, Dave couldn’t resist thrusting in all the way, staying there with her nose squashed into his hair. Her gray eyes were watering, that didn’t cover up her lust, it was burning pretty brightly. “I’ll stop, but you have to say it Vince, I only want you. I only want you but I miss getting some quality time with a cock.”

“Take all the time you want baby,” Vince nodded, realized he was out of beer, dropped off the dresser. “Anybody want any?”

“Yeah,” Dave answered, Melanie shrugged and then nodded, her boyfriend running off to serve them while they were alone, near naked. Once he was gone Dave couldn’t resist, letting his fingers brush over her cheeks, his thumb over her lips. He leaned over, thinking how wonderfully canlı bahis fucked up it was to want to kiss his friend’s girl this bad, she let out a loud cry as their lips connected. Not a sad one, but as if her thoughts had mirrored his, tongues where quickly put into use. “You really are SO fucking beautiful. I always felt guilty how much I wanted you.”

“I love him so much,” Was her answer.

“I know, I just want your body, I couldn’t ever date a Tech fan.” She smiled at his joke, looked a little relieved, as he made fun of her Alma Mater. Then saw her eyes go soft as he took hold of both her tits. His hands looked like children’s mitts, as his fingers worried her nipples, then he returned to kissing her. The kiss was a little more relaxed, Dave must have missed the guilty fire that was there before, because he added. “Then again I’ve never seen such a beautiful pair as these.”

There was a slight nod from her, as if through all her insecurity she was proud of her tits, as if she expected to win guys with them. As well she should, Dave thought, still fondling the pair. Straightening he offered her his cock again, her tits so big he kept hold, while she swallowed his tool. By the time Vince reappeared Melanie was suckling oh so nicely on Dave’s testicle, one at a time, Dave took the offered cold one but the guy’s girlfriend was busy. She finished, licking her way up to the tip of his penis, before reaching out for her wine cooler.

“You are so sexy,” She told her new sex stand in, who smiled, drank and sat down next to her.

“Get up, let me see that ass.” Dave leaned back, getting a peek of her cheeks between the comforter and tank top, a moment later it was hovering in front of his face. A few positive grunts escaped him, her butt was big, yes, but it was all smooth flesh and round in shape. He let his fingers brush over the soft flesh, the even softer buns, draining a good half his beer before shoving it at Vince to hold. “Holy… damn, this is such a sexy sight.”

“Yeah? You like it?” Melanie was excited, her gray eyes on Dave, but she didn’t sound sure she agreed. More gleeful noises were made when he peeled her cheeks apart, looking at the crack between, her muff squished sexily between her thighs. “It’s not… to big?”

“Not at all,” Giving each cheek an appreciative slap he turned her around again, pulled her into his lap, taking his drink back from Vince. She gave him a shy little grin, his cock snug in her meaty gash, rubbing at her clit. “You are so fucking sexy.”

“I’m… glad you think so.” He kissed her, felt her stiffen and then heat up to it, knowing Vince was right there.

His hands traveled across her, slipping over her thighs, finding her ass, then upwards over her back, pulling her tight to him. After a couple of attempts she finally got it, rising up enough so they lined up, slipped inside her without breaking the kiss. The moan did that, from both of them, as she slowly settled all the way down. Here it was again, that look that she expected it to be over, the pauses and slight motions, that must be enough to spark Vince to ejaculate. He shook his head at her, Vince had quickly pulled the bottles from them, as Dave tugged Melanie’s last garment off.

“No,” She whispered, stopping him after it traveled a few inches, then let him when he gave her a firm stare. Once it was off she pushed herself fully at him, she didn’t need to, her breasts were so big he couldn’t see anything around them anyway. The touch felt so much better, both her body against his, and his hands over her, without the cloth in the way. “Oh Dave! Yes!”

He’d started them moving, pulling her ass up, while pushing down into the mattress. After the third such move she started working with him, soon they were writhing together at a good clip, her face still looking like she expected his cum at any second. The only way to dissuade her of that concept would be fucking her good and hard like she wanted, like her boyfriend wanted. Once the motion was set Dave laid back onto his friend’s bed, while his friend’s girlfriend rode him, while his friend watched.

“You going to cum?” She asked him, taking his laying back wrong, he rolled his eyes.

“You’re tight, but I’m not done fucking you just yet, if you want my cum you’re going to have to work for it.” Her eyes sparkled at this, but she resisted when he tried to guide her to really sitting up on him, but gave in. She stared at him, probably sure he’d regret his decision instantly, he didn’t. “Damn, look at you Mel, how am I going to keep myself from fucking you every time I see you?”

A series of blinks was her answer, he let his hands and eyes roam freely, then when he jammed up at her she started moving. She had some around the middle, but it was neither gross nor distracting, just more sweet bared flesh. He didn’t think she’d ever been put through her paces like this, it took her a while to get the movement down, but soon enough they were moaning again. She rose and fell a dozen times or so, then smashed down getting his penis deep, before gyrating her full hips. He loved the sight of both, grabbing her ass when she wiggled around, feelings his cock rub all the walls inside her. When she rose and fell her big tits gave a little bounce and a lot of jiggle, her full thighs pumped, his penis felt in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32