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I couldn’t wait to surprise Gracie. I was able to get an earlier connecting flight and would be arriving at her apartment in Los Angeles early. Gracie was my daughter, and we were very close. She’d always been a good girl and graduated from high school with top-of-class marks and then moved from Michigan to California to go to college. After graduating, she got a job at a firm installing surveillance systems. I was proud of her! We Skyped once a week, but it wasn’t the same as being with her, and I missed her a lot.

But at least I still had a loving relationship with my wife, Eileen. Or so I thought until someone mailed me graphic clips of her cheating on me. There was no return address and no note, just a memory stick with images of her having sex with another man. Eileen’s loud moaning and the explicit sexual images were a gut punch to our marriage.

I had no idea there were any bedroom problems between Eileen and me. We still had sex several times a week and did everything except anal because I was too big. It seemed like she was happy.

It was bad enough that she was fucking around on me, but when I confronted her, she was indignant that I would accuse her of such a thing. Her moral outrage was a sight to see. It was an Academy Award performance! I was impressed. She should have been an actress.

Then I showed her the video footage, and her face blanched but only for a second! Her emotions pivoted instantly to remorse.

“It was just sex, honey!”

“There was no love involved.”

“It only happened once!”

She begged me to give her a second chance, but I didn’t want to see her face again; nevertheless, take her back. Once the trust was gone, it was gone.

When I played more clips of her infidelity, she knew the gig was up and stopped her bullshit act.

We split our assets, and I moved into a tiny apartment. Fortunately, lady luck smiled at me. A position opened in the LA branch of my company, and my boss knew I no longer had any local ties, so he offered me the job.

He warned me about the cost of real estate in LA, but I assumed my increased pay would cover the increased living expenses. WRONG! But I didn’t care. I thought of it as an opportunity to start afresh. Most importantly, I’d be close to Gracie again. I couldn’t wait to see her!

Gracie had a two-bedroom apartment, and because of our frequent chats, I knew she was between roommates, so I was hoping it would be okay for me to crash with her until I found something of my own. She was thrilled when I told her about my job and offered to share her place before I even asked, which confirmed my opinion of what a good daughter she was.

I was delighted the minute I exited the airport. It was seventy degrees, the sunshine was brilliant and warm on my skin, and there was no humidity. Good riddance to cold, damp Michigan winters and hot sticky summers! I was pumped about the weather and just sat for a while, soaking in the sun.

The original plan was for Gracie to pick me up, but because I was early, I hailed a cab. It wasn’t cheap, but I couldn’t wait to surprise her.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw palm trees on the way to her place! There were no palm trees in Michigan!

Her apartment was in an old neighborhood, and it had a Spanish look. It was three stories, and each unit had a covered balcony, so you could sit in the shade if you wanted. The walls were covered in stucco, and the roof was terracotta tiles. There was a small courtyard in the center with a fountain and palm trees. It was gorgeous! Gracie’s unit was on the upper level, and I slowly dragged my heavy suitcases up the stairs and knocked on her door.

To say I was surprised when she greeted me would be an understatement! She wore sheer mauve nylons, a mauve garter belt, mauve panties, and a mauve demi-cup bra that highlighted her almost D-cup breasts. She had long lustrous eyelashes, and you guessed it, mauve eyeliner! Somebody liked the color mauve! Her mauve heels made her as tall as me.

There was a brief smile on her face until she realized it was me, and then her eyes got big as saucers.

“DAD! I wasn’t expecting you so early!”

I smirked. “Would you like me to come back later?”

She looked in the hallway, quickly shuffled me in, and closed the door. Then a big smile crossed her face, and she gave me a huge hug.

“I’m so glad to see you, dad! I’ve been counting down the hours until you arrived! I’ve missed you so much! Someone is coming soon, though. Can you leave for a bit or wait in the spare bedroom? We’ll only be an hour. Is that okay?”

Before I could answer, someone knocked on the door. Gracie put a finger to her mouth and pointed towards the bedroom. I quietly lugged my stuff into the room and closed the door.

Of course, I was curious. My daughter was dressed for sex. I tried to hear what they were saying, but the walls were thick, and I couldn’t hear much. I didn’t unpack, in case her visitor heard me. I was up early, so I lay on the bed. I was just going 1xbet yeni giriş to rest my eyes, but before I knew it, Gracie was sitting on the bed beside me, shaking my arm.

“Dad! Wake up!”

I opened my eyes, and Gracie had changed into a t-shirt and faded jeans. Thank God! It wasn’t healthy for a dad to see his daughter dressed like before! Gracie inherited her mom’s body, which meant she had an innocent girl-next-door face with a killer body. She looked like a sex Goddess earlier.

“Sorry about that, dad! I wasn’t expecting you until later.”

Gracie reached down and gave me another hug, and I pulled her tight. I missed our hugs! I was already pleased with my decision to leave Michigan. Money-wise, it was a setback to come to LA, but I didn’t care about material things. I was just thrilled to see Gracie again.

“Are you hungry?” She asked. “We could go out if you’re not too tired, or I could make supper, whatever you want.”

I felt better after my nap, so we went to a restaurant with a lovely outdoor patio, had a great meal, and shared a bottle of wine. I couldn’t believe it! Back in Michigan, it was freezing cold. No one would be eating outside at night. I felt like I was on vacation!

Gracie had always been a very tactile person and was constantly reaching over and patting my hand or arm, and she looked happy to see me. It was a great night, but all of a sudden, my long day caught up with me, and I asked if we could go home.

I stripped and climbed into bed and was out like a light.


I felt like a million bucks in the morning. The sun was shining in my window, and I was raring to go. Gracie promised me a tour of the area and showed me where my new workplace was. After we got back, I asked her about something I’d been curious about.



“I had no clue that your mom was fooling around on me until an anonymous person sent me some movie clips of your mom having sex. At first, I didn’t clue in where it was taking place, but then I recognized the furniture and realized it was our house. Your mom was having sex in our house when I was away, and the timestamp of the movies matched the business trips I took. I couldn’t figure out who was recording the images, though. I certainly wasn’t me, and I doubted it was your mom.”

“Then I thought of you. You set up surveillance systems for a living. I went into my bedroom, where most of the sex took place, looked up from the bed based on the angle of the shots, and found a tiny hidden recorder on a shelf. You were home for Thanksgiving, and I wondered if you had set things up while your mom and I were out. Was the anonymous package from you?”

Gracie grinned proudly. “Yup!”

“Why? Did you suspect your mom was cheating?”



“Before I left home, I overheard mom talking on the phone several times, and then she’d stop when she saw me. And one of my friends saw mom holdings hands with a man at a restaurant. Other little things made me suspicious, so I set up the devices when I was home. It was easy. They’re voice and motion-activated, and the output is beamed to an internet cloud account. We talk every week, so I knew when your business trips were. Mom had a guy over the first trip you took after I installed the devices. I waited several months until you went on more trips, and mom fooled around with the same guy every time you went away. I copied the sexual parts to a USB memory stick and mailed it to your workplace. The evidence was clear-cut, and you did the rest. I was quite proud of myself!”

Gracie got a concerned look on her face. “I hope you’re not mad at me for interfering, but the thought of mom cheating on you made my blood boil. Once I had proof, I couldn’t allow it to continue!”

He smiled. “Of course, I’m not mad at you! You didn’t break up my marriage. Your mom did. You just exposed her, and I’m in your debt for doing it. It sounds like she was cheating on me for a while.”

She smiled in relief.

“Why didn’t you tell me your mom was cheating earlier?”

“I didn’t want to be responsible for breaking up your marriage. You seemed to love each other so much. I hoped mom’s indiscretion was a one-time thing, but when she kept cheating, I couldn’t take it anymore.”

I was relieved and proud that dad finally knew, relieved because it was finally out in the open, and dad wasn’t upset with me and proud because I’d saved him from mom’s cheating. What I didn’t tell dad was that I had peeked at more than just the footage of mom cheating. The recorders were voice and motion-activated, and there was a lot of motion in mom and dad’s bedroom when he was home! They fucked like bunnies, making it all the more strange that mom cheated. Dad was a stud, and mom was definitely not faking her orgasms! And mom was not cheating because of cock size because dad was hung like a bloody horse! I couldn’t believe how big he was and couldn’t believe that mom took it all! It made me wet, 1xbet giriş looking at his big dick thrusting into mom’s pussy. It was scorching hot!

Not only was dad’s dick big, but his body was buff. His tight ass cheeks clenched, and his muscled legs rippled as he hammered mom. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his tummy, and he still had a full head of hair with only a few grey streaks in his temples. He looked great for a man his age.

Last but not least, he seemed to have amazing control. Sometimes he fucked mom forever before he came. I was impressed! What the hell was mom thinking when she fooled around on him? It made no sense. The only thing mom did in the videos that dad didn’t do was anal, which made sense. Dad’s big cock would have ripped mom’s ass apart. Perhaps mom was a butt slut. Who knew? Who cared? Mom’s cheating was history, and I got to see dad again. Yay!

Now all I had to do was tell dad about my part-time work, which made me nervous as hell. It would be unbearable if he lost respect for me when he found out.


The next morning dad asked about my date.

“So, honey, are you going to tell me about your visitor? Have you got a new boyfriend?”

I guess now was as good as time as any to tell him. But before I did, I wanted to tell him something else.



“I know you planned on finding a place of your own, but you don’t need to. You can stay here as long as you want.”

“Thanks, honey. That’s very nice of you, but I don’t want to cramp your style. You don’t want your old man hanging around interfering with your love life.”

“You’re not old, dad! You’re in great shape! You’re a lot better looking than many of the young guys at work. Some of them have bigger tits than I do! I’ve missed you and would like you to stay with me for a while. Will you stay for a bit?”

He smiled at her. He had no trouble bunking with Gracie for a while. He loved her, and they got along well. It would be nice to see her again.

“Well, when you put it that way, how can I refuse? I’d love to stay with you! Thanks, sweetie!” He gave her a big hug and grinned at her. “So, are you going to tell me about your new boyfriend?”

She got a serious look on her face. “You should sit down, dad.”

“Is there a problem?”

“I hope not,” she said apprehensively. “By now, you’ve probably noticed how expensive it is to live here. Rent prices are ridiculous compared to back home. I got a great deal on this place, but it was still more than I could afford, so I had a roommate. I always had to chase her for the rent money, though, and eventually, she moved out. I got another roommate, but she was a pig, and I booted her out.”

“Around the same time, a friend told me about a service that matches people up. The company acts as a go-between, collects a fee for each date, and handles payment transactions. The visits take place at home, and there is a comment and rating section for each person on the company’s webpage to give feedback. There is also a non-public spot for the service providers to comment on bad or good customers. Customers are required to include photo id verification in case there are problems. There are all sorts of categories of interest. One is for lonely male widowers. Another is for people with foot fetishes. There is a category for everything you can think of. I volunteered for the lonely male widower category because I like older people and have good people skills. I figured I could help some people out and help with the rent money. Each customer is required to provide a picture and biographical information. I looked through the list and chose a few interesting people, and within a week, I had my first visitor. I get paid one hundred dollars for a one-hour visit, and all we do is talk. Most of the guys are so old they’re impotent. They just want to be in the presence of a young woman and talk about their lives, and they ask me about mine. I have a few people that I like and see regularly. If I don’t like someone, I don’t see them again.”

I stopped to see how dad was reacting to what I’d said and gave him an opportunity to ask questions.

“So, this place is like an escort service?”

“Kind of, but everyone operates out of their homes.”

“And the widowers pay the company which in turn pays you?”


“And the company has photo id on the men in case they cause problems so they can be banned?”


“And you can report people that are abusive or unpleasant, so other people know?”


“And you just talk to these older men? There is no sex involved?”


“So, why were you dressed up in lingerie when you answered the door the other day?”

I gulped! “Well, as I said earlier, there are many different categories you can volunteer for. I also chose the shy nerd virgin category. It’s California, and there are a lot of bright tech nerds who make a lot of money, but they’re hopeless in the romance category. 1xbet güvenilirmi Some of them are so shy they can’t even look a woman in the face. I decided to help them out. So many guys are clueless about how to act around a woman and how to please them. I thought it would be nice to help them out and, in turn, their future female dates. I’m a people person, so I felt comfortable I could put them at ease around women, and I’ve had lots of experience, so I felt confident I could show them how to please a woman.”

Dad interrupted. “What do you mean by lots of experience?”

“Well, I was sexually active in college.”

“What do you mean by sexually active?”

“I wasn’t a slut dad, but I had a few partners and was very active with those partners. There isn’t anything I haven’t tried, and I know what I like and don’t like, and I think I’m quite good in bed.”

I paused again for a reaction from dad, but he seemed okay with what I said. Whew!

“So, when I arrived earlier, you were dressed up for one of your nerd visitors?”


“And I take it that you do more than just talk to them?”

“Well, sometimes all they need is to talk to a woman and realize that we’re not aliens, we’re just people like them. I ask them about themselves, and they gradually start to relax, which boosts their confidence. That’s all some of them want. After a few visits, they may feel comfortable enough to ask a girl out, and then they’re on their way.”

“But some nerds want more help?”

“Yes.” I paused and breathed deep. “Some want me to show them how to please a woman, so I do.”

I waited nervously for dad to respond, but I couldn’t read him.

“What do you show them?”

“Well, we start with kissing and then move to touching. I show them the various erogenous female zones. And I talk about strategies. For example, try something, wait for feedback and respond accordingly. And try to please your partner first, so they’ll want to please you in return. It may sound obvious, but it’s not for some of them. I also help them with premature ejaculation. You should see how proud they are when they learn control! They feel like studs! It’s gratifying to help them, and they are very appreciative! I’ve stayed in touch with some of them as friends.”

Dad was quiet. “So, who were you teaching when I arrived?”

“His name is Alan, and when he first visited, he could hardly look at me. Now we have great conversations, and he tells me about the cool stuff he’s working on. He’s a great kisser now and a very attentive lover and goes out of his way to please me. He’ll be a great partner, but he still gets excited and cums early. We focused on his control the day you arrived.”

Crap! I was so frigging nervous about how dad would respond that I had dry mouth, and my heart was pounding in my chest, but I wanted to be honest with him.

“So, you actually have sex with some of these guys?”

It was the moment of truth. “Never during the sessions, that’s taboo, but I date some of them. It’s my call. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. In most cases, it’s pleasurable for me to help them because I’m showing them how to please a woman, so in the process, they please me.”

“How many have you slept with?”


“How many have you helped out?”

“Seventeen over two years.”

“And the two you slept with, you did it of your own free will because you wanted to, and you enjoyed it?”

I smiled in recollection. I had trained the two I slept with well, and they went out of their way to show their teacher their new skills! It was extremely pleasurable for me!

“Yes, and yes, but I didn’t sleep with either one during the sessions. It was later on my own.”

Dad’s expression was neutral. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

“Don’t forget, dad; I get to pick the guys out. If I don’t think I’m going to want to kiss them, I don’t choose them. And if they show up reeking of body odor as one guy did, I tell them to clean themselves. And if they refuse, as one guy did, I tell them to get lost and report them to the company. I don’t take any shit, dad. I don’t do anything I don’t want to.”

Dad smirked. It was the first time he’d reacted emotionally, and a smirk was a good sign.

“Are you okay, dad? I wanted to be honest with you.”

He frowned a bit. “Gracie, this is quite a surprise. At first, I thought you were just talking about a dating site, but then I realized there was money involved, and I feared that you were in some kind of prostitution ring. Then I got creeped out, imagining you sleeping with older men. Then I got a huge knot in my gut, imagining you sleeping with all these nerd guys, but I feel better after hearing about you tossing the stinky guy out. You’re still your old no-nonsense self. I’m still unclear about how many people you see a week, though?”

“Two, a widower and a nerd, and in many cases, the people are regulars or at least the widowers are. Once the nerds get their footing, they don’t need to see me anymore, although I keep in contact with some and occasionally go out if I like them. Some of them are quite fascinating to talk to.”

“Just two a week, and you don’t ever sleep with the seniors and rarely sleep with the nerds.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32