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Susan had been a practising GP doctor for 6 years now, at only 28 years of age her life was going very well, she rather enjoyed her job and loved working, Susan had a thing for examining men particular younger men around her age, or even girls around her age, she just loved their bodies, Susan loved her job mainly because of how it allowed her to help people and on occasion satisfy her desires, one such desire was found today.

Susan was sat at her desk overlooking the files for her next patient, a certain Callum Scotte, he was a young boy aged 20 who was about to come in for an prostate problem.

Susan spent her time admiring the physique and beauty of the young beautiful blonde boy, she could imagine herself touching him down there and him enjoying it, though it was rare for her to ever have a patient who was willing to participate in her pleasures, most didn’t speak on her advances and so Susan usually just pleasured herself with thoughts of fucking them instead.

A knock came at the door and Susan sat upright, finishing her glass of water quickly and standing up and admiring herself in the mirror, she always made it a point to wear short skirts so her fair thighs and legs could be seen, Susan evened out her beautiful long dirty blonde hair and ruffled out some creases on her white doctors coat, she then readjusted her tight trousers and walked over to the door.

“Sorry about the delay I was just rearranging some files, please come in and be seated” Susan informed Callum as he walked into the room.

Callum was quite nervous about seeing the doctor about the new sensation of prostate pain, he was too embarrassed to speak out about it before but now it was at the point where he was forced to see a doctor about it, Callum was very nervous as he took his seat his biggest fear was an woman taking his appoint, and that had come to pass, and not just any old woman, this one looked incredibly hot.

“Its no problem” Callum politely said as Susan gestured to the seat in front of her desk, she then took her seat behind it “So im told you have prostate pains?” Susan asked him politely but as she did so she suddenly realised his eyes were glued to her thighs, Susan hid her smile well.

“Uhh yeah, I’ve had them for like an month but I was too uhh embarrassed to come beforehand, I know I should off done it before” Callum explained abashed, he was clearly a shy boy, perfect prey for Susan who licked her lips and responded coldly “Yes you should have, but have no fear, Mm a medical professional, first things first I’ll have to see what’s going on down there, so if you could strip down for me whilst I undo the curtain please” Susan ordered as she then got up and went and unfurled the curtains around the window and in front of the door, the patients needed maximum privacy.

Callum gulped, he had literally arrived and now this, görükle escort but he was here for a reason and she was a medical professional, hot women like her must see dozens of guys dicks a day right? Callum thought so at least as he slowly took off his clothes, Susan didn’t even care as she was off at her desk typing stuff in whilst Callum undressed.

He stripped right down to his boxers where he hesitated, Susan got up right away and walked over to an cabinet and took out a box and a tube of lubricant “Callum il need you to take of your boxers as well, I’m a medical professional please don’t be embarrassed to in front of me, after you have down that can you lay the upper half of your body onto the bed please, so that your pubic area is dangling off and so that your ass is facing at which il be sitting” Susan ordered as she took out two blue latex gloves and snapped them on, Susan started evening them and readjusting them onto her hands and pulling her fingers into the extra space all the while Callum watched butt naked.

Callum watched in awe, everything about it made him incredibly hard, the powerlessness, orders, gloves and her beautiful hands and body made him erect instantly, Susan gave Callum a look, licked her lips whilst smirking and approached him she saw his cock throb at her sight and felt a shudder emanate from her pussy, “Now please” Susan ordered calmly, she was blatantly ignoring Callums erect dick for now which made Callum even more red

Callum regained his senses and went red from embarrassment, he apologized quickly and swiftly turned and went to the examination bed, he laid down belly first

And slowly awaited the doctor, his erect cock began leaking pre cum as it dangled just off the bed.

Susan pursed her lips as she scanned the young man doing as he she bid, her eyes went from his tomato red head, to his flushed neck and down to his pale skinny torso, his arms and belly were skinny and that made Susan horny, she then gazed at his erect penis in bewilderment, it was huge at least 7 inches, Susan gulped as her throat went dry but she had a job to do and so wheeled her seat up behind the boy and sat down to admire his ass and asscheeks, she pulled out her lubricant and squeezed a drop onto her pointer finger.

Cullum’s heart missed a beat as he heard her squeezing out lube, he had never been fingered in his life and now a hot nurse was about to do it whilst he was naked, Callum’s dick continued dribbling as his body shuddered just as Susans cold finger delicately traced up his thigh towards his butthole, Callum was being played with but he didn’t care as it was blissful, he felt her finger slowly trace around his right thigh as it crept towards his asshole, and then felt a cold latex fingertip enter, Callum couldn’t help but moan in pure ecstasy as Susan’s finger squeezed in and out.

Susan pursed her bursa merkez escort lips and whispered “Somebodies eager for my fingers, don’t worry Callum I treat my patients well.” Callum nodded as Susan’s finger crept upwards poking and prodding about his butt, she then said “The outer circumference seems clear of all blockages, I’ll need to examine further in depth,” Susan explained as another finger crept inside Callum.

Callum shuddered as Susan’s index and ring finger entered as well, his ass squeezed down around her fingers, ever single time they entered Callum felt bliss and immeasurable pleasure and felt emptier when they left, eventually her fingers went all the way in until Callum felt her knuckles, “I can feel your prostrate now, and its built up, it means you have excess semen building up there, luckily for you I have a treatment for that” Susan whispered softly as she slowly slid her fingers out, Callum moaned and sat up whilst panting, his eyes were on her hands, the same hands which had just caused him blissful pleasure, Callum had been a quiet boy his entire life but this ecstasy was something else, “What does it include doctor” Callum managed through slightly laboured breathing as he regained his composure, his white flesh now clammy with sweat

Susan stood up from her chair, looked down at Callum’s exposed pale and clammy ass one more time and doffed her gloves and tossed them into the bin, “Well extracting semen can be done in two ways, a way method via needle extraction or manual extraction with my hands” Susan said casually taking out a pair of blue nitrile gloves and blowing them open, after that she put her hands on Callum’s torso and laid him down on the bed as he deliberated.

“Manual extraction please” Callum said lying down as Susan guided him, Callum’s heart was fluttering as his throat now parched struggled to gulp at her renewed touch, he watched in awe his dick rising even more as Susan put on her blue gloves snapping them onto her hands delicately and slowly, Callum savoured every moment of the scene and laid back and relaxed, he knew he was going to enjoy it, Susan then walked up to the beds bottom and got out some stirrups, Callum’s legs were guided to the stirrups by Susan as she put her gloves hands on his thigh to guide him gently, her touch was so cold and erotic to Callum.

After securing his legs with straps into the stirrups she once again sat down and rolled back in between his legs, as Susan rolled in she put her hands on Callums upper thigh and slowly rubbed them downwards until they reached his cock, her hands were already lubricated as they went to Callums cock and started going up and down his shaft, Callum shuddered as a shiver went down his spine, he moaned as she jerked him off delicately, Susan’s left hand then gently slid down from his cock, past his balls bursa sınırsız escort and straight into his ass, Callum moaned loudly out of pleasure as he felt an gloved hand strongly grip his dick and slide upwards as another 4 fingers corkscrewed into his ass, his fingers dug into bed as he grappled with the intense pleasure he was undertaking as he felt her fingers squirming up into his ass, he felt the way they pushed against his flesh and how with every thrust Callum felt closer to coming.

Her lubed up fingers once against thrust upwards inside him as Susan began opening her hand inside as her knuckles began sliding in, her thumb then slid inside and Susan with all the strength she had in her hand opened it, she had always wanted to sunflower an patient it was a fantasy of hers since her first day doing a prostate check, Callum arched his back and violently began Cumming all over the table, himself and all over Susans forearms and gown all the whilst Susan closed her hand inside Callum and thrust as far as she could to deliver an even more powerful sensation as he came making his orgasm even more powerful and intense, she even gripped as hard as possible with her hand on his dick.

After violently cumming all over her Callum fell back to the table panting very heavily, Susan slowly withdrew her hands whilst in shock, after taking her hand out of Callum she then quickly took her gloves off and then hastily gloved into a pair of white gloves, she then got out a cloth and wiped away all the cum on the table and Callums belly as he laid there recovering loudly whilst staring at the ceiling with eyes of bewilderment , Susan then took off her cum covered doctors coat and threw it behind her desk before finally walking away “Ok so Callum I think that should do it, your prostate pain should subside and if it doesn’t give me a call straight away, do not hesitate to come see me yourself if you wish” Susan said with an wink, she was very horny right now.

Callum stood up and put his cloths back on still panting a little, he nodded and said “Thank you doctor Susan, it was a wonderful experience, I’ll definitely come back if anything happens” Callum said blushing, he then left after giving Susan one more look.

Susan watched Callum leave, after he was gone she walked back over to her desk, sat down and thought on what she had just done whilst staring at her hands in astonishment, it was a dream of hers to sunflower a patient and now it had been achieved, Susan felt her pussy getting extremely wet and so donned a pair of gloves and laid down where Callum had just been a minute ago, as she laid down she could feel his leftover body heat.

Susan’s finger went in and out of her vagina, just as she had pleasured Callum, she then orgasmed and sighed in pleasure, after that Susan sat in her seat still gloved wondering if Callum would ever come to her office ever again, he was quite, willing to do anything without debate and easy to engage with, Susan licked her lips at the thought of his return and all the things she could do to him and decided he definitely enjoyed it and might return any day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32