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To All Readers:

I wanted to place a warning here that the content of this story may contain sensitive material that may not be suited for people who find certain fetishes offensive or disturbing. This story does include the following fetishes/activities – Medical Play, Testicular Exam, Assisted Urine Sample, Male Anal Play, Tentacles, MDLB, Non Human (Aliens), Edge Play, Breastfeeding, and other detailed sexual descriptions. If you do not know what these fetishes are, I recommend looking them up on Google to make sure you are able to read this material.

I also would like to state that all characters in this story are above the age of 18!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your feedback. 🙂

. • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • .

Our story begins in another universe parallel to our own.

In a world where alien creatures and humans coexist.

A man in his early 20’s arrived at a clinic at 9:00AM for his appointment. He had applied for a job that required a very thorough physical exam. This he did not seem to mind as it had been a pretty decent time since he had seen his family’s doctor that treated his father for years. He wondered how the old man was doing and proceeded his way to the front desk. The registration nurse, a well endowed yet much older ram-like woman, a satyr, with glasses and curled horns that poked out from her stringy gray hair gave him a sheepish look, “Name?”

The man gave her an energetic smile, “Rob Mathews, miss. Here to see Dr. Brown for my physical exam!”

“That’s nice, dear. Have a seat. The doctor will be with you shortly ,” she said this nonchalantly as she waved him to a seat in the lobby before closing the window.

Rob took a seat in the lobby and waited as he played a few short games on his phone to pass the time.

No more than 20 minutes later, the door to the clinic opened and out walked a really cute nurse. She looked slightly a little more human than most alien species of this planet. The only thing that stood out was her large, black cat ears that twitched curiously on top of her head, a very long, slim black tail, and her eyes were a feral yellow with striped pupils. She looked pretty erotic to Rob with her tan skin and black hair. Although Rob had never really had much relations to the aliens of this planet, let alone a girlfriend in general, he couldn’t help but find her oddly attractive. She was dressed in the cutest nurse outfit that showed every aspect of her petite yet curved body.

She approached him then with a cute smile and a clipboard, “Rob Mathews? The doctor will see you now! Please follow me!”

Rob jumped out of his seat a little too excitedly and blushed from his brash actions, “Uh, yes. Of course!” He then followed the alien neko into the clinic. She walked with a sway in her hips sending her tail sweeping to and fro. Rob couldn’t help but watch that tail transfixed in its movement. When she led him into the exam room and turned to meet his gaze, Rob snapped his attention back up to her face with a weak smile.

” There’s a gown on the bed. The doctor requested you to remove all of your clothes and put on the gown before she enters the room. “

“Wait! Did you say sh-she? I was supposed to be seeing Dr. Brown!”

Her expression changed into concern, “Didn’t the registration nurse tell you of Dr. Brown’s absence?”

“No she didn’t! In fact she didn’t seem very helpful at all! She just shooed me away to a seat so she can go back to playing solitaire on her computer!” Rob didn’t realize how angry he was getting until afterwards and his expression immediately softened, ” Look, I’m really sorry. This is not your fault at all. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I’m sorry. “

“Mr. Mathews, I apologize for the lack of information. If you would like I could reschedule you with Dr. Brown as soon as he returns from his cruise with his wife but he won’t be back until August.”

” No, no, that won’t be necessary. I really need this job and I really need to have the physical done today. “

She nodded sincerely with her sweet smile, “I understand, Mr. Mathews. I can assure though, that Dr. Urceline is one of the very best in her professions and I’m sure she will do her best to make sure you are comfortable. I will go tell her you are ready to see her if you would please put on the gown while you wait. Is there anything else I can get you?”

” No, no I think I’m fine. Thank you very much for being so helpful, ” he gave her a weak smile back.

“It was my pleasure, Mr. Mathews. I hope you have a wonderful day!” She said this as she curtsied cutely in her short nurse’s skirt and exited out of the room, closing the door softly.

Rob let out a nervous sigh as he looked down at the gown on the bed. So he was going to be doing his first ever physical exam with a woman. He had never been naked in front of a woman before. This alone was what scared him the most. Though a small deviant thought came bahis şirketleri to mind as he wouldn’t mind if he had to complete his physical with that cute kitty nurse. He subconsciously contemplated on this thought as he took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes chuckling to himself as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his drawers. But his dreamy like smile faded as he noticed a small bulge sticking straight up through his boxers.

“Shit!” He patted himself trying to make it go down but doubled over with a grunt as he had hurt himself in his panic state. “Damn it! I can’t let her see me like this! She’ll think I’m a pervert or something!”

Rob quickly yanked on the gown and sat on the patient’s table trying his best to stay calm. He covered his lap with his arms and fiddled his fingers trying to think of something that would remedy his boner before the doctor came in. His heart thumped hard against his chest but he managed to steady himself with some deep, relaxed breathing. He could feel his bulge starting to soften. Before he was able to get rid of it completely the door to the exam room opened.

In stepped the most bizarre, otherworldly creature he had ever seen. The alien resembled more like an octopus or a squid. From the waist down she had a skirt that was made entirely of large, dark purple tentacles that slithered over the floor as she made her way into the room. From the waist to her neck she resembled more like a heavily endowed woman. Her rack was simply one of the biggest set the man had ever seen in any porno he had ever watched. But her face was perhaps the most curious. She had no nose and her ears were replaced by webbed tentacles that fanned out on either side of her head. Her lips were round and dark purple that matched the dark purple tentacles at her waist. The rest of her skin from the waist up seemed to be more of a lavender pigment. Her eyes were what really captivated the man as she looked at him with a warm smile. Her eyes were pure black with no pupils in the center but rather a shine to them that gave her an exotic alien or bug like look but expressed to be kind and gentle. Her hair was made of smaller tentacles that seemed to move slightly of their own agenda. The only article of clothing she seemed to wear was a tight, pink button up shirt. The buttons looked dangerously on the verge of popping open to expose her massive chest. But she had taken the liberty to unbutton the first three to expose just the top of her breasts that loomed out temptingly.

Rob could feel his bulge pulsating against his arm now like it wanted to jump right out of his gown and dive down into that thick rack. He could feel the heat rising in his cheeks now hoping he could get a grip on himself. He never thought such a creature could turn him on so much!

“Good morning, Mr. Mathews! I apologize for the mix up with our registration nurse! I do hope you don’t mind me performing the physical in your primary doctor’s stead?”

Although she spoke sweetly and clearly, Rob couldn’t help feeling a sense of cloudiness in his head. Her words were like a blur as he seemed lost within her cleavage. As soon as she stopped talking, a sense of clarity of what he was doing brought him back to his senses. He suddenly snapped up feeling really hot as he fanned himself, “Wow, it’s so hot in here… all of a sudden..!” He felt his breath heavy as sweat from his nerves started to bead down from his brow. He hoped she hadn’t caught him looking at her chest. Maybe he could distract her with terms of temperature.

She looked at him concerned, “Mr. Mathews, it’s 65° in here. Are you ill?” She approached him to touch his forehead with her hand but upon doing so her rack hung dangerously close to Rob’s face and he wasn’t sure if he could trust himself not to bury his head in those beautiful large breasts and make a fool of himself so he jumped back on the table , “Oh! I just remembered! I jogged here! Must be hot from my workout!”

But her face still remained concerned as she slowly withdrew, “Are you certain you are comfortable with me performing your physical for you? I understand if you may be uncomfortable with my appearance. I know my species are not well-known in the surface world.”

Great, he had offended her! “Oh, no-no no! It’s not like that! Honestly! Y-you’re from out-of-town? Really? Where exactly are you from?”

“I’m from Glacia in the ice waters of the Northern Sea,” she said this with a shy smile.

“The Northern Sea? Wow! You’re a long way from home! What brought you here to our little town?”

“Dr. Brown and I studied in the medical field together during our first years of internship fresh out of college. He contacted me a month ago to be his replacement while he and his wife went on their cruise. Mr. Mathews? Would you mind if I start on our appointment? We still have quite a bit to do.”

” Oh! Uh, yeah! Of course! I’m sorry I just find it interesting to learn about someone from a different place. “

She beamed at him, “I bahis firmaları don’t mind answering whatever questions you have during our appointment if it helps make you feel a little more comfortable. Dr. Brown told me he’s been working with your family for many years. I can understand that switching doctors can be a bit inconvenient at times. I just hope I can make your experience as comfortable as possible. I would also like to take this time to tell you that Dr. Brown has requested a check up and a testicular exam during this appointment today as long as you would be okay with it? “

Rob smiled weakly and nodded his head sincerely not wanting to insult her again as he cursed Dr. Brown in the back of his mind. How could Dr. Brown do this to him? That bastard!

“First I’ll check your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth!” She said this as she approached him with her flash light and a wooden stick to press down his tongue. Rob watched her flash a light through his eyes then continued on to his nose, mouth, and ears as he tried his best to avoid looking at her rack.

Next she brought out her stethoscope to listen to his heart and lung capacity. She moved on next to test his reflexes with her little rubber mallet. The whole time Rob kept his arm over his lap. Even though the check up was going rather smoothly and he had been a good boy about not looking at her rack, his boner still remained present.

“Alright, Mr. Mathews! Time to check your height and weight now! Could you please step over here to the weight machine?”

Rob blushed wondering how he was going to hide his boner now. That 3ft walk from the patient’s table to the weight machine seemed to stretch several miles under his doctor’s shining innocent gaze. Sighing he stood up and noticed his gown was quite a bit bigger then he was. Granted, he wasn’t super endowed like most men were which in this moment in his entire life he was actually grateful for. Unfortunately this would also mean his doctor would be getting a good look of his ass but that was already inevitable. As long as she didn’t see his boner that was enough for him!

As he walked carefully and made the distance from the patient’s table to the weighing machine, another thought of dread struck him. What if at some point she would see it during his testicular exam? Although Rob had never had one, he imagined it must at some point involved her examining his testicles! Rob swallowed hard. If he was having problems now, he knew for certain he wouldn’t be able to control it if he watched her look at them! What would she think? Would she make fun of him for his size?

As he stepped up on the weighing machine and watched as she weighed him and jot down her notes on her clipboard he started to wonder how many had she seen? Today? This week? This month? This year?! He remembered how the kitten nurse had told him that she was the best in her profession. Rob couldn’t imagine any guy not being able to control a boner around a doctor like her! But then… She was a professional. And maybe… He was just a lonely pervert. But what if he wasn’t the only one? But what if he’s the smallest she’s seen? Rob shivered to shake these worries from his mind. It was inevitable regardless of the situation.

Barely hearing her words he allowed her to measure his height and proceeded with a tape measure to measure his arm, leg, and torso length. Subconsciously watching her rack as she bent over. It was inevitable. Might as well get himself to full length and try his hardest to impress her now. He loved the way they bounced when she stood back up from her bent..

“Alright, Mr. Mathews! Your check up and vitals are nearly complete! I just need a urine sample from you. It’s required that I supervise. But your insurance covers the cost for assistance if you request it?”

“S-S- Supervised urine sample? You mean you have to watch me? Pee in a cup?” He said this slowly so his brain could register this information. Maybe he didn’t hear her right while he was looking at her luscious jugs.

She nodded and smiled at him reassuringly, “Yes sir! But like I said your insurance covers the cost for assistance if you request it.”

” A – Assistance? ” Rob swallowed hard. He had never pissed in front of a girl before let alone have her help him? What was she going to do? It seemed curiosity and defeat got the better of Rob this time as he slowly nodded in agreement.

She smiled brightly, “Great! If I can just have you pull up your gown we’ll get right to it! Would you like some water first?”

” P- Please? ” Rob was beyond nervous now. He couldn’t seem to stop stuttering. He wasn’t sure if his nerves would allow him to pee in front of her. He was going to need a full bladder and lots of mental coaxing for this!

Urceline didn’t seem to waste no time in this procedure as Rob stood there slightly dumbfounded. She handed him a water bottle then proceeded to turn on the sink at a gentle drizzle to set the “mood” so to speak. As she went digging her drawers kaçak bahis siteleri for a cup, bucket, pad, and gloves, Rob downed the entire water bottle in a single gulp. Crushing it in his nerves, “Could I have another, please?”

She paused in her work and smiled at him as she grabbed him another then went back to what she was doing. Rob thanked her and gulped down the second one as quickly as the first and waited hoping that was enough water. He watched her backside and listened to the water dripping from the faucet. Hoping he would start to feel like he had to go. He hadn’t gone since he woke up this morning at 5am and it was nearly 10am now.

Urceline placed a pad beneath him to step onto them placed a bucket just before him, “Just in case.” She then snapped her gloves on and looked up at him with a smile. Now Rob had the perfect view of her tits as she sat crouched before him. He smiled back at her. “How are you feeling? Do you need a little more water?”

Rob could feel the fullness of his bladder now. Maybe he could do this! He shook his head, “Uh, no. I think – I think I’m ready to go now!” He was a bit excited and forgot about his boner so he pulled his gown up and realized he was still firm. He felt his whole body blush and his face fell as he watched her look at his hardened little package standing so erected as though it wanted to reach her face. It had an angry red tip because he had neglected it this entire appointment.

“Oh, dear. This might make this procedure a little difficult.”

“I – I – I’m really sorry! I – I couldn’t help it! I know it’s small…. I’m sorry..”

” Oh don’t be sorry! It’s perfectly natural! In fact if anything I’m flattered. And it’s not small.. I think it’s kinda adorable really.. A fun size. Would you like to relieve yourself first? Or do you really need to go now? It might make it difficult was all I was saying. “

“I think I really need to go now, miss! Is there something I could lean over?”

“Let’s try this near the counter. You can lean over that and I’ll assist you there. “

Waddling over with a hard cock and a full bladder, Rob doubled over on the counter looking down to watch his doctor. Urceline managed to sweep over the equipment with him and held the cup just below the tip of his penis. Rob grunted as he did his best to aim his little stiffy to the balanced cup and waited and waited.

“You alright, Mr. Mathews?”

” Yeah! Yeah… Just… Just concentrating.. ” Now they had broken the ice. She had finally seen his package and she told him it was adorable. This sort of embarrassed him but in a really good way. He kinda liked it. Especially when she said it was fun sized. What kind of fun could you have with a small package? He wondered. He stared at her tentacles and wondered what it would be like to have them wrapped around his little package, violating him. He sighed trying to concentrate about peeing in this damn cup! He had drunk all that water and felt so full just a minute ago but now he felt sucked up. He closed his eyes and listened to the water trickle down the faucet. Soon he felt the heat and release and heard the sound of him pissing into the cup at last. He let out a sigh of relief with his eyes still closed allowing him to feel relief after being tensed for so long.

“Mmm, there we go… Let it all out Rob. Don’t worry about anything. You did a great job. ” Urceline held the cup as he drained himself. He filled up the cup quickly but that was what the bucket was for and she held the bucket up for him next. ” My, my, you did have to go didn’t you? Look at that nice hot stream coming from that little package. Didn’t think there could be so much urine from such a little guy.. “

Rob smiled and blushed shyly finally opening his eyes to see what his doctor was talking about and she seemed right. He really was enjoying the way she cooed at his junk. It was way better than having her laugh and poke fun at how small he was.

As he finished up he felt himself begin to soften after that nice long pee. But he wondered if she would like him when he was flaccid too. He watched as she cleaned everything up now that he sat back on the patient’s table. He didn’t bother putting himself away now. He was hoping he could get more attention from this sweet doctor of his.

Once she was done putting everything away she walked over with a blood pressure compress noticing how his gown was up now as he sat with a bit of confidence with his flaccid penis resting on top of his large ball sack out in the open. She smiled at him, “Feeling better after that pee now, I see.”

Rob smiled and nodded vigorously. She smiled, “Good, shall we continue?”

” Yeah! What are we doing next?? ” Rob didn’t seem to mind showing his enthusiasm now.

“Just checking your blood pressure real quick,” she said this as she began to wrap the compress around his arm and pumping the little ball as she watched the gauge. It was a pretty quick and simple procedure. Within a few seconds she unwrapped him and put the equipment away as she jotted down the results in her clipboard. When she returned to his side she was holding yet another blood pressure compress although this one seemed a lot smaller like it could fit a child.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32