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D, having just recently arrived for some training meetings, has finally met Jynx, the woman who has haunted his dreams for the past few months. Their chat sessions were always leaving him “in a mood” and aching for her. After meeting her, he decides to put his plan into action. She was going to be his, and his alone. No matter what it took.

“No more! I won’t mention it again, really.” He was grinning, and laughing, so Jynx took him at his word.

“Um, Jynx? Didn’t you forget something during the tour?”

She looked at him somewhat perplexed, wondering what she could have possibly forgotten. She turned to him, a question forming on her lips.

“Did I? What could I have forgotten?”

Quickly changing what he was going to say, he asked, “Where is your study? Where do you do your creating?”

“OH! D, I am sorry. Come on, I’ll show you.”

They turned left, out of his door, and then quickly turned right, down the connecting side hall. They were approaching a big room at the end, when Jynx turned abruptly to the right.

Giving a sweeping gesture with her hand, she went on to say, “Here’s where I create; when I’m not stymied by writer’s block,” she laughed. “I love the openness of this room, and the built-in bookshelves. I can write, or I can read. Or, I can do all the research I need, and I don’t have to go very far.”

Pointing to the opposite side of the room, she continued, “I’m going to be installing a coffee bar in here next week. I told them to come Monday and Tuesday, during the day, while you’re at your meetings so the construction sounds wouldn’t disturb you. It’s nothing very elaborate, just a ‘bar’ to sit at, with counters and cabinets behind for storage.

“The only three requirements I did specify though, was 1.) plenty of space with the counter tops; 2.) enough room behind the bar to allow two people to be milling around making coffee, or a simple breakfast, without bumping into, or stumbling over, each other first thing in the morning; and 3.) a sink that looks as if there isn’t one. There will also be a small under-the-counter refrigerator, with a small freezer.

“So, they’ll start Monday morning; and due to the simplicity of the project, they should be done before noon Tuesday. I’m having them install Unbleached Pine cabinets, with just a gloss finish over the wood, to protect it. And the coffee bar is going to be the same way, except, it will have a faux marble counter top with inset cutting boards.”

D was impressed. He stood next to Jynx in the middle of what was her workspace, nodding sagely in agreement as she told him about the new project for Monday and Tuesday. He liked the sounds of her ideas, and he envisioned them making coffee in here Wednesday morning. He made a mental note to change his return flight time back some, or even a day, as soon as he could get to his room.

His sigh must have been audible, for Jynx turned to him, and asked if he was all right.

“I’m sorry, Sexy. I guess I’m just more tired than I thought. I must say, I had no idea your place was this nice. It’s large and airy. Yet, it allows you almost all the amenities of going to an office, save for the constant chatter and visitors.

“I much prefer your use of natural lighting, versus all that florescent garbage regular offices use. This is one awesome den/library or office/workroom you have here. I’m just a bit envious.”

He was grinning, she noted, so that took the sting out that may have otherwise, had D been anyone else, been in his words.

“I’m glad you like it. I love it here. I can open the windows and get breezes off the bay, or I can open the sunlight if it gets really windy. Would you like to rest before lunch? I’m sure you’re tired.”

Jynx went through the door and was heading back down the hall to the left when she realized that D wasn’t right behind her. She half turned and looked back. He stood, framed against the open door to her room, by the light streaming from the bay window in her room. She went back down the hall toward him.

“Yes, this is my room. I had planned on showing it to you after we had had dinner, but then I was afraid you might get the wrong idea, so I changed my mind.”

He stood at the doorframe, looking in. The carpet, he noticed, was the same Dusty Rose that was in the living room. Her bed was a White Iron, much like his Black one; but it was a King Size. He noted the Rose print chaise lounge over by the open window that overlooked the open expanse of yard heading toward the dock.

There was a white metal pivot-style reading lamp behind the chaise, with a Victorian style shade with glass bead fringe. There were trios of sheers hanging from the canopy rails, making multi-colored pools on the carpet.

This room was so much like the petite woman standing beside him, that it’s exactly what he had pictured her room might look like. He inhaled deeply, catching the light, lingering scent of her perfume still clinging to the air in her room. He felt bizimkent escort himself grow hard again as the scent filled his nostrils and his brain.

He straightened, from his lounging position against the doorframe, and cleared his throat, unable to find his voice at first. He had to put some distance between him and her room. That scent was doing strange things to him.

If he didn’t leave her doorframe right now, he was going to be dragging her into that room, and kicking shut the door, locking it behind them. He was struggling against any action that would have her think him a caveman.

When he did take her to bed, he wanted it to be a joint coupling. He wanted to remove her clothes slowly and savor her touches, as she would lay them on him. He didn’t want to rush into her as he felt he might have when they were by the pool and sauna area.

Hot for her? Hell yes he was. Aching to feel her pussy around his cock again? Oh Hell yeah! He wouldn’t be male if he didn’t want that. But Dammit! He wanted to take his time.

Clearing his throat again, he found his voice and said, “Um Jynx? If you’ll excuse me, I think I am going to lie down. You’re right, I am tired and I don’t allow myself the luxury of giving in when I am.” He bent and lightly kissed first her cheek and then her lips, before he walked down the hall, turned left and then she heard the quiet click as his door closed.

Standing where he’d left her, she felt odd. She realized, after some thought, that she finally felt lonely. Not being one to give into the moods of depression or sadness, she turned on her heel and went into her den.

Picking up the paperback from the arm of the chaise, she stretched out on the cool rose print material, tossing the lightweight crocheted throw over her legs and lower body, and settled in to do some reading. In no time, her eyes drifted closed, and the book fell from her grasp.

Now in the room she’d given him, D went to the dresser, and got out the case that had his shaving gear in it. He opened it and then unzipped the side compartments and withdrawing a few of the items, he slipped them into the pockets of the trousers that were laying on the bed.

Then, opening the closet, he got his cell phone from his suit jacket and placed a call to his office. Once that was done, he grabbed a towel from the towel caddy, and after removing his shoes and socks, he whistled his way into the bathroom to take a cool shower.

She felt it again, and waved it away. Something was tickling her. First it was at her lips and then at her eyelashes. Just when she thought it had gone away, it was back against her lips, only now, there was a distinct persistence behind it. Whatever it was, it was seeking some sort of response from her. Sighing softly, she gave in.

It felt as if her lower lip was being nibbled, or gently pulled on. She slowly wakened from her slumber to see D, sitting next to her on her double sized chaise. She realized, with a small shock, that in her sleep, she had flung her arm across his lap.

Now fully awake, she sat straight up, removing her arm from a position that said she was too familiar with this man she’d just met, finally, face-to-face, a few hours ago. He must think me quite loose if I go about doing this to someone I’d only met, personally, such a short time before.

“Oh D! I’m sorry. That was way too familiar of me.” She quickly lowered her eyes from his scrutiny, and felt quite flushed.

His soft chuckle had her raising her head and peering at him through and from under her sooty lashes.

“Don’t concern yourself overly about it, Sexy. I’m flattered that you feel so comfortable to be as at ease as you were. It’s fine, and I don’t think badly of you for being so ‘familiar’ with me. I rather enjoy seeing you so at ease.”

His compliment only served to make her embarrassment deepen and it showed in her face. She quickly tried to alter the subject. She spoke as she sat up and adjusted her dress, and swung her legs over the side of the chaise, slipping into her discarded sandals.

“What time is it? How long have I slept?”

“Relax, Sexy. It’s only just about one thirty. You’ve managed to snag maybe an hour to an hour and a half. But taking this nap now was a good thing,” he winked, “cause you won’t be getting much sleep later, or damn near nil to any, you know that, don’t you.”

During the time she’d been resting, he’d called the office and had his secretary call the airlines and book him a later flight back. He was now leaving early next Friday morning, a week from today. He was due some vacation time and he was going to include a few days of it while on this business trip; which was seemingly quickly turning into a pleasure trip as well.

“What did you have in mind for lunch? Or would you rather get a little more shut-eye? I can take a swim if you want to opt for the latter offer.”

A flash of memory, thick with the remembered pressure bostancı escort of his cock pushing into her pussy, had Jynx’s hand suddenly flattening against her tummy, and she didn’t quite catch the low groan that escaped from between her lips.

“Sexy? Are you all right?” His hand shot out to support her as she leaned suddenly forward into her lap. Her quickly raised hand is all that forestalled him from touching her.

“Uh. It’s fine D; I’m fine. Um, why don’t you go ahead and catch that swim? More sleep, if you really don’t mind, suddenly sounds like a good idea. I may just join you in the sauna in a bit; now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to lie down.” She bent, quickly dropped a kiss on his cheek and walked into her room and gently closed the door, leaning against it as all the stiffening left her legs.

A soft knock, from the other side of the door, had her quickly standing straight again.

“Yes?” she called out shakily

“Sexy? Are you sure you’re all right? You looked pale just now. May I come in? Please?”

Opening the door was her undoing. D swept in, closing and locking her door. He stood there, not a full arm’s length away, emitting such a powerful sexual charge, that the air between them was fairly charged with electricity.

“Dammit, Sexy; I can’t go for a relaxing swim when I know you’re in here resting or sleeping.” Continuing, he stepped dangerously closer.

“I don’t want to relax with a swim, and I don’t think you want to rest alone, either. Tell me I’m wrong Sexy, and I’ll go back on the other side of this door.”

He stepped another step closer and Jynx could see the evidence of his renewed arousal, bulging against the zipper of his trousers. Her fingers ached to reach inside and hold him in her hands again; her lips ached to close themselves around his girth again and feel him slide between her lips and against her tongue. She took a step back and he advanced that step further toward her.

“Sexy? We both want to pick up from where we left off when we were by the pool, don’t we? I smelled your arousal as you walked out of the den just now, and I know you can see mine. I want you, and I’m fairly certain that you want me again, too. Am I right?”

He waited for her answer, as the air in the room crackled from the sexual tension. She gauged the distance between them to be less than the earlier arm’s distance apart. She swallowed, wet her lips, and swallowed again. Her throat convulsed nervously.

“Yes D; you’re right,” the spoken words were barely audible, but he heard them anyway.

Covering that short distance between them, his hands gently closed on either side of her head, and lifting it gently, he leaned forward and softly kissed her lips.

Once, twice; again and again, he kissed her, pulling her toward him with each kiss. She was now within the circle of his arms and he crushed his mouth against hers, slipping his tongue into the velvet recesses of her mouth, their tongues danced against each other.

She shivered as he held her against him, and he led the few remaining steps backward to her bed. When he felt the bed behind them, he stopped and stepped away just long enough to lift her dress from her body and let it cascade into a pool of shaded blues on the carpet near her bed. Her Ice Blue bra followed, as did her panties.

She was hungry for the feel of him against her and in her; but she held on, barely, as want took over her movements. She slowly undid the buttons at the neck of his casual shirt, only barely noting that he’d changed out of the clothes he had on earlier.

She laid her hands against his skin and skimmed the shirt off and over his head, letting it pool on the carpet alongside of her dress. Then she unclasped his belt, and unzipped his trousers. She only barely noted that he was barefoot.

He quickly stepped out of his trousers, letting them fall next to the shirt. His bikini briefs followed and landed on top of his trousers. He stood before her, as naked as she was before him.

Lifting her to him, loving the feel of her naked nipples drilling holes into his chest where they pressed into his skin, then inched her backward toward the center of her bed, leaving her legs to dangle over the side, toward him. He drank in the sight and smells of her letting all of it delight his senses.

“Lay back, Sexy; and enjoy,” he whispered against her ear, stirring the strands of hair near it.

Starting with her breasts, he kissed, licked and nibbled his way down and across her belly leaving none of her skin untouched. The tip of his tongue probed her navel, and reveled in feeling her muscles jump and shimmy in response.

Slowly he worked his way down to the center of her body. He’d mentioned, twice, about wanting her legs wrapped around his head; well he was about to indulge himself, and her, as he slowly lifted first one leg and then the other, draping them over his shoulders.

Enthralled, he watched as büyükçekmece escort he spread her lower lips apart, and held the lips open as he lowered his mouth to her wett well. He could smell her arousal and he wanted all that she was holding within her.

He wanted to give her as much oral enjoyment as he could, and he wanted to completely lap and lick the rewards of his labors before he started to dive for her ‘g’ spot. He wanted to see her juices along the thick shaft of his cock and he wanted to taste them.

D wanted her to want him to fill her, as he knew he would before this night was over. He wanted to feel her pussy grip his tongue, his finger(s), and his cock as he dove into her repeatedly.

He looked up from his place between her legs and watched her. Her breasts were heavy now, the aureole’s large, and her nipples erect. Jynx’s breathing was shallow and quick, and he felt her pussy grip against his tongue as she built for the orgasm yet to come.

Slowly, he removed first one leg and then the other, as he shifted her into another position. Then, crawling onto her bed next to her, he lifted himself above her so that his head was between her legs and his cock was directly above her mouth.

She reached up and pulled his engorged head and shaft toward her mouth as she felt his hot breath against her pussy again.

“Mmm, D; your tongue feels so good! Lower your cock to me just a little more please. Oh yessss, right there – e. Perfect.” He felt her small hands close around the shaft of his cock as she closed her wett mouth over the head of it.

He held his breath as he felt his hardness ride against her tongue, and when she started to flick her tongue along the ridge of his cockhead; he thought he would lose his load right then. But he’d promised her, in one of their many conversations via the instant message feature on their ‘pagers’ that he would do his best not to cum that way.

As his tongue played with her clit, he slowly inserted the long, slender middle finger of his right hand, intent on curving it slightly, once it was inside, and started his search for her ‘g’ spot, which she had said had never been found.

Suddenly, her lower body stiffened and her legs started quivering as uncontrolled spasms shook her. He lathed his tongue into her juice and repeatedly coated her clit as the first of many orgasms released itself against his combined assault of finger and tongue. He felt her mouth pull his cock into her mouth and just hold it within.

Slowly, he felt her body go lax, and again felt the wealth of liquid issue from deep within her. He lapped and sucked her clit until she was completely still beneath him. As intense as their personal storm inside the room was, neither had been aware that a storm was brewing outside the room.

Shifting his position again, he now lay upon her face-to-face. As a flash of lightening filled the room with a glow, he looked down upon her face. There he saw the soft flush of release on her features.

Cradleling her head between his hands, he gently smoothed her damp hair back from her face. He felt the steadiness return to her heartbeat, yet her nipples still made small dents in his chest.

His cockhead and shaft were throbbing and his balls were twitching, so ready were they to release the load within. He physically ached to sink his cock into her pussy. God! How he ached to feel her wettness engulf him. But he wanted them to enjoy and savor each other.

She stirred beneath him as he lightly suckled at her nipples. In an idly content movement, she ran her right hand through the hair on his head.

There was something slightly erotic about that simple gesture. It stirred through him, making his cock twitch against the opening to her pussy.

Emitting a soft, guttural laugh, he warned her to be careful. He wouldn’t be held liable for the consequences if she kept that up. In a move, brought about by the simple need to dare him, she moved her hand through his hair again.

Quickly he brought her legs up to his shoulders, and buried his mouth against and into her pussy driving his tongue in and out of her, and pushing a very wett fingertip against the puckered hole of her ass.

She bucked slightly against the intrusion of his tongue, and froze her movements against the proposed intrusion into her ass. He just very lightly moved his finger back and forth against the opening to her ass; but didn’t push further. Not yet, anyway.

Lowering her legs back to the bed, D shifted his position again, and came to lie behind Jynx, rolling her so that she faced him. Lifting her chin, he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, letting his tongue again rove into the recesses of her mouth.

He felt her tongue as it danced and mated with his. Then, slowly removing his lips from hers, he rested her head against her pillow, and looked into her blue eyes. As she started to speak, he laid a finger on her slightly open lips.

“Ssh, Sexy. It’s all right to be not so sure you want me there, where I was heading. But, if you’re willing to try, and trust me enough to be careful and gentle, then rest here and I’ll be right back.”

With that said, he kissed the end of her nose, and then moved from where he lay, facing her. He had to allay her fears.

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