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Encyclopedia Masturbationem — Female Edition

This continuing series offers up different suggestions for your enjoyment while masturbating. See Session

for further context.

At the end of each session, rate your ability (1-5 Stars), to follow the script and cum as and when directed. Please send feedback of your success as well as any suggestions for future sessions. Those of you who have encountered this work in mid-series may wish to begin at Session

and follow through as the themes and scenarios vary in content and perhaps, difficulty.


Session 3: Reviewing my Sexual Diary

This session directs you through a chronological, greatest hits of your own personal diary of sexual experiences. Find yourself in your favorite location and place yourself in your most favorite masturbation position. The goal of this directed session is to help you relive every positive sexual experience you have enjoyed over the years and to spend some time focusing on past pleasures that may not often enter your mind.

Much like the previous sessions, this one is formulated on both past and present. Don’t limit yourself to simply physical pleasures. Use your mind to recreate the feelings and emotions that led up to or followed these experiences. Think back to what or who it was that caused your hormones to surge. Maybe you were one that first discovered pleasure from another before learning to handle things yourself. Or perhaps, you evolved on the other path of having not been with anyone else physically before years of learned masturbation.

Now is the time to remember that bahis siteleri first crush. Did you succeed in attracting the object of your desires or did he or she forever remain locked in the fantasy world. Can you still feel the entirety of the experience that very first time the touch of someone else made your body respond? Was it the clumsy experiment of younger years with fumbling hands and first time exploration? How about heated sessions of dry humping with such desperation that you wanted to go further but just weren’t quite ready yet?

Consider the sensuality of your body and how it is and has been sought after by others over the years. What is it that most attracts others to you do you think? Is there a particular physical feature that always seems to be the focus or maybe it is of a different nature, your laugh or sense of adventure? Do you play hard to get or are you the aggressive partner? Likely, you have played both roles depending on who the other partner was.

As you think over the chronology of all things sexual in your life, let’s begin with sexual acts. Was it that one partner who you experienced most with or was there a building of experiences from one lover to the next? Take a moment to relive that first time someone felt your breasts and then the first time a hand other than your own explored your most sacred treasures. From the most modest to the most erotic, go over each and every act along your journey to becoming a confident and satisfied sexual woman. With each act you remember, see how many details remain present in your mind. Where you were. How old you were. The people you were with. What canlı bahis siteleri each of you were wearing. The sounds and smells that remain vivid to this day. What it was that you were thinking at the time and moments of genuine surprise. Is there a particular song that is forever tied to the first time you did whatever it is you are currently reminiscing about?

As you travel through the catalogue of past partners in the order you have encountered them, be sure to include the ones you lusted after but for whatever reason, were not able to connect with. Include also, those who you knew to have wanted you badly but for whatever reason, were not given the pleasure of enjoying all that you have to offer. Is it thrilling to count these past partners or maybe better not to put numbers to such things?

If numbers don’t intimidate then take a moment to imagine how many times your body has been enjoyed by others. How many fingers have slid between your lips and over your clit? The number of mouths that have kissed your breasts and tongues that have teased your nipples? How many tongues have brought you to orgasm? The hands that have massaged and caressed your ass. The teeth that have nibbled on your ears. The feelings that come with a strong embrace you never want to end. The anticipation that builds before the act begins. And the wonderful sense of satisfaction that envelopes your entire body following a mutually satisfying orgasm.

Think of each and every orgasm you have provided to others by various means. That first clumsy hand job that made you puzzle about how fast to stroke or how hard to grip. Remember canlı bahis your reaction at the first introduction to a male ejaculating. Those times when the site or image of another female caused undeniable excitement and made you question just what that meant. Blow jobs, fucking, swallowing, the first 69, the many positions you have allowed yourself to be placed in. And a whole separate category for your imagination is the wonder of just how many other persons on this planet have likely fantasized about you while they pleasured themselves. Many that you have likely never imagined but you should do so now.

Were there any instances where you were caught or almost caught? Have you ever caught someone else in the act or sneakily been able to witness another without anyone knowing? Maybe some brave instances where alcohol or simply hormones, made you behave more boldly in a public setting than you otherwise would feel comfortable with. Hidden play in the hottub while others were oblivious to what was going on under the water. Behind a bush at the park. The backseat of a car knowing full well that others might come by at any minute. Others in the same room who hopefully were asleep but maybe you knew that likely weren’t.

What were the ‘firsts’, the ‘best’, the ‘most intense’ moments that highlight your sexual history? Do any of these memories you are currently reliving exist in your ‘goto’ categories when you just need a guaranteed orgasm and don’t have the energy to think of something new? Take as much time as you like to fully replay this history in your mind. Perhaps it will be the totality of your entire experience or maybe some long-since forgotten act or lover that just today has crept back into your mind. Whatever it is that you have settled on, you’ve done the imagination work and now may take yourself to a well-deserved orgasm!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32