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Part 6 – Sandy gets Cleaned

As late afternoon rolled on and Sandy came back from shopping. I had become horny again. Sandy prepared dinner as I studied not only my coursework but the bouncing of her tight ass as she prepared dinner.

While we ate dinner Sandy brought up the topic of sex. She said that her ass was sore but in a good way. She mentioned how our sex yesterday and this morning had felt more carnal and passionate.

I agreed with her and told her that I was more attracted to her than ever. We finished eating and cleaned up together. I missed not wearing the lingerie. I knew that Sandy probably had something lacy or a thong under her tight jeans and I was envious!

Once the kitchen was clean, I suggested to Sandy that we watch a porno together and have some even more carnal sex. She kissed me and told me that I was raunchy and that she would not have me any other way.

I inserted a decent flick into the VCR with a lot of anal and threesomes. Unfortunately all the threesomes were bi female and none were bi male.

We watched the flick silently for a few minutes and then striped to our underwear. I was right. Sandy had on black lacy panties and I traced their frilly edges with my finger. Sandy was gently rubbing my nuts. In this way we worked each other into a very lustful state. Eventually one of the lesbian scenes came on and I asked Sandy if she would ever go lesbo for me.

She giggled and said that it was not realistic.

I bursa escort asked her why not?

She told me that she didn’t need her reputation ruined.

With that I said, “You are saying that you would not mind having sex with a woman, you are just afraid of having people finding out about it.”

She agreed with me and I said, “What if we are in a different town?”

She said that she would consider it.

I could tell that Sandy was somewhat embarrassed by the whole topic but I pressed on.

She punched me playfully and asked, “What about you buster?” “Would you ver have sex with another man?”

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed and I asked her if it would bother her if I did? She said, “No, I think that it would actually be exciting to see.” “It would also prove that you are secure in your sexuality.”

I told her that I never thought about it before but would if she wanted me to.

Sandy said, “I am proud that you are so open minded!” With that she started passionately making out with me.

Sandy and I made out for a while with our hands roving all over each other’s asses. I loved the feeling of her stroking my cheeks. I was so horny that I just pulled the gusset of her panties aside and penetrated her in one deep thrust. She was so wet that I had not problem entering and we fucked for only about half a minute before I dumped my seed into her.

Sandy was so disappointed that I came so fast and said that I deserved görükle escort to be punished for it.

I agreed with her and said, “Don’t be mad at me, the way that I am now going to make you cum, will both satisfy you and be my punishment.” If you are not satisfied you can spank me.”

Sandy couldn’t believe it when I went down and started swabbing her gash with my tongue. She said, “You are so nasty!” “Keep on going, I need it!”

With that I put my tongue inside her folds and tasted our mixed juices. Boy were they good!

Sandy keeps her bush neatly trimmed and I licked all or our fuck juices out of the short curls. When her bush was clean I went back to her gash, licking from bottom to clit with long slow strokes. When I could sense the she was nearing climax I sucked on her hood and flicked her clit with my tongue. She exploded in climax tightly grabbing my head in a vice-grip lock between her thighs!

When she relaxed I once again started to lick her snatch from the bottom up and I noticed a trickle of cum dribbling out. I licked it up and ran my tongue as deep inside her folds as I could on the next lick. It was so good! I picked her up and laid down on the couch seating her on my face. I started sucking at her gash. The effects of my sucking and gravity soon produced and nice glob of cum that I sucked up, savored and swallowed. Once there was no more cum to swallow I concentrated on just sucking her hood and working her clit escort bayan with my tongue. I was pleased when sandy came two more times again enjoying the sensation of having my head squeezed between her toned thighs but disappointed that there was no more cum left.

When Sandy came down from her high and got off me she kissed me deeply saying how amazing her orgasms were. She told me not to think of it as punishment because I would be doing it more in the future!

I replied that I was ok with it and asked her about my proposal of some lezzie action in another town?

She thought about it some before answering. “let’s find another couple who are both into bi-sex, and you too are going to be with the guy!”

I agreed but kept my excitement hidden.

That evening Sandy and put and add in the Buffalo paper’s personals. “Bi-curious college couple, both him and her aged 21, athletic and slim, seeking same.”

While we composed the add Sandy asked me what had possessed me to go down on her after we had sex. She said, “It must have been so gross down there!”

I told her, “I felt so bad about cuming so quickly before you did.” “I could just imagine how bad I would feel about being so riled up without cuming.” “I love you so much that I couldn’t leave you hanging.”

“That’s so sweet!” She replied and kissed me.

I returned the kiss passionately and told her, “Your pussy is so beautiful I could never be grossed out by it!”

This led to another round of passionate lovemaking. However this time we went much slower and Sandy came before I did. When I finally did cum, I could not resist and once again went down on her to get my just reward of goo! To be continued . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32