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Girl: I promise I will come back when I can nd chat might not be today though.
Awe I need to sleep my parents are coming today and spending the night..
And I know your not there so I will write you a little visual thing that I do want to have morning sex but my partner is sleeping. Partner is you;)

Man: My dick is hard now baby.. Go on

[b]girl: We are just laying in bed and I’m naked from the night before. You have boxers on.
I wake up and see your back to me so I cuddle up nice and close and hold you tight. I reach down and start to massage your cock. You start to stir and push your hips up while your sleeping so I stroke harder. I’m getting excited to see the smile on your face when you open eyes and realize what’s about to happen.
I slide my hand into your shorts as you start to roll over but your eyes still don’t open. I slide my body down yours and under the covers slipping the tip of cock into my warm wet mouth. Tastes so good I start to drip from between my legs.
Your eyes open and you lift the covers and smile at me ;). Grabbing my hair you push your now fully hard cock deep into my mouth and I take it all with enthusiasm. Sucking on your thick cock and enjoying giving you what I know you love while you play with soft long hair. I taste Precum so I know it won’t take long now baby. kocaeli escort bayan
I have to stop so I slowly release my lips grip. You pick me up and toss me on my back. I’m waiting for you baby. My pussy is aching and dripping for you. You Spread my legs and a touch my soft clit, my body explodes so I can’t wait I pull you on top of me. …..

Girl: I thought you might like erotica lol and I like to write

Man: Yeah i like it bb
Im so hard right now.. I had to pee and now im so hard i think im gonna cum in my pants haha

Girl: mmmm.. How about you write the rest then and send it to me later hun?

Man: Ok.. Ill try bb.

Man: U pull me back on top of u, and i start to kiss and lick and suck your left tit its on my right, because im on top of u, my dick is standing up like a good soldier, and u notice that, u smile and moan while i suck your tit and move to the other, grabbing the other one with my right hand, meanwhile u start to wank my cock, slowly, twisting it from time to time, drops of cum starting to go out of my cock and on your belly u smile and says “oh yeah bb! U like that? U like that? Oh yes! Cum for me bb! I want that cum! I want u to cum all over me (haha i think i just had a pre-cum in my boxer’s..), cum in my mouth baby yes!” im moving up your body and kiss your chest, then kocaeli sınırsız escort your neck and im moving up until i reach your mouth, im kissing u on the lips and u kissing me back, we starting to kiss and we both out of breath, u keep on storking my hard dick, and im moving my hand down to your panties and pull up your panties (it feels wet to me when i sneak my hand in there) im starting to touch your pussy, rubbing it in circles, and give u like a flick or two after few rounds, in each u scream and moan “ahh!” “yeah!” we keep kissing french, and u starting all of a sudden speeding up the masturbation of my cock, u do that because im starting fingering u with my two fingers, i can feel the inside of your pussy, it is so warm and wet mmm feel so good i think im going to cum reall soon. We stop kissing, and u moan and scream “ahh! ah! ah! yeah! Im cumming im cumming bb! Yes!” as soon as u start to scream i start to put 4 fingers inside your pussy, and im fucking u harder now, u can feel the two extra fingers and u scraem even louder, u fucking my hand moving your hips back and forth, u sit up, grabbing to my dick harder, i breath loadly, when u put yoir cock in your mouth, starting sucking it, im fingering u, and im saying “yes baby keep going keep going im gonna cum baby” u pull him izmit anal yapan escort out of your mouth, spit on him and say “cum for me baby cum in my mouth! I want to taste that cum hmmmm!!” and stroke it reall fast i get excited, i now have my full hand inside your pussy but i stoped fingering u, i cant concentrate, i feel my cum is moving from inside and into my pipe that i call cock, u open your mouth while u stroke me so fast now, my hand is just laying inside yout pussy, and i say fuuuuuuucckkkkkk… Ahhhhhhh yeahhhh!! And i shoot out my cum right inside your throat, u swallow it and i keep cum all over your face and your tits u just direct my dick and shower with my cum rubbing it on yourself tasing it and say mmm.. Like u like it.. And u play with my dick a little bit longer as the last drop about to go down u put your mouth and suck it in….

Girl: mmmmmm omg bb im so horny u just made me sooo wet.. Lol you r a good writer babe..

Man: haha thanks baby im happy that u like that.

Girl: are u joking? It was so hot, i rubbed my cllit for a half hour i came twice because of you.. You made me a very horny girl tell me what is happaning right now in thoes pants.. I wan u to describe for me!

Man: mmm, i just could not stop writing..

Girl: mmm i bet your cock is so hard right now.. Oh god! I just think about what you wrote and im getting wet again.. Im going to put some loation on my pussy, cause I had a really good cum before I slept and I rubbed my self too hard and I’m kinda sore.. Comming to shower with me..?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32