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Secrets Emerge

That evening, Karla remained sullen and she maintained a close eye on her brother to observe if he was acting any differently. Everything around the dining table seemed normal, which only added to Karla’s irritation. After dinner, she hurried back to her room without explanation and remained sequestered for the rest of the evening. For the first time in years, she closed the both entrances to the bathroom and changed into pajamas to wear to bed instead of sleeping nude as she usually did.

The next day was a Saturday and Kris was kept busy working on their own yard. He had to clean up debris from storms during the previous two weeks, cut the grass, prune the shrubbery, edge around the driveway and street, and basically make it look appealing again. Karla’s mother was out most of the day with clients and asked her daughter to take care of coming up with something for dinner.

Karla took off to spend time with Jenna and didn’t return home until nearly 5pm. Kris was in the living room playing on his X-Box and didn’t seem to notice her return. Karla went to check the camera hidden in her room and noted that it was still positioned the way she had left it. That just made her angry all over again as her impatience began to take control. She decided to give it one more day before confronting her brother and dealing with the problem head-on.

Sunday was a quiet day with everyone remaining home, which caused Karla to decide to wait another day to see if her brother noticed the mispositioned camera and tried to fix it. For the third night in a row, she changed in private and wore pajamas to bed, but halfway through the night, she ripped them off because she felt too warm and overly constricted by them.

Monday, Karla was at work most of the day and fully expected that the camera would be repositioned in her room when she returned home that afternoon. Her mother was busy all day meeting with clients either online or in-person, or working on her company’s monthly finances. Kris was out all day working for the landscaping company and didn’t return home until just after his sister.

When she returned home from work, Karla immediately checked and noted that the camera position was still unchanged, a fact that just seemed to irritate her more. Her mother was finishing up a late workout upstairs in her exercise room and Kris showed up from work about ten minutes later. He immediately took a shower and then went back into his room to check in with some friends on social media. Karla fumed a while longer before her anger took over and she barged into her brother’s bedroom from the adjoining bathroom.

“Hey! What the fuck…?” he blurted out and he scrambled around to cover himself. Karla froze in the doorway, looking at her brother who had obviously been masturbating to something on his iPad. Getting past her initial shock, she rushed over to his bed and pulled away his iPad.

“What the fuck are you looking at, you son-of-a-bitch!” Karla yelled as she looked at the iPad screen. To her surprise and shock, she saw a video image of their mother drying off from her shower. Before she could say or do anything else, Kris snatched the tablet back.

“Gimme that!” he yelled back. By then, his hard dick had grown soft, but was still quite thick and enlarged. Karla glared at her brother, her face red with anger.

“So, is that what you’ve been doing all this time? Spying on me and Mom and jerking off to get your jollies?”

“No!” he retorted. In an attempt to deflect some of the accusations, he continued. “I never spied on you! Why would you think that?”

“Don’t give me that bullshit!” Karla replied heatedly. “I found the video camera you put in my room!”

“I never put anything in your room. I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kris said defiantly.

“Really?” Karla asked sarcastically. She went back to her room and returned a minute later carrying the video camera that had been hidden on top of her bookshelf. “Then where did this come from?”

Kris’ eyes narrowed. “I don’t know. That’s not mine!” Looking closer, recognition dawned. “That’s one of the home security cameras, but I didn’t think Mom put any in our bedrooms.”

Karla looked at the camera in her hand and back at her brother. “You really didn’t put this in my room?” she asked.

“No, why would I?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you find voyeurism sexually exciting and you wanted to get your rocks off?” she answered cruelly. “After all, I just found you in here jerking off to Mom!”

Kris’ face went red. “It’s not like that at all…,” he started, but then stopped.

“You’re right, I don’t understand anything about being a pervert,” his sister replied just to twist the knife a little deeper into her twin brother.

Meanwhile, Kris was looking around his room and a few seconds later, he got up from his bed, finished pulling his shorts up and went over to his armoire. He stretched up on his toes and eventually managed to grab what he was looking tipobet365 güvenilirmi for. Turning around, his hand held a video webcam that was identical to the one his sister was holding, but it was still plugged into an outlet behind the large piece of furniture.

“Looks like Mom put one in my room, too,” he commented dryly.

“Wait a minute, you think Mom’s been spying on us?” Karla asked incredulously.

“Who else could it be? I had completely forgotten that she put in a security system right after dad left. She’s the only one who has the password to even control it, unless you still remember it.”

“Hell no! I don’t think I ever knew it, and I had forgotten about it, too!” his sister squealed.

“Why would Mom want to spy on us? Do you think she doesn’t trust us or something?” Kris asked.

“No, I mean what have we ever done that would make her not trust us?” Karla uneasily thought back to her recent tryst with Jenna and wondered if her mother happened to see or record it on the hidden camera. That brought up a worrisome thought. “Do those things record, or just show what’s going on in real-time?”

“I think they can record. I mean, they’re meant to be part of a security system and I think they can be motion-activated to take a picture or record a video. Why?”

“Oh nothing. I was just wondering,” Karla lied.

“So what do we do?” Kris asked his sister. “Do you want to go confront Mom and ask her ‘what the fuck?’ “

Karla didn’t respond right away. Her head was spinning as she processed everything she had just learned in the previous minutes. Her first concern was whether her mother had seen her and Jenna a few days before in her room. If so, her mother was maintaining a remarkably normal outward behavior towards Karla. She was also more curious than upset about her brother’s apparent sexual interest in their mother.

“I don’t think so, at least, not right now,” she told him. “We need to think real hard about what we would say and how she might react.”

“So what do we do until then?” he asked.

“I think we just put the cameras back and not say anything. Maybe she put them up a long time ago and forgot about them. I say we put them back where they were, but not have them pointing where she can see anything.” Even as Karla made that statement, she knew it wasn’t true. Her bookcase had been moved at most, two weeks before. That told her that the camera in her room had been put in place in that period.

Kris used a chair to climb up and place the security webcam back on his armoire, but turned it to mostly face the wall. Karla went back to her room and put her camera back where she had it been earlier, plugged in, but pointing at the flower vase that was partially obscuring it.

While his sister was away, Kris opened his iPad and took a quick look at the camera feed from his mother’s bedroom and bathroom. She was in neither, which left him feeling disappointed and he wondered if she actually went through her afternoon masturbation routine while he and Karla were arguing. He closed down the app and put his tablet away before leaving his room.

As he left his room, he ran into his sister in the hallway as she left her own bedroom. They paused and gave each other strange looks before heading out to the living room area. Not seeing their mother anywhere downstairs, they had a brief, whispered discussion before deciding to see if she was still upstairs.

They found her in her office, which caused the twins to let out their own, quiet sigh of relief. She was working on a spreadsheet and barely looked up when her children stepped in. “Hi kids,” she said while tapping some data into her spreadsheet. “What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing,” Karla said, taking the lead. “We were just wondering what was for dinner.”

Lena paused and looked up quizzically. “I hadn’t really thought about it. Was there something you guys wanted?”

“Maybe we could order out for pizza,” Karla offered.

“Yeah, pizza would be good,” Kris chimed in without much enthusiasm.

Their mother shrugged. “Okay, if that’s what you want, it’s fine by me. I’m not feeling up to cooking tonight anyway,” she said as her eyes returned to the computer screen.

Kris and Karla stood a few moments longer in awkward silence before their mother looked up again. “Is there something else?”

“No…, well yeah…, not really,” Karla faltered. Their mother looked confused.

“What is it, then?” she asked.

Kris looked at his sister who was still looking undecided about whether to say something to their mother about the security cameras in their room. Tired of waiting, he spoke up.

“We were just wondering about the security system you had installed after Dad left,” he said.

Lena sat up straighter in her chair and became visibly more focused on her children. “What about it?” she asked, trying to sound casual.

“Well, I mean, does it still work?” Kris asked, not able to hold his mother’s gaze tipobet365 yeni giriş for very long.

“It hasn’t been turned on in a long time, but I’m sure it does,” she answered carefully. “Is there a reason that you think we should start using it again”

“No, I don’t think we need to start turning it back on,” Kris replied quickly. “we were just wondering if the parts still worked, you know, like the cameras and things.”

Lena’s face paled as she struggled to maintain her composure, but both of her children noticed the change. “I… I don’t know, but like I said, I suspect that everything would still work if we needed to start setting the alarm system again.” Lena desperately wanted to know the reason her kids were asking about the security system and had a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach that they had found the cameras she had hidden in their rooms.

“Okay,” Kris said, backing out of his mother’s office. “No big deal.” He didn’t want to push things any further and from his sister’s silence, she didn’t either. So much for waiting before talking to their mother about the cameras, he thought. He could tell from their mother’s physical reaction that she was feeling guilty about something relating to the security system and he was positive that she was the person who had set up the cameras in their bedrooms. He just couldn’t understand why.

Early that evening, Kris went out to pick up two large pizzas for dinner and when he returned, his mother and sister were already halfway through a bottle of red wine. No one brought up the topic of the security cameras again and everyone behaved normally, aided by the wine. The three of them ate pizza and drank wine for dinner in the living room while binge watching several episodes in a TV series they all enjoyed.

By the end of the second bottle, both Karla and Lena were feeling tipsy and laughing at almost anything. Kris was feeling the effects of the wine in his system, but was far from feeling too loose. Kris essentially stopped drinking more wine after his third glass, but his mother and sister were having too much fun to stop. By the end of the third bottle, Karla was mostly passed out and their mother wasn’t feeling very well.

“Kris, I need some help,” she said in a slurred voice. “I’m not doing too good. I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Great,” Kris thought ruefully. The last thing he wanted to do was spend the evening watching his mother get sick. Nevertheless, he helped her up from the sofa and carefully guided her up the stairs to her bedroom and bath. The whole time, she continued to complain and apologize, “I’m going to be sick… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do this to you.”

When she slipped one one of the first steps in the staircase, his arm automatically tightened and his hand inadvertently cupped and squeezed one of her boobs hard. He wanted to let go right away, but had to maintain his hold to keep his mother from face-planting on the stairs. When she got her balance back and straightened up more, she suddenly noticed his hand on her tit. Lena gave a crooked smile and her hand moved on top of his to not only hold it in place, but to press it harder into her small breast.

“Mmmmm, do you like your Mommy’s itty-bitty titty?” she asked in a drunken voice. Rather than answer, Kris managed to pull his hand free and reposition it around her shoulder. “Awwww, you don’t have to do that,” his mother complained. “You can feel my little boobies anytime you want.”

Changing the subject, Kris started pulling her gently up the stairs. “Let’s just get you upstairs, okay?”

“Mmmm, you’re my big, strong man of the house!” she said in a drunk, dreamy voice. Moments later, her whole tone changed to one of concern. “Oh my God! I’m going to be sick.”

“Just hold on Mom. We’re almost all the way there,” he replied in a calm, quiet voice. Eventually, he managed to get her safely upstairs and headed into her bedroom. As she entered her room, her gait became faster as she tried to make a beeline for the bathroom. Two steps into the bathroom, Lena suddenly stopped and leaned over. Thinking she was falling, Kris wrapped both of his arms around her and in the process, she partially turned towards him just as she got sick.

Her vomit instantly covered both of them, causing Kris to nearly let go of her, However, he maintained the presence of mind to keep her upright and moving towards the toilet without slipping in any of the mess on the floor. He managed to get her over the open toilet just as the second wave of nausea hit her. Kris was torn between wanting to get out of the vomit-covered shirt and pants he was wearing, and away from the smell of his mother’s sickness that filled the small room, and needing to take care of her so that she didn’t fall or hurt herself.

Thankfully, her nausea passed quickly after her stomach contents were largely emptied and his mother collapsed on her knees and leaned against the wall for support. Kris couldn’t stand tipobet365 güvenilirmi it anymore and carefully peeled his t-shirt off to leave it on the floor in the corner. His mother was also covered in her own puke and she called up in a pitiful voice for him to help her get her clothes off.

This was not what Kris was expecting, but under those conditions, there was nothing sexual about her request or even wanting to help her with it. As he pulled her sweatshirt over her head, there was no way of avoiding getting some of the mess in her hair. Next, he unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them over her hips. He noted with interest that she was wearing a thong underneath that didn’t quite cover the patch of light brown curls that covered her pussy.

After tossing her soiled jeans and sweatshirt in the corner to join his shirt, he started trying to clean up the floor and remove some of the stench that was starting to make him sick. He grabbed a couple hand towels and turned on the nearby shower to rinse off the towels as he carefully wiped up the mess on the tile floor. His mother remained sitting against the wall next to the toilet and would occasionally groan, but was otherwise silent.

Noticing that his own jeans were covered in puke, Kris took one look at his mother, passed out on the floor, and decided to get out of his pants, too. After removing them, he took the wet hand towels and the rank clothing carefully downstairs, put everything in the washer, and turned it on. On his way back upstairs, he peeked in the living room and saw that Karla was no longer asleep on the couch. She apparently had gotten up on her own and was probably back in her own room for the night.

When Kris returned to his mother’s bathroom, the smell of her vomit still lingered in the air. He cleaned up around the toilet and noticed that her hair still had remnants of her stomach contents in it. “Shit!” he said under his breath. He couldn’t put her in bed like that. “C’mon, Mom. I need to get you in the shower to get cleaned up.”

Kris turned the shower back on and made sure the water was comfortably warm before going over to try and get his mother back on her feet. She was barely 140 pounds, but it was all deadweight at that point. He leaned over, looped both of his arms under hers and pulled her up against his chest as he straightened up. She tried to get her feet under her, but had difficulty with her balance. He managed to navigate her across the tile floor and into the walk-in shower without slipping or hurting either one of them. As the warm water sprayed down over both of them, his mother stirred again.

“Kris?” she said in a slurry voice. “I’m so sorry I’m like this. Can you forgive me?”

Kris gently hushed his mother and told her repeatedly that she was fine and he wasn’t mad at her. As the water ran down their bodies, her eyes suddenly opened completely.

“Are we taking a shower together?” she asked stupidly. Before he said anything, she looked down at herself. “I’m still dressed!” she exclaimed in alarm. “Help me out of this,” she told her son as she struggled to release her bra hooks.

“No, Mom. You don’t need to do that,” he countered. However, his mother was completely focused on getting out of her underwear and Kris found himself giving in just to calm her down. As soon as her wet bra fell away, Kris tossed it to the far corner of the shower. Meanwhile, his mother already had her thong pulled halfway down her thighs and was trying to raise up one leg to step out of it.

“Shit! Wait Mom. Let me help you before you fall,” he called out. He grabbed her by the waist just in time to keep his mother from teetering over and cracking her head on the hard tile. He helped her move back and sit on the tiled bench directly under the shower head and finished removing her thong in a twisted mess. He tried not to look at her pussy or breasts, but couldn’t help himself. He was brought out of his brief reverie by his mother’s hands on his soaking wet boxers.

“You need to get undressed, too,” she said matter-of-factly. “You can’t take a shower wearing clothes!”

“No, Mom. I’m okay!” Kris said as he tried to fight off his mother’s hands without hurting her. However, that just made her more insistent.

“No, no, no. No clothes in the shower. Besides, what are you afraid of? I’ve seen you naked before,” she tittered.

“No, Mom. I’m not two years old anymore,” Kris said with exasperation.

“I know you’re not,” Lena said with a strange smile and upraised eyebrows. “I’ve seen you naked. You’re a real man, now, just like your Dad was.”

Kris was caught off-guard by her comment and wasn’t sure how to respond.He continued pushing his mother’s hands away and it quickly devolved into something like two little kids hand-fighting. His irritation grew. “Stop, Mom. I’m not taking off my shorts in front of you.”

“Really?” Lena asked. Her hands froze in place and she sounded hurt. She slowly withdrew her hands and sat silently on the bench as the water continued to rain down over her. Kris relaxed, but felt bad for apparently hurting his mother’s feelings, even if she was drunk. He reached over to get her shampoo, but before he could stop her, his mother’s hands shot out, grabbed the sides of his wet shorts, and yanked them down.

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