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Joe and Donna had been together well over three years with Joe being the elder of the two at the age of 21. Donna was his junior by three years having just turned 18. Joe had long kept it secret how long he had waited for Donna to be “legal”. Donna was a beautiful 5’4 130 lb blonde. She was on the voluptuous side with both her chest and butt being on the bigger side, but this was something Joe had grown to love, especially when she wore tight shorts or a tight skirt with a tight shirt, which only seemed to accentuate her endowments to the fullest. Joe’s manhood always stiffened at the sight of her ass bouncing lithely from side to side as she swung her hips in her strut.

The only problem having been that Donna had strict religious beliefs and had not allowed their experiences to go beyond kissing. Joe had never even gotten to place a hand on her breast and give it that gentle “getting to know you” squeeze that men enjoy so. Instead he had been the waiter or better yet the watcher of time as she kept putting him off, saying soon, or next month. Joe finally got it in his head that he was tired of waiting and having waited the three years that he had already, he thought that he had made his commitment quite clear to Donna.

She however, thought that if he were so truly committed what would a little bit more time to allow them to get married be to him. Lately it had been the subject of many arguments between the normally happy go lucky couple. Even a few of these squabbles had left Donna in tears as Joe stormed away angrily. Donna’s thoughts drifted along the lines of “if he loves me, he’ll wait”, whereas Joe’s thoughts differed to “I have given her three years, how much time does she need to see that I am for real and that I will always be true to her”? Joe, having forced it upon himself to spend some time alone in a cabin that his family had owned since he was a young boy, to allow his feelings and thoughts air out in what he saw as a much needed break from the lovely Donna.

Donna however, did not react so well to Joe flatly telling her that he didn’t want to see or speak to her for a little short amount of time so as to allow himself to reach a decision that he knew would take painstaking concentration. The issue at hand was honestly, whether or not Joe had any wait left in him or if he was going to press his luck and try to find a new lady who might be a little more forthcoming with her attributes.

For a week, Joe agonized over the pros and cons and after finally tallying them up he realized that he loved Donna dearly and that if he left her he would be throwing away one of the best gifts he had ever received. He came back to her driving to his apartment as he entered he played the messages on the machine, listening to the most beautiful voice he decided he had ever heard drawl out in her southern Texas accent that she missed him and that she was willing to allow him some space to make the right decision based on his needs.

He smiled to himself thinking, “Honey, just you wait til you find out the decision I have made”. He quickly jumped into his black Dodge Ram 2500 and headed for her house, remembering that he had promised her dinner on the day that he came back from the cabin. He knocked on her front door, a bouquet of roses in his left hand hidden behind his back, seeing as how he was 5’11 180 lbs with a well built physique he was able to hide them easily from her much shorter frame. She smiled at him upon opening the door tossing her arms around his neck as he brought the flowers slowly to her; she accepted his gift with a light kiss on the cheek, inhaling deeply the sweet scent that wafted from the petals to her nose. She invited Joe in and set the roses into a flower stand that she had filled with water as Joe placed his hands on the table’s edge, watching her slip back and forth across the kitchen, which again brought that painful ache to his groin as he remembered that he had originally come to take her to dinner.

Once the roses had been put away she came over to him, thrusting her arms around bonus veren siteler his neck again, bestowing upon him a very passionate kiss to his lips that sent shivers and chills up and down his spine immediately realizing this was the most passionate kiss she had ever given him. He smiled at her telling her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her and she responded by holding him tighter whispering to him that she had decided that tonight was the night that she wanted him to take her fully. He stepped back in a bit of surprise as he asked her about the marriage that she had been waiting on when she calmly responded that since he had spent three years waiting for her without so much as a feel of her breast, that she was no longer worried about his commitment. He smiled at her, taking her back into his arms as he kissed her passionately, suddenly forgetting all about the much awaited dinner plans. She moaned softly into his mouth feeling his rock hard physique close in on her as she moved her hands over his chest, still kissing him. She quickly helped him discard his all black t-shirt and was already undoing his belt. He kissed her along her cheek away from her lips then to her ear, taking the lobe into his mouth as he sucked on it gently causing her to cry out in excitement as she finally got his belt undone.

She moved her hands over his now bare chest, taking in the feel of his muscle hardened upper body as she sighed, leaning her head back allowing him better access to her ear as she felt her own fluid begin to flow copiously just at his presence being so near to hers. He let go of her ear after a little more loving kisses and sucks being placed upon her face and lips as he moved his hands to her shoulders. He then pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them after slipping off his shoes and socks, clad now only in his black silk boxers his dick already showing off by pushing the silk material outward toward her, he told her that he wanted her undressed to her bra and panties.

She grinned at him, quickly slipping off her shirt and hastily unbuttoning her khaki shorts as she slid them over her lithe hips. Joe made an audible groan in his throat as he looked upon the sight of his virgin girlfriend of three years standing in front of him in her underclothing, which was also made of black silk. Her 36C breasts literally threatening to spill out of her bra as he eyed her cute tummy as it poked out some then down over her thighs which were full but not all that bad to look at. He then allowed his eyes to trace over her panties, which quite knowingly showed her mound of Venus down to the detail of her lips, his dick shivering as well as him at the beauty in the sight before him.

She grinned at his stunned expression asking him if he liked what he saw, Joe was only capable of shaking his head slowly in response as she moved closer to him, unhooking her bra, letting it slide from her chest a half inch at a time, not wanting to reveal herself to him fully just yet. She then let it fall after her pink nipples were completely uncovered, slipping her hands down to her waist, she let them slip her panties over her hips reveling in the look on his boyish face as her blonde pubic hair which were now glistening with her own drops of juice glanced right back at his bulging staring eyes for the first time. She pulled him to her, seeing as how he was acting as if his feet were lying in dry cement.

She moved his hands carefully over her cheeks as she kissed all ten of his fingertips pushing his hands south to her chest, where his male instincts took over, squeezing her breasts for all he was worth, causing strong passionate moans to erupt from her throat as she felt herself get even hotter under his flaming touch. He carefully moved his fingers over her bright pink nipples using his hands to hold each breast still as his thumbs brushed her already erect nipples again and again as he couldn’t seem to make them stop. She thrashed on her feet, lingering dangerously close to an orgasm already as his hands set her bedava bahis thermostat on overdrive, she quickly moved her hands to the waistband of his boxers, pushing them down off his hips freeing his now granite hard dick which stood up at attention, almost seeming to reach for her now drenched pussy, but he paid it no attention whatsoever. She moved her hands along his forearms; his touch on her nipples by now was driving her up the wall with the newly found sexual sensations.

She quickly pushed his hands away gasping deep in her throat as she dropped to her knees, taking his manhood in her hand, rubbing it gently as she kissed the head as Joe looked down in an utter state of shock at the events that were now taking place. It was all that he could do to prevent himself from going off like a rocket at the simple feel of her hand on him as he began to take slow even deep breaths. She then licked around the head of his dick in a slow circle then over the slit where some precum was already leaking out as she smiled inwardly at his salty yet sweet taste. She then figured that she’d might as well make him happy as she slipped the head and then some of his length into her mouth, slightly unsure of what to do next as she licked over the top of the head and then under it as he moaned loudly above her, fuming from the furnace like heat of her mouth and then the beautiful caresses that her virgin tongue were giving him. She slid her head forward taking more of him into her mouth, amazed at the heat that his dick put off all on it’s own, like his own personal hot poker. She began to suck slowly, still trying to figure out the rhythm in which to do things.

She licked across the head, then moving her tongue down and out of the way she sucked harder on the area just behind the head of Joe’s dick, feeling him shake, realizing he was enjoying her actions immensely. He ran a hand through her blonde shoulder length hair slowly as she began bobbing her head faster now, taking in more of him, beginning to get the hang of it as she sucked on the intake and then licked around him as she pulled her mouth away, she looked down realizing that this was the first time she’d ever seen his balls, reveling in their sight at how hard and clumped they seemed be, she gingerly moved a hand to them giving them a baby squeeze as she watched his face as it contorted into a mad look of pleasure. She squeezed again harder, redoubling her efforts as she was now taking him all the way into her mouth, breathing through her nose she inhaled his manly odor strongly.

She squeezed his balls once again this time with fervor and she felt them begin to move, realizing he was going to shoot into her mouth as she instinctively moved her mouth down his length allowing him to shoot into her throat, she barely had time to taste him much less swallow him but she didn’t spill a drop of his cum and Joe was quite impressed with her efforts. Donna then slowly licked back off his length allowing it to come free from her mouth this time as she licked her lips seeking more of his taste as he smiled at her, helping her to regain her standing stature. Joe brushed a hand over his beautiful girlfriend’s face as he smiled at her telling her that was the best blowjob he had ever experienced.

She blushed somewhat at his compliment but took it all in stride. Her fluid they now realized was running down her thighs in large amounts, as she had extended herself to her fullest exertion due to all that she had done to Joe. He quickly had her lie down on the bed with her legs spread as she watched him kneel between her legs kissing her thighs gently. She had always loved his gentleness, the way he held her and kissed her like she was a little baby and in this moment she realized that she loved him and he loved her and she had not a care in the world beyond what they were going to do to each other on this evening. Joe began to kiss higher onto her thighs, placing his hands on her legs to hold them open as she shivered, feeling his tongue slide around on her inner legs. She moved deneme bonus a hand through his thick brown hair and he smiled up at her, reminding her to relax as he slowly licked over her opening which brought out a semi high pitched squeal from her lips. Joe smiled upon hearing this, licking across her slit once again even slower; teasing her body with the pleasure he now dangled down at her. She moaned again and lost control of her hips as they bucked up toward his mouth and he licked her slit a few more times, always slower then before. He then pushed his tongue slowly inside of her quim, realizing that he must take it slow with her.

He felt her vaginal muscles already beginning to suck down on his tongue hungrily. He smiled realizing how near she was to orgasm already. Joe then pushed his tongue in a little further as Donna moaned out loud above him, moving her hand a little more roughly through his hair. He then slid the full length of his tongue into her as she thrashed about in the throes of a very hard and very quick onsetting orgasm. He held her legs partially still to keep her from bucking away from him as he moved his tongue in a slow circle. He slipped his tongue out of her lovebox and licked gently over her clitoris, seeing how much that light touch heightened the sensations that were flowing through her. He licked over it again with a rough stroke and she gasped, begging him to stop for a moment til her orgasm passed. Joe stood up in front of the bed, as he watched her slowly come out of it, her eyes then ran over his face and then over his body, down over his chiseled physique, stopping upon the sight of his raging cock which was again standing at attention as hard as a brick as he lay down over her softly kissing her lips as she wrapped her legs and arms around him, forcing herself closer to him.

He moaned into her mouth feeling the warmth of her pussy against his upper thigh as he quickly moved the head into position looking down at her, promising to be gentle she responded with a soft nod as she watched his eyes as he slowly began to inch forward, moaning at the first feel of his manhood sliding into her. She took a rather large intake of air as she felt the head probe along her lining coming up to her hymen. He touched against it softly and she exhaled as he drew his hips back, whispering to her softly that this time he was going to go all the way through, she moved her hands to his shoulders, holding onto him tightly. Joe, not wanting to hurt Donna but he knew it was unavoidable, pushed his hips forward mightily and she moaned hard as she felt him break the protective layer of skin deep inside her. She gasped as the pain slowly began to leak into her brain, but then the wave of pleasure from having taken his beautiful heated manhood into her deepest place overcame her and she began to cum right on the spot, her vaginal muscles squeezing tightly on him as Joe continued to stroke into her, knowing that if he lay still she would wrench another load of cum from him.

He moaned around her orgasm, urging his hips forward more and then backward. He smiled down at her as Donna left kisses all over his face and she urged him to go deeper into her, and harder as well as faster. He smiled knowing that he wasn’t going to last long thanks her tightness as he began to thrust into her for all he was worth. He came forward like a battering ram, busting into her cervix as she moaned loudly holding onto his broad shoulders trying to survive the ride. He smiled down at her as she began to cum again this time he let himself go, shooting hard into her. She moaned even louder feeling his seed slip into her pussy as she clenched down with her muscles as tightly as she could to make it the most pleasurable for him. He moaned right along with her, grunting out the highs and lows of his own orgasm and when it finally finished, he laid his head upon her chest, her breasts providing an ample sized pillow for him.

She stroked his hair softly, listening to their breathing, apologizing for keeping the beautiful sensations they had just felt from the both of them. She promised to no longer be so square in not allowing him to get at her, telling him that she would do better from now on as he kissed her lips forgiving her for her past behavior as they both drifted off into a much deserved rest land.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32